liberal utopia

The world’s pretty fucked, isn’t it? What we get to see is this kind of young liberal utopia of different colours and sizes and people. It’s a wonderful thing and it needs to be celebrated, especially in lights of such travesties. I mean…we’re from Manchester, you know what I’m talking about.. I just wanna dedicate this song to anybody, from any walk of life, who’s ever felt ostracized or maligned or felt like you’re not good enough for any reason
—  Matty before playing Loving Someone in Ottawa, Canada

pacific northwestern gothic:

  • you drive an eco-friendly car and you recycle, but you leave the lights on all night, just in case. 
  • you find yourself lost in an endless sea of coffee shops, unable to tell corners apart, trapped in a tightly woven web of independently owned shops next to smaller chains, kiosks in every open place they can be wedged. you lose time, lose sleep, and in your delirium, you fill another bunch card, redeem your free latte, and continue your fruitless search for a way out.
  • there’s a new starbucks down the street. there’s always a new starbucks down the street. 
  • no one’s ever heard of your favourite band, because they don’t exist. you could’ve sworn they did, you had all their records - real records, on vinyl, you’re a collector - just last week, but they’re gone now. you try telling a friend to look them up, but you find yourself unable to remember their name. 
  • on sunny days, you feel ill at ease. some things should not be seen in such clear light. your eyes are not adjusted to such brightness.
  • children on a field trip watch the salmon run, their flesh deteriorating from their living bodies as they beat themselves against rocks in a macabre last battle upstream to lay their eggs where they first hatched. the children watch for hours in the cold as the fish, some almost as big as they are, fight to reach their spawning grounds before their bodies fail and fall to pieces. on the bus ride home, they laugh as if they had seen nothing. 
  • your neighbours, your friends, even you, discuss proudly how progressive and open-minded you are, how different this place is from the rest of america - as they decline, we shake our heads, grateful to live in such a liberal utopia. here, things are greener. here, people are kinder. we don’t have dark secrets. you smile, because the state history curriculum doesn’t talk about the laws that stayed on book for far longer than we care to admit. you laugh, blissful in ignorance, or in avoidance, of the fact that we are no better, no brighter, than anywhere else. 
  • you’re tell yourself you’re a good person, who doesn’t judge on appearances. you applaud yourself for your open-mindedness. there must be another reason you feel so disquieted when someone who looks too different from you gets too close to you in public.
  • mount st. helens begins to smoke. something stirs at the bottom of crater lake. there’s a wailing sound coming from behind multnomah falls. 
  • a friend mentions that they’ve been hiking a lot lately, and you say you’d love to get out there more, it’s just hard to find the time. the truth is, you’ll never forget what you saw out there, in that deep part of the woods, at twilight, having long lost the trail. 
  • there’s a flavour you just can’t place in the newest limited edition holiday ale from your favourite microbrewery. you buy another six pack, and drink until you can’t taste it anymore.
  • you laugh at the religious, but some part of you wonders if it would be easier to sleep at night, believing something, anything, was looking out for you.

nick “babylonian” robinson has ushered us in a sexually liberated utopia where we can all express our eternal lust for Krystal, Gruntilda from the game over screen of Banjo-Kazooie, and Rouge the Bat without fear of persecution. we may all admit we got boners from the part of paper mario where Peach was naked an invisible in our garden of Dionysian. in this planet-wide bacchanal where we all sip wine and partake in enjoying erotic drawings of XJ9. a paradise.

thank you, nick robinson. 

Especially in a “democracy,” in the phrase so often used by American liberals in their heyday before the mid-1960s when doubts began to creep into the liberal utopia: “Are we not the government?” In the phrase “we are the government,” the useful collective term “we” has enabled an ideological camouflage to be thrown over the naked exploitative reality of political life. For if we truly are the government, then anything a government does to an individual is not only just and not tyrannical; it is also “voluntary” on the part of the individual concerned.
—  For a New Liberty: The Libertarian Manifesto by Murray Rothbard

people deserve to live and feel safe in the place that raised them. not everyone hates their small conservative town in a disney movie kind of way (”there must be more than this provincial life!”). it’s okay to feel like you should belong there, even if that place isn’t particularly welcoming to you. you deserve a space for yourself and all your identities and complexities and ways of loving wherever you go, not just in select liberal utopias tied to one coast or another. I should feel safe being a lesbian in the mountains and by the river and in the backyard i grew up in and in my favorite bbq place and on the bleachers behind my old high school and all the warm little places that I will never ever be able to separate from my memories (and I shouldn’t have to). 

people in small towns and counties and cities who don’t love you like you deserve: don’t be afraid to get up and go, but don’t be afraid to demand the safety you’re entitled to. 

and if you have never had to wonder where you could go to feel safe, don’t you dare condemn people for being attached to their home. 

anonymous asked:

Why are you so against socialism when the worlds most socialist countries (Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Finland, Netherlands, Sweden) shit on the United States in pretty much every way; economically, citizen happiness and life satisfaction.... Would love to hear a genuine answer to this.

