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What’s wrong with me?– Jeff Atkins x Reader

Request: Can I request a Jeff imagine me where he’s been asking you out for a while now and you always turn him down? So one day you hear him talking to clay about how it’s actually starting to hurt him a bit cuz what’s wrong wit him? And his jock buddies give him shit and tease him about which upsets him so you shock all of them by going up and kissing him which leads to a hot makeout and ask him on a date.

Words: 2703

Enjoy it!

Reader’s point of view.

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I smiled looking at myself through the rearview mirror. I loved when my mom had the day off, that meant I could get the car to school, save me the monotonous and disgusting bus rides. It isn’t as if my mother went out to have fun, her days off from work, she is doing yoga in front of the TV, it wasn’t too much that the “coach” was too attractive. I shivered and concentrated on the road, until that point I was already entering the Liberty High parking lot. The disadvantage of bringing the car is that I mistrusted and was late, something that wouldn’t happen if I were traveling in the yellow device. Now finding a parking lot would be a challenge.

After a full turn, I finally find a decent place, not so far but not so close to the door, perfect. Before maneuvering to enter that space, a car closed the way and got into MY place. I stepped on the brakes and glared at the bold.  I knew the car perfectly. Instead of staying there, I found another place to two cars away, from that to stay grumbling. Yes, I was too lucky.

“Are you serious, Atkins?” I raised my voice after getting out of the car and hanging my backpack over my shoulder.

Jeff was walking toward me with a big smile and fiddling with the keys of his carriage. Asshole.

“This becomes a danger zone every morning, Y/L, you would know if you brought your car every day”


I started to walk with him to my side. We were in the same course, connected in our first year, we were good friends, maybe I could even consider him my best friend, it’s not like I had many in high school. Most were either useless sportsmen, or just people who weren’t worth it.  He was taking me with a few, especially since Jeff was very close to them, almost entering his social circle. They were not bad guys, but somewhat immature for my taste. Sometimes they made me laugh.

“So I heard that this new movie will be on Saturday … Let’s go together?”

Yeah, we were good friends though Jeff was determined to change that. My friend was attractive, too much to admit, but my mind was somewhere else to focus on a boyfriend. In addition, our friendly relationship worked perfectly, we sometimes studied together, I was going to see him at his baseball games, and I even stayed after school with him and Clay for his tutorials. I could come and go as often as i wanted and he did that too. We were perfectly fine, why did we need a label? What if “being dating” didn’t work? All those years of friendship would go away. Just to think about my last months in this institute without the company of my best friend, to be avoiding it by the corridors and to meet us in uncomfortable looks, left me the sensation to be without air. No, I wouldn’t let him lose it for a silly etiquette.

“How on a date?” I remembered that I hadn’t answered him.

I turned to look at him and he smiled in embarrassment. Jeff Atkins was never embarrassed. He was the most honest and funny guy on the whole site. If I didn’t know Clay Jensen, I would sign with blood that Jeff was the only one. Everyone else behaved more like idiots.

“Yes?” His answer sounded more like a question. Well, he left the decision to me again.

I sighed and settled the backpack as a reflex act.

“You did a good swing, Atkins, but I’m sorry to say you got a strike”

He raised his eyebrows and I smiled, wanting to erase the rejection I had given him. It hadn’t been the first, but sometimes I felt like the bad in this relationship. Our “dates” were reduced to exits between friends, and that was because I was in charge of enlisting Sheri with us and him, usually Clay. At one time, we invited Hannah, but lately she was walking in her own world, feeling the tension only to approach her. Too bad, it turned out to be a really fun girl.

I increased my pace. We didn’t have to stay together in the hall, our first period was different, while he was killing himself in history, I had to endure the headache of algebra. I also needed help but no one threatened to get me out of a team simply because I didn’t belong to any. That was how it was.

“Are you serious?” The good thing about my best friend is that he took rejections with grace. “You are very rude to me, Y/N!”

“I see you at rest!” I shouted at him in response and unconsciously stepped up. I never let him see guilt in me after an Olympic rejection.

At lunchtime, we took our usual table; Clay kept his eyes on his task that ignored our mini meal fight between Jeff and me. He made me eat one of his fries, but they were too greasy for my liking. Thanks to that, we didn’t go unnoticed, neither by his companions as for the rest of the school. Suddenly, I noticed how his teammates were passing by and said things to Jeff that I couldn’t grasp, used as keys that I didn’t understand. I looked at Jeff who looked down for a few seconds before turning to see me and smiling as if nothing.

“What was that?”

“It’s nothing.” He grabbed his backpack and stood up. “See you after school, Jensen?”

For the first time, Clay looked up and nodded. Jeff said goodbye to both of us and left in the opposite direction to his companions, I frowned even confused; it was incredible how my friend’s mood changed in a few seconds. I bit my lip and pushed aside my tray of food, strangely I was without appetite.

“What’s wrong with Jeff?” I asked. Clay knew him as well as I did.

The boy shrugged and looked in the direction where our friend had disappeared. I said goodbye to Clay, especially since I had just seen Hannah Baker enter the cafeteria. Jeff and I had a plan, before we graduated, we had to get these two to have something. They were too shy to approach the one and the other that we decided to intervene, rather I joined the cause, because it was a kind of deal between the two men. However, it was difficult, I was going to take care of Hannah, but she was very distant, I couldn’t approach. I sighed and left the cafeteria. I’d waste my time in the locker.

I doubted if it would be a good idea to interfere with the tutoring hours of my friends, I don’t know what was different now, if I always did, but my best friend’s behavior was too strange after the cafeteria. It made me panic to approach him. Among my doubts, I ended up in the school library, if I wandered around maybe in the end would encourage me to approach your table. I ended up on one of the closest shelves, Jeff and Clay seemed to be talking about something that didn’t look like tutorials since neither of them looked at their respective books. I went a little closer, covering my face with a book chosen at random. I pretended to read it.

“Jeff Atkins, asking me for advice on relationships?” I listened to Clay with humor. “The deal was supposed to be that you would help me with it, not the other way around.” I lowered the book a little to notice my best friend with his eyes on Pencil playing between his fingers. I went back to cover “I was paying my salary in the Cresmont that you would never go through this”

I bit my lip, afraid to know now what they were talking about, or rather … of whom. I repressed the book down again.

“I don’t know what else to do, dude.” Jeff’s voice broke my heart, but why? “She’s not like the other girls I’ve dated, it’s a challenge, but not that kind of challenge.” I started to consider whether it was a good idea to stay or not to listen, but my feet were stuck.

“Don’t stop trying” Clay encouraged.

“I don’t do it. I invite her to go out and it is always the same result: No. “I fear that someday she will get tired and send me to the devil”

My blood ran cold. They had not yet pronounced my name but knew perfectly well that they were talking about me. My hands began to tremble.

“I don’t think so. You two make a good team. It’s hard to see a Jeff without Y/N, or a Y/N without a Jeff” I glanced over and watched my friend smile. I did too. It was true; we could complement us in an incredible way.

