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There’s a story soldiers tell World War II, Market Garden, Allied assault behind enemy lines. What happens is, these allied troops have to cross a river. First wave of soldiers get in their little pontoon boats, get halfway across the river, and the Germans just open up their machine guns and just cut them all down. None of them make it. These two colonels are watching the bodies floating in the river, and one of them says, “those are the bravest men I’ve ever seen.” The second colonel points to the second wave of soldiers getting in their little pontoon boats, getting ready to cross the same river, only they saw what happened to the first guys. They know what’s coming. And that colonel says, “no. Those are the bravest men I’ve ever seen.”

astro working in the library 📚

MJ: library assistant; the first person you see when you enter the library seated behind his desk greeting you with a wide smile its almost like you can see the sun rising from behind cause his smile is to die for okay i need to stop hes the one you look for when you’ve got book fines to pay but no worries hes nice trust me

Jinjin: library managers; hes the one making sure facilities are working good and all his fellow librarians are doing fine and happy. can be seen walking around the library occasionally, probably to annoy the others.

Eunwoo: librarian; in charge of the non fiction/informative books section. very neat and the slightest mess in the bookshelves annoys him and will spend time and effort to make sure everything is perfect. gets picture taken secretly and probably known as the ‘handsome librarian’ in town.

Moonbin: librarian; in charge of the fiction/teen reads section. also helps with the usage of computers when he sees anyone having trouble. on good terms with most of the teens that frequent the library, those teens adoooore him. i mean i would totally adore him too soo~

Rocky: librarian; instead of being in charge of certain sections, hes in charge of categorizing the returned books before they are put bck to where they belonged to which is pretty important i must say alritess. need any special requests to retrieve books/items from restricted areas??? hes the man you go to!

Sanha: librarian; in charge of you guessed it - kids/young children section. just imagine this tall cutie guy kneeling on the ground just to arrange the books on the kid’s shelves. CUTE. he kinda also squeals when he sees little kids running up to him to return a book.

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Magical Monday: A Thought. . .

It doesn’t actually have to do with Victor and Alice, but it does have to do with one of my favorite book series, the Discworld! And Harry Potter. It’s just something that randomly occurred to me, probably inspired by reading in some Pratchett interview (or summary of one) that people accused him of stealing the idea of a magical school from Hogwarts, when Unseen University definitely came first. Consider, if you will, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry –

Except the Headmaster is Mustrum Ridcully.


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You're a librarian? That's really cool. My dream is to one day become a librarian as well. Can I ask what type of schooling you went through to become a librarian?

Hi friend,

I majored in English (with a focus in Literature) and minored in Creative Writing (although most librarians have their MLS). I was very blessed in that I had so much library experience (through both volunteering in my local library throughout high school and college, as well as working at my University library) that I got this job when I was a few months out of college. 

I love that your dream is to one day become a librarian. You can totally do it, friend. :)

All my love,


Okay so I’m gonna try to do these in the order of which I received them but I might end up jumping around a bit but here’s the first oneshot it’s really bad and very short but here you go

“They have to have it…” Merlin squinted through his glasses as he scanned the spines of all of the books. Defeated, he walked back over to the table where he put the books he was planning on checking out.

He was fairly certain he now possessed every book on the topic and he was also fairly sure that there was no way he could carry all of these back to his dorm. He picked up a few books off of the top of the stack and continued piling up until he couldn’t see over the endless titles.

Good thing he already checked them all out, the librarian would never let him back in again.

Alright Merlin, you can do this. Just go slowly. Slow and steady wins the race.

He attempted to crane his neck so he would be able to see where he was walking but the books began to lean and he was determined not to drop them.

Now that he made it out of the library he just had to make it to his dorm building and up the stairs…joy.

Merlin hit the walk button with his hip and waited until it lit up. When it did, he scurried across the street and ran to catch to door of his dorm house with his back and turn inside where he immediately collided with someone.

The books flew out of his hands and landed scattered on the floor.

“I’m so sorry!” A boy with blond hair and bright blue puppy dog eyes stared back at him and then dropped to his knees to help Merlin gather all of the titles.

“Don’t worry about it, I probably shouldn’t have been carrying that many books. I knew it was going too well.”

The boy stood up, a stack about six high in his hands and Merlin did the same.

“Thank you,” the boy began walking towards the stairs, “You don’t have to-”

“I know.” He made his his way up to the first landing and yelled down, “You coming?”

“Ya.” Merlin followed him, “I’m on floor three,”

They made it up to Merlin’s floor and he pointed out his dorm, “This is me, thanks for the help. Your didn’t have to do that.”

“I’m always happy to help someone pick up a bunch of library books off the ground, especially if I find them attractive.” He handed the books back to Merlin and gave him a crooked grin.

