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The Librarians on Social Media

So I spaced out in class and basically came up with headcanons for everyone’s most used social media accounts

Cassandra: Tumblr

She has a blog full of just soft and sciency stuff: science side of tumblr, pastel edits, bi pride posts, cute outfit ideas, and her favorite self care activities. Basically her little escape from the rest of the world. She put a lot of effort into her blog layout when she spent time in the hospital; so it’s really organized.

Ezekiel: Reddit

Memes, so many memes. And updates on new tech coming to the market. He has daily visits to all the paranormal and dark web subreddits too. He’s definitely been a victim to the nosleep subreddit for many sleepless nights.

Jacob: Myspace

Jacob hasn’t touched proper social media since he was a teenager BUT he did have a Myspace account that he may have put a touch too much effort into. Ezekiel has definitely found it and laughed about 16 year old Jacob’s profile picture for days

Eve: Facebook

Eve, being one of the few people in the Library to actually have friends and connections, definitely uses Facebook. Originally it was to keep track of her old military buddies when she was off duty but now her feed is full of the cute animal videos she was tagged on by Ezekiel and Cassandra.

Flynn: Wikipedia

Did anyone really think Flynn would have a social media account? Like I wouldn’t be surprised if late 20s pre-Library Flynn had dating account profiles made by his mom but Flynn obviously spends a majority of his free time editing Wikipedia articles.

He was surprised to find she was in love with magic tricks.

She had real magic. Why was his sleight of hand impressive to her when she could have anything she dreamed of, rainbow fireworks in a tiny glass or fairies or breathing underwater? Why did she squeal so loudly when he pulled a small coin from behind her ear?

He wasn’t sure, but it reminded him to practice more, so he spent hours working on old tricks and learning new tricks and designing some of his own. Anything to get a new delighted giggle out of the girl who could figure it out in a second, if only she tried.

She didn’t want to try, though. She just wanted to bask in amazement and mystery at him, and he was more than alright with that.

Long Jenkins Headcanon:

Jenkins does in fact see their whole group as ‘reincarnations’ of his old friends. Yes even an immortal can believe in reincarnations. In Flynn he obviously sees his old king Arthur. His friend, his worried, caring, brave, self-destructive to a fault friend who thought he alone could do everything. Even when he had his whole round table of knights. He sees more of Arthur in Flynn than even he’d like to admit. But he also sees things he didn’t in Arthur. A willingness to try to be better and connect faster. It takes less time for Flynn to become the leader than Arthur had.

Then there is Jacob Stone. He sees so much of himself in this odd cowboy. He sees someone who will fight for a good cause, who just wants to prove himself. It’s almost painful till he hears Stone chastise Cassie the first time or get after the groups Thief. Then all he hears and sees is Gawain. Quick to judgement and action. Rushing ahead and then slowing down. Smart as anything but always forgetting to actually take time to fully think. He sees Stone getting better though, learning to forget faster than Gawain did, but is still the first to fight and preferring fists over weapons. He sees him become a bit of Kay too, both having slow but strong forming bonds with their king and leader. As if becoming brothers.

Then Eve. His first uneasy friend in the group. He sees the fighter Queen he once knew. He smiles when she worries about her Librarians so like Guinevere whenever the knights went on another quest. But yet like Flynn she’s so much like his old liege sometimes he fears for her. Like when Moriarty showed up and she was put in that fantasy realm. He instantly feared he’d see two friends be heartbroken again but then she overcame the faults her previous life had seemed to make. She choose Flynn and didn’t betray him. He smirks when he tells her and the others tales of how once Guinevere had trained a few of the younger knights and all had been shocked when she’d beat them at first. And how she was often around the table herself when big battles came time, helping Arthur pick his best strategies.

And Cassandra. While he knew she had been labeled his old friend Merlin in that story book fiasco he also knew she was more like the combination of the old Wizard and Morgan Le Fay than any of them liked to admit. He saw Morgan’s passion and stubbornness. He sees some of her scary ambition and trickery to do things without others around to prove herself. But then he also sees Merlin’s kindness, his humility. He sees the wisdom in her eyes after a while. Especially when he caught her after she collapsed. He saw the fear he once saw in his old friend’s eyes when he almost died in a battle that the old Wizard had joined them to. He was more worried about the knights than himself and Jenkins had regretted not letting Merlin know he was loved a mistake he didn’t make with Cassandra. Even if she frustrated him, she also was the best mix of two people in his life that meant so much. She was always willing to help him, but also sometimes the cause of great fun and intense conversations about theories.

