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“She seemed nice…!”

The Infinite Library

There is an infinite library in the Alps that contains at least one copy (or original) of every magical and non magical book, scroll, journal etc ever written. While anyone can visit, it is considered the greatest honour for a magical scholar to be invited to work there. 

There is no application process, just one day they wake up with a letter of invitation. In addition to looking after the library, the scholars receive full funding for all their research, whatever it is.

Archivist/librarian Dorian is important. Dorian who wants to preserve and protect cultural heritage and knowledge is important. Dorian who seems so shallow and frivolous but who, out of all the places he might find or make for himself in Skyhold, prefers a small, cozy, quiet nook filled with books and surrounded by other researchers is important. Dorian whose war table missions are about locating and acquiring specific texts for the Inquisition’s library is important.

What do librarians do? Alphabetize things, some will say. Shelve books, some will say. Stamp them. But my friends, I have a Masters in Library Science and I will tell you that what librarians truly do is collect, organize, protect, preserve knowledge. Not books, or not just books. Knowledge. The collective wisdom of all of human history. And why do they do that? Because they like to read? Because books are neat? 


So the information, the knowledge, can be used. So it is available to people who need it. So it is not forgotten, and it can inform future generations. 

Librarianship, at its core, is a service profession. It is a calling dedicated to helping others. To education.

Librarian Dorian is important.


I need all the headcanons about domestic Jenkins! According to John Rogers, he does live in the Annex. I wonder if he has another place somewhere, though, especially now that the others are in the Annex all the time. In The Fables of Doom he says he only gets out when necessary. If he’s the caretaker of the place it makes sense that he would always be there to hold the fort in case of an emergency, but in the first episodes he calls it his workplace… Are the rooms where he lives separate from the “public” Annex rooms? The kitchen is clearly open to all, because Ezekiel’s making cookies in the oven, but what about the rest? Does he eventually find Stone taking a nap in his living room comfy chair one day? Does Ezekiel wander into his room one night because a police officer somehow manages to get through the door during a heist and he has to deal with him in his pyjamas?

Regardless, it’s canon that he cooks, and that he cooks well (I mean, there is lust in Eve’s face. That shrimp sure was good). I’d like to think that even in the most stressful and dangerous situations he dons the apron (did Gretchen send him that one for Christmas one year?), cooks for them and makes them all sit down and eat (especially Ezekiel, who can go way too long without any food, and what he tends to eat has very little nutritious value).


So I was thinking up of reasons for people to watch The Librarians and one of them is “it’s magic; Anything is possible.” And then from the back of my mind, a tiny voice whispered, “what if Harry Potter is real… and JKRow just wrote a biography of Harry Potter…?”

AND THEN MY MIND STARTED THINKING WHAT IF ARTICLES APPEARED IN THE CLIPPINGS BOOK… BUT THEY’RE NOT REGULAR ARTICLES? Like instead of having normal pictures, the pictures were MOVING and it wrote about wizards and muggles.

Eve would just brush it off as nothing by shrugging and going, “well this is different.”

Flynn would then look up from his pile of books and reply, “what is?”
“The pictures in the articles are moving. Didn’t know they could do that.”

“Printed pictures don’t move.”

“Well, these do.”

Flynn will then fly from behind his books, scattering them just to see the articles and speed read through them. “No way,” he exclaims.

“What?” Eve and Jenkins ask at the same time.


“Hogwarts? Harry Potter Hogwarts?” Eve asks, raising an eyebrow in doubt.

“Yes,” Jenkins replied boredly. “Of course it’s real.”

Cassandra will come running through the backdoor connected to the Library because she heard the scream, followed closely with Stone and Ezekiel. “Did someone say Hogwarts is real? Like the school of magic and wizardry, Hogwarts?” she asks excitedly.

“Like in Harry Potter? That Hogwarts?” Ezekiel asks confusedly.

“Yes, yes,” Jenkins says impatiently. “Hogwarts is real. Harry Potter is real… well the real Harry Potter doesn’t have such an outlandish name but he’s real.”

