the signs as girlfriends 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩

aries - teases you all the time, makes you laugh, random screaming 📢, your #1 supporter, tons of compliments, needs a lot of love and understanding and patience

taurus - homey, thinks of a future with you, wants to sit down with you and a cup of tea and listen to your hopes and dreams, can seem shy or unsure but they will want to take the lead sometimes, food as love language

gemini - introduces you to all their friends, *been inseparable for six months* are we in a relationship?, wont tell you but they’re in love with you, breaks all their rules for you, takes you out on fun dates

cancer - low maintenance but demanding with cuddles and kisses, loves affection, good morning and good night texts, loves to cook for you, knows all your favorite songs

leo - demands affection, there for you through ups and downs, if they like you you’re special, dominant, has many interesting qualities, love you passionately and wholeheartedly

virgo - shows you new songs, great kisser, always has good advice ready, best friend type of a gf, someone you can trust with anything, very understanding, good date ideas

libra - small gestures, very thoughtful and caring, asks how you’re feeling, worries about you, good listener, remembers small details about you

scorpio - a passionate lover, very cute with you, silly, stares at you then looks away, loves to make you smile, puts in the effort, intelligent and funny

sagittarius - leaves love notes in your apartment for you to read and smile at after a long day, bakes you heart shaped cookies, wants to travel the world with you

capricorn - tries to play it cool when they’re in love, needs a lot of validation, shows you that they care through actions instead of words, lowkey wants to marry you asap

aquarius - intense eye contact, closeness, supports you 100%, always has your back, shows you their weird side, surprises you with creative gifts, inappropriate jokes

pisces - writes you love letters, texts you constantly, wants to tell you everything, dreams about a future with you, passionate and over the top kind of love

Aries - Dark Mood 
Defensive, impulsive, antagonistic, childishness that risks compromising the trust other people have in them, relegates others, lack of concern for personal safety-is willing to go to any length to achieve short-term relief, raises hell for no good reason, intimidation, explosive temper, lack of self-control, self-righteousness that discards beneficial advice, relentless demands
“Everybody around me is strategising their moment of attack, watching for my weaknesses, and I must be ready to defend at any instant

Taurus: Dark Mood
Worrisome, isolating, self-deprecating at the same time as being self-serving, exaggerate habitual rituals in dangerous routes such as extreme detoxing or spending their savings, possessive and controlling behaviour, lack of validating or acknowledging others exist and lack of engagement in their interests, inflexibility, overly touchy and sensitive behaviour, the sense that everybody ‘owes’ them  
“If I didn’t have these resources, this money, these securities, than they wouldn’t contact me, they only want me when they need something

Gemini - Dark Mood
Secretive, becomes increasingly and evidently bored and frustrated by people, prickly silence, abrasive and uncaring, disinhibited and lapsing between severe seriousness and unstable silliness, erratic and unpredictable presence, just deciding not to ‘show up’, playing devil’s advocate, conversing inside their own head while appearing as though they are attentively listening, refuses to take responsibility, blames forgetfulness and acts confused

Cancer - Dark Mood
Distrustful, emotional rampager, victim player and martyr, incessantly and questions people’s intentions and uses past experiences to justify suspicion withdrawal, needy, rejecting, pulls and pushes people away, volatile explosions of repressed rage, intrusive behaviour and trying to fix everybody’s problems while becoming resentful of being relied upon, unreasoning, unforgiving, makes others feel unwelcome, emotionally wounded and wounding
"They are planning to leave anyway, they are tired of me, they have no more energy for me

Leo - Dark Mood
Attempting to control and relegate others, pushes loved ones away while clinging harder, elevating theatrics, touchiness and over sensitivity, self-serving and unreasoning, brings down the mood of any surrounding, relentlessly demanding of the person who cannot make them feel instantly better, self-deceptive and judgemental, jealousy based on a fleeting image and false assumptions, entitled and elitist
"As soon as I leave everybody is going to laugh at me, they’re probably destroying me when my back is turned

