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Worldviews and partial understandings in complex systems

I was reading a chapter of my friends thesis this morning and discussing it with her. Most of you may not know, but I did a Ph.D. a couple of years ago, looking at how librarians and archivists can better help social workers do their work (which is incredibly complex and relies on a lot of insider knowledge of how to get people linked into housing, treatment, work etc). This has had a profound impact on me, and shaped how I view the world (i.e. my worldview). It also taught me about how you only ever partially understand how other people work, think, experience the world.

Why am I making a post about this on my 1d Larrie blog? Because I think with so much being unknown behind the scenes right now, and everything from the continued existence of the band to Larry being questioned, people are feeling anxious and stressed, but not getting the solid info they need to understand what is truly going on.

And I think that the difficulty we all face now is that none of us can really fully understand all the nuances because we only have small snippets of info, not all of which is reliable. And the situation is clearly complex, with (in my opinion) multiple teams and other entities all putting both truth and misinformation out there. Claim and counter claim. We as a fandom or fandoms can’t actually have a full understanding. And that’s tough to come to terms with.

What’s also difficult is that because of this complexity, we all use our life experiences and world views as lenses to try and interpret from day to day as best we can. That interpretation can change as ideas emerge. Our friends, mutuals or even blogs we follow may change their views profoundly in these circumstances and it feels sudden to us, maybe even another emotional loss after all our other losses.

Fandom for many of us has an added overlay of profound emotional investment and connection, in the band members, in the music, in their relationships, in our connections with other fans. I myself now have dear friends around the world who I met through fandom.

All of these issues are joining together at the moment to cause tremors and unease in the fandom right now, I think. But sometimes accepting the complexity and the unknowns can help, to allow us to be aware and be kind and understanding of other fans, who may be coming from a profoundly different place in terms of worldview and investment in the band and fandom.

Or you may not accept that you don’t know, and go on a quest for more information and understanding. That’s fine too.

Or you may decide you need to leave, take a step back, become a Finnish death metal blog, whatever you need. This is definitely ok. You can come back or not (you do not owe anyone to be a Teflon Larrie or stay when it is painful to stay).

I think…..we don’t know what is going on. I have beliefs about Larry still being real, and one direction still being a band, that are what I believe given all the info I know right now. I might be fully right or completely wrong. I’m ok with that but I understand from others they are not ok.

And that is ok. I just hope we all keep talking and analysing and dialoguing respecting each other. Because I love this band, the boys in it, the fandom and the shining stars in it. And I’m going to do my best to keep going and showing my support to all of those beings for as long as I can.