“But Harry Potter is a fictional character,” Stone rebuts.

“And the Library is a myth!” Jenkins throws back.

“So if Hogwarts is real, why haven’t I gotten my acceptance letter?” Ezekiel asks, crossing his arms. “I’m definitely not a muggle.”

“I haven’t gotten mine either,” Cassandra adds. “Maybe it got lost.”

“Or maybe you people don’t have enough magical blood to be a wizard, or a witch,” Jenkins says, shaking his head. “Most people don’t.”

“Wait. So if Hogwarts is real and the clippings book is showing us articles from the wizarding world… does this mean the wizarding world is in some kind of trouble?” Eve asks as she glances at the book again. “Some of these are in Dutch, Italian, French and German…”

“Well, we might not be magical enough to be wizards or witches,” Flynn says, grinning as he collected his satchel from his table. “But we’re definitely magicked enough to be Librarians.”

Eve grabs her gun and cellphone from her desk and places them in her holster and pants. “So, where are we going?”

Cassandra closes the backdoor and squeals in delight. “We’re going to Hogwarts!”

Flynn places the pointer on the globe and spins it. “Well, technically Hogsmeade.”

“Close enough!” she exclaims.

Headcanon: Favorite LiT

I think of the other LiTs + Eve, Ezekiel likes Cassandra best. She probably comes off as the most human to him. Despite betraying them in the first episode, he can’t blame her given her circumstances. He can relate to her decision because in that situation, he would’ve done the same–the only difference is that he would’ve followed through like he said earlier. He would’ve screwed Flynn over and let the world burn if it meant saving his own skin.

Except she did the right thing in the end. So she proved herself to not only have a good heart, but be reliable over all in the end. Everything else before that was proof that she was human. That she can make mistakes just like the rest of them, do the wrong or selfish thing. Where everyone else walks the path of self-righteousness and hold themselves above things like selfishness and disloyalty, Cassandra seems a bit closer to his level. She’s a good person, a great and loyal friend and is doing her best to make it up to everybody (especially Stone) for her mistakes, but the fact that even someone as good was at some point capable of something so ‘vile’ human as giving into her self preservation instincts, even once, makes her seem that much better for it. Like she’s a good person, but she’s still only human, capable of error and making bad choices, so it makes her more approachable and likable to Ezekiel.

I don’t know if that makes sense. It sounded better in my head but yeah.

Ezekiel knew that exploring the house was a bad idea – time and time again, his hunches had been proven right. He couldn’t explain it, and Cassandra was right in saying that it wasn’t scientific (which was kind of hilarious considering that they meddled with magic), but that didn’t make his hunches any less right.

But still, he stayed. He followed Baird’s orders, searched the rooms as told. His mind was practically screaming at him to leave, to run, to get the hell away from the place, and his entire body itched at the wrongness of the house, but he stayed. For them.

And how was he rewarded? By being fucking kidnapped by a goddamn house. Being confined to this room that had nothing but ominous pictures hanging on the wall. He was trapped – and if there was anything Ezekiel hated, it was the feeling of being trapped, of being robbed of his freedom.

Ezekiel Jones lived by his own set of rules, made his own choices about what he did, and having that freedom taken from him?

It was absolutely suffocating.

He would later look back and at least be thankful for the fact that he had been the first one to be taken, and that he had been alone. Losing his cool wasn’t something he did in front of an audience, and… well, it hadn’t been pretty.

He knew that Jake had been disgusted by how he had been playing video games and eating samosas, but Ezekiel took that in stride, preferring that to having Jake – or any of them, really – know what had come before that.

Ezekiel had tried to jimmy the door open, but no luck. He yelled out of the window to try to get someone’s attention, but nothing. He’d searched the room from corner to corner trying to see if there were any hidden passages or escape routes, but no dice. He even resorted to violence at one point in his frustration, trying to knock down the door, but to no avail.

