liberate the land

Native American land makes up sovereign, independent nations, and we have no right to build on their territory or potentially ruin it with an epic, probably inevitable oil spill. We have ruined Native Americans’ way of life enough, don’t contribute to their cultural suffering. The public commenting on DAPL is now open, so write a letter protecting our First Nation people:
—  Levi Olson
Ode to Liberal Lunacy by Tony Olson

If you’re like me … it’s probably been an entertaining year
Full of liberal lunacy, hypocrisy, and fear.
There’s been so many “episodes”, it’s easy to forget.
Luckily, they’ve all been logged upon the internet.

The circus added one more ring when Donald got the nod
To represent the GOP … the libs cried “Oh my God.”
The media assured them there’s no way that Trump could win
So they sat back on their parent’s couch, enamored by the spin.

Election Day was coming … entertainment getting slow,
Thank God the folks in Hollywood maintained the status quo.
A host of A-list wannabes began to trickle forth,
And told us that if Trump should win … they’d all be headed north.

When Donald passed two-seventy … and victory was at hand,
A Trump-induced psychosis sprouted up in Liberal land.
The fireworks were cancelled, and purveyors of fake news
Were left to invent reasons why their candidate would lose.

They blamed it all on Comey, then they blamed a Russian hack
A dog that ate their homework, and of course … the men in black.
A unicorn, a sasquatch, and a faulty Gallup Poll
Next … they’ll blame the shooter who was on the grassy knoll.

Those celebs that promised egress … failed to adhere
We waited for the moving trucks, which never did appear.
Yes, not a star left Hollywood, although we wished it so,
Despite the fact that Rush and Sean would pay for them to go.

So now we’re stuck with Miley, and we’re stuck with Barbra too,
Several washed-up actors … and the women of The View.
We still have Maddow’s meltdowns, and Sharpton’s brand of hate.
And, we still have Lena Dunham … though she’s lost a little weight.In Congress, you can bet there’s more than one defective gene.

Just climb on board the crazy train with Nancy and Maxine.
They often make me wonder just how awesome it would be,
If parts of California could just slide into the sea.

I’m watching Liberal journalists like Cooper, Wolf, and Tapper, Spew the Leftist mantra … as their careers go down the crapper.
Deplorables will have their fun with Liberal rank and file,
Watching rats abandon ship when Clinton goes on trial.

When Debbie left the DNC, I thought we’d lost our clown.
Then, from the state of Idaho, came Sally Boynton Brown.
The DNC will be reborn, no matter what it takes.
And the mix will look like cereal … with fruit loops, nuts, and flakes.

Then, I saw the women’s march, a feministic treat.
I watched with fascination as they spilled into the street.
Among the more disturbing sights were “lady” Democrats
Who dressed up as vaginas … others wore their “kitty” hats.

A incoherent Ashley Judd paraded ‘round a stage
Saying all those “nasty women” should demand a higher wage.
Then ranting about blood-stained sheets upon those women’s beds.
Somewhere a doctor’s wondering why he took her off her meds.

Madonna parked her walker to begin her caustic din,
Dreams of blowing up the Whitehouse as senility sets in.
Even in her senior years … the party never ends.
She dances ‘round her nursing home in Vera Wang Depends.

The Liberals, you must admit, have done some crazy things.
It’s fun to see them come unhinged as Donald pulls the strings.
So, if you feel you need a shot of petulance and mirth,
Sit back and watch the Liberals, it’s the greatest show on earth.