Then there was the thief. Ezekiel Jones. The youngest member of their group and at first he thought the one most likely to leave and yet he stayed. He proved himself over and over again. He reminded Jenkins of young Percival, smooth of tongue but also braver than the others gave him credit for. He was a trickster with a heart of gold. He loved harder than any of them but kept it hidden. Jenkins could see it, even when he gave the young man a hard time that he really cared about the whole team. Even if he played off that he was self-absorbed. That he noted was a very Mordred tactic. The young broody man had often been friends with Percival. Both got into the most trouble but a few times saved the rest of the table with their more hidden knighthoods than all out sword fighting and such. It warmed his heart when he saw Ezekiel also chosen as a ‘mother figure’ by Nessie’s youngest egg. He remembered the first time he’d meet Nessie while being on the round table, he remembered Mordred becoming fast friends with the creature and any animal around him really. It showed how truly good the boy was, even if he changed as man. Jenkins just hopped time would prove that Ezekiel would take a better path than that.

Yes Jenkins saw his old family in this new rag-tag group. And sometimes it hurt him, but sometimes when he thought none of them where looking he’d truly smile. Because his family had found him. He wasn’t alone again. He felt more alive than he had in hundreds of years. And how he hopped he could see this one through better days, even if it meant he had to fall off a few cliffs, or get tunnels partially collapsed on him. He’d do it, as long as he could see them all thrive and survive. His friends. His family.

Could you imagine if Jason lived that he would of been a volunteer librarian. He does it for volunteer credits and a quiet place to write. He reads to little kids, help collage students with research papers and find books for people.

Imagine Bruce and the rest of the family finding out. Everyone following Jason after school bc been late to patrol three times and Everyone being shocked to see a bunch of kids run up to Jason asking him what book they’re reading for story-time.

Jason could of been a freaking Librarian.

So yesterday I watched Hidden Figures and I remembered that Cassandra’s “happily ever after” was Commander Cillian - physicist and astronaut.

Imagine little Cassie learning about these women and aspiring to work in NASA, and be the first woman astronaut who helped build the ship that would send her to space. Little Cassie’s room coloured blue, and there’s stickers of stars and rockets peppered on the walls of her room amidst little equations that she wrote on the walls with her markers. Equations like how much thrust she would need to go send herself to space, and what speed it’ll be. Little Cassie spending her nights staring at the stars, watching the moon wax and wane, dreaming of the days she’ll be there looking down.

And when she found out about her tumor, everything started to fall apart. The stickers slowly came down from her walls. No more rockets. No more stars. No more equations on her walls to bring her to space. She wouldn’t survive the trip anyway. All she was left with was empty walls. Empty, just like her dreams.

So she went on, having abandoned her dreams of going to space, of standing on the moon. But it all came rushing back after that day they came back from their fantasy world. It felt like a dream, but she still remembered how it felt like to bounce her way on the moon. The adrenaline in her veins as she flew. The rational part of her knew it wasn’t real. It was all made up by Prospero, but the child inside of her wanted to keep those memories.

The others would some times catch her sitting outside the Annex, just staring up at the stars. They asked, and she would answer truthfully. Telling them of her dreams to go up into space and how, maybe with her tumor gone, maybe she still had a chance. They’d smile at her, and sit outside with her, accompanying her as she looked at the stars and watched the moon rise and set.

So imagine her joy, her excitement, when one of their missions sends them to a space station. And she has to wear a suit to go outside. The rest nickname her “Commander Cillian” and she spends the rest of the week beaming and happily giggling the name to herself. Her dream came true.

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i love the way u write jocasta nu she's like jedi professor mcgonagall. i can totally see her saying "have a biscuit, anakin."

Anakin knew better than to cry. It didn’t ever help. It just made his eyes sting, and if the Masters saw him they would be angry. Masters didn’t like to see you cry. It was probably bad for business.

Or…bad for meditation, anyway. Bad for communing with the Force, maybe. Anakin wasn’t really sure. He never seemed to know the right words to say here.

So it was better not to let the issue come up.

Anyway, Master Obi-Wan was busy right now. Maybe he would be angry later, after Master Tiin told him what Anakin had done, but that was later. So Anakin would have some time to prepare himself, to come up with the best possible apology. Masters liked apologies, as long as you got them exactly right. And Master Obi-Wan was much easier to apologize to than Master Tiin. Usually, he just told Anakin to meditate. That wasn’t so bad. He could think about whatever he wanted, and no one would ever know the difference.

