Elizabeth Banks brought Pitch Perfect to the Democratic convention with this all-star version of Fight Song

The Rule of the Self

The universe has no preferences, these are universal truths. You are inferior to no one, superior to no one. We are innately equal in our independence, individuality, and humanity. We all innately have the right, power and responsibility of self determination. Only our perception of them alters. But these facts are self evident.

You are an individual. You are not your beliefs, you are not your skin, you are not your shape, etc. The collective is imagined. Similarness is not sameness. We are all individual.

You are independent. Dependence is an illusion. You need nothing. No one makes your choices for you. You can choose anything. Your purpose is yours, it comes from you, no one else.

One’s self determination is one’s own. Self determination is a right, power, and responsibility. You and your actions yours, the responsibility is yours, and the power goes to whoever you give it to.

No one belongs to anyone but them self. Your life, choices, and fate are rightfully yours. To determine the life, fate, and choices of another is to take what is rightfully theirs, it is to violate them.

Rule none other, and be ruled by none other. Give your power to yourself, show others their power is theirs. Be independent, not pulling on or standing on others. Don’t be imperial, do not rule others. The power that was taken from the people should return to the people. We should incentivize

There are no monsters, only people. Fear is from the self, not an external force. Fear nothing. There are no kings, other than those we believe in. Power given by the fearful, desperate, beguiled, and those commanded though the illusion of dependence.

Don’t be incompetent or lead by incompetence. Leaders who need leaders are not leaders. Do not be part of a chain of command, break chains. Do not carry the orders of another, only those of the self. If you are not in charge, no one is in charge. If your leader is not leading, no one is, and no one is responsible. But really, everyone is responsible. Don’t scapegoat, don’t pretend to be dependent, don’t make others pretend. Be true. Fear nothing. Take responsibility.

Be what you want others to be. All play is practice, pay attention to what you practice. Fear breeds fear, hate breeds hate, reason breeds reason, love breeds love, in your enemies and allies alike. Conflict resolution is not achieved by giving to conflict. Break vicious cycles. Give your adversaries the option of peace without price. Do not be the leader of your enemies’ antagonism. Do not be defined by your enemies, do not live or believe in reaction to them. Give yourself power. Be valuable, make others valuable. Empower others, not punish. Create and transform, don’t destroy.

Criticize yourself as much as you criticize to your enemies. Understand your enemies as well as you understand yourself, truly. Understand your enemies in the same way they understand them self. Listen and consider the perspective of your adversaries and third parties. Do not fear the unknown, the other, or those more powerful than you. Fear nothing, question everything, even yourself.

You can chose anything, your own pain, death, loss, or starvation. Give these things no power over you, and no one may take power from you. No one makes your choices for you, not even under threat. If you must, wait for the pivotal moment to defy. But know, compliance incentivizes threats. Don’t incentivize conflict and dependency.

Think and compete. Competition refines, it makes quality. It can bring us all great wealth if we are self empowered people. We should make an example of those who wish to enslave, incentivize slavery, or make us compete with the enslaved, and of those who wish to hold a monopoly of power, economy, or ideas. Without competence, your ways die. Make something meaningful, make your ripples mean something. Without meaning, your life is just a clock ticking. Demonstrate the use, value, and veracity of what you believe in. If you do not believe in yourself or your ideas, why should anyone else? Challenge yourself and others on their ideas. Challenge yourself and your ideas against others’. Challenge yourself against yourself. Pit ideas against each other. Compare and contrast. Question everything. Fear no thought. Think completely freely, think critically. Almost all your ideas are wrong, so speak your mind now, not later. Spout all your ideas out in the open so that others may criticize them, it’s the fastest way to learn. Use your mind, power, and actions to create quality in this world.

You are equal, you are free, now be and achieve.

Dear Bernie Supporters,



You don’t get to crash Hillary speeches or groups or attack Trump/Hillary supporters. You don’t get to call people names, attack people who disagree with you, or do everything in your power to continue to slander Hillary Clinton. That makes you no better than the people you hate.

