“I want to do a painting of your face, of what you look like when you’re about to come. There’s such beautiful anguish in it, Jen. You know they call orgasms ‘the little death’? That’s what it looks like to me, like you’re dying a little and being reborn, happier and more at peace.”

He looks up, briefly, tucks a loose strand of hair behind his ear, refolds his hands over his naked chest and says, “I know it sounds fucking corny. It sounds like a bad line from a movie or something, but I started loving you then, after that first day. I love you more each time I see you, each time I touch you. How could I not love you, Jensen?”

Holy shit, this couldn’t be more perfect!

Can I marry my crushes? Because this is absolutely fantastic. I’m pretty sure you’re missing something super important if you’re not following these amazing people.


Katie’s Follow Friday/Forever (on Stalker Sunday) ADDITIONS
Because I forgot to do this on Friday and therefore it has to be done right now … procrastination is a beautiful thing.

Keke & Priestly & Jake & Libby & Jen & Elisha & Anna

fleshandbloodbrother  asked:

You should never stop writing. Ever. It's amazing, and even though it makes me want to shank myself, I eat it up like it's chocolate. It's all so fluid and in-character, and majestic. Never, ever stop. I don't even care if you get an ego from all these messages.

my ego is growing oh god what do i do with compliments do i eat them i don't 

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Chad’s always the best.

It is very rare for me to read a fic where I don’t love Chad. He just, he’s just such a lovable asshole :3

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I would! :D

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do eet

 libaybay replied to your postapproaching 500 followers hmmm. maybe i should do…

please make a video so I can lovingly touch your face while you speak.

Lmao. okies. But I won’t hit 500 for maybe a week or 2? So…yeah. I have time to plan this shit out. Idk man, I look at a camera and suddenly never know what to say. xD