So he would apologize to Master Obi-Wan later. If he said just the right thing, maybe Master Obi-Wan would even smooth things over with Master Tiin. He had last week.

The massive entry of the Temple Archives loomed suddenly before him, and Anakin almost forgot about apologies. He stopped and stared up at the towering door. He couldn’t help it. It was huge and ancient and inside there was more knowledge than he’d ever imagined could be in one place. And Master Obi-Wan had said he could go there whenever he had free time. He didn’t even have to ask.

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From age seven, Cassandra had a fascination with vampires. Not the Twilight kind - she scorned that, for bad writing ,and for weak female and Native American characters. She loved Dracula, Nosferatu, all the old stuff. 

The first girl she fell in love with was a vampire queen in a too-short skirt at a Halloween party at age thirteen. The girl bit her neck and Cassandra giggled in delight. 

How funny, then, after all this time, to fall in love with a vampire once again? Only now she was real, and Ezekiel didn’t trust her, and her family maybe possibly contained murderers. But wasn’t the danger originally what drew her in anyway? There was something tantalizing about the fangs and the mystique and the blood red everything. 

So as long as she was careful, this could go somewhere. Cassandra Cillian loved to play with danger, but Estrella was something new. Beauty and safety. No other sense of danger at all, really. 

Something new and brave and beautiful. Cassandra wanted to experience every minute of it.

Librarians Headcanons!!

Jacob and Ezekiel [Couple] :

  • Jake being very much the overly protective LOUD boyfriend. Like constantly lets people know this is his small boyfriend. Yes he’s an ass but his ass.
  • Jake also is the one who’d be like no I’m treating you Ezekiel stop stealing stuff I want to BUY you things because I like you, you dumbass.
  • Anytime someone dares utter any slurs Ezekiel’s way he sees red. He doesn’t care if they say something bad about him personally but you dare insult or try to hurt his thief and he will hurt you.
  • But also oh god does he worry and is gentle when Ezekiel is hurt. Like the panic at the supercolider facility is just the way he gets if it’s life threatening. But if Ezekiel just like cuts his hand, or falls off something small. He almost coos at Ezekiel. Asks him if he needs something.
  • Jacob also falls asleep right beside his boyfriend on video game nights. It just looks so weird to him even if he likes he it just cant pull all nighters like he used too.
  • Its okay though, Ezekiel finds it adorable.
  • Ezekiel is also the one who introduces Jake to Minecraft and oh god that was such a big mistake.
  • Now he comes home sometimes to find various building all meticulously re-created on his servers in the oddly enough appropriate bio-domes.
  • Ezekiel at first was shocked and now though he shows it off to gamer people because look at his nerdy boyfriend being a further nerd in a video game.
  • Ezekiel also makes friendly prank instagrams with Jake and while Jake wishes he’d stop, deep down he likes the attention and type of affection Ezekiel gives him
  • Just very sarcastic, sassy, sometimes ‘mean’ to each other boyfriends who also would die to keep the other safe because they care so much about each other.

Jacob and Ezekiel [Friendship]:

  • Jacob being hard core big brother to Ezekiel. Getting scared and worried if he gets hurt because ‘shit mom (Baird) is going to kill him’
  • Ezekiel pulling the ‘ouch mom he hurt me’ card type deal with Jake all the time to Baird because he loves his brother figure but he loves picking at him more
  • Ezekiel would still introduce Jake to Minecraft but this time would be so impressed all the time and even suggesting new things to Jake to try building because it’d be neat to booby trap that and sell the server codes so people could try to make it through the whole thing
  • Jake being very proud of Ezekiel after the younger man finally asks Cindy out on a date and even tries to give him cute advice.
  • Ezekiel eventually after like two months of dating said young lady goes to Jake and shyly asks him how do you ask someone to be your steady girlfriend and not just a friend you take out to food once in a while and Jake both laughs and smile happily because Ezekiel is growing.
  • Jacob getting Ezekiel a shirt that says Loch Ness Hatchling Pop and beems when the boy wears it instantly
  • Jacob and Ezekiel being dork friends who act like brothers but honestly do care about each other but also aren’t super hella nosy either.
The Infinite Library

There is an infinite library in the Alps that contains at least one copy (or original) of every magical and non magical book, scroll, journal etc ever written. While anyone can visit, it is considered the greatest honour for a magical scholar to be invited to work there. 

There is no application process, just one day they wake up with a letter of invitation. In addition to looking after the library, the scholars receive full funding for all their research, whatever it is.