He paced the room, trying to think of other ways to escape, to warn the others – he stared at the pictures, but he found himself distracted when he felt like the walls were closing in. Finally, he slid down the wall, covering his face with his hand and letting out a humorless laugh, murmuring that he could really use a pint right now.

And then he had one. Which was disorientating to say the least, but one of his biggest strengths was adapting, so… he did just that. He asked for this and that before finally settling on the video game, using it as a means to distract himself from being trapped in this room against his will, knowing he was useless to the others outside.

When they were freed from the doll house, he tried not to be too obvious about checking all the possible exits around them and busied himself with ranting about the merits of the house. But that wrongness had left, and more importantly, he was free to do as he pleased again – and he did just that, even if Cassandra did thwart him in the end.

Headcanon: One of the Librarians’ favourite quotes is “Of course it is happening inside your head, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?

Flynn, who has, all his youth and even much of his adulthood, constantly been reminded that he’s only book-smart and possesses no practically useful skills whatsoever. That yes, he may know all this stuff from studies and books, but who actually cares about those things? Literally nobody wants to hear about the pet culture of the early Celts on the isle of man in the late third century, will you finally shut the hell up. When he corrects people or explains something, they usually roll their eyes and talk over him, they laugh and they don’t listen. But his skills are real. His knowledge is important. Being smart is not a bad thing. He’s doing good. He enjoys learning and explaining and knowing things and that’s okay. Just because his skills are more of a mental kind than physical doesn’t mean they’re not worth anything. He’s doing fine just using his head.

Ezekiel, who is so quickly underestimated. Great actions with little thought it seems. They see the smart-ass, the clever-mouth, the nimble thief and the trickster. But he knows so much more. He’s got a story too, you know. He’s valid and so are his skills even if he usually prefers to keep them to himself - just like the fact how much he cares about others. But he still does and that’s all that matters. He has such a wide knowledge about technology and values but nobody cares to see that in him, they just don’t care. And, frankly, he doesn’t care enough to show it, either. Because he knows that he’s still a good person and a great human and a clever boy, even if he doesn’t always live it. His carefree actions do not mean he’s a stupid one, right?

Jake, who keeps all this knowledge and his whole potential to himself. Great thought but so little acting on it. He who knows so much and so many details about architecture and language and history and so many other things and yet keeps quiet most of the time. His family doesn’t know and neither do many of his friends. But just because he doesn’t talk about it very often doesn’t mean he’s not one of the cleverest minds in his state. He doesn’t need validation from others to have his abilities acknowledged. He knows all those things inside his head and that’s good enough: One doesn’t have to live and breath it every moment of his being, it’s fine if he keeps it to himself. That doesn’t mean it’s worth any less or that he’s any less intelligent.

Cassandra, who constantly feels torn between loving that great and bright mind she’s got, the synaesthesia that makes remembering and studying so much easier but thought progress so much more exhausting. Who was often enough dismissed as weird or mad when she starts drawing connections between calculations and smells and colours and numbers and when she visualizes them all at once, her hand following the figures and lines appearing for her and only her, when her mind starts to race when she figuratively burns the candle at both ends. She’s been dismissed and made fun of so often that at some point, she’s scared she’ll go crazy. Madness reaching for her - except. It’s not really madness. It’s real. It’s a talent and sometimes it’s more of a curse than a gift but it’s real. She’s not going mad, she’s using her brain in new and different ways from most people. And that’s okay. Her mind is just as valid as other people’s, even if it works in a different way. It’s not madness in her head, it’s just a really well disguised genius.

Eve, who takes it all as a cautionary tale. She’s been taught from the beginning on to pay attention to the details. To take things seriously, no matter how ridiculous they seem or how many people dismiss it. To look behind the cover. Just because you can’t see a talent doesn’t mean it’s not real and valid. Just because you can’t see caring or intelligence doesn’t mean they look away or have zero understanding of what’s happening around them. Just because someone’s mind seems different doesn’t mean it’s invalid. Everybody can be the hero they aspire to be - a hero to themselves or to others, for their own sake or for the people they love. Magic and talent and fairy tales and skills of all kinds lurk just around the corner - but you really do have to be open enough to spot them. And just because someone tells you off and dismisses you and tries to downgrade you, doesn’t mean they are right. She’s seen enough to know better. In fact, those kind of people are usually always wrong.

