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18 for Supercat please and thanks!

18. Kisses because I missed you and you really shouldn’t stay away so long

Cat pushes at Kara’s shoulders and doesn’t let the smile show on her lips. “Honestly—” her eyes fly open as she breathes in dramatically, filling her lungs before Kara dips down to steal another peck. “—Kara,” she finishes when she can, and turns her head before the next attack. Kara’s lips land on her cheek and she prays Kara can’t feel the way her mouth threatens to betray her as she rolls her eyes. “I’ve barely been gone two weeks.”

Hands slipping around Cat’s waist, Kara tugs her closer as she shakes her head, nose brushing over Cat’s great cheekbone. The girl is so dramatic. 

“Two weeks is a really long time when we just started dating two months ago,” she whines, and it’s disgustingly endearing. Kara’s hands slide up her back to cradle her shoulder blades, and Cat maybe melts into her, just a little.

“Besides,” she continues, but breaks to dot kisses back to Cat’s lips. “You were only back for four days the last time.” Kara pulls back to look Cat in the eye warningly—well, as much as she can manage with that beaming grin—before her head falls down to Cat’s shoulder.

“The next circuit of workshops doesn’t start until mid-November,” Cat says, and lets her hands fall to Kara’s waist when she turns her lips to Cat’s neck, next.

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So I made a video. I wasn’t patient enough to wait till the end of the season. I really needed to get it out of my head. For my own sanity… :p

I hope you’ll like it.

Edit: People in Germany can’t watch this because of the music. Sorry… (maybe download Hola:p) Edit 2: Did the dispute thing on youtube. Should work now!


My friend Libby has helped me figure out what I want to get as my first tattoo. It will be the constellation Aquilla which means eagle in some old language. It’s the one with the star Altair. If you look closely, it’s one of the most distinguishable constellations out there. It actually looks kinda like a bird. Anyways, I also have decided that I want it done in the above style :) thoughts?