At blown bridge location: in preparation to floating across a convoy of US Army [deuce and a halves] with remaining infantry, members of the 87th Eng. Co. / 7th Support Bn. convey an opposite shore security force consisting of troops from CoB, 2nd BN, 3rd Inf.  All involved are elements of the 199th Light Infantry Brigade (generally operating in War Zone C & D) 1967.  Mekong Delta region, cannot recall precise location, likely in or near Long An province.

Submitted by a veteran.

lib-deliberately asked: Hi! I was wondering if you knew of any books similar to the Night Circus? I seriously need another book as great as that :)

Here are some that may spark your interest! They do have that magical-ness about them, to me, and are great books! 

1. Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs

2. Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury

3. Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen

4. A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness

5. Daughter of Smoke & Bone by Laini Taylor

6. The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick

Thanks so much for the question! Happy reading! 

No Way!! Hannah, What Is This!?
  • Aquarius:Since fires and earths went off to do something, let's go do something too.
  • Gemini:We should totally show up there unannounced and like crash their karaoke party.
  • Aquarius:Gemini, that sounds like something I or Scorpio would come up with!
  • Scorpio:It's absolutely devious, Gemini....... I love it! Let's do it!
  • Pisces:But I was thinking more like bowl-
  • Scorpio:Bowling? When we can crash a party? Come on! We can do that duet you wanted to do.
  • Aquarius:We can do another trio. *wink*
  • Scorpio:Or we can do that duet you wanted to do. *wink*
  • Pisces:Well... okay, if you guys really want to do that more than you want to bowl...
  • Libra:I guess we can do that. I'm not sure I'm so keen on crashing someone's party.
  • Scorpio:Hey, all's fair in love and war, sugar.
  • Cancer:When did we get in a war? Whoa, isn't that taking things a little far?
  • Scorpio:You know what I mean, Cancer! God.
  • Cancer:Well, still... can't we just play a fun video game this time or maybe just go to a DIFFERENT bar?
  • Scorpio:Oh, come on, it'll be fun!
  • Cancer:*glaring*
  • Scorpio:*innocent look*
  • Cancer:*sigh* fine, Scorpio. We will crash their party...
  • Scorpio:Yes! All are in then?
  • All:Yes... (or yes!)
  • Scorpio:Good, then lock them up and let's go!

anonymous asked:

isn't there something about that grey t shirt carl used to wear like all the time after libs split up properly??

i might have read something about it but i don’t remember any info if i’m honest? i know there’s stuff surrounding that silver ring pete and carl used to wear and also the flag(s) carl always has around his wrists but idk what to say about the grey t-shirt sorry :(

An unknown number of Confederate women disguised themselves as men and served as soldiers. 

Among the proof sheets of his book My Reminiscences of the War and Reconstruction Thomas Pinckney, a member of the 4th South Carolina Cavalry captured during the war, describes his May 31, 1864 discovery that a fellow prisoner was actually a woman whom he later suspected was Barbara Ann Duravan of Tennessee. Her captors did not discover Duravan’s gender until after her death in the Alton, Illinois penitentiary (used during the war to hold Confederate prisoners). They buried her in the Confederate Cemetery with her comrades.

rainbow-of-lies asked:

Me recomiendas un libro, gracias saludos desde nicaragua

holiiiii, mmmm, pues si te gustan los lib ros de romance, te recomiendo los de cazadores de sombras:Los Origenes, a mi me encantaron! 

los de John Green estan buenos, aun no los he leido, pero estan en mi lista

Te daria el mundo, me lo regalaron para mi cumple, dicen que es muy bonito

si no has leido los de los juegos del hambre podrias leerlos, ya que se viene la ultima parte! 

