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anonymous asked:

>about the person who said stephen harper's daughter can't support her ideals. Trudeau literally answered "Because it's 2015" Which is the most ignorant answer that basically tells me "Because I'm going too" with no argument to support 50/50 women in cabinet, against the logical approach of it being done by merit. When will you liberal hippies stop plugging your ears to only what you want to hear. BOTH sides have faults. and if you don't think so, you're just not educated enough.

Actually Trudeau’s Because its 2015 statement was followed up by a real answer on why he’s going that way in policy of gender parity (the media didn’t report on this).

Also, again the ‘merit’ argument is a false one. The Liberals elected dozens of men AND women as MP’s. Disregarding the female cabinet ministers as unqualified is implying that women inherently are not as qualified as men.

Also calling me or others on this blog liberal hippies is really rude. Please be respectful.

Both sides have faults, but Conservatives stand out as far as faults go. You’re regurgitating false and misleading arguments and statements for starters.