Unfortunately, you are dead wrong and quoting ridiculous talking points. 

Moreover, there is a group of people that believes the Danes are lying when they say they’re the happiest people on the planet. This group is known as “Danes.”

“Over the years I have asked many Danes about these happiness surveys — whether they really believe that they are the global happiness champions — and I have yet to meet a single one of them who seriously believes it’s true,” Booth writes. “They tend to approach the subject of their much-vaunted happiness like the victims of a practical joke waiting to discover who the perpetrator is.”


In addition to paying enormous taxes — the total bill is 58 percent to 72 percent of income — Danes have to pay more for just about everything. Books are a luxury item. Their equivalent of the George Washington Bridge costs $45 to cross. Health care is free — which means you pay in time instead of money. Services are distributed only after endless stays in waiting rooms. (The author brought his son to an E.R. complaining of a foreign substance that had temporarily blinded him in one eye and was turned away, told he had to make an appointment.) Pharmacies are a state-run monopoly, which means getting an aspirin is like a trip to the DMV.

Other Scandinavian countries (Booth defines the term broadly, to include Nordic brethren Iceland and Finland in addition to Denmark, Sweden and Norway) raise other questions about how perfect the nearly perfect people really are. Iceland’s famous economic boom turned out to be one of history’s most notorious real estate bubbles. A common saying in Denmark about Icelanders: They wear shoes that are too big for them, and they keep tripping over the shoelaces.

The success of the Norwegians — the Beverly Hillbillies of Europe — can’t be imitated. Previously a peasant nation, the country now has more wealth than it can spend: Colossal offshore oil deposits spawned a sovereign wealth fund that pays for everything.

Finland, which tops the charts in many surveys (they’re the least corrupt people on Earth, its per-capita income is the highest in Western Europe and Helsinki often tops polls of the best cities), is also a leader in categories like alcoholism, murder (highest rate in Western Europe), suicide and antidepressant usage.


The suicide rate is 50 percent higher than in the US and more than double the UK rate. Party guests, even at upscale gatherings, report that, around 11:30 at night, things often take a fighty turn.

The Future of the Presidency (in liberal utopia west wing happy land)

cousininthebronx and I have created a future of presidencies for the West Wing universe, based entirely on the main characters. We’ve approximated their ages based on information from the wiki and the actors’ ages:

  • 2010- Matthew Santos is re-elected
  • 2014- Congressman Will Bailey becomes President and makes Josh Lyman his Vice President. He is 48.
  • 2022- Will Bailey serves two terms and VP Josh Lyman runs for President in at the age of 59. He serves two terms with Sam Seaborn as his VP.
  • 2030- Sam Seaborn is elected when he is 65. He also serves two terms. 
  • 2038- Charlie Young, Sam Seaborn’s VP, is elected at the age of 62. He also serves two terms. 
  • 2046- Molly Ziegler is elected with her brother, Huck, as VP. She serves one term. They are both 44. 
  • 2050- Huck Ziegler is elected President with his sister as VP. He serves one term. 
  • 2054- Molly Ziegler pulls a Grover Cleveland and becomes President for a non-consecutive second term, with her brother following in her footsteps as HER VP. (Was this necessary? No but it was more fun.)
  • 2058- Huck Ziegler is elected to a second term as President but since his sister no longer qualifies as VP, his new running mate is the child of CJ Cregg and Danny Concannon. 
  • 2062- VP Concannon-Cregg is elected President at the age of 53.
  • 2066- VP Concannon-Cregg is re-elected. 
  • 2070- the child of Josh Lyman and Donna Moss is elected President.
  • 2074- President Moss-Lyman is re-elected. 
  • 2079- at the end of President Moss-Lyman’s second term the democrats have held the White House for 80 years. 

the weird thing about a lot of so-called “radical queers” is that they’re actually super liberal

like, i’m glad that y'all aren’t into getting gay married and assimilating and shit, but no amount of kinky sex and dildos and ~performance art~ is gonna keep trans women from getting murdered or help people get the medical care they need to transition or stop queer kids from getting kicked out of their homes and living on the streets. i mean i wish we all lived in your pink sparkly liberated genderless sex toy utopia but we just don’t.