Drivers stoned on drugs besides booze to face same penalties
New penalties for drug-impaired driving take effect Sunday in Ontario, with fines of $180 and 3-day licence suspensions

Motorists stopped by police for driving while high on marijuana — or other drugs — will face the same penalties as drunk drivers starting Sunday in Ontario.

At a minimum, that means fines of $180 and the immediate suspensions of driver’s licences under legislation passed last year to combat growing problems with drivers under the influence.

Criminal charges can also be laid, as with drunk driving. Sentences can range up to five years.

“What we do know from law enforcement is that there is an increase of those who are impaired by drugs, especially in combination with alcohol,” Transportation Minister Steven Del Duca said this week.

“At all times, if you get behind the wheel of a car or any other vehicle on the road, you shouldn’t be impaired by anything. Not alcohol. Not drugs.”

Drivers who fail a field sobriety test on the roadside face a three-day licence suspension for a first occurrence, seven days for a second and 30 days for a third.

Licences can be suspended for 90 days and vehicles impounded for seven days if motorists are taken to a police station for further evaluation by a drug recognition expert, including a urine test.

That assessment would determine what category of drug and alcohol the driver has consumed, said Const. Clint Stibbe of Toronto Police traffic services.
Re: Hey Anti-Feminists
Some Black Guy

Long video (20 mins) deff worth listing to at least first 5-10 mins, dude makes good points and is having none of this “chick’s” bullshit or whatever this woman is playing today.

 He has a Tumblr page, though it’s not too active as last as I knew, though he did recently make a video about Tumblr.

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Ontario children’s minister seeks racial data on kids in care
Michael Coteau won’t say if Ontario will fund recommendations in the report calling for anti-racism overhaul.

Ontario’s children’s minister says he will direct the province’s 47 children’s aid societies to collect race-based data as part of an effort to reduce the high number of black kids in care.

“I believe in data collection,” Michael Coteau told a conference on Thursday marking the beginning of a province-wide push to change the way children’s aid societies interact with black families.

“It is my intention in the very, very near future to mandate all children’s aid societies to collect race-based, disaggregated data,” he told child welfare officials and black community leaders at the gathering.

Black community leaders have long called for the collection of race-based data, arguing that tackling the overrepresentation of black kids in foster and group homes begins with knowing the extent of the problem. Coteau, who was appointed children’s minister in June, has for the first time committed the government to do so.

The conference was held to discuss a report calling for sweeping anti-racism reforms. It demands that every aspect of child protection in Ontario be transformed by “anti-black racism” structures and practices.

The two-volume report, called “One Vision One Voice: Changing the child welfare system to better serve African Canadians,” was written by a committee of the Ontario Association of Children’s Aid Societies (OACAS) and funded by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services.

It was triggered by an ongoing Star investigation, which revealed that 42 per cent of children in the care of the Children’s Aid Society of Toronto were black, in a city where only 8 per cent of children are black.

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#JeNeSuisPasLiberal: Entering the Quagmire of Online Leftism | The American Reader

This essay is really interesting explaining the differences within online leftism, and I’m trying to wrap my head around how the Theory and Liberal quadrants apply most to me even though they are opposites.

I’m a deeply cynical asshole who knows we can never fix this shitty system and we’re all complicit in it, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to make it better than it currently is? And liberal democracy just has a better track record of maximizing fairness  + minimizing suffering than any other system, and my cynicism makes me rather trust that Devil We Know than take a chance on some other system that might be even more oppressive in another way?

Or maybe the whole framework here is flawed and just a way for the author to beat up on Tumblr-style Identity Politics, idk. What do you guys think?

RIGGED: Debate Commission Makes SHOCK Announcement… Trump Was Right Again

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Once again, we have to say it-TRUMP WAS RIGHT! 

The Commission on Presidential Debates admitted Friday there were indeed issues with Donald Trump’s audio at Monday’s debate – four days after the Republican nominee complained about sound issues inside the venue and was mocked for it by Hillary Clinton.

How convenient huh?

The statement from the commission boosts his claim that he was having microphone problems and therefore was cheated out of a fair debate. Well, that and the liberal hack moderator and the false fact checking and Hillary having a cheat sheet and electronic devices on her podium etc.

“I was a little bit upset that the microphone in the room wasn’t working,” Trump told reporters.

The next day, he continued to bring up the sound issues.

“My microphone in the room, they couldn’t hear me,” Trump said on Fox and Friends. “I wonder if it was set up that way,” he added. “It was terrible.”

Trump said there had been no issue with the microphone before the debate, and suggested a more sinister motive at play.

“I don’t want to believe in conspiracy theories of course, but it was much lower than hers and it was crackling,” he said.

It really was absurd. Trump had to bend over every time he spoke- it was blatant SABOTAGE!

Clinton mocked the complaints at the time.

“Anybody who complains about the microphone is not having a good night,” she said.

Mic check? Trump says debate microphone wasn’t working properly

— Yahoo News (@YahooNews) September 27, 2016

George Upper at Conservative Tribune adds that the entire charade exemplified the behavior of the political establishment and the mainstream media during the 2016 election cycle: The debate commission itself couldn’t provide working equipment that a high schooler could have set up properly, and the media largely mocked Trump’s complaints in disbelief.

