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For years, conservatives have been telling us that a healthy business-friendly economy depends on low taxes, few regulations, and low wages. Are they right?

We’ve had an experiment going on here in the United States that provides an answer.

At the one end of the scale are Kansas and Texas, with among the nation’s lowest taxes, least regulations, and lowest wages.

At the other end is California, featuring among the nation’s highest taxes, especially on the wealthy; lots of regulations, particularly when it comes to the environment; and high wages.

So according to conservative doctrine, Kansas and Texas ought to be booming, and California ought to be in the pits.

Actually, it’s just the opposite. For years now, Kansas’s rate of economic growth has been the worst in the nation. Last year its economy actually shrank.  Texas hasn’t been doing all that much better. Its rate of job growth has been below the national average. Retail sales are way down. The value of Texas exports has been dropping.

But what about so-called over-taxed, over-regulated, high-wage California? California leads the nation in the rate of economic growth — more than twice the national average. In other words, conservatives have it exactly backwards.

So why are Kansas and Texas doing so badly? And California so well?

Because taxes enable states to invest in their people – their education and skill-training, great research universities that spawn new industries and attract talented innovators and inventors worldwide, and modern infrastructure.

That’s why California is the world center of high-tech, entertainment, and venture capital.

Kansas and Texas haven’t been investing nearly to the same extent.

California also provides services to a diverse population including many who are attracted to California because of its opportunities.

And California’s regulations protect the public health and the state’s natural beauty, which also draws people to the state – including talented people who could settle anywhere.

Wages are high in California because the economy is growing so fast employers have to pay more for workers. And that’s not a bad thing. After all, the goal isn’t just growth. It’s a high standard of living.

Now in fairness, Texas’s problems are also linked to the oil bust. But that’s really no excuse because Texas has failed to diversify its economy. And here again, it hasn’t made adequate investments.

California is far from perfect. A housing shortage has been driving rents and home prices into the stratosphere. And roads are clogged. Much more needs to be done.

But overall, the contrast is clear. Economic success depends on tax revenues that go into public investments, and regulations that protect the environment and public health. And true economic success results in high wages.

So the next time you hear a conservative say “low taxes, few regulations, and low wages are the keys to economic business-friendly success, just remember Kansas, Texas, and California.

The conservative formula is wrong.

The Liberals can honestly go fuck themselves at this point.

I’ve run out of patience. They’re not going to do a 180 and respond to their critics (of which there are many). They’re breaking campaign promises left and right, seemingly without a damn. They won’t even admit they’re wrong.

Sunny Ways? Its Winter in Canada now. The Sun isn’t coming back, and the Liberals won’t be re-elected if they keep up this blatant disregard for the law, democracy, climate change, indigenous rights, electoral reform and morality.

The honeymoon is OVER.

interesting how these liberals won’t cater to the white working class materially because of the belief they’re racist but will cater to affluent republicans, obviously the last bastion of anti-racism in america.

The liberation of Palestinians won’t be complete without the liberation of Jews from antisemitism and violence and that’s just my onion served fresh

Most election results are in. VVD (conservative liberals) won again, which I’m oddly fine with. At least Wilders (radical populist) won’t be prime minister. With all the shit going on in other countries, I think we were all looking for some status quo. And at least the party I voted for had a pretty big increase.


Eritrean soldiers during the 30-year long Eritrean War of Independence between Eritrean forces and the Ethiopian government. Women made up 30% of Eritrea’s army of 100,000 soldiers and were a popular symbol of the liberation effort.

After Eritrea won its independence in 1993 women were given 30% of the seats in parliament and gained new legal rights. However some complained that they were treated more respectfully as fighters than they were as civilians.


November 28th 1893: Women first vote in New Zealand

On this day in 1893, New Zealand women voted for the first time in a national election. Women’s suffrage had passed that September following a campaign which was inspired by British and American suffrage activists. The 1893 election saw an impressive turnout of 75.3%, and elected members to the New Zealand Parliament. Also elected was the first female mayor in the British Empire - Elizabeth Yates of Onehunga. The Liberal Party won the election, and Richard Seddon became Prime Minister of New Zealand. With the September suffrage act and subsequent election, New Zealand became the first nation with universal suffrage, as indigenous Māori women were also granted the right to vote. However, women did not gain the right to stand for New Zealand Parliament until 1919. Despite this, this anniversary commemorates New Zealand’s progressive suffrage policies, which were certainly ahead of their time in 1893.

So, recap of the night:

  • The Liberal Party won a majority government, making Justin Trudeau Prime Minister of Canada.
  • I was bummed that the NDP faced such substantial loses, but I was glad Tom Mulcair got his seat.
  • I was also glad that Elizabeth May got her seat.
  • For a good chunk of the night, I was upset that Trudeau won.
  • However, Trudeau made a good acceptance speech, so then I started crying happy tears over getting Canada back.
  • Generally fuddle-duddlery.

“Liberals won’t make anti-gay marriage cakes but they expect Christians to make gay marriage cakes!”

Yes, because expecting a baker to do their job and make a wedding cake is the same as expecting them to make a hateful propaganda cake.


TYT: EVERY Poll Shows Bernie Won Debate. Why is “Liberal” Media Saying Hillary Won?

Liberals have won. Another 3 years where the country is doomed to policies that favour the rich over the poor, marriage equality is up in the air and will only be achieved by plebiscite which involves letting those opposed to it emotionally traumatize and bully the queer community in the hopes of stopping it, one of the most important and largest infrastructure projects (the NBN) will deliberately continue being over priced and the opposite of future proof, and our fantastic health care system will continue to receive funding cuts and attacks to support the massive tax cuts to corporate donors. The list of horrible things continues, as is the horror that is a Liberal government. Australia, you nearly kicked the Liberals out of office. You nearly did.

What a shame… what a damn shame…