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Vox: Cassidy-Graham: The last GOP health plan left standing, explained
Cassidy-Graham would end Medicaid expansion, Obamacare insurance subsidies as we know them.
By Sarah Kliff

Cassidy-Graham is the last plan standing and is probably the worst of the bunch. 

32 million could lose coverage over the course of 10 years, with hundreds of billions funneled out of health care. Much of the money available to the states would be for use as a grant program, and even though it could be spent on many different “health-care related” programs, it would be easy to use it to plug up budget holes. It also disproportionately hits blue states, adding a nasty partisan shade to it.

Call your Senators. This is serious and must be stopped.

This picture speaks a lot to me. Last night, I was at a co-workers apartment, and I engaged him along with one of his roommates in a nearly 4 hour political conversation. Now many of you know where i generally fall politically, may have even seen me change some of my views in the roughly 2.5 years I’ve been running my blog. My co-worker some of you have read what I’ve had to say about him, he’s the one I took shooting, a more center-left leaning political ideology, and his roommate would be even futher left than him. We discussed various topics, and generally I didn’t agree with his roommate, but my co-worker wad the median between us, to give you folks an idea of how those 4 hours were discussed. It was very pleasent, and very informative on all sides.

I share this story along with this photo (I take no credit for making) because I want people who don’t live in the US, or who spend all their time on social media sites like this one to really understand where America is truly. We are not as divided as CNN, FOX, or even what Tumblr would like to think we are. The average person, regardless of their political ideology is still a person who cares for their fellow man.

In someone’s time of need, you aren’t going to ignore them, and would likely help them. We are still fellow humans, with emotions and feekings towards one another. With all of the discourse we tend to forget we love our fellow man. While we may never agree with someone we still want the best for them.