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On ‘People are inherently selfish’

When you hear your friends say, “people are inherently selfish,” remind them that statement is ideological and is not representative of any characteristic of people. Tell them ‘People are inherently selfish’ is a generalization that educates us how to talk about humanity so we will excuse all of the abhorrent aspects of capitalist culture. 

Not many have time to read the history and philosophy relating to this issue, but it doesn’t matter because the statement isn’t philosophical; it’s political. ‘People are inherently selfish’ results after applying one of several principles about how people should behave in the market as consumers, employers, employees, and owners. The principle, in this case, is People should behave in their own self interest. Clearly, an answer to what we should do is not an answer about how people want to behave. Don’t confuse capitalist ethics for an objective statement describing human being. 

the “how many times do we have to teach you a lesson old man” screenshot from spongebob is how I feel about the same libertarians making the same stupid arguments on my posts

9 Things Every Millennial Should Know About Politics

1. High profile celebrities are people that you should trust the least when it comes to politics.

As much as I respect and admire Shailene Woodley’s rejection of modern feminism, she shot herself in the foot in terms of her career. Celebrities make their living off of the public’s obsession with them, so they create giant professional obstacles for themselves by voicing unpopular opinions- no matter how much validity or reason behind them. 

It’s rare that a celebrity is willing to put themselves in such a vulnerable position, and while you can’t necessarily blame them, everything that you hear from a celebrity surrounding politics and current events should be taken with a grain of salt, because 9 times out of 10 they’re only being as honest as their public relations agents will allow them to be.

2. The truth is usually much more simple or much more complicated than a given side is trying to make it.

Both liberal and conservative media outlets are guilty of oversimplifying, convoluting, and completely bastardizing situations and issues to tell a story that suits their given agendas. It’s important to think about what facts that both MSNBC and Fox omit in their coverage of Ferguson. 

3. Third parties are great in theory, but when it comes down to it a third party vote is a waste of a vote.

At my core, I’m a libertarian. Most of my views can be summarized in a single quote: “do what you want, but don’t ask me to pay for it.” While I’m not the biggest fan of our two party system, a third party vote in a major election is basically a vote for the candidate that you like the least, because instead of concentrating all votes on your side of the line on one candidate that may not be your favorite, you’ve hurt their chances of winning by throwing away your vote on someone that we all know won’t win. I’d encourage third party voters to try to integrate into the major parties that they most align with while advocating for candidates within the party that have the off center values that they personally embrace.

4. “Telling you what you want to hear”

It’s extremely easy for a candidate to give a speech basically blaming the other side for everything that’s ever gone wrong since the dawn of time, but that doesn’t make them a leader. Whether you’re a liberal looking for their “fair share” or a conservative all about “fiscal responsibility,” you can’t base your vote off of a contender’s ability to recite the phrases all over your party website. 

5. There’s nothing wrong with being partisan

I interned for a congressman this summer, and in a sit down with him at the end of my internship he said something that I’ll remember for the rest of my life: There’s nothing wrong with being partisan; it means you stand for something.

We need compromise in Washington between both parties, and we need compromise on the micro level as well, but what we don’t need are people that have no foundation in their beliefs. People think there is a moral high ground in being nonpartisan that simply does not exist.

6. Stupidity and intelligence come in all colors, mascots and parties

Stupidity and intelligence don’t discriminate. There are imbeciles and geniuses that belong to every political persuasion; just because someone is on the other side of the line doesn’t mean that they aren’t brilliant and just because someone is on your side of the line doesn’t mean they aren’t an idiot or that they are entitled to your support.

7. “Statistics don’t lie, but liars use statistics”

Two people with completely opposite views can find statistics to support their argument. Statistics can be just as misleading as they can be helpful. For example, the statistics about 1 in 4, 5, or 6 women being raped are extremely popular and used time and time again in today’s rhetoric, but those conclusions were drawn based off of bogus surveys with low response rates that asked questions like “have you ever had sex because someone made false promises about the future?” with any positive answer being counted as an incidence of sexual violence or assault, and often cited as rape.

8. It’s okay to change your mind

I started my college career as a bleeding heart liberal and am ending it as a member of College Republicans. Don’t change your mind because some air headed celebrity said something quirky or participated in a hashtag though; think seriously, critically, and independently. It is absolutely okay to change your mind after being presented new, valuable information. 

9. Think critically, but vote big picture

You’re not going to love everything about every candidate, and informed, meaningful criticism is a great, beautiful American thing, but when it comes to your vote, don’t throw it away on a detail. Don’t NOT vote for someone that you disagree with on one thing because it’s essentially giving your vote to someone that you disagree with on everything.