Virgo - Dark Mood
An irritate, impossible to please, overtired child having a tantrum because ‘everything is wrong’, uncompromising, waiting for something to go wrong so they can be vindicated and their observation proven right, intrusive problem solving and fretting while resenting the reliance that they are giving people on them, critical and impossible to satisfy, abrasive and anxious, disengaged, controlling, and condescending, self-hatred, moaning and complaint ridden
"They don’t see me now, I’ll make sure that they notice me when I’m gone

Libra - Dark Mood
Temperamental and volatile, hides distress behind a mask and still expects others to unknowingly tread carefully, jealous, dependant and needy, unassertive and until it builds into resentment, arrested adolescent experiencing a constant identity crisis and indecision, lost in between fantasies imitation or echoing, obsession with relationships and romantic encounters, dependency, hypocritical and guilt-tripping, backstabbing
"They’re only spending time with me because they feel sorry for me

Scorpio - Dark Mood
Resentful and abrasive, false superiority, wrath, and self-ruin, “people are inherently bad and untrustworthy” silent, angry at the world, unstable, overly suspicious and unwilling to let people prove their worth, controlling and possessive behaviour, hyper sensitivity with reactive blades, emotional coldness and emotional paralysis, self-righteousness, disconnecting privacy, inflexibility and loathing for people in general

Sagittarius - Dark Mood
Condescending, controlling, agitated, loud, brutalised and ignorant honesty and refusing to apologise for any hurt out of the faith in their good intentions, accuses the upset responder of twisting their words, demand for a person to prove the impossible to win an argument diminishing and judging opinions and beliefs, self-righteousness, unpredictable temper, disinterested unless personally involved
“They use me for my goodness and leave me with my badness

Capricorn - Dark Mood
Rejecting, insecure and elitist, consumed labourer or lazy and lethargic, melancholic and paranoid, disregarding of others and unresponsive to other’s attempts to engage attention, emotionally paralysed and abrasive, distrusting, gloomy, self-sabotaging, puts impossible expectations on others, sense that the world is out to ‘sabotage’ them
“Turn your back for a moment and you will be replaced” 

Aquarius - Dark Mood
Self-righteousness and brutal honesty, emotional defences and paralysis, lack of deep personal engagement, condescending and disregarding of others, unwilling to listen or learn from others, false superiority, self-isolation and complaints of being rejected, keeps emotions compartmentalised so not to be torn apart by empathy - replaces empathy with ice
 “They’re not understanding me, why do I even bother opening my mouth they are all waiting to send me away

Pisces - Dark Mood
Constant repetition of destructive behaviours, emotional projection, over dependency, overly invested worrying and intrusive behaviour, gossipy and two-faced, says ‘yes’ to your face and ‘no’ behind your back, carries around guilt to justify being a victim, resist healing or self care, longs for self undoing
"They think I’m weak and they can walk all over me, that I am not my own person and I don’t have needs like them


aries: bonfires, competitiveness, hand veins, loud laughs, messy hair, sneaking out at 2am, abandoned beaches, stray dogs, candle lights, body language, creaking floorboards, ouija boards, having no regrets, karaoke nights out

taurus: house plants, oversized sweaters, soft hands, fuzzy socks, visiting big cities, snoozing your alarm clock, the colour yellow, vanilla scented candles, aloe vera, fruit smoothies, baking cookies, the mom friend, loves the ukulele

gemini: femme fatale movies, in love with female villains, sharp eyeliner, quick-witted, does things out of spite, do no harm but take no shit, in love with dogs, probably cries during sad movies but won’t admit it, easily excited, ripped jeans

cancer: mermaids, easily infatuated by love, smelling flowers, picnics in open fields, gets sad when thinking about the past, impressed easily, daydreaming in class, plucking fresh fruit, loves skirts and fashion, would die for their friends

leo: confident in what they do, kill them with kindness, high ponytails, probably wants to visit paris once, not afraid to tell the truth, in love with cute animals, the one to lift others up, good at teamwork, the warm feeling of summer, dragons

virgo: pastel markers, the smell of lavender, has an welcoming vibe around them, actually organized, scrunchies, neat notes, loves going to museums, probably into photography, neutral colours, handwritten letters, stardust

