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What's the difference between Reform Judaism and Reconstructionist Judaism?

Hi anon!

To be completely honest, the Reform and Reconstructionist Movements are incredibly similar.  Both members of the World Union for Progressive Judaism, they both are egalitarian, ardent feminists, liberal/progressive zionists, share equal beliefs about the LGBTQ+ community, believe that the Torah was written by humans, have a lot of music and ruach (spirit) in their services and have very inclusive environments.

Reconstructionist Judaism was founded in the early 20th century by Mordechai Kaplan, who’s ideas focused on an evolving religious life based on community.  Here are some basic tenets:

  • Judaism is more than a religion; it is an evolving religious civilization.
  • Judaism is the creation of the Jewish people themselves, not of God.
  • Jewish law is not the sole decision maker: i.e. the past “has a vote, not a veto.”
  • A belief in a non-supernatural deity: “God is the process that leads to salvation”
  • The driving force behind Judaism is belonging rather than believing.
  • Judaism and working for social justice are inseparable.
  • The State of Israel is vital to Jewish cultural and spiritual survival


All of the above ideas are 100% still used in the modern Reconstructionist movement, and all but one of the above concepts have come into the Reform Movement as time has gone on.  The fourth bullet point is not relevant in the Reform Movement as we understand that God is a difference force for everyone.  But then again, the above source might be old and Reconstructionist Jews might have also evolved with this bullet point.

The Reform Movement is notably larger with more congregations around North America and the world and a larger seminary. But Reconstructionist Judaism is not the smallest movement- that would either be Jewish Renewal or Humanist Judaism.

According to the website I referenced above, where “Reform Judaism values individual autonomy”, “Reconstructionism values communal decision making”.  Additionally, “the Reform Movement uses more traditional God language” where “Reconstructionism uses a more traditional prayer style.”

As you can tell, both movements are extremely similar.

Hope that this helps!


[We Zionists will] spirit the penniless population across the border [of the Jewish state] by denying it employment … Both the process of expropriation [theft of land] and the removal [ethnic cleansing] of the poor must be carried out discreetly and circumspectly.

Theodore Herzl, the founding father of Zionism, speaking of ethnically cleansing the Palestinian population. 

@Zionists and especially @Liberal Zionists, please tell me how your Zionist ideology isn’t inherently Anti-Palestinian?

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I wish it were easier to find reading materials that made a liberal case for Zionism and Jewish self-defense and empowerment. It seems like most of the articles that are willing to support such things unequivocally, at least the ones that I have found, were written by those who are either politically conservative or conservative-leaning.

It’s not a very common mix, especially not among named, known, public figures. There are exceptions however, such as: 

Bill Maher

Jerry Coyne

David Schraub 

Phyllis Chesler ….perhaps not a liberal by 2016 Tumblr standards, but very much so by any mainstream American political measure just a few years ago. (SEE ALSO:  Alan Dershowitz.)  

And this pamphlet, which I’ve introduced frequently to liberals.

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Hello! I am not Jewish but I support the existence and growth of a progressive, harmonious and prosperous Israel. Since I'm not Jewish myself, when I talk about my stance on Israel, which would be more appropriate: saying that I am a Zionist, or saying that I am a Zionist ally/pro Israel? I'm not clear on whether the term Zionist applies to anyone who supports Israel or only to Israeli or Jewish people in support of it


Thank you for being so thoughtful.

You can absolutely call yourself a Zionist.  You can even refer to yourself specifically as a “Progressive” or “Liberal Zionist,” a “moderate Zionist” or a “right-wing Zionist” depending on your political views.

If you’d like to chat more about your political beliefs, feel free to send me a direct message!


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So about Zionism, I've heard differing definitions of what that actually means from different Jewish people. Like some just mean a homeland for Jewish people because of the history of persecution plus other nations refusing Jewish refugees, while others specifically refer to the current nation of Israel and supporting that. I was wondering if there was any supplemental terminology that differentiates the two?

Zionism is the belief of a Jewish nation state in Palestine. You can be a liberal Zionist who may not like what Israel is currently doing but if you believe that Israel, in any form, should exist, you’re a Zionist.

The thing that annoys me the most about liberals (of any kind, Zionist, non-Zionist etc) when it comes to Palestine is the way they police our struggle. They’ll say things like “Terror attacks aren’t helping your cause”, “BDS isn’t effective!” or “a two-state solution is the better solution because xyz reason regardless what you Palestinians think” and so forth. It’s like honey that’s not for you to decide seriously

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I think what the liberal Zionists are trying to say is that they want their Zionist state to exist ALONGSIDE Palestine similarly to how as it stands now except Palestine would an actual nation like Israel is, not an occupied state. They believe that both states should exist simultaneously without a problem bc they live in an idealized world where everyone gets what they want without making sacrifices.

Plot twist: I’m against the two state solution like the majority of Palestinians are and I only support the one state solution. 

