Sin is defined as Restriction: that is; the setting of limits, or the desire to set limits, to any thing that is, seeing that as above set forth the true Nature of all things is to fulfil themselves in all Ways. Yet though all things be thus lawful in themselves, it is often Restriction to act, and Freedom to refrain. For that Freedom is worth the other, and each case must be judged by its own Nature.
Every Star has its own Nature, which is ‘Right’ for it. We are not to be missionaries, with ideal standards of dress and morals, and such hard-ideas. We are to do what we will, and leave others to do what they will. We are infinitely tolerant, save of intolerance.
Each of us has a Will of eternal import, necessarily related to everything that exists, and all our conscious desires are so many masks—one fixed expression concealing our infinite variety.

Richard Sembera sent me an email mentioning that he’d put together an ePUB, replicating the volume THELEMA published by Suhal in 1993, which contains Libri LXI, VII. LXV, CCXX, XXVII, DCCCXIII, XXXI, and the Old Comment. You can find this ePUB linked at Richard used available sources, including the libri made available at the Hermetic Library for students and researchers. You may find the document he created useful to you.

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