liberal party of ontario

Renewal through Truly Open Nominations

As often happens… I have some of my best ideas in bed….

In the recent debate about whether the Liberal party, or any party anymore for that matter, is a “movement”. The branding of a party as a movement makes it seem like many people are aboard and that one should join that growing number of people who may be onto something. In a time when people are very non-politically engaged, as only a bit over ½ the population voted in the last federal election, there is need to make all parties strive to be a movement. The Conservatives this ridiculous “we’re a national party because we’re in every province.” This excludes anyone away from their line of thinking and geographically divides up who their party sees as “having good ideas or bad ideas” based on where they live. I also get fed up with the lines against non-partisanship that “you want to know what a party stands for” so that throughout your life when you forget to go to a single local debate, meet your candidate, go to their campaign offices or anything – you can just turn back to your traditional choice of party and happily drop the ballot in for them knowing they advocate the same things they always have. That is an awful system to be honest. It means that your party is stagnant in their ideas & their thinking.

I propose a “movement of good ideas” and nothing more.

Basically, in the next election, while candidates are being picked during nomination, I hope that the party leaders advocate people who may not be necessarily “traditional Liberals” to try and get nominated. Basically, if for example in Alberta, fiscally Conservative works, but the youth and adults are not offended by social change and social acceptance, then why does a second Conservative-type candidate run under the Liberal slate advocating for policies locally they believe would benefit their riding. Every region of the country is divided into ridings. Ridings are seen as being more Liberal, NDP or Conservative based on how they have voted crushing the hopes of dissenters on major unresolved issues whom do not “fit”. There are many well-known community leaders who win without a partisan designation at the municipal level, but federally good ideas are snuffed out by party lines. I would love to see those community leaders whose ideas would benefit their riding, but not necessarily go with the party line come to the Liberal Party and plead with voters to vote for them as a candidate. In the end, a Liberal government would be eclectic and reflect every riding in the country with a community leader whom represents, understands and cares about their riding’s needs and issues more than they do about what a party has traditionally done. I just don’t see this flying in the Union-Separatist NDP or the Business-Rural Conservatives. They both cross significant boundaries and reflect some diversity, but exclude people of many lines of thinking. Only in the Liberals will you find unionists, business, rural, urban etc… (no separatists though). We need to again be a vehicle for change for individuals with dreams (not dreams of self-aggrandization!).

I want people of all communities to represent their riding through the Liberal banner. It used to be a party where big, progressive, good thinkers would come together and push forward their individual agendas through the machinery set up. The machinery existing now is too rigid in the other two parties, but completely open for renewal in the Liberal Party. It would be fantastic to see a broad array of people whom are ready to debate and challenge each other on their ideas to ensure the best ones come through to be pushed for Canadians.

If at a door, a voter says to the candidate, “well, I don’t like your leaders stance on… ___”. That’s when the candidate can say, “I don’t agree with him/her on that either in fact. I’m there to represent my constituents on all matters. I’ll fight them on it to make sure they change their mind.” That’s when peaceful debate can occur and we can get rid of this cult of leadership, presidential politics confusion that has sullied national discussion.

We talk about “bold” ideas. I see this as “bold” as they can come. Bold people to push bold ideas and they are welcome in the Liberal Party without subscribing to many rigid controls. I mean: Liberal does mean free. More free thought, free speech and free ideas – very Liberal indeed in my opinion.