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about a quarter to nine, 1/3

or, the one where Wylan is struggling to pay his rent and plays music on the streets, Jesper dances and has no restraint and may or may not dance along to a cute street musician, and everyone is embarrassed at what these dorks get up to. {ao3}

It was February, another snowstorm had just hit, Wylan Hendriks was behind on his rent again, and apparently no one on this street had ever learned the values of tipping.

For all intents and purposes, the day should have gone well. He’d set up near a museum that was usually filled with tourists, but today it was curiously empty. Wylan had also started off with playing the violin, which usually worked in more “cultured” areas, but there was hardly anyone around to even hear him. The most attention he’d gotten was a few vaguely dirty looks and a disapproving glance from a police officer. However, the worst part of the day was the man who had walked up when Wylan pulled out his guitar and started singing, seemingly enjoying his performance… and then walked away.

All in all, he made a whopping three dollars.

Cutting ties with your rich father is, unsurprisingly, costly.

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Nurse in Training (Michael Clifford)

it’s much cuter than the title i promise


On a regular day off of school, most of the popular kids could be found at the mall or a local restaurant or getting ready for another big house party they were throwing that weekend. None of them would ever be seen without at least five other popular kids with them, sometimes ten depending on the person. But one member of the popular clique stood out.

Michael Clifford was the star of the soccer team and one of the top 5 smartest students at the school. Everyone knew who he was and everyone wanted to either be him or be with him. Teen movies were always pretty cliché about the life of a popular kid, but they had you feeling like they’d contacted Michael to find out what his life was like so they could replicate it perfectly in every film.

You, on the other hand, weren’t so lucky.

Teen movies usually depict the less popular – the nobodies – as constantly being pushed into walls and stuffed into lockers and suspended from flagpoles by their underwear. But that wasn’t the case for you. For you, your high school life was about as mundane as it gets. Of course, that wasn’t to say you never had any run-ins with bullies.

Michael’s POV; Friday evening

A Friday off of school for Michael usually looked like the inside of a hospital – not without reason, obviously. Michael was taking classes that would help him become a registered nurse and prepare him for medical school after graduation, and one of the courses offered actual work experience in the field. He interned at the local hospital down the road from the school and one look at him when he was with patients was enough to prove that he really was perfect for the career.

“Michael!” a voice caught the blonde’s attention. Michael looked over his shoulder – he’d been sweeping the floors since there wasn’t really much else to do – and watched Dr. Helm walking up to him. “I have a patient for you in Room 159,” he said, “This one’s pretty standard, so I’m just gonna let you handle it on your own since I have more critical patients to visit. But if you need anything, Sherri will be right out here, so just holler for her.” Michael nodded lightly and watched the Doctor walk away before disappearing around the corner.

Michael took a deep breath as he stood outside the door. Although he was nervous for his first completely solo patient, he was excited at knowing the staff trusted him enough to do it on his own – even if it waspretty standard’. But before backing out from nervousness completely though, Michael knocked on the door and entered the room, surprised by what he found.

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Worried Sick Part 2

This was quite rushed I’m afraid but I really wanted to get it done. Forgive me if you hate it. Masterlist is in the description or use one of the hashtags to see my past writing. Thank you for the request. Make sure you read Part 1 first.

You woke with a dull ache in your neck from the awkward position you had fell asleep in; sprawled over Harry’s torso, legs tangled with his, looking up at his face while he talks about the pros of another child, all while being in post-orgasm bliss. A smile crossed your face thinking about the conversation you shared before you had fallen into a peaceful slumber. Your thoughts were interrupted by Harry’s arm curling around your middle, pulling you towards him. You hissed at the pain it shot through your neck but he didn’t notice, it fading after couple seconds.

“Morning, handsome.” You ran your hand through his slightly greasy hair; he let out a little grunt in reply. You closed your eyes, absorbing the feeling of being in his arms, knowing what was coming in the near future. The memories of your eldest daughter and your beloved having a shouting match in the late hours of the night; or early hours of the morning, depending on how you look at it.

