liberty x justice

anonymous asked:

That was just stupid and nonsensical. If you're going to try and be political, at least have it make sense. I mean really, the hell does that even imply? Is it because they're gay? Is Trump somehow against gay people? The guy who lets transgenders use whatever bathroom they want (Bruce Jenner) is somehow against gay people? Seriously, what is your message with this?

Anon, your misguided fury is kind of adorable.

My point in juxtaposing those three political comics by different artists is to illustrate that we now have a creative narrative in which these representations of abstract ideals are more than just both literally and metaphorically rigid. In statue form, one might argue they represent the antiquated, the exclusionary, and the immovable; in drawn narrative form, they collaborate, fight, think, and love. And for those of us belonging to marginalized identities under threat by this administration—POC, immigrants, queer people, intersex people, nonbinary people, transgender people like Caitlyn Jenner, and the list goes on—such a narrative means the world.

To put this in terms you can understand: Liberty and Justice are here, they’re queer, and they’re not going away.