靜謐時光 QuietQuartet at Forgood Cafe.  

I count 5 musicians in this ‘Classical Crossover’ quartet, but why quibble about numbers when the music is this nice. Actually, I just watched a 28 minute performance at Offline Cafe where they had 2 percussionists and no cellist.  Also nice! =D

gtr/voc-黃培育, perc-鍾成達, pipa-梁家寧, cello-孔仁欣, erhu/accordion-蕭詩偉

梁家寧 also plays pipa in 隨心所欲樂團 Taiwan Ad Lib Band:

These guys (and gal) mix in some rock with their traditional instruments/chamber music, listen to song #4 over at their iNDIEVOX page.

anonymous asked:

I'm a feminist, but I'll be the first to say that older feminists are not as squeaky-clean as they want to imagine they are. Gloria and Madeline are pretty outdated now, and they're not willing to look beyond 1970s stereotypes that they themselves once denounced. Even back then, things could be pretty petty in the Women's Lib Movement. Gloria and Betty Freidan had a notorious rivalry that was based on jealousy over youthful beauty vs. academic status. It was really embarrassing.

I think it’s a matter of evolving your notions of what feminism really is, and understanding that just because someone (Hilary Clinton in this case) is a woman doesn’t mean they’re infallible or representative of an entire gender group. I thought they had more foresight to grasp that but apparently not. Women are allowed to dislike other women, and clinging to the ‘women should unconditionally support each other’ mentality is usually a cop out that itself is pretty anti-feminist. 


2016/01/31 (2:11pm PST)

» 8/100 days of productivity

— it’s been a while since my last post omg. i just had the chance to update my tumblr app, so i hope this one will be posted asap. so here are snaps from my lib session last last tuesday, 12th january! i was prepping up for a report on angiosperms that i’ll be doing on 2nd feb 😊❣ ft. one of my fav parts of our school’s library, the shelves containing textbooks about biology, anatomy, and physiology yipee 💕💟 (((i accidentally posted this on my main blog lmao)))

so the libs just came out 30 minutes before the supporting bands are supposed to start and played Albion and 7 deadly sins and they basically supported themselves??? and it was super sweet and intimate and did that really just happen?????

Australia’s refugee policy:
1. Boats will be turned back. We don’t care if you *make* it back.
2. Any boat people that make it here will be put in torture camps.
3. Whistleblowers - doctors, media, guards - that alert us to our government doing anything dodgy at sea or in camps may be severely punished.

Did this stop the boats?
No. 15 boats carrying 429 people were turned back in the Libs’ first year (that we know of).

Is what we’re doing torture?
Yes. The UN has said so. Seems fair. These camps are where people are raped, beaten, killed, driven suicidal, served food with cockroaches in it, go mad, watch their kids that they love go mad.

Is there an alternative?
Yes. For example, check out this.

something so funny that is happening right now:
this lib arts looking ass dude is sitting at a table across from me and he keeps glancing at me because I’m Not Like Other Girls Around Here. and so he just pulled this grand leg crossing maneuver to catch my attention and then pulled out a book and he is obviously flaunting the cover in my direction as though I am going to walk over to him and be like AH! Oswalt, my favorite author. little does he know I can’t even read