So of course it is all happening inside our heads. But why on earth should that mean that it is not real?

Headcanon that The Deathly Hallows are artifacts in the library and that Ezekiel always makes good use of the invisibility cloak whenever he can and Cassandra geeks out because she owns an entire Ravenclaw uniform and Hermione’s wand and now wants to go on a field trip to Hogsmeade

And Jake is like “then why the hell didn’t we try to stop Prospero with the Elder Wand in the first place it’s fucking made of the Tree of Life wtf”

And Jenkins is kinda gloomy because now he has to tell Cassandra that Hogwarts doesn’t actually exist

So I got ahead of myself and started thinking of Evlynn with a kid in the future after handing the library over to Stone, Cass and Ezekiel (or as their kid calls them Uncle Jake, Uncle Zeke and Aunt Cassie) and when s/he asks for a story, one of them will take out a book full of magical adventures from the shelf and read it to them and then one day, when the kid doesn’t need anymore bedtime stories and grows older, s/he clears away their house after they’re both gone and finds that book on the shelf and reads the book by her/himself and realises that it’s flynn’s handwriting and that the stories were of them saving the world every week, twice before fridays.

Headcanon: Worst Version of Himself

I think that Ezekiel got away with such small (practically non-existent) changes to himself when it came to the fairy tales and the apple not just because he is the worst version of himself, but because he embraces those qualities. He is never anything short of completely true to himself, his desires, and his instincts. While the others believe it’s important to be the good guy, he would rather be himself in all of his depraved glory. Which was why the apple didn’t affect him, and why the book made him the Jack.

In my mind, magic distorts, amplifies, and/or completely changes the things it touches. In the case of the apple it was amplification, the book was a mix of distort and completely changes. They both took little aspects of those they affected—darker pieces of themselves they don’t let come to light, and pieces of their personalities/usual behavior that helps them fit into the role of certain characters. But Ezekiel is literally ‘what you see is what you get.’ He may have secrets, but his personality—the things that define him—are essentially so shallow that there is nothing left to amplify or distort. He is just too much like himself to be radically affected by those types of magic. Or, that at the very least, he suppresses his good/nice traits, hence why the apple didn’t have anything bad to bring to light, and the book made him into a character that is neither fully good nor fully bad. Just a rogue.

He’s not immune however—Magic can obviously still affect him. Because we can not forget two important words that proved his lack of resistance to magic in the most entertaining way this past holiday season:

Santa’s. Hat.

Three times Ezekiel has been caught reading

1. Cassandra had just been walking down the isles idly looking for a spell book for a bit of research when she saw it. Ezekiel was standing between the stacks staring at the back of a book and right before her eyes he flipped it around and opened it to the first page. Smiling to herself she quickly backed away leaving him to his own devices.

2. Jacob had been on his way to find Jenkins to ask about some cross referencing for a case when he passed by one of the reading rooms. The door was ajar and he only glanced in before stopping in his tracks. This couldn’t be right. That was Jones. With a BOOK. Actually he was half way through the book and as Jacob watched a startled look crossed Ezekiel’s face and then he brought the book closer to himself apparently enraptured by whatever he was reading. Jacob grinned and continued walking.

3. Jenkins was going through the library shutting off the lights and tidying up. The other librarians had left about an hour ago, but he hadn’t seen Ezekiel since that morning. Figuring he had left to find something more entertaining Jenkins continued on to turn out the lights in one of the reading rooms. That was when he found Ezekiel sprawled out on the couch with a book on his lap. He couldn’t help the small smile that twitched its way onto his face and so he simply threw a blanket over their resident thief, turned out the lights, and went on his way.

We’ve learned a bit about Jake and Cassandra’s back stories, but we know very little about Ezekiel.

