yo i was tagged

by the ever so lovely liz/aryasnark

so here goes

1. Finish this: “I feel most at home when…”
i have distinct memories of the smaller details of the room/house/place. the softness of a pillow, the corner i hit my small toe against, the shadows on the walls at night, the way the sun shines in in the morning, how something smells. and if i have been through some sort of an emotional journey/discovery in that place.

2. What is one thing that you have to do that you constantly avoid?
showering. yes. don’t look at me like that. i kind of really hate showering. and i’d be fine and dandy if i didn’t have to do it every other day or so. but i have other people and social standars to keep in mind so i do it. but i reealllyy don’t want to.

3. Do you have any studying idiosyncrasies? (e.g. studying at a certain table, with certain music on, or wearing a certain beanie..?)
i have a very specific brand of pens and pencils i use and using any other kind is completely horrible. it’s like i can’t write all of a sudden. also i can’t really focus in a new/foreign environment.
4. Would you rather know when you will die, or how you will die?
uuhhhh, neither of those options are particularly pleasant. but since i have to choose, i’d like to know how i die. because even though i’ll probs live the rest of my life in constant stress and paranoia, at least i could avoid the thing that will end me to the best of my ability.

5. Tell me about your feels for music. What is music to you? How do you differentiate between music you like and music you don’t like?
music is everything to me. it’s what keeps me going and what helps and inspires me most. i’m very much dependant on it. my favourite thing about the songs i like is that they’re apocalyptic, you could say. i like it when i get the feeling that the song is the last thing the artist can do in this world and this is how they will be remembered. that they but their everything into it. and i like it even more if i think that if that song would be the last thing i hear before dying, it would be alright.

6. Favourite boys and girls names?
ha, i have all these names picked out but they might be weird for you guys because of ~languages and stuff~
boys - aadam, ra, leon
girls - imogen, aasa, fiona, andra

and i should tag some people, yes? and if you don’t want to you don’t have to answer these, obviously.

1. what’s the most recent dream you remember?
2. would you rather live in the sky or in the sea?
3. how do you feel about people whispering in your ear?
4. what do you think your most prominent personality trait is to your friends?
5. if you could replace a colour in the world with a different colour, what would you choose?