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Did anyone from ywbf go to college? If yes how did they handle it

They’re all in college save Ben, and Libby, who has already graduated.
I like to think that they all go to different colleges in a consortium, so they’re all technically independent while still having one another nearby. This means a lot of meeting up to just work on their respective assignments together in silence.
The adjustment was obviously very awkward for Evan, but he got matched with a good roommate his first year and between him and an awesome RA they made him feel comfortable and get settled. If anyone cares, he’s an ESRM (environmental science/resource management) major. He had great profs and a good balance of classes that really helped him settle into a routine.
Connor was still rough around the edges when he started - he actually did a year of community college before transferring - but was lucky enough that he didn’t ever have to live in the dorms…because his parents got him an apartment right next to campus. And he has to check in with the school counselor weekly. He stumbled a bit at first (he got sober just before the semester started so there was that issue), but aside from a couple near-altercations with fratbros, it’s been good! Oh, and he’s a film studies/cinematography major with a creative writing minor.
Jared has basically a never ending supply of coffee, so he very quickly became king of the dorms. He had a tendency to keep to himself, but his roommate/neighbors were chill enough that it was a non-issue. As far as his area of study, it’s somewhere between computer science and economics. The nerd.
Alana is the kind of person who’s doing just fine until she’s not. The homesickness and existential terror didn’t hit her until the third week of school. Libby helped her work through it, and after that a careful record of upcoming assignments and tests was kept so that her friends/family could be aware of potential high-stress times and know when to help her take a step back or just plain relax. Getting a job actually helped her chill, despite seemingly crowding her schedule. Go figure. She’s trying to decide between a psychology and an education major.
Zoe was fine. She’d heard enough stories from her friends to know what and what not to do. Plus, with the exception of maybe Libby, she’s the most nt of the bunch, so… yeah. She’s entering her third year and has yet to choose a major.
Lee is the only one who is not a full-time college studenout.He has scattered interests and no major, so he’s just kind of there to learn things when he’s not at work. Plus, being the youngest, he can crash with the older kiddos who no longer live in the dorms (he has his own little place don’t worry) because they’ve aged out.

So…There you go, nonny.


If anyone knows the source of this gif, please let me know so I can give credit! I’ve tried Google image search but no dice.

Update: thanks to @youthempowered for helping me find it! The artist is Libby Van Der Ploeg. Here’s her original post, and here’s her Tumblr page


THE FLASH SPINOFF FANCAST: requested by irresistible-revolution and anonymous

“Isn’t it funny how some men are up-to-the-minute in practically everything except their notion of the dramatic role girls and women play in the modern world—and especially our present perilous world at war?”

laverne cox as elizabeth "libby" lawrence/liberty belle 

Note: I realize that this might be seen as a controversial casting choice, but for once I wanted a trans woman to have her own storyline and complex backstory: things like how she was both a former Olympic athlete and MMA fighter, she’s divorced but still gets along with her ex-husband, and is opening her own costume shop while raising her teenage daughter. I mean, is it so bad that I want to see a trans woman play a superhero?

On March 30, 1867, for a mere $7.2 million — about two cents per acre — the U.S. bought land from Russia and made Alaska its 49th state, gaining a delicious fringe benefit in the process: Baked Alaska.

No, this igloo-shaped dessert — cake and ice cream shrouded in toasted meringue — didn’t come from the icy north, but its name was inspired by the land deal. In fact, the treat’s true roots date back to the turn of the 18th century, when American-born scientist Sir Benjamin Thompson (aka Count Rumford, a title he gained for his loyalty to the crown during the American Revolution) — whose inventions included a kitchen range and a double boiler — made a discovery about egg whites.

Rumford realized that the air bubbles inside whipped egg whites made meringue a great insulator. “That’s really why the Baked Alaska works,” says Libby “O'Connell, the History Channel’s chief historian and author of The American Plate. "The meringue insulates the ice cream from heat.”

By the 1830s, this culinary revelation had inspired French chefs to create a dessert called the “Omelette Norwegge.” This predecessor of Baked Alaska consisted of layers of cake and ice cream covered in meringue, then broiled. The French named this elaborate treat in reference to its own frigid territory to the north — Norway.

So how did the “Omelette Norwegge” become embroiled with the Alaska purchase?

Baked Alaska: A Creation Story Shrouded In Mystery

Photo: Courtesy of Delmonico’s Restaurant

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What are signs of abuse in the work place?