He talks a big game for most of the first season. He sometimes comes off as pompous and arrogant. He’s awesome. He’s bullet proof. And everyone else is lucky because they get the joy of knowing him.

But in the very first episode when Flynn and Baird were trying to figure out why the LITs didn’t respond to the Library’s invitation, he says something that is kind of out of character. I didn’t notice it before because I had only just met these characters, but after several rewatches this is starting to stick in my mind.

We know Cassandra didn’t show up because she was in the hospital. Jake didn’t show up because he already had a job. But Ezekiel didn’t show up because he thought it was a mistake.

“I threw mine out. It was obviously a mistake. I steal stuff, I’ve been stealing stuff since I was a kid. I’m not gonna get invited to work in a library.”

Maybe I’m reading too much into this, I tend to do that. But I think there’s some sort of (for lack of a better word) tragic back story here. Something along the lines of Parker’s (from Leverage), although not as tragic as hers. I bet he was a foster kid, bounced around in the system. He probably never felt like he belonged anywhere, and thought no one wanted him. I bet he talks the way he does because he feels that if he keeps telling himself that he’s awesome, then maybe one day he’ll actually believe that.


I’m putting this here so that I can immortalise this on my blog… and probably remind myself to write this one day. UNLESS SOMEONE WHO’S BETTER AT WRITING WESTERNS WANT TO WRITE THIS FOR ME???

Much thanks to @sheriffbaird​, @pyresrpgear​ and @justlook3​ for the character roles! (And especially to Pyre for that asskicking name BLACK SNAKE GULCH GANG I LOVE IT TO BITS)

Also included in headcanon:

  • Jake hides books on poetry behind his clothes and Ezekiel snoops around his house and finds them.
  • Jake teaching Ezekiel how to lasso and the outlaw ends up lassoing him. 
  • SHOOT OUT BETWEEN GUNSLINGER CASSIE AND BLACK SNAKE LAMIA (Cassie wins but she just wounds Lamia, not kill her.)
  • Flynn hiding Moriarty when Dulaque finds out the traitor isn’t dead which leads to Moriarty mortally wounding Dulaque when he tries to attack Flynn in a bid to get answers (and Flynn’s grateful to him for saving his life… very grateful. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ) 
  • Sheriff Baird’s unofficial partner is Gunslinger Cassie… just because she finds it fun. (Also she gets to shoot people)
  • Sheriff Baird teaching Doctor Flynn how to ride a horse (because he has no idea how to)
  • Madame Morgan randomly popping by Jenkins’ bar just to bitch about rowdy/cheapass customers she had to throw out the night before
  • Jezekiel making out on hay
  • Casseve making out in the Sheriff’s office
  • Floriarty making out in the clinic

Ezekiel, as a Librarian, didn’t always have that silver streak in his hair – in fact, Eve never saw him with it. It grew in shortly after he lost Eve, forced to watch her die without any way to save her, his body numb from the gas Dulac had used on them.

Despite their bickering and bantering, they had grown close in the ten years they had worked together. She was probably the closest that he’d let anyone be in a very long time, and though he wasn’t always the greatest at expressing that sentiment, Ezekiel knew that they had an unspoken understanding when it came to each other.

But then she was gone – ripped away from him, her blood slipping through his fingers no matter how hard he tried to cap the wound. It tore him apart to lose the one person that had believed in him and convinced him that he was someone that could save the world.

And maybe losing Eve had been why he hadn’t been able to put down the wishing house the way he should have. Ezekiel just couldn’t quash down the irrational hope that maybe, just maybe, the house could grant his wish of bringing Eve back.

Though that thought was sucker punched into the void pretty quickly when the whole ghost epidemic started. No way would he want Eve to possess someone like that.

But his silver streak – well, fate had a cruel way of messing with him, didn’t it? Ezekiel could never forget what he had lost, the worst day of his life – because he had to face the bitter silver reminder every time he looked in the mirror, whether he liked it or not.