libran horoscope

Star signs based on personal experiences

I can get along with you and hang with you for days without being pissed, we are like a perfect balance its great, you are a tad princessy and always wanna “go home” I also need to stop you from doing silly drunk things but you are fun and normally down for anything which is fabulous!!
Yayy another one of me, I actually get on with you guys so well, you are so fricken positive holy wow and we never argue bc we are too happy talking about and planning our next sky DIVING ADVENTURES!!!! Ur great and good at philosophy and we always have similarities and good music taste, best person for midnight strolls!!
Omg YOU ARE SO INTELLECTUALLY STIMULATING AND GREAT TO CHAT WITH!! I learn so much and we exchange opinions (we basically always agree so its good for ranting to eachother) you are funny to go on strolls with bc I am probably a bad influence on you (sorry) but you are always prepared and fun! Normally always positive which I love!
I LOVE YOU LEO OK but first sometimes you are very dramatic and when shit goes down with us it goes down! But having said that like all of my friends are leos and I adore you, we get along so well ur so ENTHUSIAstic and you explore with me happily!!! Great chats always and passion my god we have passion! Ur beautiful don’t change
We aren’t meant to be compatible but I have many lovely pisces friends, love the creativity ur fun and we have exciting talks, I associate this sign with shrek which is great (compliment) sometimes can be emotional and dependent but I still love you
You are very reliable and GREAT to get drunk with, funny talks and you are my comfort, you can come to my house and drink tomato soup with me and we are satisfied, ur just great and super friendly
Capricorn- I don’t get along with you the best (sorryyyyy) however I can see ur good traits and why you get along with the other earth signs!! Ur so smart normally and sensible, which sucks bc im an irresponsible little shit, however we can still have fun and talk about our great memories together, btw alex turners a capricorn so I associate him with u which is FAB
You my friend are FUCKING AWESOME
UR SO sweet and kind my god ur kind we never bitch about people together, we talk about life and philosophy and stupid stuff, ur so damn positive and great to get drunk with, you always adventure with me which i love and ur SO FUNNY MY GOD UR HILARIOUS I LOVE YOU GUYS
I only know two aries and I have kissed both of them which says something UR GREAT HAHAHA and you are so paSSIONATE u care about things and u adventure with me and you dance like crazy and have fun!! Great music taste and so interesting to talk to I love you, you are not the hot head people portray you to be my friend ur beautiful!!
I have to say even though you are manipulative at times (in my experience) a little evil, you are still funny and down to do stuff with me, great at concerts and parties and u are so smart my friend, I associate u with slytherin sorry
But you are so ambitious and loyal, you stick with ur friends and ALWAYS include everyone you never leave a mate behind which i adore you for!!
you have great conversations about anything in the world, so down to earth and so chill, always positive like me, we get along well, ur so kind and you are great to drink with and party with and adventure with!!! One of my faves (also like always attractive??)
So family orientated and I ADORE YOU FOR IT!! U have so much love in you my little gem and Its adorable my gosh!! You always seem quiet but once we talk you are cool and always laugh at my stupidity which is ok bc I do too! Love you ur so reliable

(all from a sagittarians perspective)
I apologise for this

how libra sees the signs
  • Aries: the epitome of a person that LIVES! you know what living MEANS?!?! LOOK AT THEM! the have restrictions like everybody else but they also have an almighty instinct that exists outside of every limit known to mankind. one that is not set up for survival but living.
  • Taurus: on the same chill level thus very comfortable. no drama, just relaxing, calm and good times. very caring and "motherly". they might be very frightening when they feel overburdenend or attacked but can be appeased quickly with the right words and assurances.
  • Gemini: like a cloud that's fully visible and omnipresent in your life at one point and then completely disappears all of a sudden. they're not always aware of the repercussions of their actions and get very sad when people allege that they were purposefully doing harm. basically they're just pretty butterflies that everybody loves. but sometimes they might cause a hurricane here and there only by flapping their little wings.
  • Cancer: really loveable gentle souls who you just cannot dislike no matter what they say or do because you will always know where their insecurities lie and how vulnerable they are. their core will always stay the same but the shell may vary in size and thickness.
  • Leo: they can make you realize that every second of self-loathing was childishly ridiculous and that no matter what's your problem, it can't keep you from being a glorious burst of fire.
  • Virgo: so obviously the most troubled in this world. full of good intentions but clumsy with their execution. they suppress a lot to keep order in their own and everybody else's life.
  • Libra: versed at expressing the most crucial part of their being through any possible medium. cover up a lot that they're insecure about and might become very outgoing and aggressive about that later on as a reflex to not wanting to feel shame anymore.
  • Scorpio: don't try to aggravate them. you'll lose and tremble. appreciate their noble and pure ambition to get to know you and uncover the secrets about yourself that not even you know. once they get to the deep core they'll lose all judgement and become unconditionally empathetic.
  • Saggitarius: not so much concerned with the complexity of things but with the present force of something. they are not pulled towards analyzing and categorizing but towards pioneering and experiencing. if the road has already been walked on they might as well go home again.
  • Capricorn: very ambitious and attracted by success and prestige. but not as a way to feel elitist but to feel able to exist. a life on the ground is poisonous and destructive for them. seeing them losing already achieved goals is one of the most heart-breaking things.
  • Aquarius: they don't play with you ever. even if they hurt you terribly. there is no malicious intent in what they do, only a will to breathe and live. and that will might demand taking away your air to breathe sometimes.
  • Pisces: they always have the security of an alternative place to resort to which is inaccessible to everyone they wish to exclude from it since they create that place themselves and with such impenetrable boundaries that they might be in the same room listening to you but be galaxies away from you with their mind.