I’m putting this here so that I can immortalise this on my blog… and probably remind myself to write this one day. UNLESS SOMEONE WHO’S BETTER AT WRITING WESTERNS WANT TO WRITE THIS FOR ME???

Much thanks to @sheriffbaird​, @pyresrpgear​ and @justlook3​ for the character roles! (And especially to Pyre for that asskicking name BLACK SNAKE GULCH GANG I LOVE IT TO BITS)

Also included in headcanon:

  • Jake hides books on poetry behind his clothes and Ezekiel snoops around his house and finds them.
  • Jake teaching Ezekiel how to lasso and the outlaw ends up lassoing him. 
  • SHOOT OUT BETWEEN GUNSLINGER CASSIE AND BLACK SNAKE LAMIA (Cassie wins but she just wounds Lamia, not kill her.)
  • Flynn hiding Moriarty when Dulaque finds out the traitor isn’t dead which leads to Moriarty mortally wounding Dulaque when he tries to attack Flynn in a bid to get answers (and Flynn’s grateful to him for saving his life… very grateful. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ) 
  • Sheriff Baird’s unofficial partner is Gunslinger Cassie… just because she finds it fun. (Also she gets to shoot people)
  • Sheriff Baird teaching Doctor Flynn how to ride a horse (because he has no idea how to)
  • Madame Morgan randomly popping by Jenkins’ bar just to bitch about rowdy/cheapass customers she had to throw out the night before
  • Jezekiel making out on hay
  • Casseve making out in the Sheriff’s office
  • Floriarty making out in the clinic

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With Anakin in the Library, I can't help but imagine him getting roped into storytime for the younglings that come and visit, and doing all sorts of silly voices for them. Half the Jedi are trying to use the library in *peace* and *quiet* and glare at them for disturbing the silence, and half the Jedi think it's the most adorable thing they've ever seen

What a fantastic image, anon.

Not only does he do the voices - sometimes he even does the languages. (Listen, Anakin Skywalker is a polyglot and no one can convince me otherwise.) Jocasta thinks it’s fantastic because it gets the ki- sorry, the younglings - interested in language and how it effects the stories and the characters in them. Sometimes they even get so excited they come back to do ~independent research~. That’s every Archivist’s dream.

Anakin does his translations in story very carefully, and he lives for those moments when the kids younglings notice, when one of them interrupts the story to say, “Wait, wait, Tilna said Martrok was Yinu’s family friend but Yinu said he was her father.” Then Anakin gets to explain about choice-parents in Twi’lek culture.

There are a couple of Twi’lek younglings in the group. They look very thoughtful all through the explanation, but they don’t say anything right then. Jedi don’t have families, of course. They have the Order. And that’s as it should be. The Temple is where they belong. Ryyla and Tam know that. So they’re very careful about finding Padawan Skywalker in secret later, and they don’t tell the masters about the questions they ask him.

(Several years later, there definitely is not a small network of padawans who all have familial nicknames for each other. And there’s certainly not anyone who calls Anakin “big brother” in any language. And there is most definitely not at all a single soul who calls Jocasta Nu “Grandmother.” That would be ridiculous.)