La saga Hush Hush! <3 

La trilogia Partials *-* la amo con mi vida <3  

Just imagine all the Libertines songs we don’t know about because The Libs never told us the songs existed why

Mega Post (3rd August)  # 4


(4/1)  Its Swarsie When I first looked at that pic of SH, I thought she looked happier (definitely not the same way she looks with beloved hubby) After looking at it again I see a deer in headlights thing going on. Speaking of liars, Stephen Harper is Satan? Could be. But all politicians could be Satan, or at least working for him. They sure ain’t working for us. Except for Jack Layton. He was the only politician who actually cared. Not sure about Mulcair and I think Libs voted in Trudeau too soon. He’s got some good ideas but I think they could have waited another ten years to allow him to get more experience. Even his father made mistakes. Heard a conservative minority gov with lib and NDP working together.  Zoolander trailer leaked? Yeah, not. Come on PR, you really need to find a more original way to create hype

Ballsy:  My first thought was “what’s with the shit-eating grin”, I mean the other two are smiling normally.  Then, I tried to imagine her doing that at Ben when he did the heart-eyes thing at her at the BAFTAs.  I was done then.  Couldn’t manage a coherent thought for a few minutes.  Ah Canadian politics.  I don’t know much about it, at least Wiki and I aren’t talking about how much we love (not) our PM, or any discussion of his budgie-smugglers (that’s gonna set Wiks off, just wait).  Again, did not vote for him.  Zoolander.  Yeah, try again.  If you want to put out a trailer, just put out a trailer.  Just don’t try to lie about it.  Hate that.   If you want a more original way to create hype, how about a fake engagement/pregnancy/wedding and have the actor at the centre of it all turn into an empty shell of his former self whilst his “wife” gets her silly projects talked up in The Guardia . . .  whoops, sorry – that’s been done already.   


(4/2)  i hope some fuckery happens, but for selfish reasons. our PM has just kicked of an election season that will run SEVENTY EIGHT MUTHER EFFING DAYS! Its literally one of the longest canadian election runs in history. he is 1) trying to tap out the other parties resources and 2) hoping we forget all his witchcraft/ get so tired we just vote him in again. besides, the man has done election fraud 3x so far, whats a 4th!? grrrrrrr.

Ballsy:   Just seventy eight days?   Don’t the US ones run for like 4 years?
Do I smell a bit of a different type of revolution about to begin?   Tiptoes away quietly…


(4/3)  So the only time Xophie looks happy (as in something resembling a smile reaching her eyes) is when she’s not in the company of the father of her “son”…save the shindig at Buckingham palace, of course.  Much love very affection. 

The real question is what are we going to do with all this left over food that didn’t get eaten?!?  At least we didn’t have to waste the alcohol. 

- Pupok the Scorpion

Ballsy:  I know!  I also have two packets of uneaten Tim Tams (throws a couple of Red Velvet ones at Leggsie to make up for her cat eating hers) and WAY too much Baileys (you would think, not possible, but there it is).   I even tried mixing some of the Baileys in the cream for the scones, but then I just ended up with alcoholic whipped cream.  😋 Sounds like you guys have a drawn out election to hunker down for, heading to your bunkers for the duration?  You’ll need the grub for that.  ;)


(4/4)  And… 

As for the Guardian, I read their write up about WestJet flying to Gatwick, and halfway through the article it changes focus to Manchester.  I’d sort of get messing up about a foreign airline, but not being able to get domestic airports straight? 

- Pupok the Scorpion

Ballsy:  Gatwick is RIGHT next to Manchester tho, don’t you know how to use Googlema …  Oh!  Whoops.

Really?  Checks.   

That’s odd.  Did they just whack two different stories about airports together?  Are they missing a middle bit?


(4/5)   I know the show is not everyone’s cup of tea but at the moment my weekly dose of eye candy is Hugh Dancy in Hannibal. :) And now Richard Armitage is in it too. Hmmm … Bunk is calling. :D

Ballsy:   Oh, Richard is on the list.  After finding out that he’s my RIII homeboy, I slid myself So-So style over to him a tad.   Then did a google-image search on him.  Yeah, I’d watch him peeling potatoes.  And don’t forget, So-So didn’t want to meet him after Ben took her to see him in The Crucible.  So he had to go talk to Richard on his own.  If you need any further evidence to say that So-So is “off” it’s that.


