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Be wary of liberal leaders who will try to hide their allegiance to DeVos’ destructive education agenda. As soon as he sad he supports “accountable school choice initiatives”, it should be a dead giveaway.

Behind closed doors, politicians like this will be more than happy to help Devos gut public schooling and destroy teachers unions. They try to hide it, but they can’t hide their actions and their records.

“Many Bothans died bringing us this letter.”

“They were killed by the evil Empire?”

“No, they just got to the bit about R2-D1 and died laughing.”

When Pymander had said this, he blended himself before my eyes with the powers. And I, who was now clothed with power and instructed about the nature of the Universe and about the exalted vision, thanked and praised the Father of all things. I began to proclaim to the people the beauty of the Gnosis and of the life dedicated to God.

“Oh, you nations, you men who are born of the earth and who have given yourselves up to intoxication and slumber and to the ignorance concerning God, become sober and stop wallowing in debauchery, enchanted as you are by an animal sleep.”

On hearing this, they came to me with one accord. And I spoke further: “Oh you earthly born, why have you given yourselves up to death, whereas you have power to participate in immortality? Repent, you who walk in error and who have accepted ignorance as a leader. Liberate yourselves from the dark light and take part in immortality by taking leave of destruction forever.”

Some of them mocked me and went away, for they were on the road of death. But others, who had thrown themselves on their knees for me, besought me to instruct them. I raised them up and became a guide to the human race by teaching them in what way they would be saved. And I sowed in them the words of wisdom and they were fed with the water of immortality.

Corpus Hermeticum


1. ndp leader tom mulcair calling the muslim ban a muslim ban, calling for a debate on it, and calling it “reprehensible”

2. conservative leader rona ambrose demanding that the united states “shelter ISIS persecuted groups from genocide,” including “yazidis, assyrians, christians, and muslims”

3. liberal leader and prime minister justin trudeau posting vague platitudes that don’t use the word “muslim,” posting a picture of himself smiling at a cute refugee child, and reassuring canadian passport holders that they’ll still be allowed to travel into the united states, all without including a single word or phrase that condemns trump or the ban

‘Authentic’ leadership could not come from the outside or above; rather, the people who were most oppressed had to take direct action to change their circumstances. At best, national organizations could offer activists the resources that they lacked: financial support, media attention, and political education.
—  Ella Baker & the Black Freedom Movement by Barbara Ransby 

Today in history: February 23, 1868 – W.E.B DuBois born. 

DuBois was an intellectual leader and activist in the Black liberation movement and anti-colonial movement for decades. He was a life-long fighter for full equality for Black people in the U.S., co-founding the NAACP, active in struggles against lynching, Jim Crow laws and discrimination in education and employment. 

DuBois was an internationalist, organizing several Pan-African Congresses supporting the national liberation movements in Africa. He was a prolific author, writing many important articles and books including a key book for understanding U.S. history, Black Reconstruction in America. DuBois believed that capitalism was a primary cause of racism, and was generally sympathetic to socialist causes throughout his life. Though he conflicted with the Communist Party for many years, at age 93 he finally joined the Communist Party. 

He traveled throughout the world and was friends with leaders of liberation movements in Africa and Asia (pictured see DuBois with Chinese communist leader Mao Zedong). DuBois faced serious repression during the McCarthy era, having his passport revoked for 8 years. He died at age 95 in Ghana, while there working with Nkrumah’s government on an Encyclopedia of the African Diaspora.

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Leader's debate- Summary
  • Nigel Farage: Immigrants Immigrants Immigrants
  • Nicola Sturgen: Fuck austerity and fuck you *plays bagpipes*
  • David Cameron: What the fuck, Nick
  • Nick Clegg: What the fuck, Dave
  • Leanne Wood: Fuck austerity and fuck you *plays Tom Jones*
  • Ed Miliband: Please leave me alone

Nihigaal bee Iina, or our journey for existence is a prayerful walk orchestrated by fellow Diné youth seeking to address a variety of issues occurring across Diné Bikeyah (Navajo land). As we have walked, we have seen the destruction of resource extraction upon our lands, and our people’s psyche. 

We have also witnessed our people— especially Diné youth— awakening to their original selves. We also experience healing from intergenerational trauma, in which we give back our strength to the community in the form of prayers, presentations, and community exchanges to create a sustainable conscious that will empower communities and remind all of us that our situations are not unique but a result of colonialism’s structural violence. 