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Hello ! What's zionism exactly ? I see that everyone has a different definition, it's confusing me. What are zionists' goals ?

I’d advise you to take a good long read through our Zionism tag. 

There are Zionisms. Plural. In the roughest sense, it’s the belief that Jews should have a safe homeland. Practically speaking, the Zionist movement led to the creation of Israel. There are political, religious and philosophical branches to the idea. 

There are Bi-nationalist Zionists who believe that Israel can be shared between two people and still be a safe Jewish homeland. There is an idea called “Post-Zionism” that suggests that Zionism as a project is over since Israel exists. There are religious Zionists who refuse to acknowledge the State of Israel because it wasn’t created as part of the messianic age. There are Cultural Zionists who believe that Jewish heritage and life should be preserved in Israel, but that the state shouldn’t exist. There are Revisionist Zionists who believe that no Palestinian state should exist and that the world gave Jews nothing and we owe the world nothing. There are Liberal Zionists who believe in a two state solution. There are Zionists who believe that the Jewish homeland should be somewhere other than Israel that doesn’t have another population.

In short, it’s an incredibly complicated subject with a lot of different ideas behind it. This is very much the tip of the iceberg and not much of a visible tip at that.

You know what, in the end of the day I don’t really care about what zionism means to (zionist)Jewish people, I care about what zionism means to me, and to me it is racism against me and my people, and it is the wish to - literally, btw - drive us into the the sea or otherwise uproot us from our own lands, which we are indegineous to. When Palestinians talk about Zionism, we aren’t talking about some foreign concept that we have no relationship to, and trying to define it for those who do. We very much do have a relationship with zionism and we are immensely devastated by it, and therefore, we do have the right to define it. And I’m so tired of Israel apologists and liberal zionists who go to Palestinians saying: “You don’t understand what zionism means to me as a Jewish person and you, as a non jewish person , should not define” or those who say: “my zionism isn’t this zionism” because to be quite honest, I don’t care.

I hope this reality check doesn’t piss off the Liberal Zionist crowd but if there’s anything these last few days and weeks, let alone years or decades, have proven, it is how Israelis see Palestinians. Israelis see Palestinians as subhumans. Actually, they see Palestinians as roaches that need to be exterminated. They see Palestinians as an entity that needs to be controlled. That’s why they, particularly settlers, have no problem mercilessly killing them, whether it’s shooting them or burning them alive. That’s why the army has no problem bombing them and killing them in multiples while calling it “collateral damage”. This is what we’re dealing with.


WHEN THE LIBERALS AND ZIONISTS ATTACK ME, AND CALL ME A NAZI, EVEN THOUGH IM FROM CALIFORNIA AND FROM A ADOPTED INTERRACIAL FAMILY, IM GOING TO CALL THEM A JEW NAZI!!!! BECAUSE JUST LIKE THE Nazi’s wanted to oppress and kill a peoples voice and lifes existence in every way, the jews are trying to kill us (non Nazi’s) by labeling us Nazi’s and skin heads and fascists, even when, we’re not!!!! Thanks FOR THE OPPRESSION AND DEATH THREATS !!!!! I CROWN THEE, JEW NAZI’S!!!!


Okay, there are some liberal zionist blogs on tumblr that pretend they are neutral or even pro-palestine, but actually subtly rubber-stamp and perpetuate pro-Israel rhetoric. 

It sucks because I want Jewish blogs to follow, but sometimes after enough time following them, they reveal themselves to be pretty pro-imperialism just because it’s Jews doing it.

It surprises me that self-proclaimed liberal Zionists do not advocate for one binational state where all inhabitants have basic human rights regardless what their ethnicity is or where they live, even if it was within the current State of Israel but instead they insist on advocating for a two-state solution. Afterall liberalism does not care to abolish oppressive systems but reform them instead. Funnily enough, this contradicts their claim that Zionism is about a “Jewish right to a homeland” because they definitely seem to be more interested in the exclusivity of a Jewish state.

I was thinking about this recently, and correct me if I am wrong, but one of the issues I discovered with liberal Jewish / Zionist organisations in how they deal with Israel is that they seem like they’re purposely structured to deal with Israel as an “intra-community” issue, and a lot that comes out of there seems to be by Jews, and for Jews. What I’m saying is that it seems like the absence of Palestinian voices, except maybe one or two token ones, is almost intentional. Again, I could be wrong on this, and I realise it’s important to prioritise your own people on issues like these, but it seems like these discussions about “Israel’s future” is focused on Jews, even those in the diaspora who have no intention in migrating to Israel. Palestinians seem to be in the background of all of this, like a gotcha talking point. This is why a lot of them disapprove of BDS as if it wasn’t started by Palestinians themselves, this is why they talk about the “conflict” as if there are two equal sides, and this is why a lot of them have no intention of putting Palestinian interests at heart.