I watched Jeff’s profile, again thinking away from his friendship, made me feel short of breath. I couldn’t imagine my life without having met him; he managed to understand me, my problems, my follies and occasionally my pessimism. The random memory hit me on a Saturday that taught me to hit, I could feel his body on my back and his arms around mine, even his hands on mine to help me hold the bat well. It had felt good, I didn’t have the imperative need to get away like when Bryce Walker tried to get too close to me. That guy gave me a very bad spine. Instead, with Jeff, I sometimes needed to have him close to feel that I breathe well, that everything is going its natural course. There was no Y/N Y/L without a Jeff Atkins, it couldn’t, and there was no consistency. It was like going against nature. My heart sped up and I hid my face again between the pages.

“Clay. What is wrong with me?” I had a gasp, only a few verbal rejects, at no time I distanced myself from him, after my negatives we were as normal as ever. Nothing had changed. I had the need to jump and give him a zap, Nothing was wrong with you, Atkins, you’re amazing, the best guy I’ve ever met! But I stood still with the lump in my throat.

“Nothing, dude. Let’s go back to your history essay, you need to distract your mind”

I listened as he agreed to the idea and I moved from shelf to the place where they didn’t see me. I put my hand to my chest and inhaled deep breaths. Why did i feel like crying? Maybe because Jeff didn’t notice the way I did, what could be wrong with him? He was a committed boy, especially now that his position in the team depended on his qualifications, attentive, pleasant, he isn’t of those who believed in rumors … and above all, he was an excellent friend of Clay and mine. How could there be anything wrong with that? Why cann’t you see yourself as I see you? I bit my lip.

“I saw you” Jessica came out of nowhere and gave me the shock of my life. She started laughing “Spying on people’s conversations? That’s too much for you”

I rolled my eyes.

"I guess I couldn’t help it,” I murmured.

“I heard them, too. I’ve never seen Jeff that way; he always has a smile on his face."I nodded to the cheerleader’s words. Suddenly, she started to laugh "Don’t you realize, Y/N?” I looked at her strangely “He’s in love with you! The whole institute knows this, obviously everyone, except you”

“We are good friends”

“So? That doesn’t take away the feelings, the question here is, Are you in love with him? ”

I was silent, I opened my mouth to answer her but I couldn’t, Why couldn’t I? I should deny it, but why didn’t i? Jessica Davis smiled.

“Do I confess something?” I waited quietly. “The way you look at Jeff, is the same way I look at Justin. Think about it. "She winked at me before leaving.

If my best friend’s words had left me frozen, Jessica’s words hit me. I looked over my shoulder toward the boys’ table, was I in love with my best friend? As I would know, I had never fallen in love with anyone in my life.

I ran as if my life depended on it to the baseball field, simply because my friend’s fool had forgotten his bat in the car and I as a good person i was, and because I knew the combination of his locker to get the keys, I did him the favor. Anyway, at home I was expecting some of those Mom’s smooth naturist, I wasn’t very excited to return soon. Before giving me sight in front of the team, I heard the boys howling and booing. I stopped and looked out, Jeff was in front of them, pretending to have difficulty raising the zipper of his sweatshirt. As I perceived quickly, they were making fun of him.

"Give it up at once, Atkins.” One of them said. I frowned. “You’re losing your good reputation for just one girl”

Not again, please. I pressed the bat in my hands.

“Let go and pass her, I assure you that I get an appointment with her long before you,” another of his classmates boasted. I was getting angry.

How could it be that they messed with him for some nonsense? I was nothing special, why did they all talk as if I were some sort of trophy? I looked at Jeff, he was still focused on his feigned task, but the gesture on his lips told me that he was having a bad time, so I got sick, it couldn’t be that my fear of losing him by spoiling everything with a label, So much harm to him. My eyes filled with tears, but I didn’t cry, instead, I smiled and walked resolutely towards them.

“Eh!” Shouted one of them with joy.

I didn’t look at any of them, my eyes were on my best friend’s, wanting to pretend he was more than okay. I didn’t stop until I felt my lips against his. I dropped the bat to our side and wrapped my fingers in his hair pulling him closer to me. His response, in the first place, was that his mouth was sealed by surprise, when he caught what was happening, he joined the same rhythm as me, bringing his hands to my waist. I didn’t part until the shouts of joy of his companions became present.

“Damn!” I recognized the voice of the one who at the beginning bet that I would go out with him.

I looked into Jeff’s eyes and smiled broadly. This kiss, which at first wanted to taste something, simply felt good. I began to feel that I was complete, even though I thought I had been before.

“I thought better, why wait until Saturday? Let’s have a date now.” My best friend’s eyes shone, I felt an extreme happiness inside, not for him, for me. “Oh, better, did you tell me that your parents are not going to be home all day? How about a bit of Netflix and chill? ”

His friends laughed, he too, but a little more shy.

“Come on.” He took my hand firmly.

“Boys” I gave a single glance at their companions, they began to cheer and push, like vile apes.

I laughed and looked back. When we lost sight of the team, Jeff stopped and looked at me even in shock.

“You were serious?”

“About the kiss or Netflix and chill?” I couldn’t stop smiling.

“Both of them”

“Now I know that I’m sure of the kiss” I bit my lip “Of the other, of course I was serious, a little more seriously in the chill part”

Jeff’s smile was the biggest i had ever seen. My heart skipped a beat.

“Then I drive. Later we’ll get back for your car”

Take care of her – Jeff Atkins x Reader

Summary: This happens after Jeff’s death and before Hannah’s suicide. Let’s say, a week after the car accident. Jeff and the reader had been dating for about a year.

I listened to this song while writing the one shot.

Reader’s point of view.

Words: 1737

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I looked again at the clock of that gray and dull reception. I hit the heel of my shoe against the ground, desperate to get out of here. I had class, moreover, I needed to keep my mind occupied, before anxiety absorbed my body. I took deep breaths as I concentrated on people coming and going. No one dared to glance at me, not even the receptionist. I sighed and looked down at my fingers.

“I’m glad you’re here. Come to my office”

"You quoted me here, Mr. Porter,” I mumbled as I grabbed my backpack and followed. It’s not like I had any other choice. The receptionist had only looked at me when she went after me during the history class.

“Take a seat.” Mr. Porter pointed as he closed the door and walked to his place. I obeyed and dropped my backpack “I found out that you left the squadron”

I shrugged.

“So?” It was nothing to be alarmed about in that way. Mr. Porter smiled, but without any joy.

“It surprises me. According to your colleagues, you enjoyed this activity”

"No more.” I looked away. I had been engaged for the last forty-eight hours in forgetting the moment when I gave up my uniform. Jessica and Sheri insisted that I shouldn’t.

“This week you have continued to do your work, but your teachers have noticed your isolation.” I looked back at the man and sighed “What is going on in your mind, Y/N?”

I let out a bitter laugh.

