librarianknight said: Forever in love with the Narn Cruisers go be honest.

They just look so cool and they fit the Narn so well and they look badass and powerful but also sleek and streamlined and they’re so awesome, and I just really love the Narn a lot in general and their ships fit them so perfectly.

And I also really love the Earth ships.  Just … something about the slow rotating sections just feels so powerful and menacing and yes they’re grey and boxy but they aren’t ugly, I don’t think.  They’re powerful and badass and there’s something really intimidating about the slow, steadily rotating sections (even if the rotating sections do indicate that they’re–along with the Narn–one of the only races that hasn’t gotten artificial gravity yet).  Just, like … there’s so much determination in the Earth ships and the Narn ships, I feel, if that makes sense.

And the Minbari ships are really cool even if the cruisers do look like fish, they’re still really cool and intimidating and the Centauri ships are also really cool (and also kind of hilarious because they’ve got the Centauri hair shape).

And of course I love the Shadow ships because they’re awesome and it’s such a simple design but it’s really effective and they look terrifying and awesome and just the way that they just sort of swoop through space and just casually obliterate everything with their lasers is so terrifying.

And I love the Vorlon ships because they look so powerful and alien and the blue lights are so pretty and the sort of petal design on their ships and the contrast between the blue and the gold is so beautiful.

And just


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idk ryn sometimes there only so many gay freakouts a person can handle

omg sway 

I meant more like ‘but I’m supposed to hate him he stole bread’ freakouts 

but in all seriousness, the gay freakout trope is something I’m really ambivalent about as a queer person because it’s a good outlet for queer authors to explore their own coming out struggles and their relationship to the dominant lGbt narrative in our media, but I think it gets used a lot by straight fangirls to up the tension and provide a little taboo kink which is…okay, like it’s fine to have kinks but you need to examine where that’s coming from because they don’t exist in a vacuum. 

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Y E S. My favourite (canon!) femslash ship got together on screen so I don’t need that in fic and kinda want to see their relationship explored but with non-canon ones I don’t want to jump from ‘not together’ to ‘together’ in two seconds.

OOO what show is this???

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If I could be granted one wish, it would be an unending supply of slow-burn, UST fic. Half the time I don’t even care about the “porn” in the end, just the tension. Why is this so undervalued, it is the best thing when it’s done well.

Jessie can confirm that when Three Days was still updating we were both losing our collective shit every time Javert and Valjean looked at each other meaningfully and when they finally did get together it was basically the best thing in the entire history of my life because the TENSION WAS AMAZING (I’ve mentioned this fic a bit here and there but it’s the best javert/valjean fic out there and it’s the only parentfic I will ever love)

 librarianknight said: Oh my god YES this is so great. I don’t even… really know why I enjoy it so much? But you see that they care about the show, which is great, plus you can share your pain with someone. I don’t know.

There’ve been several times when they’ve said something about how much they all love Londo or how much they love Kosh and how Kosh can’t possibly die or when Alyssa gets really excited about Russian Winter (and when Alyssa talks about how much she loves Talia in general, she really likes Talia) or basically anything like that and then me and my younger brother just look over at each other like “yep, they’re going to be completely heartbroken :)” and it’s so great and I’m so excited to be on season two (I mean, I love season one, but season two is even better–especially after The Coming of Shadows, when I feel like the quality of the individual episodes really suddenly goes up a lot–and I’m so excited to get to season three after that because season three is my favorite and oh my god the season three opening I can’t wait to see their reactions to that and oh my god Z'HA'DUM I’M SO EXCITED FOR Z'HA'DUM and … yeah, new fans are the best :D)

 librarianknight said: What I really love about the Earth ships, especially the Omega Class Destroyers, is that they are a bit rough.  They remind me of big factories an smog in the air and long, hard work, but there’s an unbelievable force behind them as well. (Also I love the… symbolism, if you can call it that? They don’t have artificial gravity yet and their technology isn’t as far developed, but they are determined and *will* get what they want.)

Exactly.  And they love the fact that, while they’re big and boxy and clunky and rough, they aren’t ugly, at least not in my opinion.  So many times in sci-fi the Earth ships are just … ugly and they don’t work compositionally and they’re not particularly pleasant to look it, they’re just big grey boxes of blah, and I don’t really like that.  You can easily achieve the effect that you’re talking about here without making the ship ugly and a compositional mess.  Omega Class Destroyers look fucking awesome and badass.

 neroon said: B5 did so many things right, and one of those was perfectly fitting the ships to the race. Hell it’s telling that Starcraft basically ripped them off wholesale because why try and improve on perfection?

The Babylon 5 ships fit their races so incredibly well in every way.  And I can’t believe that people keep saying that the special effects are awful when you’ve got so many beautiful spaceships and space battles.

I haven’t played Starcraft, but it ripped off Babylon 5 too?  Is every sci-fi video game secretly Babylon 5?  My younger brother has been showing me some stuff in one of the games he’s currently playing, Sword of the Stars 2, and the Earth ships look almost exactly like the Babylon 5 Earth Alliance ships with just a few changes, from how he’s described the Big Bads they’re basically Vorlons who don’t pretend to be angels and are more obvious about about their evilness, and there’s a planet that he found (but hasn’t managed to reach yet) called Zhadum (no apostrophes), so I think it’s pretty obvious that that game was inspired by Babylon 5.  And of course Mass Effect has a ton of elements of Babylon 5 in it.  I’m kind of amused by how many video games have elements from Babylon 5.

 inamedmycomputerbones said: PURPLE! Heck yes. I just get my backgrounds off google images tbh.

 librarianknight said: It looks really great! I usually google for backgrounds. Alternatively, vintagebackgrounds has some nice ones, but no space themes, I believe.

Ah, I wasn’t sure if there was any sort of unwritten tumblr rule against just using a random google images image for a background, that’s good to know that there isn’t!  And Vintagebackgrounds looks like it has some backgrounds the could be good for a sidebar background, so that’ll be useful.

 gloriavictoria said: I know that feel. :/ It’s horrible.

 librarianknight said: That sucks so much and it’s SO INCONSIDERATE OF SOME PEOPLE /flips table

 gloriavictoria said: <333 I wish I could pluck you from this situation and we could watch B5 and it would be awesome.

 inamedmycomputerbones said: you don’t have to shut up if it helps.

 fuckyeahsinclair said: What movie is it?

You guys are incredible, thank you.

[insert hugging gif here]

(and fuckyeahsinclair–we’re watching The Dark Knight Rises because Kamyar likes it, and I’m not a fan of it)