Bernie Sanders Not Only Appreciates Climate Change Is a Real Issue, But He Also Knows How Severe Things Could Get If We Do Not Act Divisively

It is easy to forget how serious an ecological crisis the United States and the entire planet face today. The United States is an a unique position of influence and could make meaningful changes to the global energy system. Changes which Bernie Sanders has long supported. Bernie Sanders 2016!

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I've never understood what the whole "cis" thing means. Can you explain?

It’s used to describe someone whose biological sex matches their gender identity… because apparently we must label everyone and everything, which is the part I personally never understood. 

This is Simply Unacceptable and Not Conducive to Successful Democratic Government

The current economic structure of the United States is simply irresponsible and unsustainable. Bernie Sanders has long tried to reverse these economic trends and create a more egalitarian economic structure for everybody. Bernie Sanders 2016!


Tonight on Quite Frankly: We’re joined by Vietnamese Rap Artist, ‘Nah.’

Nah has made quite a ripple on the internet with his controversial track “Fuck Communism,” which portrays a dire situation in his homeland.  

We are going to get the inside on what drove Nah to make such a provocative song, and also his thoughts on a growing number of American numbskulls who continue to embrace the notion of Communism.

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Warning: This video is a bit graphic.

This is why gun ownership shouldn’t be outlawed in America. In case an animal like the guy with the machete ever does something like that. If that guy didn’t have the gun he’d probably be dead right now. Luckily he did and was able to put down the attacker with three bullets. He did survive the gunshots but if he hadn’t, well, better him than an innocent person.
WATCH: Christian, Muslim Palestinians protest separation wall route | +972 Magazine
Days after the army uprooted Palestinian-owned olive trees to pave the route of the separation barrier in Beit Jala, Christians and Muslims from the town hold a joint protest to try and put a stop…

Hundreds of Muslim and Christian Palestinians protested Sunday morning in the West Bank town of Beit Jala against the future establishment of the separation wall that would cut them off from Jerusalem.

Questions Conservatives Ignore

Why do you believe in protesting abortions while bombing actual children?

How can you be pro-life and pro-capital punishment?

If you’re christian then why do you support wall street fat cats instead of working class Americans when the bible says you can not serve both god and money? 

Why do you support police brutality and yet at the same time beg for smaller, less intrusive government?

If you are so for small government then why do you want laws dictating who people can marry and what they can smoke?

If you love the constitution so much then why do you wish to make laws based off of biblical laws to impose on everyone thus taking away their first amendment rights? 

Bernie Sanders’ Consistency Will Help Create a Race to the Top in Terms of Climate Change

By: Trevor Memmott

The science is settled; climate change is real and it’s happening now. Average temperatures are increasing, sea ice is melting, and natural disasters are getting progressively more damaging by the year. As this is being written, tens of millions of acres have been burned across the Western United States, causing economic and social devastation. All this at a time when Republicans deny the issue is even happening, and Democrats speak about the issue but have largely been inactive in fighting this very serious threat. Bernie Sanders on the other hand has consistently brought practical solutions to the table in a time where that is exactly what is needed. 

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Even Netanyahu calls them “terrorists”: How the U.S. aids Israelis convicted of violent crimes against Palestinians
Organizations supporting violent Israeli extremists get U.S. tax write-off. Here's how they operate
By David Palumbo-Liu

“A complaint filed last week with the New York state attorney general by T’ruah: The Rabbinic Call for Human Rights is casting light on the fact that an Israeli organization called Honenu has been getting a U.S. tax write-off. There is nothing alarming or unusual about that fact alone. What is of grave concern is that Honenu’s sole purpose is to defend and offer material support to Israelis accused and convicted of violent crimes against Palestinians, including murder. Also named in the complaint is the Manhattan-based Central Fund of Israel (CFI), also a registered charitable organization in the U.S., which for at least a decade and a half has funded a virtual who’s who of racist, violent Israeli extremists, including Honenu and its clients.”


“Nah” will be on tonight’s live episode of Quite Frankly.

Do you have any questions you’d like him to answer?