“Seriously? Are you really asking me that, Mr Porter? ”

“I want to help you, Y/N. It has been difficult to lose someone important, I understand, what happened to Mr. Atkins was a misfortune, but you have to learn the lesson of this …”

"He wasn’t drunk, okay ?! I’m really tired of hearing everyone say the opposite, the teachers wanting to show us a fucking lesson for something they didn’t witness. "I was really annoyed to hear their judgments.” I was the last person I spoke to him, ten minutes before that damn accident. He wasn’t drunk “


“And I neither wasn’t, if that’s what’s going on in your head, Mr. Porter, I have road education. Moreover, I ‘m not the only one who can testify against such judgments and their moral teachings; Clay Jensen was there with us”

I leaned back in the chair and covered my mouth. I didn’t have to be discussing this with the counselor, I cared little that he tried to help me, I just wanted to occupy my mind in other things, I reserved the nights to think about Jeff and immerse myself in my own agony. I squeezed my eyelids avoiding tears.

"You’re going through a duel, Y/N, and I’m here to help you”

“Listen, I thank you for trying, but no, I don’t want to be helped, just treat me as if I were invisible, like the rest of my classmates out of simple pity. I have to go to class”

"There must be something you want and your spirits up.” Mr. Porter stopped me with those words. I snorted and looked at him.

“All I want now is Jeff Atkins, healthy and happy. And neither can you achieve it”

I grabbed my backpack and hurried out of there. The emptiness in my chest was beginning to make itself felt, and I couldn’t bear to break myself in the face of idiots who would only turn to see me out of curiosity, not because they intended to help me.

The corridors were empty, the first period wasn’t over, I would have to see myself in the annoying need to ask for the notes and task of history, my mood was not fit to return to the room. I wandered through the corridors, aimlessly, unconsciously; I reached the row of lockers, where his was, adorned with his photo and thousands of notes. I felt a lump in my throat. Jeff Atkins was a good guy, someone who cared about uploading his grades, practicing baseball, and getting a college scholarship he had taken this fall. My class is the same as Clay Jensen, so I just should have survived this hell a bit more without Jeff. We had so much plans, I didn’t know if I could follow them by my own foot. Alone. I stopped in front of his locker, my eyes on his, happy, just as I remembered them and that smile that I loved so much. The tears began to come out of my eyes. I ignored the notes that left him, had too many that some were already on others. I took my post it from my backpack and with a random pen scrawled some simple words that he knew them. "You are the love of my life, always will be” I placed the note next to his photo, covering another and I allowed to close my eyes. I remembered the times that surprised him here; I imagined his smile and the moment he put his arm around my shoulders to leave.

“I need you” I whispered.

The bell of the end of the period startled me. I wiped my tears before the first door opened and I walked away from the locker without looking back. Many noticed that I was there; I could feel their eyes behind me, because that is what they had been doing for a week, nobody dared to meet my eyes. I arrived in silence at the communication room. My eyes on the floor, I heard Zach and Justin calling me but I just smiled in their direction, not looking up. I settled at the last table, just in front of those paper bags. I had a few little notes that I refused to take out of my bag, I knew they would be condolences. I fixed my eyes on my notebook.

The class passed in a debate about the prudence in front of the steering wheel, when were they going to surpass that subject? My ears burned just to hear the words car and accident in the same sentence. Several looked at me sideways, hardly anyone dared mention Jeff.

“Excuse me, Professor; Mr. Porter wants to see Clay Jensen in his office”

I quickly looked up at the receptionist whose name I didn’t know, it had to be new or something. My stomach contracted, wouldn’t it? Why Clay was going to go with Mr. Porter? Damn! Clay looked hesitant as he grabbed his backpack. Everyone was silent, I was the only one frozen, by a demon, me and my mouth. When Jensen left the room, the discussion resumed. But I no longer listened to the words, my heart was racing, my hands began to sweat, my ears buzzed, I couldn’t allow this. I knew the relationship between Jeff and Clay, he was also very affected. He was the one who found it. He called the police. He was the one who warned me and held me when I collapsed on the pavement as I recognized Jeff’s car.

“I don’t feel well” I exploded interrupting the class. My breath was starting to fail, I grabbed my backpack, held my chest with my arm, and it started to hurt a lot. As I made my way out, I heard murmurs.

“I heard she’s pregnant, poor Jeff Jr.” I recognized Justin’s voice but what made me turn around was the little laughs.

I looked at them angrily, although I had a cordial relationship with all of them, I had never cared. My eyes collided with the only person who didn’t seem to be amused by this attempt at a joke. Hannah Baker smiled at me, not with joy, but rather wanting to support me, give me strength. I couldn’t return the gesture and left the classroom. I ran down the aisles, hoping to get there before Clay finished in Mr. Porter’s office. Luckily I found him before he went through the doors.

“Jensen!” I screamed with the force my lungs allowed me. He stopped and looked at me in surprise, we had not talked since the funeral.

I slowed my pace and he cut the distance between us. I took a breath.

“I know why he called you,” I said shortly. He waited in silence. “This morning he wanted to talk to me, I was exasperated and I ended up telling him that you also knew that Jeff wasn’t drunk”

He raised his eyebrows. I noticed his gaze darken; however,i hadn’t found any shine these last days.

“It’s okay,” he murmured. He started to leave but almost immediately stopped and turned to see me “There is something else you have to know, Y/N”

My heart stopped for a few seconds. Clay pulled something out of his wallet, a crumpled and stained paper.

“When I found Jeff, there was a note in his hand.” He unfolded it in front of me, my stomach churning as I realized that those spots were my boyfriend’s dried blood.

But the words finally broke me.

“Whatever … Take care of her … Y/N Y / L” The last letters of my surname were barely visible. I took the paper with shaking hands and my eyes clouded.

“He still had the strength to write that.” Clay’s voice sounded broken but calm. “I know how much he loved you, I tried to get close to you, but you didn’t let me in. I didn’t know how to tell you about this”

I looked at him, no matter whether he saw me crying or someone coming out of a room and finding us. I just didn’t care.

"Can I … can I …?”

“Sure.” He pointed to the paper. It was just what I wanted. Stick with the last thing Jeff had written. That made me love him more.

“Ah, Mr. Jensen, Miss Y/L, I hope I can talk to you both.” Mr. Porter stared at mine, waiting for me to run away, but this time I let myself be taken by Clay.

My mind wandered in a Jeff with his last heartbeat writing the same note that now posed in my hands and that had become my main treasure.


Edith Head 


Costume sketch for Marlene Dietrich from Witness for the Prosecution



Costume sketch for Elizabeth Taylor from A Place in the Sun



Costume sketch for Doris Day from The Man Who Knew Too Much



Costume sketch for Vera Miles from The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance



Costume sketch for Grace Kelly from The Bridges at Toko-Ri


Costume sketch for Grace Kelly from Rear Window

THE DARK KNIGHT (2008). Christopher Nolan’s second Batman film stars Christian Bale as John Wayne, Heath Ledger as Lee Marvin, and Aaron Eckhart as Jimmy Stewart in an urban Western update of The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance.

100 Favorite Films

I’ve been shaping this list on and off throughout the past two or three years now, striving to bulk up my backlog of watched movies so I could make the most comprehensive list of my 100 favorite films. I hope to continue discovering and enjoying more works in the coming years; maybe this list will be completely different come three years from now. This list of 100 favorite films was finished August 15, 2015.

