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Anything you say?...well if you ever get the chance, I would love to hear your version of a Erwin/Mikasa/Levi fanfic :3 nothing kinky just these two handsome devils fighting over this beauty


This was just one of those fics… I’ve edited this thing so much and I’m still not 100% happy with it, but it looks better than the first draft soooo yeah. haha I hope you at least like it, anon! 


At fifteen minutes past noon, six-year old Erwin Smith was supposed to dust the sand from his khaki shorts, bid his friends farewell for the day, and make his way to the group of mothers chatting under the shade of the old oak tree by the swing sets. Searching a sea of pastels for the light blue cloth of his mother’s sundress was a chore in itself, but like clockwork that summer, every day at fifteen past noon, her perfectly manicured hand found his and they would cross the street to their yellow-painted townhome with a picket fence among the other white picket-fenced townhomes painted in pinks, oranges, yellows, and blues all in a row.

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