liberal holocaust

I have a big message to all of you liberals. Now is not the time to respond to these events with a call for peaceful protests. This has been a literal repetition of history and I’ve been saying this from the fucking get.

We elect a fucking bigot, the left compares him to Hitler and liberals are like “it’s not the same!”

Police officers attack PoC and chase them out of our country. The left calls them fascists and liberals say “it’s not the same!”

Hate crimes are on the rise constantly and white supremacists are feeling empowered. The left calls them Nazis and liberals say “it’s not the same!”

Literal Nazis march down our streets with no masks on, bearing torches, shouting Jews Will Not Replace Us, and violently run over counter protesters with a car.

The left says we are repeating history and that they must be stopped by any means, yet liberals CONTINUE to say it’s not that same and must be met with peaceful demonstrations.

The time for peace has long since passed, now is the time to kick Nazi ass. And if you’re one of those liberals defending their right to “free speech”, you’re defending violence so remember this is how the Holocaust began.

#PunchANazi #NoNaziLeftAlive


British Invasion of the Congo

Although the Belgians Colonised the Congo,In 1911 they gave a British Man ; William Lever, a concession to develop large scale productions of Palm oil in the Congo.

In the book Lord Leverhulme’s Ghosts: Colonial Exploitation in the Congo by Jules Marchal  the author states: “Leverhulme set up a private kingdom reliant on the horrific Belgian system of forced labour, a program that reduced the population of Congo by half and accounted for more deaths than the Nazi holocaust.Formal parliamentary investigations were called for by members of the Belgian Socialist Party, but despite their work the practice of forced labour continued until independence in 1960.


Heart-wrenching photos mark the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz

Tuesday is International Holocaust Remembrance Day, marking the passage of 70 years since the Jan. 27, 1945, liberation of the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camps built and operated in occupied Poland by Nazi Germany. As many as 1.1 million people, mostly Jews from across Europe, were killed there in gas chambers or by systematic starvation, forced labor and disease.

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Hey fucks

During the holocaust, nobody said, “If we stop Hitler, and we free the Jews from concentration camps, what will we do with all those extra Jews? How will we fed them? What if they overpopulate when they’re released from captivity?”


So when people ask, “If we stopped eating animals, what will we do with all the animals that are already on factory farms? What if they overpopulate? What if they take over and drive out native species?” the answer is simple:


Murder is murder.
Rape is rape.
Genocide is genocide.

It’s never acceptable and you need to accept that.


Those not liberated

The image above is one of the only images of the extermination process that took place at Auschwitz-Birkenau II. It was taken by a member of the sonderkommando, Nazi victims forced to take part in the killing processes of the facility, who was later killed. He took four pictures, which were smuggled out of camp. This image, shot from inside a building and with the camera hidden, shows other members of the sonderkommando, burning bodies due to the inability of the crematoriums to deal with the number of dead. The second image shows women undressing before they are herded into a gas chamber for extermination. The shots show that the photographer was unable to view his images before capturing the image as he had to keep the camera hidden from the SS.

Few of the sonderkommando, and none of the others sent to Auschwitz-Birkenau II’s killing facility for extermination, survived the war. These images depict the reality of the Holocaust for most of the victims. None of the death camps of the Holocaust were liberated by Americans or British. None of them were located in Germany. The extermination camps of Operation Reinhard, which was responsible for the deaths of the Polish Jews in camps specifically designed for extermination process, were dismantled during 1943 and 1944 having completed their tasks of killing roughly 1.7 million Jews. Auschwitz Birkenau II’s crematorium and gas sites were dismantled before the Soviet liberation of the camp.

Hence, when the victims liberated by Americans told of gas chambers and crematorium, they were not speaking of the chambers and crematorium at Buchenwald and Dachau. Instead, they were victims who had, before the liberation of Auschwitz, been marched by the Germans into the concentration camps of Germany itself. American and British troops confused the different camps and associated the extermination process of the camps in the East with the concentration camps of Germany. While many died in the camps due to poor conditions, shooting, hunger, disease, etc., explicitly exterminatory actions in gas chambers did not take place in them. It is this chaotic situation that leads to much of the confusion regarding an American understanding of the Holocaust.


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(Caption by /u/KugelFang52)

Visitor, look at what remains of this camp and ponder. Whichever country you come from, you are not a stranger. Let your journey not be in vain, let not our deaths be in vain. May the ashes of Auschwitz serve as a warning to you and to your children; ensure that the horrendous fruit of hatred, whose traces you have here seen, do not give up new seed, tomorrow or ever.
—  Primo Levi