001. Mulholland Drive | David Lynch | 2001

002. Paris, Texas | Wim Wenders | 1984

003. Vertigo | Alfred Hitchcock | 1958

004. Woman in the Dunes | Hiroshi Teshigahara | 1964

005. 2 or 3 Things I Know About Her | Jean-Luc Godard | 1967

006. Before Sunrise | Richard Linklater | 1995

007. The Mirror | Andrei Tarkovsky | 1975

008. Branded to Kill | Seijun Suzuki | 1967

009. Through a Glass Darkly | Ingmar Bergman | 1961

010. The Tree of Life | Terrence Malick | 2011

011. Fallen Angels | Wong Kar-wai | 1995

012. The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance | John Ford | 1962

013. Opening Night | John Cassavetes | 1977

014. Taxi Driver | Martin Scorsese | 1976

015. A Moment of Innocence | Mohsen Makhmalbaf | 1996

016. 2001: A Space Odyssey | Stanley Kubrick | 1968

017. Red Desert | Michelangelo Antonioni | 1964

018. Sansho the Bailiff | Kenji Mizoguchi | 1954

019. Sherlock Jr. | Buster Keaton | 1924

020. Charulata | Satyajit Ray | 1964

021. Sonatine | Takeshi Kitano | 1993

022. Children of Men | Alfonso Cuarón | 2006

023. Sans Soleil | Chris Marker | 1983

024. Last Year at Marienbad | Alain Resnais | 1961

025. Memories of Underdevelopment | Tomás Gutiérrez Alea | 1968

026. La Dolce Vita | Federico Fellini | 1960

027. Nashville | Robert Altman | 1975

028. Dog Day Afternoon | Sidney Lumet | 1975

029. Kill Bill | Quentin Tarantino | 2003-2004

030. Teorema | Pier Paolo Pasolini | 1968

031. Point Blank | John Boorman | 1967

032. Journey to Italy | Roberto Rossellini | 1954

033. The Act of Seeing with One’s Own Eyes | Stan Brakhage | 1971

034. Stranger Than Paradise | Jim Jarmusch | 1984

035. Rebels of the Neon God | Tsai Ming-liang | 1992

036. La Roue | Abel Gance | 1923

037. There Will Be Blood | Paul Thomas Anderson | 2007

038. The Blood of a Poet | Jean Cocteau | 1930

039. Yojimbo | Akira Kurosawa | 1961

040. Blade Runner | Ridley Scott | 1982

041. The Son | The Dardenne Brothers | 2002

042. Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia | Sam Peckinpah | 1974

043. Sorcerer | William Friedkin | 1977

044. Brief Encounter | David Lean | 1946

045. Dancer in the Dark | Lars von Trier | 2000

046. Mauvais Sang | Leos Carax | 1986

047. Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans | F.W. Murnau | 1927

048. Norte, the End of History | Lav Diaz | 2014

049. A Short Film About Killing | Krzysztof Kieślowski | 1988

050. The Young Girls of Rochefort | Jacques Demy | 1967

051. Ordet | Carl Theodor Dreyer | 1955

052. The Conversation | Francis Ford Coppola | 1974

053. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind | Michel Gondry | 2004

054. Pickpocket | Robert Bresson | 1959

055. Suspiria | Dario Argento | 1977

056. El Topo | Alejandro Jodorowsky | 1970

057. The Leopard | Luchino Visconti | 1963

058. The Rules of the Game | Jean Renoir | 1939

059. Ghost in the Shell | Mamoru Oshii | 1995

060. Ace in the Hole | Billy Wilder | 1951

061. Don’t Look Now | Nicolas Roeg | 1973

062. The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant | Rainer Werner Fassbinder | 1972

063. Breathless | Jean-Luc Godard | 1960

064. Symbiopsychotaxiplasm | William Greaves | 1968

065. Man with a Movie Camera | Dziga Vertov | 1929

066. Black Narcissus | Michael Powell & Emeric Pressburger | 1947

067. The Conformist | Bernardo Bertolucci | 1970

068. Gun Crazy | Joseph H. Lewis | 1950

069. Out of the Past | Jacques Tourneur | 1947

070. Miami Vice | Michael Mann | 2006

071. Through the Olive Trees | Abbas Kiarostami | 1994

072. Ménilmontant | Dimitri Kirsanoff | 1926

073. The Hit | Stephen Frears | 1984

074. Monsoon Wedding | Mira Nair | 2001

075. Gold Diggers of 1935 | Busby Berkeley | 1935

076. Coming Home | Hal Ashby | 1978

077. Elevator to the Gallows | Louis Malle | 1958

078. Le Cercle Rouge | Jean-Pierre Melville | 1970

079. Belle de Jour | Luis Buñuel | 1967

080. Audition | Takashi Miike | 1999

081. Once Upon a Time in the West | Sergio Leone | 1968

082. Killer of Sheep | Charles Burnett | 1979

083. Daisies | Věra Chytilová | 1966

084. Days of Heaven | Terrence Malick | 1978

085. eXistenZ | David Cronenberg | 1999

086. Beau Travail | Claire Denis | 1999

087. House | Nobuhiko Obayashi | 1977

088. The House Is Black | Forough Farrokhzad | 1963

089. Touki Bouki | Djibril Diop Mambéty | 1973

090. Three Days of the Condor | Sydney Pollack | 1975

091. Blast of Silence | Allen Baron | 1961

092. Light Sleeper | Paul Schrader | 1992

093. No Country for Old Men | The Coen Brothers | 2007

094. Pale Flower | Masahiro Shinoda | 1964

095. Los Muertos | Lisandro Alonso | 2004

096. Ms. 45 | Abel Ferrara | 1981

097. When a Woman Ascends the Stairs | Mikio Naruse | 1960

098. Cloverfield | Matt Reeves | 2008

099. White Heat | Raoul Walsh | 1949

100. Away with Words | Christopher Doyle | 1999

2016cı ildə.

176 Film izlədim.

Originally posted by haidaspicciare

1)The Artist
2)The Great Debaters
6)Harry Brown
7)The East
8)xXx: State of the Union
9)The Martian
10)Straight Outto Compton
12)The Hateful Eight
13)The Revenant
14)Naked Lunch
15)A Serbian
16)The Intern
17)The New Girlfriend
19)Planet Terror
20)The English Patient
21)The Fifth Element
22)La Femme Nikita
23)Natural Born Killers
24)Gagarin - First in Space
25)Million Dollar Baby
26)Star Trek : The Motion Picture
28)The Expendables
29)Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan
30)Black Swan
31)The King’s Speech
32)L.A Crash
33)The Big Short
36)Nymphomaniac: Vol. I
37)The Tree of Life ?
38)Alien ?
39)Now you see me
40)Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens
42)Between Us
43)On The Road
44)Nymphomaniac: Vol. II
46)Cinema Paradiso
47)The Adopted
48)The Shining
50)Bizim Jabish Muallim
52)Star Trek III: The Search for Spock
54)The 40th Door
57)The Bourne Identity
58)Driving Miss Daisy
59)Ozga Omur
60)The Grand Budapest Hotel
61)Some Like It Hot
63)127 Hours
64)The Devil Wears Prada
65)Arctic Blast
66)The Art of the Steal
70)Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
71)Up in the Air
72)Minority Report
73)A Clockwork Orange
75)Deep Web
76)Wall E
77)2001: A Space Odyssey
78)Raiders of the Lost Ark
79)The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman
80)The Motorcycle Diaries
81)Dead Poets Society
82)Top Gun
83)Şaka ile karışık
84)Promise Me This
86)Mandela : Long Walk to Freedom
87)Rain Man
91)The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
92)The 400 Blows
93)Thelma & Louise
94)In Time
95)Gran Torino
96)Battleship Potemkin
99)The Purge: Election Year
100)Money Monster
101)Ex Machina
103)Now You See Mee 2
105)A time for Drunken Horses
106)Modern Times
107)The Matrix Revolutions
108)The Purge: Anarchy
109)The Purge
110)The Bourne Supremacy
111)Natural Born Killers
112)Meshedi Ibad 2005
113)Antonias Line
115)Jason Bourne
116)Tabutta Rövasata
118)District 9
119)Buruk Aci
120)Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
122)Baxt Uzuyu