libra: soft blankets, cuddling the ones you love, always standing up for your friends, hopeless romantic, can be very distant, can be a little dramatic, pretty hair, dresses nicely, tries to be popular on social media, optimistic, humorous

scorpio: cottages in the woods, in love with greek mythology, vintage t-shirts, really emotional but doesn’t want anyone to know, determined, moonlight, pretty handwriting, into the retro aesthetic, rainy days, doesn’t judge people, cats

sagittarius: always ready for an adventure, street smart, wants to travel the world someday, doesn’t easily trust people, alcohol, paintbrushes, can’t sit still, untied shoelaces, tangled up earphones, blasting music at midnight, eye-gazing

capricorn: cold aura, coffee is what keeps them going, probably haven’t slept in two days, actually a big softie, high-waisted jeans, cute pet videos, small apartments, has too many notebooks, often goes to the library, writing essays

aquarius: loves to paint and do any kind of art, wants to live at the seaside, knows a lot of random facts, shares food, messy notes, bullshits an entire essay, graffiti, has their own distinct style, wants to live their life like they want to

pisces: old teddy bears, unsent love letters, mom-jeans, loves to sing, feels at home by the ocean, writes poetry, hard-workers, always up for deep conversations, probably did the stupid thing, open curtains, a soft breeze

who the venus signs need

ARIES: someone as strong and spontaneous as you are, who understands your fierceness and desire for directness. someone who will open up to you, and lets you open up to them without feeling as if you’re tied to one place.
TAURUS: someone who lets you take your time, allowing you to feel comfortable and stable in a relationship without pushing you to move too fast. someone who knows when you need your space, but also when you need a gesture that assures you of their feelings.
GEMINI: someone who matches you on an intellectual and energetic level. someone who knows you enough to make you laugh but also enough to allow you to roam independently, coming and going as you please.
CANCER: someone who respects your boundries, and doesn’t make you feel unneccessarily vulnerable. someone who understands your caring nature without taking advantage of your big heart and giving spirit, and someone who will give to you in return.
LEO: someone who understands your need to be dramatic, without blowing your actions out of proportion. someone who is confident and colourful, who admires you and respects you without trying to force you to change.
VIRGO: someone who understands your emotions are sometimes hard to read, and will trust the feelings you choose to express without question. someone who respects your space and emotions, and won’t make a figurative or literal mess of your life.
LIBRA: someone who shares your zest for life, and understands that even if you seeem distant you’re a romantic at heart. someone who is a smart and friendly as you, and won’t hold you back from the path you choose to follow.
SCORPIO: someone who respects your privacy and occasionally secrecy, but understands and matches your passion for all things. someone who understands your strong will, and won’t leave you when they feel like things are getting too intense.
SAGITTARIUS: someone who understands how important your friendships are to you, and will respect your freedom while standing by you. someone who knows how to have fun, and can help you broaden your horizons in ways you never thought possible.
CAPRICORN: someone who isn’t intimidated by you, and will understand that while you pften keep your emotions to yourself you do still have them. someone who you can settle down with, without feeling trapped or like your ambitions have been stunted.
AQUARIUS: someone who respects your independence, and will care for you you without holding you back from your freendom. someone who shares your passions for justice and intellect, and will be your friend as well as your partner.
PISCES: someone who won’t take advantage of your kind, sensitive heart, and will make you feel safe opening up to them. someone who believes in your dreams as much as, and sometimes more than, you do and will help you push out of your comfort zone to persue them.

zodiac signs as a flowers

Aries - SUNFLOWER. You show outstanding activity, energies and initiative. You are open to changes and new experiences, you can be impulsive and excitable, you are an optimist.

Taurus - VIOLET. You are calm, patient, determined, practical, stubborn and resistant to change. You value the accumulation of material goods and cling to your property. You love everything that is harmonious and beautiful.

