During Barack Obama’s administration there has been near-total continuity with the administration of George W. Bush, especially regarding mass surveillance, endless war and the failure to regulate Wall Street. This is because the mechanisms of corporate power embodied in the deep state do not change with election cycles. The election of Donald Trump, however distasteful, would not radically alter corporate control over our lives. The corporate state is impervious to political personalities. If Trump continues to rise in the public opinion polls, the corporate backers of Hillary Clinton will start funding him instead. They know Trump will prostitute himself to money as assiduously as Clinton will.
Hillary Clinton Has Become the Fat Acceptance Candidate

Stooping so low again, democrat libtards have to take advantage of the “victim mentality” groups. LOL they’re privileges, they eat more in half a day then what starving people in 3rd world countries do in a month.

Fat “Acceptance” ads are a waste of money, Hillary. You already have the votes of fat women. We’ve seen your rallies.

Nothing but shameless pandering for votes.



Peasants and lower class

Triumph over powerful enemies

Nobility of the common person

This symbolism couldn’t have been more perfect if you tried, not to mention it was truly simple and sweet moment.

If it didn’t make you smile, even just a little, you’re numb and bitter.

I have to admit, I’m dying over all the Disney princess/ animals of the forest memes that are trending right now. Stay awesome, Bernerds… fight the good fight with internet savvy.

A new election cycle filled with empty promises from corrupt politicians changes none of the Democratic Party’s historical record. And yet, it is sort of amazing how fast liberals forget that it has been Democrats, in concert with Republicans, who have:

“In the US, there is basically one party – the business party. It has two factions, called Democrats and Republicans, which are somewhat different but carry out variations on the same policies.” – Noam Chomsky

If you are going to defend evil, be honest about it and stop calling it progress. 

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