Sənədli filmlər

1)Weaponolgy - Submarine
3)cek bir film yonetmenlik 3
4)cek bir film goruntu yonetmenligi
5)Rockefeller Family
7)What if the Earth STOPS Spinning
8)AirCrash - A380
9)Cek bir film - ses
10)Internation Space Station
11)Evacuate Earth
12)Cek bir film - senaryo
13)Worlds strangest ufo stories
14)The Universe - Another Earth
15)Science Night - Stephen Hawking
16)Megastructures - Nasa
17)The Universe - Dark Matter/Dark Energy
18)Race To Mars 1
19)Race To Mars 2
20)Dead Mens Tales - Marilyn Monroe
21)Charles Manson
22)Dead Mens Tales - Adolf Hitler
23)Behind Bars - Ohio
24)Behind Bars - Lockdown firstime
25)Unbelivable Flying Objects
26)Behind Bars - Tennessee
27)Behind Bars - Alaska
28)Why Intelligence Fails
29)Behind Bars
30)Lost Worlds - Hitlers supercity
31)Forensic detectives
32)Modern Marvels - Police Pursuit
33)Mega Disasters - Air Attack
34)Breakout - The Running Man
35)Breakout - The Escapist
36)CNN TÜRK Gerçek Hikayeler - Jason Bourne
37)On the run - Reconstruction
38)Cities of the Underworld - Stalin’s Secret Lair
39)Masters of Money - Marx
40)The Story of God - Beyond Death
41)The Story of God - Who is God?
42)Fight Science - Mixed Martial Arts
43)How it works - The International Space Station
44)National Geographic - Before The Flood
45)NG - Hacking The System - Survival Hacks
46)NG - Hacking The System - Hacking To Win
47)NG - Hacking The System - Travel Tricks
48)NG - Hacking The System - Holiday Hacks
49)NG - Hacking The System - Restaurant Ruses
50)NG - Hacking The System - Hacking the Outdoors
51)NG - Hacking The System - Personal Security
52) ANS 1995 Omon qiyami
52)NG - Hacking The System - Money Hacks
53)Dunya Duzeni - CIA ve Darbeler
54)Charlie: The Life and Art of Charles Chaplin


1)Sanat Tarihi Temel Bilgiler - Betimleme Yetenegi
2)Sanat Tarihi Temel Bilgiler - Neden Sanata Bakalım ki?
3)Sanat Tarihi Temel Bilgiler - Sanat Terimleri: Nüans, Gölge ve Ton
4)Sanat Tarihi Temel Bilgiler - Sanat Terimleri: Leke
5)Sanat Tarihi Temel Bilgiler - Barok,Rokoko,Neo Klasik
6)Pixar’da Neler Oluyor?
7)Pixar’da Neler Oluyor? - Parabolik yaylar.
8)Pixar’da Neler Oluyor? - Animasyon için iplik sanatı(String Art)
9)IŞık ve Renkler - Renkli Gölgelere Giriş
10)Işık ve Renkler - Kırmızı Işık,Siyah Gölge
11)Işık ve Renkler - İki ışıık,iki gölge
12)Pop art nedir?
13)Savunma Mekanizmaları

Və sayını bilmədiyim qısa filmlər izlədim.

Originally posted by nerdistindustries

1)We Can’t Live Without the Cosmos
3)Closet Space
4)Insansiz Doga
6)Vakitsiz Horoz
11)Guguk Kusu
14)Golden Shot
15)Fasulye Dunya
16)Gone with the tree
20)Mech : Human Trials
21)Take Me Home
22)“Runaway” by Susan Yung, Emily Buchanan and Esther Parobek
23)“The Present Short Film” by Jacob Frey
24)“The D in David Short Film ” by Michelle Yi and Yaron Farkash
25)Sweet Cocoon
27)Reaping for Dummies
28)Jungle Jail
29)The Albatross ….