Hi sweetie,

Here are some signs of abuse in the workplace:

Obvious bullying/abuseive behaviour:

  • Repeatedly shouting or swearing in public or private 
  • Public humiliation 
  • Persistent criticism 
  • Constantly undervaluing effort 
  • Personal insults and name calling 
  • Persecution through fear or threats 
  • Dispensing unfair punishment out of the blue 
  • Increasing responsibility whilst decreasing authority 
  • Being overruled, ignored, marginalised or excluded

Less obvious bullying/abuseive behaviour:

  • Setting individuals up to fail 
  • Setting uncontracted tasks 
  • Setting unrealistic deadlines for an increased workload 
  • Removing areas of responsibility and imposing menial tasks 
  • Deliberately sabotaging or impeding work performance 
  • Constantly changing guidelines 
  • Withholding work related information

Early warning signs

How to tell if you are really being bullied. If you feel: 

  • Your working relationship feels different from any you have previously experienced
  • You are being persistently ‘got at’ 
  • Your work is being criticised even though you know that your standards have not slipped 
  • You start beginning to question whether these mistakes you are supposed to have made, really are your fault. If this is an accurate picture of what is happening to you at work, reflect on what has happened in the recent past and ask yourself, if everything was alright before, then why not now? 
  • What has changed? 
  • Do you have a new boss? 
  • Has pressure on your current boss increased? 
  • Have you recently changed jobs? 
  • Are your objectives being repeatedly altered? 
  • Have you been asked to do things outside your job description? 
  • Are you under more personal scrutiny? 
  • Are you feeling less involved?
  • Do you suffer from any of the following?


  • Sleeplessness 
  • Nausea 
  • Migraine/severe headaches 
  • Palpitations 
  • Skin complaints 
  • Sweating/shaking 
  • Stomach problems 
  • Backache 
  • Loss of appetite 
  • Lethargy 


  • Acute anxiety 
  • Feeling isolated 
  • Loss of confidence/self esteem 
  • Depression 
  • Panic attacks 
  • Anger 
  • Mood swings 
  • Lack of motivation 
  • Suicidal thoughts


If you feel you are being bullied, abused or harassed its important to report this, most work places have ways you can report this anonymously if you dont feel comfortable coming forward, but if not the best way is to report it to your boss, if it is your boss that is bullying/abusing/harrassing you then there should be a number or email address you can contact to talk to someone higher up that will be able to help you. There are also many helplines you can call for abuse.

I wish you all the best,

Lots of love,
Libby xo

@ work the other day there was some guys cleaning the ovens n one of them was from liverpool n i couldn’t really understand his accent djksdkdn n anyways later on in the shift he was askin me n this guy quezzies about our job n how Long we r gna work there n he asked the guy something n he said no n then asked me but i felt rude asking him what he said n i stalled n i was like ….??? i don’t remember (i thought he asked how many gcses we had djdkdnsn) n then he was like see at least he can go to a diff job bc he hasn’t got kids n i was like neither do i n then it CLCIKED that he asked if we had children bye n i was like why would i have to THINK about how many children i have please


THE FLASH SPINOFF FANCAST The Lady Speedsters of The Flash: requested by wwests and anonymous

Laverne Cox as Elizabeth "Libby" Lawrence/Liberty Belle
Amandla Stenberg as Jesse Chambers/Jesse Quick/Liberty Belle II
Sara Arjun as Irey Allen-West/Impulse*
Yara Shahidi as Jenni Ognats/XS

Note: This is an appreciation post for the amazing lady speedsters of The Flash. WOC superhero ladies are becoming a thing in the Flash spinoff and I regret nothing!

* Normally I don't racebend characters who are already POC since Irey
is half Korean in the comics. But I made a few changes in this continuity,
including making Wally West South Asian so I needed to cast accordingly.
  • mom: i'm gonna go to bed and hopefully dream about being rescued by a superhero
  • me: i mean, you could also dream about being a superhero yourself
  • mom: ...ok mostly i just want to dream about the big rescue kiss and i feel like most female superheroes end up with cats
  • me: god let's hope so
  • mom: what
  • me: what