And while I’m not going to indulge in any conspiracy theorizing either, at some point, when all of these “issues” seem to hinder Trump and help Clinton, the bounds of credulity start to become stretched. That’s only compounded by a mainstream media that have seemed out to get Trump since the day he announced his candidacy.

Hey, no one who has paid the least bit of attention to presidential politics since Watergate should be the least surprised to see the media lined up in lockstep behind the Democrat nominee.

But they used to at least try to hide their bias.

Do you agree that it’s about time the mainstream media started paying attention to the complaints and comments of both major party presidential candidates equally? We do! 

Let us know what you think about this in the comments!

God Bless.



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NVDA Training Teaches White Paternalism at Camp Standing Rock
“I sat in on the first two non violent action trainings brought into the camp to help teach protestors how to “de-escalate” even to the point of pulling young men (warriors) aside…

What the white man seeks to destroy and what the non-profit industrial complex is financed to carry out: the destruction of the Indigenous Warrior culture. This is not news to native people, however, this reality is all but lost on today’s white “left”. Photo: Mohawk Warriors, Oka Crisis, Canada, 1990. Photograph: Armed warriors at Kanesatake during the 1990 “Oka Crisis.” / Gazette John Mahoney (CTY). [Further reading: Part II of an Investigative Report into Tar Sands Action & the Paralysis of a Movement, September 19, 2011]

The following comment is from a film director who just returned from the camp at Standing Rock. What she witnessed is the historical paternalism that is reminiscent of the ‘Indian schools’ where proper comportment was wholly identified as the ability to assimilate into Anglo structures. We thank this person for recognizing and  sharing what she witnessed. That this took place on native land – shows egotism and white paternalism still very much exists, is being taught/modeled (via NGO “training”/*NVDA dogma), has no bounds – and no shame. (*non-violent direct action)

Camp participant:

“I just returned from the camp at standing rock and I can report that this[referencing the article: All Eyes On Dakota Access – All Eyes Off Bakken Genocide] is exactly what has happened. I sat in on the first two non violent action trainings brought into the camp to help teach protestors how to “de-escalate” even to the point of pulling young men (warriors) aside and chastising them (gently of course) for their anger. They were also told not to wear bandanas over their faces but to proudly be identified. A chill went up and down me. The national guard was brought in a couple of days ago to “help with traffic” and now today protestors (called ” protectors”) were arrested by guards in complete riot gear. This will not end well.”


One would be hard pressed to find on any website such extensive NVDA (non-violent direct action) dogma as found on the#NoDAPL Solidarity website (created on August 29, 2016 by Nick Katkevich, noted liberal strategist who is the co-creator of the group FANG – Fighting Against Natural Gas). Especially in light of this website being meant to be interpreted as representative of Indigenous resistance. Yet, Indigenous peoples do not espouse NVDA as an ideology – this is the ideology belonging to and peddled by the NPIC. The fact is, Indigenous peoples retain a deep-rooted (and enviable) warrior ideology – deeply ingrained in the Indigenous culture. This is what the NPIC seeks to destroy. Because of the arrogance and paternalism of those within the NPIC, they even believe they will be successful in doing so. This site is sponsored by Rising Tides North America (RTNA), which can be identified under the “Friends and Allies” (North America) section on the website. Many view RTNA as a sister org. to Rainforest Action Network, with a more radical veneer, the common link being Scott Parkin: “Scott Parkin is a climate organizer working with Rainforest Action Network, Rising Tide North America and the Ruckus Society.” (see the multitude of Ruckus documents/links on screenshot below). [Source]

Further irony arises when one takes note of the Martin Luther King quote on the “indigenous led resistance” website (see screenshot above). Ask yourself why Indigenous resistance would choose to quote MLK (a long-time favourite co-opted and sanitized icon of the NPIC), rather than a quote from their own warriors.

Leave it to white “leftists” to retain their unwavering belief they have the right and superior knowledge to manage/shape how Indigenous struggles should be led. This is the same “left” (funded by the establishment) that has failed at virtually everything except for the main task assigned by the elites they kowtow to: keeping current power structures intact.

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Liberal Party school funding fucks over the poor to over fund the rick

Fairfax is reporting that elite private schools across the country are been grossly over funded due to liberal party policy while some of our communities most venerable schools are desperately under funded.

The article draws a comparison between one of the most over funded school and one of the most under funded.

Oakhill Collage, a Catholic Rapist Priest School in Sydney’s Castle Hill received $15.7 million in taxpayer funding in 2014, almost $8 million dollars more then it deserved

The school boasts on its website about indoor swimming pool, gym, recording studio, photography lab and a farm complete with livestock.

Meanwhile Rossbourne School in Hawthorn which specialises in educating students with intellectual disabilities received only 67 per cent of its funding entitlement.

TLDR: Rich schools get 200% of their deserved funding, a pool, gym, recording studio, photography lab and farm, while vulnerable school gets 67% of their funding.

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Equality of the general rules of law and conduct, however, is the only kind of equality conducive to liberty and the only equality which we can secure without destroying liberty. Not only has liberty nothing to do with any other sort of equality, but it is even bound to produce inequality in many respects. This is the necessary result and part of the justification of individual liberty: if the result of individual liberty did not demonstrate that some manners of living are more successful than others, much of the case for it would vanish.
—  Equality, Value, and Merit    by Friedrich A Hayek