February 18th 1873: Vasil Levski executed

On this day in 1873, by the new-style calendar, Bulgarian revolutionary Vasil Levski was executed in Sofia, aged 35. Levski was born as Vasil Kunchev in Karlovo in 1837, and as a young adult became a deacon. However, he soon gave up the monastic life and fled to Serbia to enlist in a Bulgarian legion fighting against the Ottoman Empire. During this time, he earned the nickname Levski (‘lionlike’), and became convinced that Bulgaria would only be liberated from oppressive Ottoman rule if the movement was highly organised and energised the massses. He envisioned a democratic republican government for an independent Bulgaria, with freedom of expression, speech, and association enshrined in law; liberated Bulgaria would be a land of ethnic and religious equality. In an attempt to stoke revolutionary fervour, Levski began setting up local committees in Bulgaria itself - moving away from a foreign-based movement. By the early 1870s, he had successfully established a clandestine revolutionary network in localities across Bulgaria, led by a central body in the town of Lovech. However, in 1872, a failed robbery of a Turkish post office alerted the authorities to the presence and scope of the revolutionary organisation. The police then began a crackdown of revolutionaries, but Levski refused to heed the advice of his peers and begin the revolution, as he did not believe the population was adequately prepared. Levski was ultimately arrested and sentenced to death by hanging, though he refused to surrender the names of his accomplicies; he was sent to the gallows in Sofia in February 1873. Levski’s death threw the revolutionary movement into disarray, but, five years after his execution, his dream was realised and Bulgaria secured its independence. Today, Vasil Levski is remembered in Bulgaria as a national hero, known as the ‘apostle of freedom’.

“If I shall win, I shall win for the entire people. If I shall lose, I shall lose only myself”

Mental slavery

Whoever does not liberate his mind will never be able to liberate his land, because the slavery of minds is more dangerous than the slavery of nations.

-Shaikh Abdul Aziz Al-Tarefe

The Future of the Presidency (in liberal utopia west wing happy land)

cousininthebronx and I have created a future of presidencies for the West Wing universe, based entirely on the main characters. We’ve approximated their ages based on information from the wiki and the actors’ ages:

  • 2010- Matthew Santos is re-elected
  • 2014- Congressman Will Bailey becomes President and makes Josh Lyman his Vice President. He is 48.
  • 2022- Will Bailey serves two terms and VP Josh Lyman runs for President in at the age of 59. He serves two terms with Sam Seaborn as his VP.
  • 2030- Sam Seaborn is elected when he is 65. He also serves two terms. 
  • 2038- Charlie Young, Sam Seaborn’s VP, is elected at the age of 62. He also serves two terms. 
  • 2046- Molly Ziegler is elected with her brother, Huck, as VP. She serves one term. They are both 44. 
  • 2050- Huck Ziegler is elected President with his sister as VP. He serves one term. 
  • 2054- Molly Ziegler pulls a Grover Cleveland and becomes President for a non-consecutive second term, with her brother following in her footsteps as HER VP. (Was this necessary? No but it was more fun.)
  • 2058- Huck Ziegler is elected to a second term as President but since his sister no longer qualifies as VP, his new running mate is the child of CJ Cregg and Danny Concannon. 
  • 2062- VP Concannon-Cregg is elected President at the age of 53.
  • 2066- VP Concannon-Cregg is re-elected. 
  • 2070- the child of Josh Lyman and Donna Moss is elected President.
  • 2074- President Moss-Lyman is re-elected. 
  • 2079- at the end of President Moss-Lyman’s second term the democrats have held the White House for 80 years. 

Apparently an 11-point victory means a virtual tie out in Liberal Land. Welcome to why I do not (and probably will never) be a Democrat. I seem to recall Clinton getting landside amounts of Delegates when she won by that much.

If any sports game was called a tie after one side scored 11 more points, there would be investigations into game fixing and rigging.

  • Conservatives 51 weeks a year: we're going to hell in a hand basket!!!!! god has condemned our rotten liberal land!!!!! the gays and non-whites have taken over!!!!! no one wants to shove a gun up their ass in the name of testosterone!!! why can't we shoot things in peace!! women want jobs!! how dare people tell us to start being nice to everyone!! the world has ended!!! our country has been stolen!!! the rapture is coming!!!
  • Conservatives the week of July 4th: god!!! bless!!! america!!! land!!! that!!! we!!! love!!!