Maybe a Bernie Sanders Administration Would Give Us Our First Female Vice President

Some might say a Bernie Sanders/Elizabeth Warren presidential bid is too liberal to make it in the United States. There is definitely something to be said for putting the two most liberal senators on the same ballot, but if a vote was going to be cast for Bernie Sanders in the first place I highly doubt Elizabeth Warren as Vice President would change that.

Although there is basically no reason to think she would be the VP other than hopeful optimism, it would make a lot of sense given their records. They have both continually fought Wall Street interests. They have both consistently supported efforts making college more affordable. Ideologically they are incredibly similar and have very similar voting records on key issues. Although she decided not to run for president herself, being Vice President is a lot different than running for president yourself. Only time will tell, but it seems like a smart political move and we’ll remain hopeful. Either way her endorsement is huge. Bernie Sanders 2016!

Funny how capitalist economists on both sides of the political spectrum actively embrace the business cycle as a real thing, but then turn around and preach the virtues of capitalism. Seriously? You admit very openly that your system is faulty, then you turn around and defend it? Sounds ridiculous. 

The system sucks. You openly admit it sucks. Isn’t it time to move on to something more stable?

And on another note, I find it hilarious when liberals talk about how much they support the working class then turn around and talk about how much they want to make capitalism better. You can’t have it both ways, liberals. If you support the capitalist mode of production you cannot be pro-worker at the same time because the two are mutually exclusive. 

Every economics course you will ever take always pits capital against labor on every issue because it’s built into the system. You cannot fix capitalism and make it work for the proletariat because capitalism depends on exploitation of labor to exist, and capital is the side that owns the property in any significant form. It’s inherent in the system to place profit above all else, including human lives. 

Pick a side, liberals. Defend capitalism if that is what you honestly believe, but stop pretending it makes you any different from the reactionaries on the right. You guys are the same thing.

  • Liberals:I support a woman's right to choose
  • Liberals:unless she chooses not to have healthcare
  • Liberals:unless she chooses not to serve someone at her business
  • Liberals:unless she chooses to be a Republican or pro-life
  • Liberals:unless she chooses to own a gun
  • Liberals:unless she chooses not to be a feminist

The problem with white people talking about race is, it’s like catching your parents fucking. It’s always bad. There’s two types of white people that talk about race, and it’s like high school. You have the hall monitors and you have the bullies.

The bullies are the conservatives, they’re just looking to say bad shit about black people. I’m not talking about all conservatives, I’m talking about the kooks. And the kooks are always the loudest heard. They’re just wanting to get a jab in. They’re looking to bully, they’re pissed off. They’re just assholes.

And then you have the people on the left, who are the fucking hall monitors. They just feel that they’re all professors and they have a big syllabus to teach the world. And the world would be perfect if people just followed the syllabus, even though no one fucking reads the syllabus! No one does.

Yet that’s the two loudest voices when talking about race. I’m not into either of those.

Bernie Sanders is exactly what the Hillary campaign wants and needs. The more progressive voters Bernie can bring into the Democratic fold, the less likely a left-leaning independent candidate will have an impact on the elections.

Let’s put it in perspective: if Hillary calls for continuing the War on Terror, more free-trade agreements, more IMF loans, more bank bailouts, more attacks on Social Security – Bernie will support her candidacy anyway. In fact, he’ll likely ask you to do the same. What would you expect? Bernie even told Chuck Todd on Meet the Press that “…Bill Clinton did a very good job,” for crying out loud. That’s exactly why the Democratic National Committee is sending out emails that look like Sanders campaign ads. Bernie is the DNC’s dupe, and by association, so are his unwitting supporters.

See, the Bernie campaign isn’t really about spearheading a social movement that will challenge the neoliberal agenda of the Democratic Party. Bernie refuses to take on Hillary Clinton’s corporate allegiance when it matters most – in the general election. In fact, Bernie, who has pledged not to run attack ads, will not even address her neoliberalism in the primaries. Any direct challenges need to be built outside the party, but that’s not what his campaign is all about. Instead, Bernie is helping to elect a Democrat to the White House in 2016, no matter the cost it will have on working people.

Liberals politicizing mass shootings for gun control agendas to garner votes by demonizing their electoral cousins the Republicans are disgusting. But that’s easier than naming the problem – white supremacist cisheteropatriarchal terrorism. And it’s easier than problematizing how to end it – the destruction of the very same political charade that grants them power, the very same system built on white supremacist cisheteropatriarchy, the very same system that without there would be no political football to divert attention from how they themselves are as much a part of keeping racism alive and well in America as the people they like to point the finger at. Paradox is how we are expected to solve structural problems though, with policy goals. But policy goals in America dictate the election of politicians, whom live largely beyond our lived experiences and beyond our needs, to somehow act on our behalf; which then dictates choosing between two political parties vested in the status quo, a status that cannot exist while legitimizing our lived experiences and meeting our needs – so shit stays the same.

#WhiteGirlsDoItBetter is trending

Because remember everybody.. racism is okay as long as it’s towards white people. 

Clearly by bringing down the Confederate Flag in South Carolina, all racism has been cured.. 

And I don’t care which side started it, this kind of behavior only furthers race relations among us. You’re all a bunch of morons.

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“Sanders (and others) keep referring to Sanders ‘50 years of fighting for civil rights. What they mean is support given 53 years ago. Since then Sanders has won endorsements from police unions, supported racist wars, fought for anti immigrant legislation, helped promote national chauvinist politics in the American working class with the likes of pat Buchanan and Lou Dobbs, and helped to pass numerous mass incarceration bills including a historic 1994 act discussed at length by Michelle Alexander in the new Jim Crow. Leading an entire layer of progressive activists against Black Lives Matter is only his most recent accomplishment.” – Dan Belle