(4/6)  As a Brit, can I just say if you’re expecting some sort of tabloid outrage because baby hasn’t been registered then I wouldn’t hold your breath. Cilla Black, one of our best loved celebs has died suddenly. Dec Donnelly, another popular celeb has just got married l, and The Great British Bake Off is back. There is zero tabloid interest in BC, Soaps or little Gravel.

Ballsy:   Cilla!  Not Cilla!  :(   OMG my Dad is probably clutching his collection of her records and weeping as we speak.  And I’m not making light of it, he really will be, he LOVED her.  Sad.   I don’t know the other name.  But THE GREAT BRITISH BAKE OFF IS BACK!!!!!   HOLD THE PHONE!!!!   Actually, I don’t watch ANY reality TV (hint, it’s not “reality”).  Unless Mythbusters counts, and I don’t think it does.  Face. Palm.   And not expecting tabloid outrage, as I’ve been saying, no baby, no birth records, no registration required.


(4/7)  I actually thinks she looks the best I’ve ever seen her in that picture from Enniskillen. Her smile reaches her eyes, she looks relaxed, her skin is glowing, and she doesn’t look like she’s constantly screaming internally. But it’s curious that she never manages to look this happy when she’s with her new husband and father to her child. They both seem to make each other look worse, like they’re slowly poisoning each other.

Ballsy:   Like she planted some Wolfsbane, in his Oleander patch?   Or maybe they’re what happens when Matter/Anti-Matter meet?


(4/8)  How many Avant Garde Opera/Theatre directors does it take to change a lightbulb? Who the fuck knows. They would first have to consult family members or a spouse with the gravitas to put them in proximity of said lightbulb. Next, glom onto the hard work of countless others whilst inspiring a gang by pointing at mood boards about changing a lightbulb. Then have an all out media blitz about how the bulb changing being the most unique bulb change ever undertaken. Change bulb to scant fanfare. Sulk.

Ballsy:   Well, she’s got the steel frame at least to reach it.  There’s that.


(4/9)  I’m going to tell you a secret: if SH had entered this fauxmance looking like she does in the instagram from Phaedra (all smiley and enjoying things and approachable and happy and like she worked really hard to get where she is now(another secret: she’s got a plainness to her which makes her very pretty)), I would have thought she was nice fit for Ben. But she didn’t. So I don’t.

Ballsy:  Okay then.  There’s the other side to this too.  His.  If Ben hadn’t looked Pissed Off to Kingdom Come around the time she fully entered the scene, and didn’t arrive in L.A. after getting “engaged” to the “the most incredible woman he’s ever met, his heart and centre, his now and forevermore” looking like he had a hot poker shoved up his arse and a gun to his head?  If his body language didn’t scream “get me out of this!”?   If he’d been able to say her name, and if they had looked like they even knew each other instead of acting like petulant children forced to stand next to each other for a family photo?  If they had even once managed to “sell” this properly like the “actors” they supposedly are?  Then they might have sold it.  But they didn’t.  And we didn’t buy it.


ps4fucker asked:

Hey I don't really know about the libertines I just listen to their music and haven't looked into them at all I've only really learned the identity of the band members of my favorite band which is say anything. Anyways I can see you are passionate about the libertines and so I'm willing to read anything you have to say about them. Go nuts.

oh god i could talk about them forever 

ok so a QUICK guide to the libs 

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‘You’re My Waterloo’

This is the one old song The Libs recorded on AFDY. A journalist from another magazine recently said to me that he thought bits of the album sound like Coldplay, and I can only presume he was talking about this song, thanks to its piano opening. The irony being - The Libs first recorded ‘You’re My Waterloo’ (piano line included) in 1999, a full year before Chris Martin and co released their debut album. Anyway, it’s an absolute corker of a recording here. By far and away the best thing on the album, and the prettiest song Pete’s been anywhere near since ‘For Lovers’ back in 2004. His vocals are impeccable – stupidly good – which isn’t something you’ve been able to say about him that often over the past decade. When he wants to be, he can be up there with the very best…


anonymous asked:

what is jeff talking about in pride when gethin approached and he sighs and says something like "ugh the gay lib"