88 Albom dinlədim.

Originally posted by theweekmagazine

1)Buddha Bar- Volume 16 (2014)
2)Homeshake - Midnight Snack (2015)
3)Now, Now - Threads (2012)
4)Mogwai - Come On Die Young (1999)
5)Sacred Spirit - Chants and Dances of the Native Americans Vol 1 (1995)
6)Free Electric Sound - Gila (1971)
7)Otis Redding - Otis Blue (1965)
8)Thievery Corporation - Radio Retaliation (2008)
9)Mars Red Sky - Mars Red Sky (2011)
10)Björk -Homogenic (1997)
11)The Folk Implosion - Dare to be Surprised (1997)
12)No Clear Mind - Dream is Destiny (2012)
13)Autechre - Quaristice (2008)
14)Poldoore - The Day Off (2014)
15)Dire Straits - Communique (1979)
16)Tycho - Dive (2011)
17)Rocksession - Embryo (1973)
18)Massive Attack - Blue Lines (1991)
19)Kraftwerk - Computer World (1981)
20)Kraftwerk - Electric Cafe (1986)
21)Kraftwerk - Radio Activity (1975)
22)Creed - My Own Prison (1997)
23)Adamlar- Eski Dostum Tankla Gelmiş (2014)
24)Massive Attack - Heligoland (2010)
25)Morcheeba - Big Calm (1998)
26)Uran - Qaralama (2011)
27)Massive Attack - Mezzanine (1998)
28)Area Code 615 - Trip In The Country (1970)
29)Underworld - Dubnobasswithmyheadman (1994)
30)Aphex Twin - Syro (2014)
31)Pax - Pax (1970)
32)Tita La Rosa - Prophecy Of The Eagle And The Condor (2001)
33)Ah Nee Mah - Native Visions (2013)
34)Radiohead - In Rainbows (2007)
35)Demon Fuzz - Afreaka (1970)
36)Lunar Dunes - Galaxsea (2011)
37)Juno Reactor - Gods & Monsters (2008)
38)Low - I Could Live in Hope (1994)
39)Angus And Julia Stone - Memories Of An Old Friend (2010)
40)Orange Blossom - Everything must change (2005)
41)Gandalf - Gandalf (1969)
42)Juno Reactor - Beyond the Infinite (1995)
43)Star Sounds Orchestra - Psy Force (1997)
44)Merkaba - Rediscovery
45)Merkaba - Ancient Relics
46)Kraftwerk - Autobahn (1974)
47)Igorrr & Ruby My Dear - Maigre (EP) (2014)
48)Ruby My Dear - Ginkgo (EP) (2011)
49)The Doors - The Best Of The Doors (2000)
50)Satanicpornocultshop - Arkhaiomelisidonophunikheratos (2010)
51)Ceza - Suspus (2015)
52)Air - Moon Safari (1998)
53)Oh Hiroshima - In Silence We Yearn (2015)
53)Eminem - Recovery (2010)
55)Vagif MustafaZadeh - Jazz Compositions (1979)
56)vagif Mustafazadeh - Jazz Compositions (1974)
57)Sub-Pop 200 (Full Compilation album) (1988)
58)Mudhoney- Piece of Cake (1992)
59)Inl - Center of Attention (1995)
60)Sitting Bull - Trip Away (1971)
61)Vanilla - Soft Focus (2012)
62)Nymano - Short Stories (2015)
64)The Kinks - Kinda Kinks (1965)
65)Sleep Party People - Floating (2014)
66)Eminem - Recovery (2010)
67)The Sound Defects - The Iron Horse (2008)
68)Múm - Finally We Are No One (2002)
69)Truckfighters - Gravity X (2005)
70)Ricardo Villalobos -Fizheuer Zieheuer (2006)
71)Truckfighters - Universe (2014)
72)Fu Manchu - The Action is Go (1997)
73)Novadriver - Void (2001)
74)Yuri Gagarin - Yuri Gagarin (2013)
75)Yuri Gagarin - At The Center Of All Infinity (2015)
76)Electronic System - Skylab (1974)
77)Ryo Fukui - Scenery (1976)
78)Dave Pike - Jazz for the Jet Set (1966)
79)Zarathustra - Zarathustra (1972)
80)Augustine Azul - Lombramorfose (2016)
81)Dead Astronauts - Arms of Night (2016)
82)Robert Parker - Crystal City (2016)
83)Ice Dragon - Loaf of Head (2014)
84)Electric Lords - High Voltage Kingdom (2016)
85)Minutes Of Sleep - Francis Harris (2014)
86)Kings of Convenience - Quiet Is The New Loud (2001)
87)Beirut - The Rip Tide (2011)
88)We Lost The Sea - Departure Songs (2015)

261 TV episode izlədim.

Originally posted by tricotati

1)Himym 4.19
2)himym 4.20
3)himym 4.21
4)himym 4.22
5)himym 4.23
6)himym 4.24
7)himym 5.1
8)himym 5.2
9)himym 5.3
10)himym 5.4
11)tbbt 9.10
12)tbbt 9.11
13)tbbt 9.12
14)tbbt 9.13
15)himym 5.5
16)himym 5.6
17)himym 5.7
18)himym 5.8
19)himym 5.9
20)himym 5.10
21)himym 5.11
22)himym 5.12
23)himym 5.13
24)himym 5.14
25)himym 5.15
26)himym 5.16
27)himym 5.17
28)himym 5.18
29)himym 5.19
30)himym 5.20
31)himym 5.21
32)himym 5.22
33)himym 5.23
34)himym 5.24
35)himym 6.1
36)himym 6.2
37)himym 6.3
38)tbbt  9.14
39)himym 6.4
40)himym 6.5
41)himym 6.6
42)himym 6.7
43)himym 6.8
44)himym 6.9
45)himym 6.10
46)himym 6.11
47)himym 6.12
48)himym 6.13
49)himym 6.14
50)himym 6.15
51)himym 6.16
52)himym 6.17
53)himym 6.18
54)himym 6.19
55)himym 6.20
56)himym 6.21
57)himym 6.22
58)himym 6.23
59)himym 6.24
60)himym 7.1
61)himym 7.2
62)himym 7.3
63)shameless 1.1
64)shameless 1.2
65)shameless 1.3
66)shameless 1.4
67)shameless 1.5
68)himym 7.4
69)himym 7.5
70)himym 7.6
71)tbbt 9.15
72)shameless 1.6
72)shameless 1.9
73)himym 7.7
74)himym 7.8
75)himym 7.9
76)himym 7.10
77)himym 7.11
78)shameless 1.10
79)himym 7.12
80)himym 7.13
81)himym 7.14
82)himym 7.15
82)himym 7.16
83)himym 7.17
84)himym 7.18
85)himym 7.19
86)himym 7.20
87)himym 7.21
88)himym 7.22
89)himym 7.23
90)himym 8.1
91)himym 8.2
92)tbbt 9.17
93)himym 8.3
94)himym 8.4
95)himym 8.5
96)himym 8.6
97)himym 8.7
98)himym 8.8
99)himym 8.9
100)himym 8.10
101)himym 8.11
102)himym 8.12
103)himym 8.13
104)himym 8.14
105)himym 8.15
106)himym 8.16
107)himym 8.17
108)himym 8.18
109)himym 8.19
110)himym 8.20
111)himym 8.21
112)himym 8.22
113)himym 8.23
114)himym 8.24
115)Star Trek - The Naked Time
116)himym 9.1
117)himym 9.2
118)himym 9.3
119)himym 9.4
120)himym 9.5
121)himym 9.6
122)himym 9.7
123)himym 9.9
124)himym 9.10
125)himym 9.11
126)himym 9.12
127)himym 9.13
128)himym 9.14
129)shameless 1.11
130)himym 9.15
131)himym 9.16
132)himym 9.17
133)himym 9.18
134)himym 9.19
135)himym 9.20
136)himym 9.21
137)himym 9.22
138)himym 9.23
139)himym 9.24
140)tbbt 9.18
141)shameless 1.12
142)shameless 2.1
143)shameless 2.2
144)shameless 2.3
145)shameless 2.4
146)shameless 2.5
147)shameless 2.6
148)shameless 2.7
149)shameless 2.8
150)shameless 2.9
151)shameless 2.10
152)shameless 2.11
153)shameless 2.12
154)shameless 3.1
155)shameless 3.2
156)shameless 3.3
157)shameless 3.4
158)shameless 3.5
159)shameless 3.6
160)shameless 3.7
161)shameless 3.8
162)shameless 3.9
163)shameless 3.10
164)shameless 3.11
165)shameless 3.12
166)shameless 4.1
167)shameless 4.2
168)shameless 4.3
169)shameless 4.4
170)shameless 4.5
171)shameless 4.6
172)shameless 4.7
173)shameless 4.8
174)shameless 4.9
175)shameless 4.10
176)shameless 4.11
177)shameless 4.12
178)shameless 5.1
179)shameless 5.2
180)shameless 5.3
181)shameless 5.4
182)shameless 5.5
183)shameless 5.6
184)shameless 5.7
185)shameless 5.8
186)tbbt 9.19
187)shameless 5.9
188)shameless 5.10
189)shameless 5.11
190)shameless 5.12
191)shameless 6.1
192)shameless 6.2
193)shameless 6.3
194)shameless 6.4
195)shameless 6.5
196)shameless 6.6
197)shameless 6.7
198)shameless 6.8
199)shameless 6.9
200)shameless 6.10
201)Person of interest 1.1
202)tbbt 9.20
203)tbbt 9.21
204)tbbt 9.22
205)tbbt 9.23
206)tbbt 9.24
207)tbbt 1.9
208)mr. robot 2.1
209)mr. robot 2.2
210)silicon valley 1.1
211)silicon valley 1.2
212)silicon valley 1.3
213)silicon valley 1.4
214)silicon valley 1.5
215)tbbt 10.1
216)shameless 7.1
217)tbbt 10.2
218)tbbt 10.3
219)shameless 7.2
220)tbbt 10.4
221)tbbt 10.5
222)shameless 7.3
223)silicon valley 1.6
224)silicon valley 1.7
225)shameless 7.4
226)friends 1.1
227)friends 1.2
228)tbbt 10.6
229)silicon valley 1.8
230)mr robot 2.3
231)silicon valley 2.2
232)shameless 7.5
233)tbbt 10.7
234)tbbt 10.8
235)tbbt 10.9
236)shameless 7.6
237)shameless 7.7
238)shameless 7.8
239)mr. robot 2.4
240)shameless 7.9
241)new girl 1.1
242)new girl 1.2
243)new girl 1.3
244)new girl 1.4
245)new girl 1.5
246)new girl 1.6
247)new girl 1.7
248)new girl 1.8
249)new girl 1.9
250)new girl 1.10
251)new girl 1.11
252)new girl 1.12
253)new girl 1.13
254)new girl 1.14
255)new girl 1.15
256)new girl 1.16
257)shameless 7.10
258)tbbt 10.10
259)tbbt 10.11
260)shameless 7.11
261)shameless 7.12