the librarians + cooking headcanons

  • eve can’t cook. like, at all. she could burn actual water. she tries, she really does, but all she can make is ramen noodles and surprisingly good mac n’ cheese. she never enjoyed cooking much anyway, often preferring to live off take-out, good restaurants, and the cooking of her roommate and/or family (and later, her friends). she does, however, appreciate a good meal, especially homecooked, after he time in the military (with all that shit food that ‘tasted like ass’ as ezekiel put it, that one time they went to a military school on a case).
  • jenkins, on the other hand, is the best cook. he can cook like a thousand different obscure recipes and historic and varied cultural foods. spicy indian food? ridiculously good greek? accurate ancient egyptian recipes? ordinary burger and fries? the best chimichangas ever? you name it, jenkins can probably make it.  except salad. he keeps getting the proportions horribly wrong. also, he butchers the sauces. surprisingly, wasabi doesn’t work well with iceberg lettuce.)
  • flynn experiments. he experiments with all sorts of spices and variants and substitutes and cultures, mixing and matching and making new recipes. his cooking is particularly dangerous because it can be really good, if unusual, or horrific (and possibly a little bit alive). once one of his dishes had a side of fried raspberries. he has a little notebook somewhere where he’s recorded all of his favorite made-up recipes.
  • cassandra isn’t the best cook because while she can measure the shit out of ingredients, more precise than many chefs can ever dream of, and she can calculate how it might ratio with the other ingredients, there’s no… heart in it. she doesn’t enjoy it or anything. maybe it’s cliché, but somehow it changes the meal. but she can make hamburger helpers and that kind of boxed shit like a fucking pro. like somehow it always tastes a thousand times better when she makes it rather than one of the others does, which doesn’t even make sense.
  • jake fucking loves cooking. like, he’s no master chef, he’s not even a great cook, but he just really enjoys it, especially trying to make food from the places he’s travelled (french breakfasts and english desserts and african cuisine and shit). even though he’ll never be an amazing cook (he’s mediocre at best) he loves being in the kitchen, and that’s enough. besides, his meals are always interesting because even though he makes mistakes, it’s always tasty (if a bit odd or strangely tangy).
  • ezekiel is an amazing cook, though. it’s true he loves a good greasy meal, like pizza bagels, but he actually likes cooking a lot. like, it’s not his extreme passion, and honestly, it kind of embarrasses him, but he does really enjoy it. he’s no well-trained chef with experimental and varied recipes or good with varied tools or whatever, but he’s damn good at it. especially homemade recipes like really good blackberry pie and steaks and shit. but he has a tendency to show off, which can make him screw up. one time he tried to flip a pancake three times midair and that’s how jenkins made him scrape five pancakes (all failed attempts) of the ceiling. (the sixth one flipped four times and ezekiel has never been more proud of himself. even jake was a little impressed.)
Jenkins’ Bonding Headcanons:
  • Jenkins helps Flynn reteach Excalibur how to sword fight, and then also spar with each other.
  • Eve and Jenkins keep each other up to date on codes, Morse code signals, everything like that and also start doing yoga together after he falls to save her that one time.
  • Ezekiel and Jenkins bond over Nessie, and stumpy’s small grave marker Jenkins made for the young man in the Libraries cemetery ( Yes we have one of those rooms to Mr. Jones.) They have the longest heart to hearts really on days when Ezekiel feels his worst
  • Jenkins and Stone go ‘drinking’ together. He accepts Jacob’s bravado and near but hits because he knows it’s default for Jacob. They sit and drink and talk about architecture they like. Jenkins smirks as the young man gets overly excited about minute details.
  • Jenkins and Cassie Bake. Cookies. Cakes. Anything he can find really. This young woman missed out on so much and he’s determined to show her he cares even if he can’t show it well. He lets her come into his lab and help with experiments after a while. Soon her presence becomes common place in his lab. He even eventually clears a spot and a work bench for her to have her own tools and such. Sometimes he finds her asleep there and carefully moves her to a more comfortable place.
  • Jenkins sitting at the mirror in a staring contest with Judson. Angry but also loyal to this man. Only softening when Charlene appears and soothes him just a touch. Tears in his eyes as she says she’s been watching him and his so proud of him. The shock when she asks him to try to move on. That it’s a new time now. That he is still a knight but even he can learn to love others. She implores him because she does care. She just can’t care that much.
  • Jenkins taking her advice and becoming more open with the whole group. Still sarcastic and Jenkins but now Galahad leaks through more.
  • He laughs with the boys more. He fights with them strongly. He is more knightly.
  • He tells Eve he trusts her and that he’d help her even if she told him not too.
  • He tells Cassie he loves her very much. He starts leaving flowers for her and is gentle with her, even more than before. But he also becomes more passionate in talking with her about their shared and varied interests.
  • Just Jenkins evolving from this stoic leave me alone you awful humans to so much more. To a father, a brother, a friend, a possible partner to this wonderful frustrating group of humans that have taken residence in his annex.

Maybe she was tired of being alone. In a way, it felt like all he ever did was run - to her, from her, all around her. Meanwhile, she was stuck standing still amidst the turmoil, barely moving and if so, always in a straight line. 

That man ran circles and squiggles as if he were writing a cursive love letter to the globe. Flynn Carsen was so full of energy always, the need to move like the need to breathe. Always onto the next adventure.

The kids would understand. They weren’t really kids, anyway - Stone was almost her age, and Ezekiel was well into adulthood even as the youngest. They felt like her children, but she knew they could take care of themselves for awhile.

It was time for Eve Baird to start running, too. She had some catching up to do.

Crack headcanon, 50% of Ezekiel’s abilities to just deal with situations the Library puts them in is because he’s Australian.

“Why didn’t anybody say anything about giant radioactive spiders, wait Jones what are you doing?”

“Mate, it’s cool, I got this.”

Like he’s probably the dude that laughs when watching the movie ‘the Birds’ because “that’s like an annual event home, deal with it losers”