Des libéraux fédéraux de Gaspésie-les-Îles se rallient au NPD
Huit des dix membres de l'exécutif de l'Association libérale fédérale de la circonscription de Gaspésie-Îles-de-la-Madeleine ont remis leur démission à Port-Daniel-Gascons, lundi soir, pour dénoncer ce qu'ils considèrent comme un manque de transparence du Parti libéral du Canada (PLC).

C’est fucking interressant.

(If you don’t speak French, my understanding is that the entire Gaspé LPC executive has quit and endorsed the NDP. If any of my followers who are fluent in French could confirm this for me, that would be great)

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I might vote for the NPD because I think it's the best strategy to get rid of Harper (or we could put him on an island far far far far away). But Mulcair kind of scares me because he was in the parti libéral of Jean (John) Charest. And. No no no no no no no. Just no. That can't be good (even if he changed his mind!!!!!)!

He was a federalist. If you’re a federalist in Quebec, that’s where you’d go.

He also was widely involved in the environment in that government and actually quit the party (as Minister of the environment) because the Liberal Party wanted to demolish and develop park land.

So to me that proves that he’s not from the same stock as the rest of that government. He quit on principle and morality because he believed that the environment was more important than profits.
5 Minutes of Migos Ad-Libs with ItsTheReal

We welcomed the Migos to the Upper West Side this week to guest on our podcast A Waste of Time with ItsTheReal! We spoke with them about how Gucci puts out so much music, traveling through Russia, and of course, Quavo and Takeoff spit their favorite ad-libs.

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Video by Johan Chiriboga

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um i have a question, im sorry if you've said this before! is it okay to ask if you use a script for your videos? if so, how long does it usually take to write them?

We don’t really script our videos. At most, we have an idea of what we want the plot to be. Everything else is just ad libbed! 

the libs are so weird last week they literally did a last minute gig with no announcement or anything and now they’re on twitter begging people to use fucking shazam

You cannot argue with fascists, there is no winning over of fascists. “Civilized debate” is meaningless when these people are advocating genocide AND ACTUALLY DOING EVERYTHING THEY CAN TO CARRY IT OUT!
Fascists are enemies to the international working class, fascists are the enemies of national liberation, fascists are the enemies of socialist revolutionaries, fascists are enemies of all people of color, fascists are enemies of the queer community! They stand in the way of revolutionary action and all endeavors to liberation! There is nothing redeeming about them.

And if you say some “we’re all human” “respect peoples rights to opinions” bullshit you are on their side. You are just as much guilty for the blood they spill as they are.