Gemini - LAVENDER. You are guided in your life with the mind, pushing your feelings to the background. You are lively, versatile intellectual. You can easily adapt to new situations. You like traveling and changes

Cancer - LILY. You are open, sensitive, sympathetic, polite and very emotional. You have imagination and an active, bright and intuitive mind. In an unpleasant environment or when you fail, you become closed, beautiful and inaccessible. You are obsessively worried about your future

Leo - ORCHID. The marigold is enthusiastic, effusive and creative, generous and extravagant. You are brave, sometimes lazy. You have nobility and pride. You are affectionate, kind and cordial, you love all of humanity. Natural simplicity.

Virgo - HYDRANGEA. You are secretive, modest, practical, fastidious and hardworking, analytical and meticulous, looking for knowledge and understanding. You are a perfectionist, your motto is work and self-improvement. You can easily adapt to new conditions, you are flexible.

Libra - ROSE. You are active, artistic, understanding, consistent, you value beauty and harmony, you are also diplomatic, elegant and sociable. You have a passion for indulging yourself and for luxury. You demonstrate great intelligence and imagination.

Scorpio - TULIP. You are passionate and emotional, subtle and persistent. Besides, you are endowed with great imagination. You have a lot of will power that you can use. You emanate with strong magnetism, fill you with energy and violence of feelings

Sagittarius - DAISY. You are energetic, ambitious and generous. you love freedom and are looking for challenges, you are open to new ideas and discovering the unknown. You are happy, if you can discover new ideas, explore distant places, you are the soul of the party.

Capricorn - CARNATION. You are mysterious, prudent, patient, you are looking for security, you are greedy, disciplined, determined, you can quickly take advantage of occasions. You are looking for praise and acceptance, but you tend to be secretive

Aquarius - PEONY. You are assertive, independent, progressive, analytical, original, resourceful and unforgiving. You are also idealistic and kind. Helping others gives you pleasure, you like to consider all “for” and “against”.

Pisces - LILAC. You are open, intuitive, emotional, imaginative, romantic, vulnerable, also mystical, you are very changeable. Dreams are your everyday life, you must trust your intuition and feelings, otherwise you will not realize your dreams and plans, you can not lose faith in yourself.

Love Letters—

Aries: dear Aries, you are an earthquake inside people’s hearts; electrifying them on a raw level. in the time it takes for others to figure anything out, you are already on your way to going. your energy is as brilliant and intense as the day you love and the day you will shatter. but nothing can keep you from yourself, ever. you’ll find your way back to you no matter how far you let go yourself.

Taurus: dear taurus, you are the lush awakening in a world so chaotic it doesn’t know if it’s drowning or thriving. with both your hands you hold beauty and safety for others to anchor themselves, to remind them the strength was always inside all along. the love, whatever you have, is a root so deep no season could truly destroy.

Gemini: dear gemini, you are no stranger to the madness here, and the way you fly through everything life throws at you looks as if you are dancing. you are the human embodiment of a mirror, perfectly showing what the world shows you and that smirk on your face means you’ve already started to parody what you’ve witnessed. mimicry is your game you are willing to play until everyone sees the fallacy in their ways. your strength is so understated and that’s the beauty of it.

Cancer: dear cancer, you are the hush symphony at night gently guiding others back to a feeling familiar enough to call home. you ask others to feel because you understand how raw emotions transcend space and time so when people go around building walls around themselves, you go around tearing it all down. you ask others to look at you, really look at you. all the flaws and all the beauty, all of it, everything must be seen and felt and understood.

Leo: dear Leo, you are the warm afternoon light leaning against the windows and the walls so beautifully that people can’t help but to stop and take you in. everything in this world is a backdrop to your glow and you know how important the backdrops are. there isn’t anything you wouldn’t do for friends as long as they appreciate you right back. your strength, to put it simply, is a light, even at its lowest, able to extinguish the darkest night.

Virgo: dear virgo, you are the beauty in the mess of everything this world seems to always pour and pour. there is always something more just out of reach you want to have and you will gladly pull up your sleeves to get it. sitting back and doing nothing is not your cup of tea. sometimes you feel like a whirlwind in people’s lives, a storm that comes and rearranged everything pleasing your earthly senses.

Libra: dear Libra, you are divinity in a bottle, the way everything has to be smooth and love or else you’ll cause hell to anyone who destroys your sense of peace. it takes a while for you to get angry because patience is something that comes naturally. it’s only when you’ve had enough that u give ur wrath, and fair enough, you deserve the best. the world can be messy and chaotic but, still, you see the art in it.

