liberation of palestine

Listen if you’re for the liberation of Palestine that’s gr9 but I really think we should not be calling that anti-Zionism because anti-zionist is how neo-nazis describe themselves depending on the situation. being pro-Palestine and Jewish has put me (several times) in the position of having to call myself an anti-zionist jew and I cannot think of any situation that has made me more uncomfortable tbh. Let’s maybe call ourselves pro-Palestine so that Jews don’t have to describe themselves using the same language that actual nazis use

We need to realize all struggles are united. Struggle itself should be a global and collective focus, not an individual occurrence.

Liberation movements anywhere should always show continued solidarity and support for liberation movements elsewhere for different (but similar) causes because we all face the same enemy and we all share the same social/political/economic relationships in our respective countries.

We all fight against the common enemy–the imperial, the racist, the capitalist, the state, the oppressor, the criminal–from here in the west like Ferguson, North Dakota, Oaxaca, Chiapas, Puerto Rico, and to the east like Palestine, Athens and Thessaloniki, Rojava, and the plenty of southwest Asian countries that lose civilian lives en masse in drone strikes; all carried out by the same class of monsters for the sake of profit, power and conquest over the oppressed, marginalized, and weak.

As long as there is power, there is always a resistance to that power. And you can’t deny the similarities between the resistances in these countries and more. While there may be different causes and faces to a struggle, the relationship between both sides of the struggle is always the same and demands solidarity between the oppressed masses or else it risks failure.

Struggle is a global and collective effort. Only united can the people win against oppression.

Alone we are sparks. Together we are a fire.

They steal your bread, then give you a crumb of it…
Then they demand you to thank them for their generosity…
O their audacity!
—  Ghassan Kanafani, a Palestinian writer and a leading member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

“After Trump’s remarks, there is an increasing amount of commentary about the “end of the two state solution” and “one state.” The key word that we always need to remember and make primary is LIBERATION. Especially for those of us who are leftists - when we hear the word “ state” we must ask, whose state, and what is the nature of the state ? Trump is perhaps escalating the speed of the end of the so-called “two-state solution.” This does not mean that we are advancing; as is obvious, Trump is not embracing a liberated vision for Palestine. The proposal is intensified apartheid and colonization. It is also clear today, more than ever, the failure of the Palestinian “leadership” and the so-called “peace process.” So it becomes a duty for Palestinians and their supporters to speak clearly about the liberation of Palestine - the total liberation of all of Palestine. It is even more relevant today than ever before. One secular, democratic state is the only natural outcome of the process of Palestinian return and liberation”.

- Comrade Khaled Barakat

Via Translators for Palestine