• a communist:as an anti-authoritarian leftist, I do not identify with the USSR, DPRK, or PRC. they represent long histories of violence, oppression, and dictatorial regimes. they do not in any way resemble the equitable horizontal organization of power I would like to strive for.
  • some smug anarcho-capitalist:*points at soviet union* but look at this. communism failed.

Walter E. Williams often speaks about the coercive power of government and its role in undermining social moral priorities.

For more: http://www.libertarianism.org/media/video-collection/walter-e-williams-decline-morality-society


Libertarian Socialism is a Leftist Lie

Libertarian socialism is nothing but a front for communism.

As I have repeatedly shown, the left love to corrupt language, particularly definitions - often stealing terminology from the very people they seek to depose.  One such example is the word “libertarian.”

Thanks to the left, the word has become so meaningless that I hesitate to use it even though I would technically be a libertarian in the truth sense of the word.  Leftists love to confuse people by calling themselves “libertarian socialists,” “social libertarians,” “left-libertarians,” and a whole string of terms that ultimately mean the same thing: communism.  

The idea that leftists have anything to do with libertarianism is nothing but propaganda designed to foment ignorance.

A libertarian woman explains why there aren't more libertarian women
Most women aren’t libertarians. But most men aren’t either.

Here’s that response column I mentioned. An excerpt:

Let’s talk about gun rights, sure, but let’s also talk about issues which are likely to be of interest mainly to women, like legalizing midwifery or abolishing absurd licensing requirements for hair braiders. Let’s explain, for instance, our opposition to certain labor laws not only in ethical arguments about state coercion, but also in practical terms of unexpected bad consequences which hurt real people.

And for goodness sake, let’s above all nix any suggestion that women are inherently less libertarian; after all, I don’t hear anyone arguing men are too difficult to reach with the message of liberty because they’re “naturally” inclined to aggression and war.

Most women aren’t libertarians. But you know what? Most men aren’t either. It is incumbent on us to change both those facts.

  • Me:It's permissible for working class people to shoplift essential items they need for their survival.
  • Reactionaries:nO but uh what about uhm dont u kno the job creators will get sad maybe !?!?!
  • Me (WAVING COMMUNIST FLAG):lmfao fuck it it's permissible for the working class to shoplift fucking anything labor is entitled to all it creates
Just a side note after I saw a wave of support coming from a Bernie Sanders video:

I wonder how many people on tumblr actually put research into their political stances, and don’t just rely on the general “tumblr opinion” to take as their own. Like if you truly believe in strong leftist beliefs, then alright, good for you, I’m sorry, but good for you. At least you can back up and support your beliefs on your own. But it scares me that so many people on tumblr seem so uneducated on so many political, economic, and even social issues, and these people are just blindly supporting things they just go along with because that’s what they know from tumblr. Like it’s a new breed of liberal that I honestly think is shameful. It’s a joke to me. People this blind can do more damage than imaginable to the U.S. Like people are actually supporting socialist, and some radicals, even communist, ideals to be placed in FEDERAL government, which is absolutely terrifying. Like that’s dystopian novel stuff. The opposite of what America was founded on. America was founded on freedom, and yes that freedom includes believing in whatever political stance you want. I’m not saying you’re not allowed to be a socialist or communist. That’s your prerogative. But incase you haven’t noticed, communism and its principles have been tried MANY times before, and it never works out. 

Socialist and communist control seems to always start with leaders who promise things to a suffering people that they really want or need. Americans aren’t doing to great, that’s not a lie. We’re working ourselves out of the Great Recession, inflation is high, minority groups are suffering, etc. Potential presidential candidates offer things like free public college tuition, higher wages for the American family, tax breaks for the middle class, and more. It sounds great, doesn’t it? I agree. All of that would be awesome. But in reality, they don’t work out in a great way. Government-funded this, government-funded that, agency after agency that we don’t need the government to be funding. It’s great that we have a government that would want to have programs for it’s people, and I won’t go so far to say they are all useless, because they aren’t, but let me quote: “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” I love me some JFK. Anyway. 

America is a freebird of a country and is not made to function under that sort of control. The more control you give the government, the more problems. And that’s exactly what Bernie Sanders is supporting. The guy doesn’t seem like a monster, seems like a nice old man, but his beliefs and ideas for this country are more than problematic. Problematic. I sound like a SJW. Dear goodness, please no. This is getting long, but my final message is this: So-called tumblr liberals, and everyone else on here, please put some thought and research into your political stances and beliefs. I know it’s very easy to be swept into what sounds good, or what your mainly exposed to. Which for many people on here, tumblr may be the only exposure you have to anything like this. If you end up agreeing with the beliefs shared by what seems like the majority of this website, then so be it. But please be educated on your beliefs. It does more damage than good if you aren’t.


The economy of you

A collaboration between myself and association-of-free-people (see the original post for contrast), this project has been languishing on my computer for some time, not seeing the light of day. I have been busy with my graphic design course, so all the projects I would like to be working on have been temporarily abandoned. Until now.

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