libby kepner

AU: With his political career in need of a boost, Jackson Avery sets out to further his image by finding himself a wife. His employee, sweet and innocent girl-next-door April Kepner, seems like the perfect candidate, with her quirky ways and feminist views, to win America’s heart.

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Hey Ya'll :)

Hi Ya’ll I’m Aaron Webster, I got accepted into the PEDS Fellowship programme here at Seattle Grace Mercy West, I'm originally from Tennessee, went to Med school in Ohio where I met the love of my life Libby Kepner, she’s my little angel send to me from god. I grew up in a big family, and always loved being around my younger brothers and sister, so it only seemed naturally to go into PEDS. Who doesn’t love little tiny miracles?  

I hope to get to make some super sweet friends around here, from what I’ve heard for April it’s a lovely place to be! She make ya’ll sound so nice! 

I can’t wait to start working with you all. I heard the peds resident that just left was super awesome, I read about the kids he brought over from Africa - that’s really inspiring work!