liberal arts

‘Person of Color’

I was shocked the first time I heard it in real life.
As if I was hearing someone repeat a paper written by a kkk member.

I am Mexican, a Hispanic; not a ‘person of color’.
My native ancestors were persecuted for their religion during la Conquesta.
As were my Catholic ancestors, during la guerra Christera.
Neither died as martyrs to be belittled to ‘martyrs’ of color’.

My veins are both rich in Native and Spanish blood,
I refuse to let that be forgotten and replaced with a term, as insulting as: ‘colored blood’.

My skin as white as the snow that falls onto Spainish land during winter. My eyes as dark as the bark on trees in my country, my hair as black as the coal found under my native Mexico.
I refuse to let that be forgotten, and recognized as simply ‘colored traits’.

My last name is a Spanish last name, which I carry as proudly as my first name: A Nahuatl name.
Which is a constant reminder of who I am, and where I come from. I refuse to let my name ever be considered just ‘colored name’.

I am a Mexican, a Hispanic, and I refuse to let that be stripped away and forgotten under a term like ‘person of color’.


12.01.16 Finished the first drafts of my study abroad applications with jasmine tea and a cookie. Gotta edit them at breakfast but they should be ready to submit soon. Just need to ask my professor for a recommendation letter and then I’ll be done! 14 days until classes start. 2/100 days of productivity.

ID #83621

Name: Christina
Age: 22
Country: Canada

I really enjoy receiving snail mail! I have friends in China, Singapore and Australia that (try) to regularly send me postcards, Or letters. I would love to reach out to someone that I could get to know this way!
I am a university student, finishing my Liberal Arts degree and traveling to Europe this summer with school! In my spare time I like to read (exploring Margaret Atwood and John Lanchester at the moment), cycle and watch a good film!
My grandmother showed me a letter some time ago that my grandfather received from his father when he was overseas fighting in the war. It had a short greeting but preceded into a fictional story of a man in an unfamiliar place trying to make his way. It was a beautiful description of his environment and his farm of reference being there. I would like to do something like this- be a story teller.

I’ll save details for our first exchange :)


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