ARIES (tarot: the emperor) is the beginning of self, the creation of self and therefore the chaotic creation of their surroundings in order to creat stability/find themselves - the leader of themselves and their lives. he is the authority figure and backbone. TAURUS (tarot: the hierophant) is the enjoyment of self, enjoying what was previously created and finding connections through faith, nature, friends and family and indulging in it. learning about the self through everyday living. GEMINI (tarot: the lovers) is the split of self. often in real life manifestation Gemini’s can have two very distinct versions of themselves, they have discovered the shadow and have separated themselves from it and must work out how to make them into one integral being. CANCER (tarot card: the chariot) is the success of that - born with the shadow and self already fused manifesting in a natural heightened sensitivity - they must learn to not let their sensitivity to the world allow them to harden or hide who they are. LEO (tarot: strength) is the sun in domicile, they are the self blended and shining - being themselves for the sake of being themselves, their job is to remain gentle in their approach. the nurture another is to give the self a friend & will not dull one’s shine but aggression can. VIRGO (tarot card: the hermit) is then, the critical analysis of self - “I am who I am, but what can I become to others”, a self journey to find where we fit into the other. then this is how LIBRA (tarot card: justice) is created, already born with a strong sense of society and it’s inner workings. they relate, communicate and observe their rules and people around them. their aim is to help society move with balance. SCORPIO (tarot card: death) is where the zodiac meets its first tragedy. the justice and interest expressed in libra us manifested in a want for revenge and a natural suspicion after discovering the darker side within the world, this is when we are brought back to ourself - taking all we have learnt and deciding who it is we /really/ are. it is rebirth. SAGITTARIUS (tarot card: temperance) brings us the natural inclination to search for a higher truth, something bigger than the world, something that holds more meaning then the mundane. what is required then is patience, as they learn find meaning within the mundane, as the learn that no one can truly achieve perfection and that moderation is far better than expansion. CAPRICORN (tarot card: the devil) brings the zodiac back down to earth and it’s where we are now learning our earthly (yet divine) lessons, our reason for our incarnation. it is hard, but the ultimate lesson is to remember to keep moving forward and not give into temptation. the disciplining of oneself. AQUARIUS (tarot card: the star), being the completion of capricorn brings us to the skies, a strange dichotomy between childlike youth and seasoned wisdom - after being connected to self, we delve deeper within, through the chakras and with the more that’s had the more there is to give - giving what is needed to help everyone on the same journey. PISCES (tarot card: the moon) is where we reach the end, an usual sense of melancholy that seems to exist constantly. the culmination of everything before and compassion & empathy as a result because even though we are all chaotically different we are all the same. the closest link to the divine, the blending of the soul and the self.

poems for the signs

The fire and blood of a dragon runs through your veins,
and it takes only but a spark to light your fuse
Your soul is an inferno, that wanders through the night, 
wailing like a lonesome wolf.
You are a force to be reckoned with,
with your tempting, but destructive beauty.
You have the ability to scorch even Earth itself,
with just one single glance.
You, my dear, are built out of gold,
one of the most rarest and beautiful things to find in life.
Never lose your flame, for you will lose nothing but yourself.”

You have flowers blooming through your soul,
even in the most darkest and hidden parts of you.
You illuminate a brightness, brighter than the sun,
with your silent radiance.
People are memorized by the power behind your voice,
as the honeyed taste of spilling love falls from your lips.
You are nature itself, grounded and tough,
but pleasuring and lush, like the trees around you.
You are the healer, kissing people’s wounds,
with your undying love.
For you are hard-headed, but not hard-hearted.”

You are the unusual, the chameleon soul,
changing your colors, due to your inner indecisiveness,
that is as wide as the ocean.
Your eyes are like stained glass windows,
holding many colors that represent the wide range of emotions that you hold.
You are the soft skin your lover craves to caress,
the skin that smells of lilac and sunflowers.
Your deception is playful and freeing,
for you are a sharp-tongued lover.
Darling, you are a safe haven, a home,
and anyone who dares to entangle their soul with yours,
will be changed forever.”

You are the nurturer at heart, 
the one that keeps lovers safe in soft silks.
Your soul is bathed in moonlight,
while your tears ripple in the crystal oceans of your collar bones.
The blue-dark belongs solely to you,
and your soft hands part the dark,
letting the light shine through for everyone to be entranced by you.
With beauty as dangerous as a knife,
and love like a double-edged blade,
You are the moon, the keeper of night.”