He says “ugh, here come the Gay Libbers,” meaning members of the Gay Liberation Front, which Jonathan and Gethin are. Lots of gay people disliked the Gay Liberation Front because they were a very radical group and people were afraid that cishet people in positions of power would meet their radical ideas with strong resistance and that it would be harder for them to obtain moderate rights, which members of the GLF were unwilling to settle for.
Richard Murphy: The end of politics as we know it

People now implicitly realise that the centre ground that at least three parties in UK politics would like to populate has no answers to the question that they want to ask, which is “what’s this all about then?” If the utopia that neoliberalism has to offer is low paid, insecure, largely meaningless work that provides those doing it with little chance to fulfil their potential then people are going to look for an alternative. The SNP, Greens and UKIP represent three alternatives. The Lib Dems ceased to be one. Labour’s left provides another such alternative, with the fact that it has something to say that appears to make sense just adding to the appeal.

None of these options may provide the answer people are looking for. I strongly suspect all the alternatives have much more thinking to do before a coherent programme is clear that might address the issues needing to be solved. But the point is, coming back to Rawnsley, to assume that all such alternatives will fail and will have little impact on the centre-ground of politics, which first past the post will ensure survives in his cosy world-view, is just wrong.

Of course it is true that there have been spectacular splits that have failed before. I well remember the early 80s. But these splits have tended to happen when a new prevailing narrative had emerged. So the Liberals died in the twenties when Labour offered a new voice. And likewise Labour split in the 80s when the Tories offered a new voice. If there are splits now it is against a different background. Neoliberalism might be exceptionally powerful. Economically you would think it the only game in town. But it’s also failing, spectacularly, to meet need and expectation. That’s the background to these current potential splits. And as a result nothing is like the early 80s in this scenario, for left or right.

I think we’re seeing the death throes of politics as we have known it.

Read complete article…


‘Glasgow Coma Scale Blues’

There’s a neat-little nod to ‘Boys In The Band’ on this rocker, with the line “the only thing that kept us apart was your cold, unloving heart” being sung to exactly the same melody as “all I’ve ever seen you do is run” from the band’s 2002 single. Chord-wise, it’s eerily similar to ‘The Boy Looked At Johnny’ from the same era too - but that’s not to say it sounds lazy. The Libs, and Pete in particular, have been songwriting magpies since the very start, pilfering the odd line/riff/chord change from everybody from Velvet Underground to Perry Como and even the Rainbow theme tune. So here in 2015, why not rip off yourselves? Lyrically, it’s another track steeped in the past, referencing what went wrong with The Libs the first, and second times around. There’s a great middle-eight, full of descending chords and Pete shouting gibberish while Carl gives it some Stones-inspired ooh-la-la-las.


anonymous asked:

Sarge, I spend a lot of time lately feeling really down, usually stemming from feeling that I'm not doing things right or good enough or feeling not super confident about myself. I know that objectively there's not much reason for me to feel this way, because I'm a loving, dedicated, thoughtful boyfriend and friend. But anything that either is a minor screw up on my part or something that I fear might be a screw up becomes so crazy internalized and I start to think really lowly of myself. Even

Been there a million times! This is a common example of what psychologists call “cognitive distortions,” in other words when you are not seeing things as they really are. It’s best to see a professional (therapist/psychiatrist) about it, but for sure research these kinds of distortions so you can see them coming and hopefully stop them in their tracks:

5. Catastrophizing.

We expect disaster to strike, no matter what. This is also referred to as “magnifying or minimizing.” We hear about a problem and use what if questions (e.g., “What if tragedy strikes?” “What if it happens to me?”).

For example, a person might exaggerate the importance of insignificant events (such as their mistake, or someone else’s achievement). Or they may inappropriately shrink the magnitude of significant events until they appear tiny (for example, a person’s own desirable qualities or someone else’s imperfections).