My #BlackHistoryMonth concert: “We fought for freedom but got democracy.” -Hugh Masekela in #Chicago #SouthAfrica #LiberationMovement #music

I really need to figure out a system for packing unpacking re packing and fusing live vocals electric guitar and keys for a show with music that isn’t as complicated as this one . Every since being in #heavyweightdubchampions and #liberationmovement I’ve been trying to find a balance with sound between mobility and not having hundreds of cables for gigs #music #electronicmusic #hybirdmusic #jillianann #vocalist #dj #artist #ritual

BLACK HISTORY FACTS: Jorge Biassou (1741-1801) arrived in St. Augustine in 1796, he was already a legend in his own time. He was the most fiery leader in the Haitian slave revolt against the French. He became a decorated Spanish general, yet did not speak Spanish and was virtually banned from Hispaniola and Havana. He was Florida’s only black caudillo (a militant political leader), and came with his own Haitian entourage. He flaunted pagan religious practices, but was buried with full Catholic honors. A hero, a family man, a threat, and a spectacle; this ex-slave demanded respect.Jorge Biassou was born “Georges,” on the island of Hispaniola. He was the son of slaves in the world’s most lucrative colony, French Saint-Domingue (now Haiti). The plantation owners there were notoriously brutal, producing a standard for violence that still lingers there today. In 1791, thousands of abused slaves rose up and poured out their fury on the “great whites.” Biassou, now fifty years old, joined them and quickly assumed the rebel leadership with Jean Francois. Biassou commanded 40,000 ex-slaves as they burned plantations and murdered whites. Along the way, he fueled his own and his followers’ national spirit through religious practices of their African ancestors. #HaitianRevolution #HaitianHeros #MoreThan1804 #ZoeMovement #ZoeSalute #LiberationMovement #StAugustineFlorida #Neg1804 #Culture #Heritage #History #Legacy #1791 #OurHistory

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BLACK HISTORY FACTS: Boukman was a Hougan, or Voodoo priest, whose death was considered a catalyst to the slave uprising  that marked the beginnig of the Haitian Revolution. Boukman was born in   and later sold by his British to a French plantation owner, who put him as commander(slave driver) and later a coach driver. His name came from his English nickname "Book Man" which he earned due to his ability to read. Boukman presided in the role of Hougan on August 14, 1791 with an African-born Voodoo priestess and conducted a ceremony at the Bois Caiman. Boukman began his famous ceremony by asking for God’s help in the following words:“The God who made the sun that shines upon us, who causes the sea to rise, the thunder to roar. do you hear me. All of you. Hidden in the clouds, God witnesses the atrocities the whites commit against us. The god of the whites sanctions their crimes and doesn’t care about us. But God, who is so  good, orders us to avenge ourselves. He will direct our arms and stands beside us. Destroy the image of the white  men’s god who is thirsty for our blood and tears. Listen to the voice of freedom rising in our heart."And then, the African-born Voodoo priestess possessed byErzulie Dantor sacrificed a pig which symbolizes the wild, free and untamable spiritual power of the forest and the ancestors. The participants soaked their fingers in the blood of the pig and made an oath to die, rather than serve the whites. This amazing ceremony combined with Bookman’s large size warrior-like appearance and fearsome temper, made him an effective leader and helped spark the Haitian Revolution. Soon after the uprising began, French authorities captured Bookman and executed him by beheading. The French then publicly displayed his head in an attempt to dispel the aura of invincibility that Boookman had cultivated. This attempt failed. Since then, Haitians have honored Bookman by admitting him into the pantheon of Loa(Voodoo Spirits). Bookman his well revered in all Haiti and his ceremony is worldwide known as the reason of Haiti's Independence. His name will never be forgotten in Haitian’s heart. #BwaKayiman #BookmanDutty #HaitianRevolution #1791 #Ceremony #LiberationMovement #AyitiCherie #Ayibobo