Why it's so important that Feminism is called Feminism

  With all of the recent posts about “menism”, I was thinking about how it might’ve been better if they had called Feminists, genderists. Since the principles of feminism are in fact based simply on gender equality, there might be less fuss if the title didn’t focus simply on the feminine aspect. But then I realized this is exactly why Feminism needs to be called Feminism; the fact that people believe, because the word is rooted in femininity deems it less worthy of their time and respect. The fact that the idea of feminism is fought against, simply because it begins with “fem” illustrates society’s blatant disrespect and lack of equality towards women. I want to live in a world where an idea isn’t rejected simply because it’s literary roots are based in femininity. 

also i'm really sick of social justice t-shirt and poster making companies using really borderline generic designs

External image

take this image by Liberation Ink for their Assata Shakur t-shirt

i’m sorry, but there’s nothing about this design to remotely suggest that this is Assata and not just a woman with an Afro

there’s nothing unique about her features or presentation to convince me that she’s Assata

its like, i get the economy behind designing like this 

its an image that’s easy enough to mass transfer onto many t-shirts without very little effort

but if we’re going to make “liberation” or “revolutionary”/“social justice” t-shirts

can they be revolutionary in the sense that the graphic design is a celebration of our natural features, reclaimed beauty, and a shifting aesthetic politic that decolonizes itself?

I am the Moon

I am the Moon. 
I choose the pull and push
of my own Tides. 

Whether I rub rigorously, 
with passion, against the rocky
Whether I rub softly, 
with silk, atop the fleshy
until the mounting crests of water and salt and sand and wind
              Or not-

When I was a young girl,
surrendering deeply to the gentle and
abrasive crush of a Wave-

It never frightened me. 

I am the Moon. 
And yes-
I love the taste and tears
of my own Ocean. 

©Melissa Cesarano 2016