libra dc comics

the signs as superheroes/villains
  • Aries: Thor / Harley Quinn
  • Taurus: Captain America / Poison Ivy
  • Gemini: The Hulk / Two-Face
  • Cancer: Batman / Deadshot
  • Leo: Iron Man / Bane
  • Virgo: Black Widow / Lex Luthor
  • Libra: Wonder Woman / The Joker
  • Scorpio: Supergirl / Ultron
  • Sagittarius: Spider-man / Mystique
  • Capricorn: Superman / Venom
  • Aquarius: Green Lantern / Loki
  • Pisces: The Flash / Doctor Doom

The Signs as Suicide Squad Characters (pt.2 of 2)

Harley Quinn (Harleen Quinzel) - Cancer, Libra

Harley Quinn is no standard criminal. In fact, it all started at Arkham Asylum, where she worked as psychiatrist Dr. Harleen Quinzel and began analyzing the Joker. She grew obsessed with him and ended up falling in love with someone judged as an insane monster by others. The Joker is responsible for her transformation into Harley Quinn, in which she sees an opportunity to live a life with her Puddin’. Harley is a truly unique character, lovable because of her goofy and cute acts as well as her uncommon accent or sometimes bumbling behaviour. She seems carefree on the surface while she is deeply troubled due to her love for the Joker inside. The Joker’s companion has no natural superpowers but superb gymnast skills which she uses to knock her enemies out.

Joker - Scorpio, Gemini

The greatest opponent of Batman till this day - there are not many words that can describe the Joker’s distinctiveness. His total unpredictability allows him to break out of Arkham Asylum again and again. Nobody knows his true origin for nothing what the Joker says should be taken on trust. It’s just so easy to fall for the Joker cause no one can tell what’s serious and what’s deception coming out of his mouth. But beside his intimidating and manipulative aura, he’s a highly intelligent psychopath who acts ‎like an innocent clown or like a violent killer with total disregard for human life - all depending on his mood or current intentions. Appearing with a sense of honour can change in the next second into the desire to mock about himself, he loves to bring Batman in a life-threatening condition whom he considers to be the only one to be capable of standing up to him, but almost every time counts on him getting out alive. Harley is an integral part of his craziness  and maybe she truly is the closest one to tell if the Joker really loves her, but in the end his psychotic mood swings oftentimes get between the two of them.

Katana - Virgo

After the murder of her husband and sons at the hands of a criminal Japanese organization, Tatsu Yamashiro took up that same blade that was used to kill her family, traveled to America and vowed to battle against injustice. But her weapon “Soultaker” is no ordinary sword as it captures the souls of its victims and allows Katana to communicate with them. What also makes Katana stand out from the rest of the Suicide Squat is that she isn’t a villain. She volunteered to be there to protect and support Rick Flag. The highly skilled martial artist and swordswoman is extremely loyal towards Rick but nevertheless is a lone wolf. Since Katana is goal-oriented, perfectionist and reliable she has been a part of numerous super teams like the Justice League or the Birds of Prey.

Killer Croc (Waylon Jones) - Capricorn

When someone looks at Croc merely seeing a monster, then this one didn’t get him at all. True - Waylon Jones was born with a rare mutation defect that slowly turned his skin and body features into reptile-like or should one say crocodile-like appearance. He’s therefore super strong, an expert swimmer and has teeth able to rip flesh and bones apart. Before becoming a hard piece for Batman and a Suicide Squad member, Jones really had a crappy childhood: With the Father gone early and the mother an alcoholic, young Jones earned his money by Alligator wrestling. His nickname was now Killer Croc and he went to the bad. Croc is a sincere being, always calm and cool-looking. He’ll never forgive the one betraying the Suicide Squad and he’ll say ‘You’re one of us’ to the one earning his trust. Croc’s not much of a talker. He’d rather take it to action. He endures much because he always had to deal with being an outcast because of the way others see his exteriors and judge him before knowing him. Therefore he’ll be protective if someone really kneels into getting to know him a bit.

Rick Flag - Sagittarius

Rick Flag has no actual superpowers but is highly trained and skilled in combat with or without weapons. The former member of the military was chosen to lead the squad by Amanda Waller but he is not really enthusiastic about babysitting a bunch of criminals. Flag is a man who is attempting to do what is right and who has seen it all, maybe that is why he suffers from occasional mental instability. Through the movie, he succeeds at transforming the bunch of  villains into a unit, willing to do anything to destroy The Enchantress. Rick Flag in particular is not able to give up on June Moone because he loves her. In fact, the only time we see a softer, more caring side of him is when he is together with the possessed June. He would do anything to stop her from suffering.

suicide squad zodiac
  • aries: killer croc
  • taurus: deadshot
  • gemini: rick flag
  • cancer: katana
  • leo: joker
  • vigro: slip knot
  • libra: GQ edwards
  • scorpio: enchantress
  • sagitarius: harley quinn
  • capricorn: amanda waller
  • aquarius: captain boomerang
  • pisces: el diablo
the signs as super powers

aries- superhuman strength
taurus- telepathy
gemini- flying
cancer- communicate with animals
leo- teleportation
virgo- telekinesis
libra- invisibility
scorpio- time travel
sagittarius- astral projection
capricorn- future vision
aquarius- elasticity
pisces- shape shifting

The Signs As Gotham Characters

Aries - Alfred Pennyworth
Taurus - Harvey Bullock
Gemini - Ed Nygma
Cancer - Oswald Cobblepot
Leo - Jim Gordon
Virgo - Harvey Dent
Libra - Kristen Kringle
Scorpio - Fish Mooney
Sagittarius -  Selina Kyle
Capricorn - Bruce Wayne
Aquarius - Victor Zsasz
Pisces - Jerome Valeska

(edited bc some didn’t make any sense smh)

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