The Signs at a Drive-in Theatre
  • Aries:Come on, guys, we can all pile into my and Scorpio's truck beds!
  • Taurus:I call Aries' *cuddles with her*
  • Aries:*smiles* okay, I've got Taurus.
  • Virgo:I'll go with Scorpio.
  • Scorpio:Cool :)
  • Libra:I'll go with Scorpio too.
  • Gemini:I've got ya, Aries.
  • Cancer:I'll go with Scorpio. Water sisters! *high five*
  • Scorpio:*high fives back* good thing I have an extra long bed... *laughs*
  • Sagittarius:I'll go with you, Aries.
  • Capricorn:Scorpio.
  • Scorpio:What?
  • Capricorn:No, I'm saying I'll take your truck.
  • Aries:How many is that so far?
  • Scorpio:I'm sitting Virgo, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn, and of course myself.
  • Aries:I've got Taurus, me, Gemini, Sagittarius...
  • Leo:I've got your back, Aries. ;) I'll keep you company.
  • Taurus:Oh, Aries won't be lonely. *laying his head on her shoulder cutely*
  • Aries:*grins* you can still watch in my truck, Leo. :) so who is left?
  • Aquarius & Pisces:Me.
  • Aquarius:I'll go with Aries. We both start with A. ;)
  • Aries:That's an interesting reason to choose my truck but I'll take it! Welcome to team awesome.
  • Pisces:Great because I wanted to go with my water sisters!
  • Scorpio:Great so we've got our seating arrangements. Team superb, this way! *leads the way to her truck*
  • Aries:And this way for team Amazing!
  • Leo:I thought we were team Awesome.
  • Aries:We got promoted to amazing. ;)
  • -they get seated-
  • Taurus:*cuddling with Aries* so what are we watching?
  • Aries:Apparently we're watching some horror movie.
  • Taurus:<3 I'll protect you.
  • Aries:Hah, no offense and not to de-masculinize you but... you're more likely to get scared, Taurus.
  • Taurus:*mumbles under his breath*
  • Leo & Sagittarius:Shhh, it's starting.
  • Aries:*zips her lips*
  • Taurus:*leans over to give her a kiss*
  • Aries:*kisses him back*
  • -they proceed to make out*
  • Libra:*mumbling* I should have picked the other truck... team 'superb.'
  • Gemini:we could make out... ;)
  • Libra:*blushes* hah, hardly.
  • Scorpio:*settling in* I heard this one's actually pretty scary.
  • Cancer:Me too... *snuggling with a pillow*
  • Pisces:Oh, what a great idea! Why didn't I think of that!?
  • Cancer:Wanna share? <3
  • Pisces:oh, yes please. *grabs the other end of the pillow*
  • Scorpio:*laughs at them* you sissies.
  • Pisces & Scorpio:*shoots her a look*
  • Virgo:Shhh, guys, the movie's started!
  • Scorpio:Hey, it's my truck.
  • Virgo:Fine, I'm going to my own car.
  • Libra:Can I go with you?
  • Virgo:Of course. *leads the way to his car*
  • Capricorn:*watching the movie silently*
  • Aquarius:Jeez, Capricorn, intent enough on the movie?
  • Capricorn:What?
  • Aquarius:You look so tense watching this movie.
  • Capricorn:I've been wanting to watch this movie for a long time. It looks really good. Also, I have to block everyone's TALKING out.
  • Scorpio:Well, now YOU'RE talking, so....
  • Capricorn:*shoots her a look*
  • Aquarius:*laughs* movies aren't meant to be taken so seriously.
  • Capricorn:This movie... looks... REALLY... good!
  • Scorpio:I'll take your word for it. I haven't seen any of the trailers!
  • Capricorn:Well, now you haven't seen the beginning either because you can't stop talking.
  • Scorpio:*lifts eyebrows before shutting up and watching the movie*
Mention what you will of the greatness of Allāh, but Allāh is greater than anything you say…
—  ‘Alī b. Abī Tālib رضي الله عنه | Abū Bakr Al-Daynūrī, Al-Mujālasah wa Jawāhir Al-‘Ilm article #853
One Thing I Love About the Air Signs

Gemini: Their random silliness. I used to room with a Gemini and while they can be quite… annoying at times, they also can be amazingly silly and funny and just fun to be around (their love for fun probably helps that too xD)

Libra: Their incredible knack for understanding people. Like Pisces, Librans just GET people and it’s really admirable.

Aquarius: Their understanding of self-expression. They are so proud of the people they are and have no shame in being themselves. These are also people that I envy for being unapologetically themselves.

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  • [Singing children's songs with Harry, to minor success. Harry babbles along to the tune. Sometimes.]
  • Remus:[after bobbing his head along] Beautiful rendition of Itsy Bitsy Spider. Love the ad-lib of Harry shoving a finger up his nose at "down the water spout". The nose is a drain pipe of sorts, indeed. Genius.
  • Sirius:[resting his head on his hands] [hollowly] The book said he should be able to do this.
  • Remus:[amused] The book said WE should be teaching him songs, not that he'll burst into song like Bocelli. Isn't that right, Harry?
  • Harry:[nods]
  • Remus:Want to sing more? More songs?
  • Harry:[nods]
  • Remus:[points at Sirius] Ask Paddy. Say pleeeeaaaase.
  • Harry:Paddy pwease?
  • Sirius:[pretends not to notice]
  • Remus:Uh-oh. He can't hear you. More. Pleeeeaaaaaaase.
  • Harry:[louder] PWEEEEEAAAAAAASE.
  • Sirius:[grins] Godric's hairy pants, a toad has more rhythm than you. [pinches Harry's cheeks] I don't know why you like destroying the peace so much, but all right.
  • Remus:[sarcastic] Says the guy who ruined the microwave by running a Hunger Games - Fruit Edition. [mimicking Sirius's voice] Only one fruit can leave this microwave whole. May the odds be ever in your favor.
  • Sirius:Oi! You were just as curious as I was, Moony, don't deny it. [turns to Harry] [launches into a very animated rendition of Baa Baa Black Sheep]

theres seriously no medication in this world that can instantly take my pain away like a single young thug ad lib

anonymous asked:

Obligatory ask about the Libs: If you had to choose between Carl's tiny nipples and Peter "Chubba-Bubba" Doherty's tummy, which do you adore the most? I'm sorry that I have to ask you such a difficult question, but really you're the only one strong enough to answer.

i have a folder on my desktop called carl’s tiny nipples with like 50 pics in it what do u think my answer is

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1. What’s one food you wish you knew how to cook?

Honestly, I’m decently good at most things, but I really wish I was better at ad-libbing. Like I had a roommate who made apple pie without a recipe and just added random things and it was the best pie ever. 

2. Favorite type of cake? (Or do you, horror of horrors, not like cake?)

Chocolate cake, but to be honest, I probably like most other desserts way more than cake. 

3. Ever had sushi? (And what was the final verdict?)

YES! I would love some sushi right now. 

4. Favorite restaurant?

Sagebrush Cantina in Lake Orion, Michigan because they have the best and coldest alcohol ever, like it’s not even a contest. Runner-up of the Fleetwood Diner in Ann Arbor because I live for diner food.

5. Least favorite food?

Red meat. 

6. Do you cook for fun or for survival?

Both? It depends on how busy I am with life. 

7. Have you ever accidentally set fire to something in the kitchen?

Haha, yup.

8. Favorite ice cream flavor?

Vanilla with toppings or Mint Chocolate Chip. 

9. Weirdest food you’ve ever tried?

I had rattlesnake as a kid. 

10. New York or Chicago style pizza?

Totally Chicago.

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