liberation of women

Women who don't want babies

• are not selfish
• are not less of a woman
• are not weird
• are not immature
• won’t necessarily change her mind
• won’t necessary be a lonely old lady
• “a lonely old crazy cat lady” is a patriarchal asshole stereotype:):):):)
• doesn’t necessarily hate kids
• doesn’t need to give you an explanation

I cannot relate or converse with non radfem women anymore because no matter what kind of issue and problem I want to discuss, the second I point out it’s all caused, perpetuated, and done by men and for benefit of men, suddenly they look uncomfortable, they look away, they mumble “no” and then shake their heads and start their talk about “not all men”, they start lining up excuses, explanations, justifications, trying to cut blame into small pieces and disperse it all over society, it’s not just the men, it’s not all of them, women do something unrelated that is somehow equally bad and worth bringing into discussion, men were taught to act this way, eventually it all turns into one big chant “we must not blame men. we must not blame men” and I can talk about globe-wide issues, witch burnings, foot binding, female genital mutilation, slavery, taking human rights from women, marital abuse, pedophilia, rape, necrophilia, destruction of environment, murders, forced impregnation and forced birth, taking women’s last names and their identities, forcing their name onto women’s children, societal brainwashing and Stockholm syndrome, I always get the same feedback “We must not blame men.”

And I get it, I know what’s happening under their conscious thoughts, I know what’s going on in their heads when they look away. “ It would be really painful to believe men are like this after I’ve given them so much love and trust. I don’t want to believe that my male friends, partners, father, brothers, are all like this. They aren’t. This has to have another explanation. If men are truly like this I won’t be able to feel safe anymore. I want to feel safe. If I start believing this then how will I get to work tomorrow, how will I get to class, how will I go home? I can’t survive without men. Calling them out is dangerous. If I were to say something like this to them, they wouldn’t take it well, they would attack me and deny it. I know exact words they would use, I’ll say them all now. I really want this to not be true. If I can explain it away, it might go away. I want to believe they’re good. I want to keep hoping. I can still survive like this. It’s survivable. I want to live in a world where they’re not like that, and maybe if I believe it strongly enough, it will happen. I can remember men doing some good things too, I’ll hang onto those memories. Maybe they’ll change if we give them enough kindness and love.”

And we were all there. We all started from this. And it was a hard step to let go of it. It was a hard step to acknowledge that there’s so many women who won’t survive under tyranny of men. There’s such a large number of women who are tortured every day. Every single woman is taking damage under the male controlled system, and even if some can survive it, for most it’s only matter of time before they’re assaulted, tortured, raped, denied resources, backed into corner, forced to give up their integrity, their resources, their justice, their safety, their life. We already are forced to look at atrocities they do to our sisters, mothers, to our children, and then we have to look away, we have to let it keep happening. I wouldn’t ask women to face harsh realities if I had not believed it’s truly and honestly in their best interests. You can defend men all your life, and still your life might end with man’s hands around your neck, as he tells you that you asked for it. Believing in their good nature won’t save you from men. They already kill women who believe in them, and they kill them slowly, punish them for their trust and empathy, use their compassion against them, use women’s survival instincts to get more and more and more from them.

Getting away from men, or disabling them from harming any woman on this planet is the only thing that has any chance of protecting you. You are worthy of more than men have convinced you. You are life itself and they’re trying to hide it from you. You are a source of life and it’s in their nature to destroy you. You deserve a better life than what men have given you. 

just a reminder:

as an adult woman, you have a cultural impact. When you decide not to wear makeup, you help show little girls who see you that wearing makeup is not an inevitable task in their future. When you spend time with your girlfriend or wife publicly, you let little girls know that that is normal, too. All this is to say that your choices in society can let young women know that they also have those choices. I haven’t worn makeup in quite some time, and when I babysat little girls, many of them just thought that makeup was just something that “old girls” have to do, and were somewhat relieved to discover that they don’t have to in order to grow up and be a real girl.

hAHHA LMFAO WTF apparently mike pence wrote an article in the 90s that mulan was ‘liberal’ propaganda about women in the military. why are people so stupid lkfjghdlkfghdflkgjh