Hey, friends! Just putting it out there that while I do have a regular paying job, I also really enjoy doing designs for radical folks like myself on the side.

These are typically pretty quick, and I try to keep prices low, so feel free to ask even if you can’t pay much (or at all).

I do accept some cryptos, but I prefer ones that use proof-of-stake, as it’s a very energy-efficient verification system.

All designs except the gray one pictured are public domain, and feel free to use them. Top two are solarpunk, skull is cypherpunk.

I dont do nationalist and authoritarian designs.

So if you’re wanting stuff, send me a message through here or email me at tidalpunk@protonmail.com.

Thanks, and feel free to reblog and share!


What If Roe v Wade Was Overturned?

Overturning Roe would not immediately end abortion in America, but it would restore to the American people and their elected state representatives the ability and responsibility to protect women and unborn human life. 

Overturning Roe would mean recognizing that the United States Constitution does not grant a “right” to abortion.  In many states, this could mean that unborn babies are completely protected at all stages of life.  In other states, this might mean that pregnant women and their unborn babies will benefit from more legal protections than they have now, but abortion would remain legal in some circumstances.

Importantly, reputable polling consistently reveals that a majority of Americans oppose most of the abortions currently committed in the US and support more stringent limitations and regulations on the practice.

Ultimately, overturning Roe would not outlaw abortion, but would be a critical step in correcting the law and affirming that abortion is not a federal constitutional right.


I always find conservatives and libertarians always use ’freedom of speech’ as a get out of jail card to say all the shit they want and shut down debate. But the thing is freedom of speech applies to everyone which means its in everyones right to critise what u are saying and u have to face the consequences of what u say!


Capitalism Doesn’t Cause Consumerism — Governments Do

It’s government — not markets — that intervene to “stimulate” ever greater amounts of spending and consumption. A healthy market economy, meanwhile, relies on both saving and spending.