libman pony

I actually find my little pony ridiculously hard to draw. Discord is actually much easier, but I’m not too good with horses XD even cartoony ones pffft oh well

Done on a3 paper, with crayola pencils and a permanent marker, softened in photoshop cause scanner hates me and to make the black look more solid than what the scanner makes it look like



My Little Pony: The Movie - ‘Ponies Got the Beat’ Official Trailer #2 🦄


My Little Pony: The Movie


For Bronycon 2016

A friend of mine hit me up last month asking if I could make something she can give to the voice actors for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and since I had free time in my hands I agreed to it. What ended up happening was that we were both up all night trying to finish these before the end of the month. It was a stressful month but it was worth it since we did eventually finish and she got to give these to the voice actors. She told me that they really loved it, and that even Michelle gave her a hug and Tara showed hers off. I’m glad I worked on this tbh.

I made this poster for some of the Ponycon au pozible backers! It includes the VA’s characters and the 2 Ponycon mascots. To be signed by the voice actors that the pozbile campaign successfully brought down to Australia, Andrea Libman and Peter New.

I had the great honour of meeting them 3 times, first through the Artist Alley sat morning where I gave them prints of their characters. Then was able to have this poster signed by them and a photo taken with them! That was incredibly amazing, and I had my art complimented and made some small talk. I said goodbye thinking yep this is the last time I can see them.

Nope, I got to go back up to sign a copy of the poster for each of them. Pretty much speechless over the whole experience. They are such lovely people (and you can just hear Pinkie in Andrea’s accent) and I still feel as if it were a dream. 

Perfect weekend was perfect.

(btw the background is Melbourne, looking over the Yarra river with Federation Square and the arts centre)