Scorpio: dear scorpio, beyond all the destruction and growth there is a reason for all this madness. you want to know exactly how strong something is. you pull it apart to see where the weakness is and make it stronger. the truth is sometimes you don’t believe in your own strength so you push yourself through hell only to realize you’ve been strong all along.

Sagittarius: dear sagittarius, you are the eternal seeker of this world. the story is that you’ve already seen the mess and chaos of everything and in everyone but now you want to know the light inside everything dark. you will wander and run far from home without fear just so you can finally catch that one beautiful sunset or person or place that will make all the chaos worth it.

Capricorn: dear Capricorn, you endure the pain because somewhere there is someone that makes this world a softer place for you. I can see the struggle you go through but I want you to know I appreciate everything you do for anyone. you remind me of a mountain and how everyone sees you as this tough and difficult thing but if people take the time to walk into your soul they would find a lush and wonderful heaven. you are beautiful even in your wild and faltering ways.

Aquarius: dear aquarius, you feel like a strange soul in a strange dream and the world can’t help but to look at you with wondering eyes. you feel naked to the world but the world sees you with clothes and armour and a shield. sometimes even your friends don’t fully understand you but they love you anyway and you love them back.

Pisces: you are the soft waves in the water big enough to hold every emotion you have ever felt and you move through your feelings while the world moves through you. the world always seems so out of reach no matter how many people you connect with. people coming and going in your life like water moving passed you. you love despite the possible pain. you see the beauty even in the dark, without light.

the signs as songs white people get lit to

aries: come on eileen – dexys midnight runners

taurus: jessie’s girl – rick springfield

gemini: my own worst enemy – lit

cancer: bohemian rhapsody – queen

leo: dancing queen – abba

virgo: africa – toto

libra: single ladies – beyonce

scorpio: mr. brightside – the killers

sagittarius: old town road – lil nas x

capricorn: buddy holly – weezer

aquarius: stacy’s mom – fountains of wayne

pisces: sweet caroline – neil diamond

Benefits of your Rising Sign:

Aries Rising: You are edgy and intimidating even when you’re not trying to be! No one likes messing with you because you aren’t afraid to speak up if you feel an injustice has happened to you. Sweetie, you’re strong don’t let others tell you otherwise.

Taurus Rising: Your presence has a calm mood to it. You can be energetic but others can really get a sense of your beauty you sometimes don’t even see in yourself. You relax everyone with your aura.

Gemini Rising: You are straight-up irresistible to people. You know how to walk the walk and talk the talk EVEN if you’re not aware of your own energy. You charm those around you with just being your self. You can convince people and bring them to your side with your charismatic friendly and no bs personality.

Cancer Rising: You can sway even the toughest hearts. You know exactly what other people need just by being around them. You have such a caring energy that others are drawn to you and want to be around you because you feel safe and make them feel valuable.

Leo Rising: You have an electric energy to you that people can feel this passion and love coming off of you. You know your strengths and you know your weakness and people love how open you are about your soul.

Virgo Rising: You have a mysterious energy one that rivals that of scorpio but you also have this intellect and sweetness about you that others want to protect and hold. You make others feel important and essential in your life.

Libra Rising: You have SUCH an intoxicating personality that can be so irresistible to people. You have this charm and elegance to you that others want to be around. It’s as if they feel like if they are around you they too can also be this way. You love helping others and making sure they are taken care of.

Scorpio Rising: YOU. ARE. FIERCE. even if there’s a timid quality to you. Your gaze is mysterious and people can’t tell what you’re thinking. you have this dark beauty to you that people find intriguing and want to spend the rest of their life uncovering and experiencing. Your personality is addictive.

Sagittarius Rising: You are a free spirit and inspire others to feel the same way. You show others just how much beauty there is, how much enjoyment life has to offer. You have such an inspiring aura to people that is so hard to forget.

Capricorn Rising: You actually have great humor. You see the things others don’t normally see and can find the laughter in it. You are serious and intelligent which makes you absolutely entrancing. There’s something about you that makes people feel like It’s okay to be serious as long as you’re having fun. People love you for making them feel stronger.

