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If your fat acceptance doesn’t include and fight for:

-Fat people over 300 pounds,

-Unhealthy fat people,

-Fat transgender, intersex, and other LGBTQIA+/queer people,

-Fat people of color,

-Fat disabled, chronically ill, and neurodivergent people,

-Fat Jewish people, Muslims, and other fat people of various religious minorities,

-Fat poor people,

-Fat women,

-Fat sex workers,

-And all other fat people, especially those oppressed in more than one way,

Then it’s not very good fat acceptance, it’s not helpful fat acceptance, it’s not useful fat acceptance.

If your fat acceptance has exceptions, or if it doesn’t really care how intersecting oppressions affect one’s experience with fatphobia, or if it doesn’t have room for every kind of fat person, then what is the point of it?

The same is true of feminism, and activism in general. If you’re fighting for equal rights, you can’t do that by excluding people and either not caring about or completely stomping on their rights.

That’s why this blog fights for fat people of all kinds. And yours should too.

There are no exceptions.

-Mod Bella

(P.S. sorry if this is worded poorly; I’m on mobile.)

Riot, Protest, Start Shit. 

We’ve tried peaceful protests and nobody listens. Every liberal peaceful protest is met with a flood of people calling us whiners and mocking us. If they won’t listen to peaceful protests the only option is militancy. Make it so that they have no other option but to address our concerns, they have ignored us too long.

I support the actions taken by the citizens of Berkeley to stand up for what they believe in. 

I think nachos are my new favourite food!! For the sauce I just cooked up some onion, butter beans, red kidney beans, eggplant, spinach, corn and diced tomatoes and served with corn chips, ½ a mashed avocado, chives and hummus. And the best part- it’s all VEGAN!! 😊💗💗  that’s right, look at all the grass I eat people.🌱 I’m so happy that taste and health do not even factor as compromises in order for me to continue to extend the circle of compassion beyond the realms of humanity but to all flora and fauna. If anyone is even slightly considering going vegan, do your research, surround yourself with supportive and uplifting people and embark on this journey; never in my life have I felt so peaceful and in tune with my core values.

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I keep seeing posts of thin people explaining that body positivity is unnecessary or ridiculous, all while wildly missing the point of what body positivity is and who it’s for. 

I mean it must be easy to find it useless when you’re a thin white cis able bodied perisex person with conventionally attractive features and the money to buy whatever beauty products you want but like, some of us aren’t you. 

And for some of us, body positivity and fat acceptance are radical acts of defiance against kyriarchy and a demand to no longer be oppressed. So I mean. It matters.

Like, body positivity isn’t just about wanting people to call you pretty, although recognizing that you are beautiful in a world that tells you otherwise is a radical act.

It’s about normalizing transgender and intersex bodies and fighting for their body autonomy and against transphobia and intersexism. It’s about making the world for accessible for fat and disabled bodies and putting an end to ableism. It’s about holding doctors accountable and demanding that they treat and help people of color, women, and fat people the same way they treat cishet white skinny men. It’s fighting against fatphobia and diet culture, rallying against misogyny, etc. It’s activism, it’s feminism, it’s revolutionary.

There are real people out there who can’t legally wear their natural hair, or who are given less pay because of how they look, or are being denied equal rights because of the body type they have or the appearance of their genitalia. Can you really tell me that fighting against that kind of thing is useless?

And yes, a lot of body positive blogs struggle with intersectionality. Many fail to move past sharing pastel images with cute slogans that only make thin white cishet perisex women feel better. But that is the fault of those bloggers. It doesn’t make body positivity useless; it just means that it is due for a makeover. 

Body positivity and fat acceptance are not and have never been about just wanting other people to think you’re pretty. It’s not about your worth and value being defined by your prettiness. 

And all these posts out there calling body positivity a worthless movement because “We shouldn’t be defined by our looks” or “I don’t want to be called pretty” are wildly missing the point. It’s not about that. It’s never been about that.

I just wish people could understand that the oppression I face isn’t some minor issue that doesn’t need to be challenged. Like, maybe that’s not what these people intend to say when they talk like this but that is exactly what I hear. 

-Mod Bella 


The photo on the left was taken last night at Charlottesville, Virginia. The photo on the right was taken in Germany during the rise of the Nazi party in the 1930s.

What do they have in common?

They are both pictures of a bunch of scared white people, told they have been marginalized by immigrants and non-whites, intoxicated with fear and loathing for anybody who doesn’t either share their skin colour or their views of history, blinded by the whipping up of nationalism and ‘pride’ by their elected leaders….all the while enjoying the benefits of being the ruling class who reaps the most from the least amount of work.

Guess what fellow white people? This is us.

We’re ugly.

What are we saying when we allow the flower of hatred to bloom? We aren’t removed from the nazis, one bit! We cannot allow persons of colour, the LGBTQ community, THE ENTIRETY OF THE HUMAN POPULATION THAT DOESN’T HAVE THE PRIVILEGE OF BEING BORN WHITE, to continue to shoulder the burden of resistance to the hatred the spews forth from these cretins. Get woke, stay woke- this is our problem, a human problem, and it’s time for us to take responsibility and action.

On a more somber note, to put it into a context that speaks loudly, November 8th, 2016 was our Good Friday, indeed. And our democracy sat on the cross, and said to lady liberty, “mother, here is your son”, while the Barabas named Trump went free.

Our work is before us.

Nice cream from yesterday (it was so hot it started melting before I could take the photo 😩😂 ) Just blend up some frozen banana, mango and plant-based milk and top with whatever you want! I went for passionfruit, kiwi, buckwheat, banana, berries, pumpkin seeds and coconut! 1st of January today ✨✨

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crossmyheartdarling  asked:

i really want to follow some more liberal (read: lgbt+ positive, pro-choice, feminist) christians on tumblr so can you post this publicly and can people who are christian/have a christian blog like this so i can follow them! 💛

You got it!

Calling all politically progressive, socially conscious, capitalism critical, woman affirming, and/or justice engaged Christian blogs! Self identify or raise up other blogs of interest!

My personal recommendation is Queer Theology. They’re Biblicaly rooted, socially active, incredibly informed, and incredibly well moderated.