71 radio programı dinlədim.

Originally posted by day-glow-odyssey

1)RadyoKaravan Aycaevhali 16.05.2016
2)standart FM - Kaybedenler Kulubu 12.08.2013
3)Standart FM - Hüseyin Karaca & Mete Avunduk “pazar sonrası pazar” 15.05.2016
4)Standart FM - Metev Avunduk 04.04.2016
5)Radyo Karavan - Aycaevhali 09.05.2016
6)Radyo Karavan - Aycaevhali 11.05.2016
7)Radyo Karavan - Aycaevhali 02.05.2016
8)Standart FM - Mete Avunduk 09.05.2016
9)RadyoKaravan - Aycaevhali 17.05.2016
10)TRT RADYO1 - Dijital Hayat “Kişisel Belgeselcilik ve İnternet” 17.07.2015
11)Standart FM -  Kaybedenler Kulübü 19.08.2013
12)Standart FM - Kaybedenler Kulübü 02.09.2013
13)Standart FM -Kaybedenler Kulübü 16.09.2013
14)Standart FM Kaybedenler Kulübü 30.09.2013
15)Radyo Karavan - Aycaevhali 20.05.2016
16)Standart FM - Kaybedenler Kulübü 22.10.2013
17)Standart FM RedHack Deklarasyonu 01.07.2013
18)Standart FM - Kaybedenler Kulübü 04.11.2013
19)Radyo Karavan -Aycaevhali 24.05.2016
20)Standart FM Mete Avunduk 03.08.2015
21)Radyo Karavan - Aycaevhali 27.05.2016
22)Radio Caroline - Rob Harrison 28.05.2016
23)Radio Caroline - Lee Shuttlewood 28.05.2016
24)Standart FM - Kaybedenler Kulübü 22.07.2013
25)Standart FM - Hüseyin Karaca & Mete Avunduk “pazar sonrası pazarı” 29.05.2016
26)Standart FM -Kaybedenler Kulübü 08.07.2013
27)Radyo Karavan - Aycaevhali 11.05.2016
28)Radyo Karavan - Ihtiyar Heyeti 29.05.2016
29)Radyo Karavan - Aycaevhali 30.05.2016
30)Standart FM - Kaybedenler Kulübü 15.07.2013
31)Standart FM - Mete Avunduk 30.05.2016
32)Radyo Karavan - Aycaevhali 31.05.2016
33)Radyo Karavan - Arabekss 31.05.2016
34)Radyo Karavan - Aycaevhali 01.06.2016
35)Radyo Karavan - Aycaevhali 03.06.2016
36)Radio Caroline - Tom Lodge Jr 06.06.2016
37)Standart FM - Mete Avunduk 06.06.2016
38)Radyo Karavan - Aycaevhali 06.06.2016
39)Radyo Karavan - Aycaevhali 09.06.2016
40)Radio Caroline - The Mellow Show 13.06.2016
41)Standart FM - Kaybedenler Kulübü 26.08.2013
42)Radyo Karavan - Aycaevhali 14.06.2016
43)Standart FM - Hissizlik Ani 15.06.2016
44)Radyo Karavan - Aycaehvali 17.06.2016
45)Standart FM - Matt Loftin - 25.08.2016
46)NeoRadio - Sivilizasiya 06.08.2016
47)NeoRadio -KolumbFM - Edebiyyat Olmasaydi
48)NeoRadio -KolumbFM - Yalan
49)NeoRadio -KolumbFM 360
50)NeoRadio -Oyuncaq
51)NeoRadio -Oyuncaq
52)NeoRadio -Sivilizasiya
53)NeoRadio - Ilk Yayim.
54)RadyoKaravan - Aycaevhali 26.08.2016
55)Rock FM - Tenko Safari
56)Rock FM - Tekno Safari 22.02.2014
57)RadyoKaravan - Aycaevhali 13.09.2016
58)StarTalkRadio - Geeking out with Whoopi Goldberg 24.09.2016
59)Standart FM Kaybedenler Kulübü 22.10.2013
60)Virgin Radio - Geveze Show 31.10.2016
61)Virgin Radio - Geveze Show 25.10.2016
62)Virgin Radio - Geveze Show 21.10.2016
63)Virgin Radio - Geveze Show 04.11.2016
64)Metro Fm - Dance Factory  09.04.2016
65)Virgin Radio - Geveze Show 30.09.2016
66)Virgin Radio - Geveze Show 21.09.2016
67)Virgin Radio - Geveze Show 06.09.2016
68)Virgin Radio - Geveze Show 25.08.2016
69)Virgin Radio - Geveze Show 20.10.2016
70)Virgin Radio - Geveze Show 18.11.2016
71)Virgin Radio - Geveze Show 26.11.2016

+ bir neçə radio teatrı dinlədim. (heç teatra getmədim)

15 kitab oxudum.