Aquarius Rising: Your aura is quirky and it gets people to feel like they can be their true self around you without being judged. You are so completely approachable yet intimidating because of how sure you look to people. Your energy shows people that it’s okay to be what they want to be no matter what anyone says. This type of energy attracts people who need guidance and looking up to.

Pisces Rising: There is an artistic charm to you. People get a sense that you understand the deeper side of life and have this deep empathy for the things around you. You make people feel beautiful like art. You easily capture hearts because you love so many things. Your unpredictable personality, changing from one thing to another, feels like a puzzle someone is always trying to solve. You are alluring.

Normal Horoscope:

Aries: Do not be dismayed to learn that you are being piloted by a small colony of rats. It will change surprisingly little about your life. What is life about if not learning to expect the unexpected.

Taurus: All the tension and stress you’ve been dealing with will finally come out in the form of mild adrenaline based superstrength that surfaces in a fit of erotic rage. 

Gemini: Careful Gemini! You may be interrupted in the midst of your daily oscillation session. Don’t let it ruin your day, hold a house meeting and make sure everyone is on the same page.

Cancer: You’ve been pushing yourself pretty hard in pursuit of your goals. The stars say to allow yourself to rest. Consider spending a day collecting delicious sap.

Leo: Make sure to stretch before collapsing into a prophetic fugue state. The rapturous convulsions can cause neck/back strain. Consider a back brace or praying really really hard.

Virgo: Are you interested in things? Stuff? Today will be your lucky day Virgo! Careful not to freak out when your day is full of both things and stuff.

Libra: Consider introducing yourself to the greyish humanoid figure that always appears at a set distance from you in low light conditions. It may take an illuminated sign but socialization is important for these sorts of things.

Scorpio: Relieve stress by planning a trip that isnt a trip to a place that isnt a place. Relieve stress by conceiving of time collapsed into a single semipermeable plane of events that anchors all the things that could be.

Ophiuchus:  When the stars said that pushing yourself this hard would take an emotional toll we didn’t mean it like an actual payment of currency. No it is not taxable.

Sagittarius: Careful not to blunt those sharp eyes on an unforgiving task. Passion for learning is all well and good, but you’re venturing into uncharted territory that may contain things that want your eyes.

Capricorn: Clever though you are, the stars and I recommend against making an alchemical duplicate of yourself to help with the workload. That sort of thing never goes well.

Aquarius: An upcoming social event will be so rife with intrigue it will spawn a sentient thoughtform that will slowly begin to murder people as the night progresses. Just make sure to duck out early. 

Pisces: Your constant near death experiences may be putting you under some stress. Time for some light reading, or maybe some breathing exercises. Honestly the stars say you’re handling constantly being faced with your own mortality pretty well.

why the moon signs are inspiring 💖

aries moon: so passionate, accepting and enthusiastic. Your passion and love for life is truly inspiring and people are in awe of you. You do care about people deep down but some people take it as aggression. Don’t stop being a spirited and a wild soul: own it! 

taurus moon: your desire for security and stability has a very comforting presence in people’s lives. Your warmth, charm and loyalty is unparalleled. You are noticed and you do make a difference.  

gemini moon: these souls are hilarious, friendly and intelligent. You try your best and everyone can see it! No one can compete with your wit and knowledge. You’re inspiring because you motivate people to want to be inquisitive and knowledgeable.

cancer moon: sentimental, emotional, caring and exceptionally loving. Your love knows no boundaries and people are truly comfortable to be themselves around you. You are so confident with being in tune with your emotions that it can be very grounding to the people around you. 

leo moon: you encourage people to not only be themselves but to try their best. You may come off as disciplinary but it only means that you care. You’re so loving it’s hard to ignore  You add brilliance and radiance to people’s lives and we love you for it!

virgo moon: so hardworking and responsible. Sometimes you can be your own worst critic but just remember the best person you are is the one you are right now. Your altruism is amazing and encourages people to always try their best.