You are the vibrant goddess of the day, 
with skin as gold as the sun, 
bringing hope to the sunrise. 
Unconditional love brews inside of your photosynthetic heart,
with the ability to keep people alive with a burning desire.
You are sharp-tongued and made of broken glass and honesty,
which is to be admired throughout your life.
There are heartbeats in your eyes that shine so brightly,
you are to be mistaken for the sun itself. 
You are so much more than all of your sins and mistakes,
and all of the tears that stain your radiant eyes,
will soon turn to gems.”

You, my love, are a flower born in the heart of a drought.
Your skin is made of lace and silk, for you are fragile thing,
to be handled with love and care. 
But deep in that pure soul of yours,
lays ardent thoughts and dangerous beauty.
The scars across your heart shall fade like a distant storm,
for you are a soul seeker, a searcher, most importantly, a human.
You are a gentle nymph, singing lovers into a trance,
for you are as lovely and ethical,
as  a faery song.”

For you are a bed of roses, 
with your crimson petal lips and china doll cheeks.
Sometimes you are as bright as the day,
Sometimes you are as dark and mysterious as the night,
you keep people on their toes, waiting for your next move.
You are beauty, in the way that humans so rarely are,
warm and starry eyed,
for you truly are the child of Venus.
You love with the strength of a storm,
but with the kindness of a child.
Darling. you are the oxygen that everyone needs.”

Silver raindrops drip from your lips like stars in the sky,
with hips like a hurricane and a soul to match. 
You are the body electric, the midnight dancer,
with passion that is to not be confused with arrogance. 
You are a supernova, the explosive rebirth,
with a smile that crafts magic.
So many layers and colors you hide, 
contained in your electric heart.
You seep poison into the veins of those who hurt your loved ones,
for your undying passion and love knows no bounds.”

You laugh and smile in sunbeams,
for you are ready to burn through the darkness of the night.
Your everlasting light is buried in the softness of love,
but the untamed dark lingers through your soul.
You, yourself, are a religion, a dreamer,
but as dark and deep as the midnight ocean.
You are so in touch with the earth all around you,
for you have stars in your eyes and moon dust in your hair.
You are a warrior, a light, a fire.”


You, my love, are the definition of inner strength. 
Beyond the hunger of your golden dreams,
a softness remains.
Your soul is a work of art, so bold and unique,
everyone wants a part of you.
tease, touch and dark,
love is something special, and you treat it like gold.
There are sparkles in your doe eyes,
and your touch entrances people,
with the undying mystery and ferocity in every stroke of your love.”

You are made of nocturnal oracles and burning stars,
the brightest stars from all the heavens.
Your brilliant mind is as wide and colorful as the aurora borealis,
and oh, what I’d do to get lost in it for eternity.
Your heart bleeds in water colors, 
for you are the ocean itself,
keeper of the lively tides.
The bruises that paint across you skin are like galaxies,
for you are fully made of star dust.”

You are the galaxy in the skin of a human, the owner of the sky.
Your bruised mouth speaks an intoxicating type of love,
for you are a sweetheart, a seductress.
Your starving soul is desperate to wrap around another,
for you find beauty in the broken. 
Your mystical and rose colored aurora draws admirers in,
for you, yourself are the unknown.
Darling, you leave a trail of stars wherever you go,
for you a wanderess of the night.” 

Alguna vez en su vida lo dijeron, pero ellos no se acuerdan...
  • Aries:“Está bien. Tú ganas.”
  • Tauro:“Hoy no me siento con ganas de estar en la cama todo el día.”
  • Géminis:“Entiendo claramente lo que siento ahora mismo.”
  • Cáncer:“Realmente no me importa que no me ames.”
  • Leo:“Eres la persona más hermosa que existe en todo el universo.”
  • Virgo:“No todo puede ser perfecto. Dejémoslo así.”
  • Libra:“Me da igual mi vestimenta, que me quieran por lo que soy.”
  • Escorpio:“Los quiero muchísimo, no quiero matarlos a todos.”
  • Sagitario:“Rezo todas las noches, soy un buen creyente y nunca ando diciendo pendejadas.”
  • Capricornio:“Me da igual lo que vaya a pasar conmigo en el futuro.”
  • Acuario:“Te amo y quiero que estemos juntos hasta que la muerte nos separe.”
  • Piscis:“Afronto la realidad para estar al tanto de lo que pasa a mi alrededor.”
  • *perdón si ofendí a alguien, no puedo ocultar este post, es perfecto*
The 9th House and Role Models

The 9th house can indicate what type of people we look up to.  Take a look at your chart to figure out what sign is in your 9th house.

