you’ve won an all expense paid, ten day cruise to the bahamas courtesy of the brand new cruise liner company, paradise cruises!! this up & coming company is giving you, your own cabin ( complete with a balcony overlooking the ocean! ), as many drinks as you can handle, free meals, credit for their casino, & a variety of free activities to enjoy once the ship reaches it’s destination, but you only get one ticket. sorry, but family & friends are just going to have to wait at home to hear about the amazing trip & all the NEW friends you’ve made while on your very first  paradise cruise.  


  • there is no cellphone service or landlines to call for help.
  • if you take a lifeboat off the cruise ship, you will die. 
  • everyone is a stranger to one another, however, it’s a cruise, loosen up. have fun. 
  • everyone has their own cabin, in the same hallway. the number your muse is listed at below is their cabin number, odds on one side, evens on the other.  
  • there is literally no way to get off the boat without dying. 
  • because the muses won the contest, they were allowed to board the ship a day early. while they slept the first night, after probably having some drinks, they awoke to find themselves & several staff members at sea. however, the staff members were playing it cool so no one initially panicked until all the staff members disappeared ( they were killed & disposed of by being dumped overboard. )


  • if you’re triggered by blood, gore, scary situations or death, it might be a good idea to refrain from joining this verse as all these themes will be present throughout.
  • no one knows who the murderer is apart from the mod & the murderer, who will be picked randomly after all the members have joined. if you are selected & you don’t want to be the killer, someone else will be randomly selected.
  • each mun is allowed to have up to TWO characters in the verse.
  • no pre-established relationships with the exception of family members ( ie. sam & dean winchester, etc. ) 
  • please be active
  • submit applications to me. There are a limited number of spots.
  • this is a HUMAN ONLY verse.
  • all muses must be over the age of EIGHTEEN.
  • the verse does not start until all the spots are filled & everyone can arrive together.
  • i will send you either an inbox, skype, or IM to let you know if you are the killer. everyone in the verse should receive a message from me.
  • track the tag: v. ten days at sea
  • the death of your character is possible, again selected randomly.
  • autumn belle will be neither be killed or the killer.
  • drama ooc will not be tolerated, however ic drama is welcomed. 
  • most of my attention will remain focused on the vegas kings verse currently going on.
  • this verse will end exactly ten days after it begins. 


mun name / age
muse name
muse age
a very short bio : like literally one paragraph about their personality & what they planned to do on the ship. 


1. autumn belle kimball / resilientbcnes / deborah ann woll / bio
2. cecelia rae alden / @muserne / taylor swift / bio
3. katrina argent / @fragmentxd ​/ crystal reed / bio.
4. derek hale / @chaoswclf ​/ tyler hoechlin / bio. 
5. elijah cole / @eliamgroot / chris wood / bio. 
6. sam winchester / @sam-wayward-winchester / jared padalecki / bio.
7. merrick noir / @crypticelysian / landon liborion / bio
8. dean winchester / @hewasbrave / jensen ackles / bio.
9. jimmy novak / @thenovakmartyr / misha collins / bio.
10. erica reyes / @badassbetaerica / gage golightly / bio
11. bela talbot / @procurare / lauren cohan / bio
12. reese alani / @orcnge / jason mamoa / bio. 
13. katherine pierce / @winterrosx / nina dobrev / bio