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The Liberator crew who took Violette and her companions to France on the night of 7-8 June 1944. Standing L to R, Marvin ‘Mike’ Fenster, Avery Yancey, Richard Davis. Kneeling, L to R, J. W. 'Windy’ Hall, Richard Thomas, Jack Ringlesbach, Darwin Gray.

Consolidated B-24 Liberator of the 'Carpetbagger’ squadrons at Harrington, Northamptonshire.

Photo’s & Caption’s featured in Violette Szabo: 'The Life That I Have…’ by Susan Ottaway


Why did I spend two days making a “Big Bad Bun” livery? I don’t know either, but it was good practice, since I used my drawing tablet to trace over my original pencil sketch of the noseart. Sadly, due to the lack of B-33s in any game or flight sim, I had to settle for a B-24D. But hey, it’s something, I guess.

If the folks at War Thunder Live actually want it, I’ll post it there as well. For now, the livery can be found on my google drive, here:

Want just the noseart? That’s here:

Want to just see the original sketch from January? Then follow this link:

B-24D Liberator bomber ‘Little Gramper’, Lead Assembly Ship of 491st Bomber Group, US 852nd Bomber Squadron, RAF North Pickenham, Norfolk, England, United Kingdom, Feb 1944-Jul 1945

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