As youth, our identity as Diné has allowed us to override our circumstances within each of our very different lives to take the time to walk to each of our sacred mountains. We are slowly realizing cultural revitalization, and the importance and immediacy of fighting despite struggles. Tomorrow will be more beautiful and months preceding will make us grow, and the people will take back their power. 

Trump supporters: Liberals are such over sensitive crybabies and are horrible bullies.

Liberals: *makes a negative comment about Trump*

Trump supporters: what the FUCK?! How can you be so harsh, give him a chance? You people are assholes, liberals are trash. *rants about Killary and Bernie Sanders* *goes onto a liberal Twitter/tumblr/Facebook and aggressively harasses them*

Trump supporters: *sees a post about a feminist/blm march* oh my GOD, they are ATTACKING us and our precious leader Trump, liberals are SCUM!

Anti-Trump Republican: Trump is a disgrace to our party and his ideals do not fit with those of a true Republican.

Trump supporters: liberal TRASH, you are obviously anti-American.

Feminist: Trump is a danger to female lives.

Trump supporters: Feminism is a HATE movement.

PoC: Trump poses a threat to minorities and his administration is beneficial only to those who are white and wealthy.

Trump supporters: You people will say anything to make Trump look bad, you are RACIST, you are the PROBLEM

Female leaders now dominate UK politics

The leaders of acting leaders of UK’s six biggest opposition parties are ALL women.

Harriet Harman of the Labour Party (Acting)

Nicola Sturgeon of the Scottish National Party

Sal Brinton of the Liberal Democrats (Acting)

Leanne Wood of Plaid Cymru 

Suzanne Evans of UKIP (Acting)

Natalie Bennett (Green Party)

Now whatever you think of these women or their respective parties it clearly shows a step forward in Britain where politics is largely old, male and stale.

The Leaders Debate

Hopefully, those of you who are British citizens out there are aware of the upcoming election which is coming closer with every day. I would encourage you to vote because political apathy is a huge problem within Britain and voting really does make a difference to some extent. Yesterday we witnessed the ‘leaders debate’ which for many people helped to decide which party they felt was worthy of governing the UK. In this post I do not wish to come across as bias to any particular candidate or party so I’m just going to give a list of each party and their key policies, then I will give my opinions on that after. If you do not wished to be swayed by what I have to say, stop reading after I’ve gone through the main candidates. Okay? Great. 

David Cameron (The Conservatives):

Main Pledges:

  • Eliminating the deficit
  • Cutting taxes by raising basic and higher rate starting points
  • Helping people to own their own home and have financial independence in retirement
  • Providing an education system that helps children reach their potential
  • Holding a referendum on Britain’s EU membership

Ed Miliband (Labour): 

Main Pledges: 

  • Cut the deficit every year, no extra borrowing for manifesto commitments
  • Make it illegal for employers to undercut British workers by exploiting migrants
  • Extra £2.5bn funding for the NHS, to pay for 20,000 more nurses and 8,000 GPs
  • Cut university tuition fees by £3,000
  • Freeze energy bills until 2017 and give energy regulator new powers to cut bills this winter

Nick Clegg (Liberal Democrats):

Main Pledges: 

  • Balance the budget fairly through a mixture of cuts and taxes on higher earners
  • Increase tax-free allowance to £12,500
  • Guarantee education funding from nursery to 19 and qualified teachers in every class
  • Invest £8bn in the NHS. Equal care for mental & physical health
  • Five new laws to protect nature and fight climate change

Natalie Bennett (Green):

Main Pledges: 

  • Publicly funded, publicly provided health service free at the point of use
  • End austerity and restore the public sector, creating jobs that pay at least a living wage
  • Build 500,000 social rented homes by 2020 and bring empty homes back into use
  • Work with other countries to ensure global temperatures do not rise by more than 2C
  • Scrap university tuition fees
  • Return the railways to public hands

Nigel Farage (United Kingdom Independence Party): 

Main Pledges: 

  • Rapid referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union
  • Control immigration
  • Powers for voters to recall MPs
  • Extra £3bn a year for the NHS
  • No tax on the minimum wage

Nicola Sturgeon (Scottish National Party): 

Main Pledges: 

  • Wants new job-creating powers for Holyrood
  • Will protect Scotland’s NHS budget; cut waiting and introduce a one-stop cancer diagnosis
  • Stands by free tuition and commitment to smaller classes
  • Backs minimum pricing for alcohol to cut cheap booze and make “towns and neighbourhoods safer”
  • Has a zero-waste strategy and backs low carbon transport
  • Wants independence to “determine our own destiny and build the best future for Scotland”