Originally posted by televandalist

1)Ayferi Göze - Siyasal Düşünceler ve yönetimler
2)Massimo Baldini - Storia della comunicazione
3)Donna Rosenberg - World Mythology: An Anthology of Great Myths abd Epics
4)Ducane Cundioglu - Sinema ve Felsefe
5)Ahmet Cemil Ertunc - Cumhuriyetin Tarihi
7)William Burroughs - Electronic Revolution
8)Allen Ginsberg - Howl
9)Memmed Araz -Qayalara yazilan ses
10)Duyarak Dusunmek - Gilles Deleuze ve Felix Guattari'de “Pop”
11)Kafka Efekt - Minor Edebiyat Nedir?
12)Nilgun Abisel - Sessiz Sinema
13)Marcel Duchampin Makinesi - Lawrence D.Steefel .Jr.
14)Levent Yaylagul - Kitle Iletisim Kuramlari
15)Bertran Rassel - Exlaq

3 dərgini izlədim.

Popular Science

Karakarga Dergi

Atatürk İletişim Dergisi.

Hər gün bir neçə məqalə oxudum.

Originally posted by maths-and-books

1)The new propaganda is liberal. The new slavery is digital.- John Pilger
2)Web Sitenizde ve İçeriklerinizde Görsel Kullanırken Dikkat!- Damla T
3)Katil Yeşil ve Diğer Renkler - Mehmet Dogan
4)1992'de NASA’nın Tipografi Tavsiyeleri -Ibrahim Sarbay
5)Büyüdükçe… - İlkay Sarıtaş Gezginiş
6)Medyada Kadınların Temsil Biçimleri ve Kadın Hakları İhlalleri
7)Çocuklar ve Çocuk Haklarının Medyada Temsili
8)İnsan Haklarının Tarihi Felsefi ve Hukuki Temelleri
9)İnsan Haklarının Kavramsal ve Aktüel Anlamı
10)Oradan da 750 TL gelse… - Sarp Bozkurt
11)Mr. Robot Nasıl Yakalanmıyor? - Gökhan Akkız
12)Abone Sayısı Mı? İtibar Mı? - Ekin Kollama
13)“Mahremiyet çağının sonu!” - Ozcan Yazici
14)Tipografide Kiki ve Bouba Etkisi - Oktay Elipek
15)Google Çalışma Kültüründen Öğreneceklerimiz - Damla T
16)Tebrikler! Aldatıldınız. - Kemal Ozkul
17)Projeniz Alabora Olmasın - Mehmet Dogan
18)Bir Stanley Kubrick Şaheseri: 2001: A Space Odyssey - Hakan Bilge
19)Falçılığın qadağan edilm?sinin tör?d? bil?c?yi t?hlük?l?r - seymur Baycan
20)iPod’a veda ettik, iki eski dostu geri kazandık: Plak ve radyo - Mehmet Tez ….

Avqust 2016ya qədər Google’da 26.000 axtarış etdim.

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Felsefi Filmler Dizini

//-> Septisizm ve Radikal aldanma
The matrix
Waking life
The truman show
The thirteenth floor
Vanilla sky
Total recall
The city of lost children

//-> iyi bir insan olma üzerine
Vanilla sky
Open your eyes
The matrix
Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

//-> Estetik değerler-ahlaki değerler ve sanatın doğası
The shape of things

//-> Varoluşsal ve Görevler üzerine
Les miserables

//-> Determinizm, Özgür irade ve Ahlak
Minority report
Matrix reloaded
Donnie darko
The manchurian candidate

//-> Bireycilik ve toplumculuk
The ballad of cable hogue

//-> Ölüm cezası
Dead man walking
Dancer in the dark
Mr. death
The life of david gale

//-> Totaliterizm, gerçeğin bitişi
Animal farm
We the living
Fahrenheit 451
Stolen years
Eternal memory

//-> Bireysel kimlik
The man with two brains
The bourne identity
Being john malkovich
Dark city
Who is julia?
Total recall
Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
Ghost in the shell

//-> Hayatın anlamı
Wild strawberries
Stealing heaven
The fisher king
The meaning of life
Ghost world
O lucky man
Slc punk!
On the beach
Leaving las vegas

//-> Günah ve kefaret
The fisher king

//-> Genel etik
Breaking the waves
Dead man walking
Seven samurai
The confession
Crimes and misdemeanors
The shop on main street
Mr. klein
Transport from paradise
Private schultz
Animal farm
Groundhog day
High noon
Quiz show
Angel heart
The vanishing
The doctor
Alexandre le bienheureux
A man for all seasons
The verdict
Fort apache the bronx
Boyz in the hood
Do the right thing
Angels & insects
The ox-bow incident
El norte
Lord of the flies
After life
Crimson tide

//-> Postmodernizm
Matrix revolutions
Matrix reloaded
Tüm bergman filmleri
Mulholland drive
Lost highway

//-> Din felsefesi
Bruce almighty
The last temptation of christ
Life of brian
What dreams may come
Winter light
Agnes of god
Leap of faith
Jesus of montreal
İnherit the wind
Day of wrath

//-> İnanç vs. sebep
İnherit the wind
Au hazard balthazar

//-> Nietzsche'nin ahlak şeceresi

//-> Dürüstlük erdemi
Kate and leopold
Lonely are the brave
The man who shot liberty valence
Breaking the waves

//-> Bireycilik/ahlaki risk
Spider-man 2

//-> Doğanın yazılı olmayan kanunları
Lord of the flies
Matrix revolutions

//->Faydacılık ve uluslararası siyaset

//-> Görelilik ve gerçek
Hilary and jackie
Requiem for a dream

//-> Kötülük problemi
Bruce almighty
The rapture
The seventh sign
Dangerous liaisons
Sling blade
Dancer in the dark

//-> Varoluşçuluk
Tüm bergman filmleri
Leaving los vegas
Love and death
Crimes and misdemeanors
Rosencrantz and guildenstern are dead
The addiction
I heart huckabees

//-> Mantık/eleştirel düşünce
Twelve angry men
The usual suspects

//-> Savaş etiği
The thin red line
Saving private ryan
Full metal jacket
Kelly’s heroes
‘Breaker’ morant
Dr. strangelove
All my sons

//-> Aklın felsefesi
Mind walk

//-> Kuvantum
What the bleep do we know!?

//-> Kavramsal düşüncenin önemi
Rain man

//-> Faydacılık
Quiz show
Jacob the liar
Extreme measures
Crimes and misdemeanors

//-> İnsan hakları
In the name of the father
The battle of algiers
Schindler’s list

//-> Marksizm

//-> Bilgi felsefesi
The thin blue line
The battle of algiers
He said/she said
The usual suspects
Dark star

//-> İnsanlık / Ahlakın değeri
Blade runner
Star trek: the next generation “the measure of a man”
Elephant man
Brave new world
Lathe of heaven
Le regle du jeu
The sacrifice
Wings of desire
The ascent
Days and nights in the forest
Cries and whisper

//-> Yapay zeka / İnsanlık
Ghost in the shell

//-> Feminizm
He said/she said
Thelma and louise
Boys on the side
Sense and sensibility

//-> Davranışçılık
A clockwork orange
Dark city

//-> Hedonizm, nihilizm
Cruel intentions
Natural born killers
Dangerous liaisons

//-> Estetik öznellik

//-> Adalet ve ceza
The shawshank redemption (a good anti-crito Movie)
Dead man walking
The count of monte cristo

//-> Özgecilik/dünyaya bağlılık
Crouching tiger hidden dragon

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