Aries in the 9th house: Might look up to daring, ambitious, dominant, and physically strong role models.

Taurus in the 9th house: Role models tend to be people who can show their success in physical ways, through wealth, possessions, praise.

Gemini in the 9th house:  Looks up to those who are intellectual, independent, those who speak up, people who relate to them with words.

Cancer in the 9th house: Role models are usually family members, a teacher, or mentor. A person who invests time and energy into them.

Leo in the 9th house: Role models are usually leaders, famous artist, people in the spotlight. Looks to those who inspire.

Virgo in the 9th house: Role models tend to be hardworking, possibly stern, get things done, is strong, serves others and is admired for it.

Libra in the 9th house: Role models are usually people who are highly praised for a talent, looks, or status.

Scorpio in the 9th house: Role models are people in power, sexually confident, are emotionally strong, externally tough, daring.

Sagittarius in the 9th house: Looks up to those who are independent, wild, freedom loving, explorers, the exotic, people of other cultures. Can look up to spiritual leaders, philosophers, and people who make a stand for their beliefs.

Capricorn in the 9th house: Role models are likely authority figures, looks up to the hardworking, pragmatic, mentally and physically strong.

Aquarius in the 9th house: Looks up to visionaries, rebels, leaders in ideas, activists, people with an eccentric personality.

Pisces in the 9th house: Associated with fictional role models, looks up to those who they can see themselves in or want to be.

the signs as shit i've heard at school part II
  • Aries:"I'm lawsuiting that house because the fuckin pink bush is throwing me off my game."
  • Taurus:"I literally just wrote "significant figures" as my name."
  • Gemini:"Jacob Sartorius makes my butt clench."
  • Cancer:"What's a synonym for revenge that isn't revenge-y?"
  • Leo:"You know what I don't wanna do!?" "Live!"
  • Virgo:*very offendedly* "Where are your pants??"
  • Libra:"No you idiot, Libra isn't Spanish, it's astrology."
  • Scorpio:"Will you marry me?" "He has his headphones in he can't hear you."
  • Sagittarius:"Did I just paper cut your face?"
  • Capricorn:"I just wanna eat my nachos, Josh Stokes!"
  • Aquarius:"Nikayla hit a guy in the dick on accident and he got a boner and then she hit it again. It was the worst ten minutes of my life."
  • Pisces:"This show's nothing but puree drama." *finger guns*
Zodiac Signs - Skins

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Aries: TONY

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Taurus: EMILY

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Gemini: SID

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Cancer:  JJ


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Virgo: EFFY

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Scorpio: MATTY

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Sagittarius: JAL

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Capricorn: COOK

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Aquarius: MICHELLE

Pisces: CASSIE

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Signs As Rock Star

ARIES ♈︎: Angus Young, Steven Tyler, John Otto

TAURUS ♉︎: Pete Townshend, Bobby Ellsworth, Iggy Pop, Bono

GEMINI ♊︎: Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney, Kerry King, Chino Moreno

CANCER ♋︎: Phil Anselmo, Chuck Billy

LEO ♌︎: Ian Gillan, Mick Jagger, Bruce Dickinson, Max Cavalera, Joe Elliott, James Hetfield, Serj Tankian, Fred Durst

VIRGO ♍︎: Buddy Holly, Freddie Mercury, Zak Starkey, Jin Simmons, Dave Mustaine, Rob Halford

LIBRA ♎︎: John Lennon

SCORPIO ♏︎: Attila Dorn, Chad Kroeger, Anthony Kiedis, Ian D'Sa

SAGITTARIUS ♐︎: Jimmy Hendricks, Jim Morrison, Ozzy Osbourne, Corey Taylor, Benjamin Kowalewicz

CAPRICORN ♑︎: Elvis Presley, Jimmy Page, Lemmy, Dave Grohl, Scott Ian, Rob Zombie, Jonathan Davis, David Bowie, Dexter Holland, Till Lindemann

AQUARIUS ♒︎: Aksel Rose, Van Halen, Alice Cooper, Brandon Boyd, Billie Joe Armstrong

PISCES ♓︎: David Gilmour, Kurt Cobain, Bon Jovi, David Draiman

The signs as Koutetsujou no Kabaneri gifs


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