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This is based off of a prompt asking for what my ideal canon japril family would be like. I feel obligated to let you know three things, (a) This was written about a year ago. (b) The grammar is horrible! It’s not my best, it’s not even my somewhat okay, work. So, I am sorry if I let you down. © I like big families, I mean, BIG FAMILIES. Just so you’re ready :P 

Samuel Norbert Avery knew that growing up in a big family meant lots and lots of patience. It meant that although it had already been 30 minutes since he had gotten ready, he had to sit on top of his suitcase, flipping through his favourite Dr Suess book and wait for the rest of the family. 

 He heard someone walk towards the living room and looked up to see his mother carrying his younger sister, who was struggling in her arms. She put her down on the kitchen counter and started to brush her hair, while his sister kept yelling really loud. Samuel sighed, thinking about how he had never been a fan of how loud his sister could be when she had to do something she didn’t want to do. He recalled how his mother called her Princess Harriet when she acting this way. She had quite a reputation. His mom always said that she got it from their dad. Samuel laughed to himself, remembering how his dad would argue and say that he was pretty sure she got her lungs from mom and mom would slap his chest. 

 Regardless of whom she got it from, Samuel had always thought his sister, Harriet Celie Avery, who was 4 years old, one year younger than he was, was crazy sometimes. Gramma Catherine had always said that she’s got ‘quite a personality’. He wasn’t entirely sure what she means by that but he guessed it just meant that the way she behaved was really too much for everyone to handle. She drove mama crazy; if she didn’t like something, you knew it. She talked to strangers and always got into trouble at school for saying things you shouldn’t because she was “too smart for her own good” or atleast that’s what mama said. Samuel just didn’t understand her sometimes. 

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Lewis waited 10 minutes. Through this time, somewhere in the park, Libby approached him.
Lewis: What happened to you? Why did not you answer my calls?
Libby: From night till morning I had nausea. I could not take the phone, and now I went to the park to freshen up.


Льюис ждал 10 минут. Через это время, откуда-то из парка, Либби подошла к нему.

Люис: Что с тобой случилось? Почему ты не отвечала на мои звонки?

Либби: С ночи до утра у меня была тошнота. Я не могла даже взять телефон в руки, а сейчас я пошла в парк что бы освежиться.


New video! In which we explore the great city of Richmond, Virginia, and think about its history as well as its present.

Featuring The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Reynolds Gallery, 1708 Gallery, VCU School of the Arts, the Institute for Contemporary Art at VCU, Quirk Hotel, Rappahannock Restaurant, Lamplighter Roasting Company, Early Bird Biscuit Co., Sub Rosa Bakery, and Libby Hill Park.


january /// 2014