“You find books attractive?” Merlin tilted his head to the side, giving him his best puzzled look.

“Something like that,” the air hung between them for a moment before he said, “I’m Arthur by the way.”

“Merlin,” the boys smiled at eachother for a second before Merlin invited Arthur into his dorm for coffee.

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Hey I've been looking at university courses but i'm not sure if you require a degree for a librarian since theres a few options, just wondering if you have any suggestions about that? and thank you so much for putting your time into this blog, I'm sure many people, especially myself, are grateful!

Speaking as a capital-L-Librarian, I can confirm that you do indeed need a degree. Not just any degree, either, but a masters degree. There is an LTA, which is library technician, but that’s not for librarian positions. And yes, there are some parts of the country where you can get away with a bachelors degree, but professionally speaking, you really do need the MLS or MLIS, if only because no other degree will teach you what you need to know for the job.


Caller: “I sure do hope you can help me.”

“Sure. What can I help you with?”

“Here’s what happened. I was driving on the southwest side of town, on my way to see my Spiritual Advisor. I ran off the road, just avoiding a head-on collision with another vehicle. When I got there, my Spiritual Advisor was leading the group in prayer. As he was praying, I had a vision of a goddess with three faces standing right behind him. Who was the goddess?”

“Is this a trick question?“

"No. I’m completely serious. Can you tell me the name of the Goddess?”

"Okayyy…..I’ll do my best. What is your faith?”

“I practice the Hindu religion.”

“Did the goddess have three heads or three faces?”

“Three faces.”

“And this was a vision and not a painting on a wall, or anything like that?”

“Yeah, it was a vision.”

“I am a little reluctant to search for this because I am afraid I might give you the wrong answer. Since this is a matter of religion and faith, maybe you should talk to your, uh, Spiritual Advisor.”

“I did and he didn’t know. Are you finding anything at all?”

“Since I didn’t have the vision myself, the best I can do is search for 3-faced Hindu goddesses. Let’s see what comes up…Hmmm…”

“Trimurti is a 3-faced Hindu deity, also known as the ‘Great Trinity’…so this might be a possib—”

“Okay, that’ll work. Thanks.” (CLICK)

Worldviews and partial understandings in complex systems

I was reading a chapter of my friends thesis this morning and discussing it with her. Most of you may not know, but I did a Ph.D. a couple of years ago, looking at how librarians and archivists can better help social workers do their work (which is incredibly complex and relies on a lot of insider knowledge of how to get people linked into housing, treatment, work etc). This has had a profound impact on me, and shaped how I view the world (i.e. my worldview). It also taught me about how you only ever partially understand how other people work, think, experience the world.

Why am I making a post about this on my 1d Larrie blog? Because I think with so much being unknown behind the scenes right now, and everything from the continued existence of the band to Larry being questioned, people are feeling anxious and stressed, but not getting the solid info they need to understand what is truly going on.

And I think that the difficulty we all face now is that none of us can really fully understand all the nuances because we only have small snippets of info, not all of which is reliable. And the situation is clearly complex, with (in my opinion) multiple teams and other entities all putting both truth and misinformation out there. Claim and counter claim. We as a fandom or fandoms can’t actually have a full understanding. And that’s tough to come to terms with.

What’s also difficult is that because of this complexity, we all use our life experiences and world views as lenses to try and interpret from day to day as best we can. That interpretation can change as ideas emerge. Our friends, mutuals or even blogs we follow may change their views profoundly in these circumstances and it feels sudden to us, maybe even another emotional loss after all our other losses.

Fandom for many of us has an added overlay of profound emotional investment and connection, in the band members, in the music, in their relationships, in our connections with other fans. I myself now have dear friends around the world who I met through fandom.

All of these issues are joining together at the moment to cause tremors and unease in the fandom right now, I think. But sometimes accepting the complexity and the unknowns can help, to allow us to be aware and be kind and understanding of other fans, who may be coming from a profoundly different place in terms of worldview and investment in the band and fandom.

Or you may not accept that you don’t know, and go on a quest for more information and understanding. That’s fine too.

Or you may decide you need to leave, take a step back, become a Finnish death metal blog, whatever you need. This is definitely ok. You can come back or not (you do not owe anyone to be a Teflon Larrie or stay when it is painful to stay).

I think…..we don’t know what is going on. I have beliefs about Larry still being real, and one direction still being a band, that are what I believe given all the info I know right now. I might be fully right or completely wrong. I’m ok with that but I understand from others they are not ok.

And that is ok. I just hope we all keep talking and analysing and dialoguing respecting each other. Because I love this band, the boys in it, the fandom and the shining stars in it. And I’m going to do my best to keep going and showing my support to all of those beings for as long as I can.