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Rainbow Brite vibes 🌈. et the look with #cityminis eyeshadow palette in ‘downtown sunrise’, #lashsensationalmascara, #masterfairy 🌈, and #vividhotlacquer in 'too cute’.

makeup: Jordan Liberty 

model: Makayla London 

photography: Marcelo Cantu

Just peachy 🍑. Get the look with #cityminis in ‘downtown sunrise’, #lashsensational mascara #mastercontour duo stick, and #vividhotlacquer in ‘charmer’.

makeup: Jordan Liberty 

model: Makayla London 

photography: Marcelo Cantu

Monochromatic purple 💜. Get the look with #cityminis eyeshadow palette in ‘graffiti pop’, #masterfairy @ulta-blog exclusive purple highlighter, and #mattemetallics lipstick in 'smoked silver’.

makeup: Jordan Liberty
model: Makayla London
photography: Marcelo Cantu 

A few Random Awesome Con Reflections

In retrospect I realize that the subject line above makes it look like I’m there. I’m not. 

However, I HAVE sifted through all the fan photos etc. which are super adorable… like really, how are all of you so cute?! Like I know you, dear follower reading this are thinking: “she’s not talking about me, I wasn’t at awesome con, and I am not cute.” but just going through the pictures and using that as a general sample of DT fan cuteness, I can conclude that the fandom at large is easily 95-98% adorable. Thusly, you, dear follower, by sheer statistical fact, have a cuteness factor in the high 90′s, which is at least 40% cuter than the average scummy human out there. Congratulations!… But anyway, I digress…

Aside from your cuteness I was struck by a few things.

  • Firstly, and most importantly I can’t believe how much hands on groping people get to do when they pose for pictures with DT. I mean, call me a pervert (fair) but there’s an impressive amount of square inchage pressed all up on DT loveliness. 
  • Pretty much everyone doesn’t seem to be checking out his arse, or flipping his collar to read the labels on his clothes, and if you doubted my assertion that I am not in fact at Awesome Con, that should be all the proof you need.
  • He apparently talks about his ratty sneakers, I’ll be looking for more details in that.
  • He’s wearing his blue bespoke Liberty of London shirt which I identified back in Dec. 
  • He also wears his blue zip up jacket (I love that jacket on him) which I’ve been trying to identify for a while with no luck. There’s a con question for you all!
  • His hair IMO is A+++
  • I’ll get to those socks, likely in another post after Tuesday (I’m about to head out camping for two nights). Although if people want to flood my inbox with observations and identifications that’s fine too. :)
  • A LOT of the photos from the con are pretty crotchtastic. I’m just saying, those black denims are noice!
  • Ok I’m going to stop, these observations are really crossing the line into stalkerville and I’m a happily married woman.

Anyway, Love to you all and more thoughts on Tuesday!

The story of how you met: a study in scarlet

In a way, Anderson was right; the case of Hope—Jefferson, Jeff the cabbie, and Sherrindford—was about revenge. Rache, German for revenge; Rachel, it’s not a name. If we are to begin from the beginning, the real beginning, a study in scarlet shall be conducted then. Scarlet as in red, in blood, and in Rache i.e. all things German.

I’ve noted in several of my meta posts that series 4 was about the past – events that happened but certain details went unnoticed or seemed inconsequential at the time. Reality perceived differently, or perhaps, incomplete. Pink, a lighter shade of red. A Study in Pink, the pink lady, Jeff Hope, Moriarty; A Study in Scarlet, the lady in red, Culverton Smith, Faith? No. Eurus? No.

Scarlet. Roses are Red. Rosamund?

It has always been about John Watson. Ever since day one.

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So I’m thinking this might be another bespoke liberty of London shirt made around the same time as the one he wore in the duck tails promo.

Note the slightly yellowish buttons on both, and the shallow squared collars.  Neither has breast pockets, and of course they both have the crazy print thing going.  

So I’m thinking same pattern different print.  Which sorta makes sense to me, because it seems like once you’ve gone to the trouble of being fitted, having your measurements taken et. al, it would make sense to have shirts made in a couple of fabrics.

I can’t find the fabric.  But it looks Liberty.  And honestly I’m not too bothered because the blue flowered print was an out of stock print I only happened to get lucky finding still in stock at a secondary seller.

So that’s my best educated guess.  I will of course keep looking.