Leanne Wood (Plaid Cymru):

Main Pledges: 

  • Living wage for all employees by 2020
  • Extra 1,000 doctors for Welsh NHS
  • Scrap Bedroom Tax
  • Transfer control of criminal justice system - including policing - to Wales
  • Oppose renewal of the Trident nuclear weapons system
  • Wales to get same powers as Scotland. Also similar funding - additional £1.2bn each year

My Opinion: 

Evidently, these are not all of the parties that Britain can vote for but these are certainly the most relevant parties. Why? Because as we saw five years ago, it is likely that neither the Conservatives nor Labour are going to win an overall majority and therefore will be forced into a coalition with either: the Lib Dems, Green, UKIP, SNP or Plaid Cymru. 

I’m not going to outright say who I’m going to vote for in the upcoming election, as I’m not entirely sure yet. However, I do prefer some parties to others and some candidates to others. 

In the case of the Conservatives and UKIP, I don’t believe we need a referendum on the EU because I do not believe that leaving the EU would be a good thing for Britain. Many people debate over this, so I won’t go in to too much detail but I just believe that the European Union is a good institution despite its flaws. This is not the only policy that I disagree on with the Conservatives or UKIP but it is my main disagreement with them and I feel like it is enough for me to not give them my personal support. 

The Green Party did not come across well in the Leaders debate, perhaps because they’re not used to the live debates and the publicity as they are somewhat new to this world of popularity within politics. However, I do believe that their policies shine through this, the environment and global warming is one of the key issues facing our world today (at least, in my opinion and Bill Nye’s). Furthermore, one of the main aims of the Green party is to abolish tuition fees completely. How they would be able to do this I don’t know, maybe it’s a little too idealistic as Nick Clegg quickly found out 5 years ago. But, I wouldn’t let this sway you. A vote for Green highlights that people support environmental change and environmental based policies which in turn makes the bigger parties change their policies so that they can win the Green voters back to them. Unfortunately, I doubt we will be seeing the Green Party becoming the leading party any time soon. 

I like to think of the Liberal Democrats as a nice in between of the Conservatives and Labour. They’re not too radical either way, they’re just a middle ground. I particularly enjoy their notion on having equal mental and physical health care treatment. Mental health is definitely a big issue currently, there is a huge stigma surrounding it and public actors such as Katie Hopkins (ew) are not helping with this situation. It’s unfortunate, but because the Lib Dems were unable to keep their promise about University tuition fees I fear that their popularity has decreased and they will not receive nearly as many votes as they did previously. This being said, they do have some very good policies such as: wanting laws to protect nature and prevent climate change and increasing funding to schools. 

I have to admit that I was very anti-Ed Miliband previous to this week. From what I had seen of him, he took very bad pictures and stumbled on his words a lot. He was certainly not what I viewed as a strong Prime Minister. However, after seeing him in recent interviews and in the leaders debate I have been enlightened and seen Ed in a new light. He is much stronger, he engages with the audience (albeit sometimes in a slightly creepy way) and he seemingly actually cares about people. Whether this is an act or not, I don’t know. But he seems so much more genuine and down to earth than David Cameron. He is a guy who I feel I could have a conversation with without feeling like lesser of a person whilst doing so. Furthermore, many of the Labour party policies would have an impact on me. I work for minimum wage, on a zero hour contract and I am at University. The Labour party wishes to raise the minimum wage, abolish zero hour contracts and wants to reduce university tuition fees by £3,000. What’s not to like there? 

As for Plaid Cymru and SNP I do not feel like I can comment too much on these parties as they are more representative of Wales and Scotland and their respective devolved parliaments. However, I must say that I was extremely impressed with each of their parties policies as they were not too country based and did actually have some policies that would help Britain as a whole. Furthermore, Nicola Sturgeon blew me away with her debating style and the confidence she had against the leaders of the other parties. If I was Scottish I would definitely back her, she seems like a brilliant leader and the SNP should be proud to have her. 

That’s my opinion, what’s yours? 

When ur the (ex) Liberal Democrats leader A.K.A “The Archbishop of Banterbury” and u go for a cheeky nando’s with the utter ledges that are ur campaign team A.K.A “The Lads”!
Tour bus? More like banterbus. Am I rite m8? #winning