To the Trumpgretters:

I went to Best Buy to purchase a new TV. I could have chosen one of several fantastic new models. On my way to the store, some guy named Bob handed me a beat up box and told me that the TV inside was the best TV ever. “Really?” I asked. “Bigly certain!” he responded. I gave all of my money to Bob, and now I’m stuck with this broken piece of crap. Who feels sorry for me?

'Post-truth' vs Scientific Socialism

In modern democracies, the truth is under attack from two masked assailants.

Both liberal mainstream ideology and far-right nationalism rely on prescriptive solutions to perceived problems which have only glancing relation to their basis in economic and social reality. Neoliberal governments headed by David Cameron and Theresa May in the UK can claim that ‘improving’ underfunded public services means auctioning them off to profit-motivate private companies; Trump can say in all seriousness that responding to the decline of working-class standards of living means promising restrictions on immigration.

These solutions have failed, and will continue to fail, since they are based on a heady combination of class interest, mythology and prejudice. Sadly, much of the academic and scientific establishment is equally complicit in this propagation of non-fact politics, providing obfuscatory, incomplete or selective scientific justifications. Their success is ultimately rooted in the economic patronage of state and private financial elites - and hence, their conclusions cannot escape the gravitic pull of the foundational interest of those elites.

Putting the scientific method back into politics works - because it gives cogent, convincing analysis alongside effective solutions. Scientific socialism emerged in a society not at all different from our own: in the middle of the 19th-century, ordinary people were appealing to a bewildering array of moral, romantic and conspiratorial ideas to explain the turmoil which surrounded them. This is the whole project of Marxism, in a nutshell: to analyse capitalism from a skeptical point of view, rooted in material reality.

Most crucially for our own times, Marxism doesn’t confine itself to top-down analyses of society from the point of view of elites seeking to impose solutions upon the world: it’s thoroughly skeptical of authority, and those who would claim to know what’s best for you. It’s a living, participative science which seeks to explain and solve the conflicts every one of us face on a daily basis. Scientific socialism is the antidote we need to the ‘post-truth’ society.

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Defranco is that annoying "Unbiased" guy who lets so much abuse and attacks on minorities fly by, all for the sense of keeping the peace, like in took 6 months for him to call nazi's nazi's and that's only because it was a undeniable video, he's king of trying to being unbiased and needing Alt Right eye balls on his channel more then morality and telling racists and misogynists to fuck off

It’s disgusting.

It’s the whole “both sides are equally bad” kind of rhetoric.

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Peasants and lower class

Triumph over powerful enemies

Nobility of the common person

This symbolism couldn’t have been more perfect if you tried, not to mention it was truly simple and sweet moment.

If it didn’t make you smile, even just a little, you’re numb and bitter.

I have to admit, I’m dying over all the Disney princess/ animals of the forest memes that are trending right now. Stay awesome, Bernerds… fight the good fight with internet savvy.

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“Lesser evilism assumes that certain communities are disposable. It apportions people into rigid hierarchies. It judges who is worthy of safety and security.  It asks us to voluntarily defer liberation. Lesser evilism may sound appealing as a practical metric, but it comes with severe human costs. […] Lesser evilism is possible only because we’re so accustomed to seeing certain people as lesser human beings.”

Steven Salaita | Palestine and Hillary, ‘the lesser evil’

The moral gymnastics of trying to make Hillary Clinton a “lesser evil” does in fact have material consequences. It usually comes in the form of a dichotomy: American lives versus non-American lives. In that scenario, the decision is not just a dichotomy, it is a hierarchy too, because American liberals, progressives, and conservatives alike usually place American lives – especially white, cis, able-bodied ones – above all others. 

Twitter user Laura Silverman is right to point out privilege, she just doesn’t understand what it means, apparently. It is an enormous privilege for Americans to hide behind loosely constructed concern for people of color within U.S. borders, Muslim peoples within U.S borders, differently-abled people within U.S. borders, and LGBTQIA within U.S borders, while playing Russian roulette with everyone else.

If you plan to vote for Clinton, okay, go for it – but disabuse yourself of the notion that you are doing it to protect marginalized people.