libra moon: so peaceful and mediated. You allow people to be the truest version of themselves as you are non-judgemental. You remind people to be creative and romantic, but remember it’s okay to not always maintain appearances.  

scorpio moon: these people remind us how to live passionately. Unapologetic and willful. As much as you try to cover up your emotions we know that you’re a powerhouse and a boss. If a scorpio moon is in your life you will be protected and loved until the end of time. 

sagittarius moon: you remind us how to look to the bright side and to be positive. A true reminder to be grateful and optimistic. Your energy just exudes this. People are very attracted to this and love to be reminded of the good in the world. 

capricorn moon: this is what ambition looks like. Always striving for better can be exhausting but remember how amazing that is in itself. Cautious, steady and self-reliant: these people remind us that without structure the world would be in chaos.

aquarius moon: wants to save the world. So friendly and questioning. You have many admirable traits that include sympathy and progressiveness. Reminds people that it’s okay to be unconventional, intellectual and themselves. You express your individuality like no one else. 

pisces moon: it’s okay to be sensitive and gentle. You’re easily wounded but that’s only because you’re so empathetic to the world around you. You remind us to be expressive of our vulnerabilities and how to truly love one another for what we are. This placement is sometimes overlooked as being weak but I don’t think that is true at all. It takes courage to be kind.

~~~If you’re new to astrology and don’t know your moon sign, you can go onto cafeastrology to find out your natal chart placements. Or if you want to ask any questions don’t be afraid to message me! 

A  small description for your sign based on ancient mythology

This is gonna be based on your sun sign (the zodiac based only on your birth date). Our sun sign is our spirit, our true self besides all the other signs that each one of us has on their own natal chart. Our sun sign is our physical body.


They are carefree and have a pure heart, even if they seem as the most aggressive sign alongside with the other fire signs. They have a soft side only for their loved ones. Treat them like shit or betray them and it will hurt them so deeply, making their bright childish persona disappear but they will make you suffer for the pain you gave them cause let’s not forget that Aries is ruled by Ares, the God of War. Passionate af and will fight for what they want (they are cardinal bitch lolol). They can be unfaithful, especially if their Venus is in Aries since God Ares was said to be Aphrodite’s lover despite her having a husband.


They are steady and calm people most of the times but it depends on your other placements for it to be true. People that don’t like changes that much and choose to have more of a stable routine and life. Risks may panic them at times when its especially something out of their comfort zone. They value their family and may become overprotective parents, they love luxury and aesthetic taste since their ruler is Aphrodite, the Goddess of love and beauty. May have the tendency to be possessive over the people that are in their life as they are sweethearts and soft babies. Self-care is the most important for them.


They are the signs with the best communication skills but it always depends on how they use that skills cause they may come out as annoying too talkative puppies. Some of them may be really shy but it only takes for them to show their nature as they get to know you more and trust you. Practical minds and can be geniuses with the strategy their mind can build and all this cause they are ruled by Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom and Military Victory. Geminis tend to be over-thinkers and come out as double-faced when they are not even. It’s in their nature to be great diplomats and go with the flow as they are really adaptable.


They always come off as the mothers of the zodiac circle, as their nurturant nature was inherited by their ruler Artemis, the Goddess of Wilderness and Virginity. They seem as really defensive and closed people but if you get inside their heart, you will receive so much love from them. Sex is something more than just a physical act for them, its more of an emotional peak as if every time has the importance of their first time. Emotional sponges as they are ruled by mother moon and are blessed with healing abilities. Not so social butterflies as they prefer staying more at home with the presence of their loved ones instead of outdoors. Insecure babies that seek for attention and deserve it so much.


They are the charming, entertaining sunshines of this zodiac circle as they are ruled by Apollo, the God of Sun and the Light. Apollo is known as the twin brother of Artemis that’s why Leo and Cancer can get along lovely even if they are not astrologically compatible. Leos are always characterized as really confident people to the point where their self-loving is crossing the line of narcissism. They are the soul of the party but they can be more selfish with emotions as entertainment is what they seek for. Don’t like getting attached with someone easily. Can become easily a bitch towards you if you get on their wrong side or hurt their loved ones.