Bernie Sanders will not be elected President. It’s a fact now. Hillary is not so terrible and villainous that you would actually either a) vote third party (which will not work, (2)) or b) not vote at all, which will work even less. 

I know that lots of you are poor working class people who just want someone to be on their side for once–I also know that lots of you are rich, well-protected people who will be unaffected no matter who becomes president and only started supporting Bernie for Liberal Points. 

Either way, neither group is worrying about the state of the entire United States of America and how it responds to and interacts with other countries for the next 4-8 years.


Yes, a Hillary presidency would suck, especially if she reneges on all her promises or holds back on us. The only things worse than a Hillary Presidency is a Trump presidency.

No, Hillary Clinton is not Bernie Sanders. You know who else isn’t Bernie Sanders? Donald Trump.

You’re all pretending, lying to yourself and saying that voting third party will keep both Hillary and Trump out of office and somehow boot Bernie back into the race. Don’t kid yourselves: it’s not going to happen. You’ve lost. He lost. It’s over for him. He’s even actively campaigning for Hillary to be president. Something tells me that if he weren’t doing that, you guys wouldn’t even consider voting at all and would be much happier with ripping apart the democratic party.

This is the time to stop holding onto what once was and start thinking about the rest of the country. Go vote for Hillary. She is and always will be better than Trump.


A Fed Up Bernie Supporter


I don’t normally say that? but everyone is talking (shaming people) about how the Congressional elections are SO IMPORTANT - but nobody is educating folks on how to go about it.


Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:


What if you do your homework and find that all of your reps are terrible? what then?

Well? Run for office! Why the hell not? Because at the end of the day you - even without any political experience? you might just be overqualified.

It’s been one day of the Republican National Convention and so far we’ve seen:

-The platform, which calls for (but is not limited to) banning women from the military, and advocating conversion therapy for gays (which is considered unscientific torture by many)

-representative Steve King from Iowa, who basically asked on national television, what contributions to civilization have non white people made?

-An underwear model who spoke to the entire convention about President Obama being a Muslim and how that’s apparently inherently a bad thing, even though there are no religious tests to begin with for any public office because of this great thing I like to call the constitution

-Melania Trump apparently plagiarizing a speech by Michelle Obama and (ironically) receiving a standing ovation

-Mike Pence, the literal candidate for the second highest office in this country basically saying Mulan was a liberal conspiracy made by Disney to positively promote women in the military (it wasn’t), the idea of which he disagrees with apparently due to women’s provocation to being sexually assaulted in the military

Please, don’t let these people near public office

Can we stop shaming women for:

- Enjoying dressing modestly

- Wanting to get married to a man, be a housewife and cook/clean for her husband

- Wanting to have kids instead of pursuing a career

- Liking following traditional gender roles

- Following a religion you don’t like (you don’t have to agree with it, but don’t bully people who follow it)

- Not subscribing to feminism or liberal ideals

Feminists, not everyone wants to make the same lifestyle choices as you. Not everyone has the same political views as you. And this may surprise you, but many women who do the above things don’t believe they’re oppressed by the way that they live in the first world. Stop implying that they need your help just because you don’t like the way they live their lives, claiming that they are “outdated and sexist.” 

And declaring that these women are brainwashed since they don’t want to conform to feminist ideals or live the way you want them to is extremely immature. Women can think for themselves and make their own choices. You aren’t the boss of them and it’s not up to you to decide their lives for them. If you say otherwise, it only proves how much your movement hates them.

#BernieOrBust people, moderate republicans, and people who just don’t like politics or hillary clinton, i urge you to think about the supreme court. if trump wins, he’ll elect 1-3 conservative justices. they’ll stay on the court for the next 40-60 years. they’ll overturn roe v wade, the legalization of same sex marriage, and who knows what else.

you may hate hillary, but she’s a democrat and will elect progressive justices. don’t vote third party because that’ll just split up the voting bloc and don’t stay home because that’ll just send trump into a smoother victory. you have to vote for hillary clinton. the next 40-60 years of american quality of life is at stake.