On a lighter note, here’s a mildly entertaining video from TFM.

Let’s Talk About Certain “Libertarians”

You got your Ron Paul, Julie Borowski, Libertarian Girl, etc. 

Ron Paul is heavily pro life. He even made a fucking bill to counter Roe v. Wade. Basically, guns, fetuses, and troops all have rights and amendments should uphold that. 

Fuck you if you are a woman though. 

Julie Borowski made a video last summer about how everyone should be pro-life.




You cannot be a “Libertarian” if you are pro-life. Can we just admit that? Can we agree that you cannot pick and choose what rights other people get to have? 

No. The fetus is not innocent because you cannot be innocent without the ability to be guilty. Since the fetus is capable of neither, it is neither. 

Being a human being does not mean your “right of life” trumps other people’s body autonomy. Why arrest rapists? Why arrest organ harvesters? Why are they crimes at all? Aren’t those criminals human beings as well? 

Being pro-choice=/=pro abortion. Nobody is pro abortion. I have not seen one person going around town forcing pregnant women to get an abortion (besides the Chinese government). Pro choice=/=I don’t think fetuses have no right to live. 

Abortion is legal the same reason that I cannot force one of my parents/friends/family member/teacher/anyone to donate blood, organs, or body parts that they do not want to donate. Abortion is legal for the same reason that you cannot take a dead body’s organ if it is not previously consented in the will. 

Body autonomy. 

Abortion is a last reserve. Banning it does not stop it. 

Childbirth is 14 times more dangerous than abortion. The pain of it equals to breaking 20 bones in your body simultaneously. What is it called when you force someone to go through that? Oh yes. Torture. What is forcing someone to carry out a pregnancy called? Forced labor/Involuntary service aka reproductive slavery! A direct violation against the 13th Amendment. 

I care about children. I love children. I even plan to start my own family in a few years. 

I love and care about children in the sense that every child should be loved, cared for, and wanted. Can someone be a good spouse to you if you forced them to marry you? Can someone be a good friend if you force them to? Now, can you expect someone to be a good mother if you forced them to? 

Libertarians are all about individual freedom. Motherhood is a choice. It is never an obligation or “responsibility.” Making it a requirement is spitting freedom in the face. 

Long live freedom. Long live choice.

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Abortion isn't murdering babies. We need abortion to secure equality between men and women. If a woman doesn't have control over whether she has a child or not she has no control over her life at all.

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Uh no.  A woman does have control over whether she has a child or not.  It’s called not having sex if you don’t want to risk pregnancy.  Abortion is murder.  It terminates the life of a baby.

I just don’t understand reverse racism. My whole family believes in it, but like?? We’ve never been oppressed before, we’ve never been stripped of basic human rights because of our skin color? I just don’t believe in it honestly

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Oh really? Crime is at a 10 year low? Is that why Chicago had a massive spike in violent crime, as did San Diego, Detroit, New Jersey, and why cops are getting killed? All which proves your "sources" wrong? Stupid libertarian! You dumb fucks will never have one of your own be elected president!

Not a 10 year, a 30 year low which was my original statement.

Too easy.


Honestly, FUCK Hillary Clinton and anyone that supported/voted for her. Fuck you all for choosing her over Bernie Sanders, especially you fucking sellout people of color. That’s the thing though, any dumbass or horrible politician that had won anything in this Country, have won that because of the people. So you know what? Let this motherfucker burn down once and for all, you get what you deserve. ANY TIME this Country has a choice between a true progressive and a establishment Democrat, they will always chose the status quo on a national level. So fuck it all. Hillary vs Trump is literally Alien vs Predator and I say let them maul each other. But I think Trump will ultimately be the sacrificial lamb to lay down and be devoured and give the election to Hillary, as was the plan all along. This isn’t a free Country and they only allow dynasties or frauds into office. I know the rest of World isn’t perfect, but I will definitely be looking at other Countries to take up residence in, and I’m talking years down the line..if this place is still standing, I’m out. Fuck KKKLINTON.

You aren’t anti-authority...

If you like the idea of private property and you like social theory that makes freedom contingent on the existence of private property, then you imply people cannot be free without private property, which is already a form of coercion.* 

The relationship between people and property and people and freedom is authoritarian. The authoritarian relations and all the power relations that will adhere to them are prior to the existence of a market wherein people will exchange property and other products, permitting a fertile landscape for authoritarian and power structures to cultivate and thrive. 

*The pseudo-libertarians who talk about liberty and coercion always bracket the coercive nature of private property in capitalism. To have to be able to afford to purchase and maintain property vaporizes in a mist of voluntary fantasies and earned ambition.