They are quite straightforward about their thoughts where their opinions will come off as too judgementful and hurtful. They look harsh from the first impression they will give you but they are the people that hide their inner beauty, they love simple things, nature is their mother and their most wanted place at hard times as they are ruled by Demeter, the Godness of Agriculture and Grain. Value ‘down to earth’ people that work hard for what they want and try with the most impossible ways to achieve it. Admiring someone will get them close to that person even if they won’t admit they do admire them. Virgos appreciate honest and bold people like them to show their caring nature even more.


They are so delighting, people who you will hardly ever see moody or sad. But that don’t mean that they don’t feel sadness, they just don’t like to show it to the outer world, wearing a mask that always shows joy and cheerfulness. There is the risk that they will get lost inside this mask though, pretending something they are actually not. Love is too important for them, needing and seeking for it along the road of their lives as their ruler is Hera, the Goddess of Marriage and birth and the planet that rules them is Venus. Hera was known as a jealous wife, Libra’s are not the jealous type but they do at times feel distrust towards their partner. Finding their other half is what they want deep down and have at the back of their minds.


Scorpios certainly are weird people and you can take it from both ways. One day you will see them all savage and funny, making you die from laughter and then the next day you will see an emo kid that is even dangerous to get close to. Everyone knows sex is all about them, as their ruler is Kali, the Goddess of Death and Sexuality. Scorpios are attracted to the different, people that like dark subjects above everything. They will always have a point in their life where a big transformation will happen internally for them, either towards the best or the worst. They are closed and really secretive but if you become their true friend, they will protect you for life and love you more than anything even if they won’t show it so oftenly. They love getting their partners jealous and possessive over them as it gives them the attention, they are trying to achieve.


They surely are not what they seem to you as an outsider. Giving the first impression that nothing ever bothers them and that joking around is what they only do. They have a childish aura and behavior when being with people they are close to, as ‘living the moment’ is something they wanna achieve when being with their friends. Internally though, Sagittariuses are really wise, impressing you with the developed opinions and views they have for a variety of subjects and ofc that comes from their ruler Zeus, the King of Gods and the God of Thunder and the sky. Zeus was an unfaithful husband and Sagittarius are well-known for being the kings of one night stands but besides this drawback Zeus was a great leader with great wisdom and strategy and so are Sagittarius. They don’t like responsibilities but when being at the edge they are the first ones to act.


They are somewhat narrow-minded and stubborn like Taurus about their beliefs and opinions. They represent both the light and the dark as they are closed people that get hurt easily and keep everything inside them, believing that their thoughts and emotions are abnormal. They love nature though and will get inspired and motivated from it but as I said they represent the dark as well, being the ovethinkers they are. They are ruled by Persephone, the Goddess of Harvest and the Underworld as she was married to Hades, the God of the underworld, becoming the queen. Capricorns can be characterized as lost souls, people that try to find their true purpose in life and fight whatever comes against them. They need peace and harmony to be truly happy.


Rebellious, the first word that comes to my head about them as they are ruled by Prometheus, the God of Forethought and Mankind. They are open-minded and have a special priority for their needs and freedom. Don’t like to be ordered around as they wanna be their own boss. Their abilities and the chaos that takes over their mind is cause of the planet that rules them, Uranus. They like to be the change in this world, not following everyone’s lead when it’s not in their ideals. Free-spirits but they like not to be alone on this road. They want a person that will have the same dreams as them and will encourage and motivate them even more. That’s why they say Aquarius are more of loners than being in a serious relationship as they can be too picky in their tastes.


They are the daydreamers, the people that will build up a world where it will be in their tastes of the world they want and not the one they live in as they are not satisfied at all. Pisces are not considered as the over-thinkers but more like the kid you would see getting easily distracted and staring at the total blank, while you will believe they are freezed, you really don’t want to know which of the numerous stories are taking place inside that mind. They are ruled by Ishtar, the Goddess of Fertility and Universal love as Pisces dream of a beautiful world where love and only love takes place. They are generous with their emotions if they get obsessive over you, even if that person wont actually deserve it, Pisces tend to give their love to people that frustrates their heart.


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