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hi sorry. just wondered if you could tell me your party policy for education?

Hello! of course, our main pledges are:

  • Guarantee qualified teachers, a core curriculum and sex education in all state schools
  • Ringfence the education budget for 2-19 year olds
  • A strategy to end child illiteracy by 2025
  • 15hrs a week free childcare from the end of paid parental leave

Hope that helped!

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whats your favourite libertines lyric?

possibly; “if lust and despair are two bullets in the same gun / we’ve been playing russian roulette for far too long”
or “give everybody a gun and put it on the television / that’s reality tv i’d pay to see… money’s the church, fame is the steeple” or “i dont need no pretty face / [dont] need no human race / i read every review / no ones got a fucking clue” or “your light fingers through the dark / shattered the lamp into darkness it cast us” but the extra verse in tell the king always makes me cry oh and the whole of france is beautiful GOD i love all their lyrics im sorry for such an imprecise answer

Our intrepid volunteer paper conservator Hilary is removing some stubborn packaging tape from this 1853 map of the Amazon valley, using methods ranging from a methylcellulose poultice to solvent vapor chambers. 

The trouble with tape, as any conservator will readily tell you, is that once the carrier (or backing) has been removed, the remaining adhesive could present an entirely new set of challenges. Not to mention that carriers and adhesives all vary widely among different types of tape, and respond differently to each treatment, especially depending on the nature of the paper and ink underneath whatever carrier/adhesive combo one might encounter.

Once this map has been de-taped and repaired, come visit MSU Special Collections to view Hilary’s beautiful handiwork:

Also, we want to say a big thank you to Hilary and wish her luck in her new conservator position, although we wish she wasn’t going all the way to Nebraska :( She will be missed!


Looking for peace ~ Ajahn Chah

Looking for peace is like looking for a turtle with a mustache: You won’t be able to find it. But when your heart is ready, peace will come looking for you.

– Ajahn Chah

quoted in the book “Peace in Our Hearts, Peace in the World: Meditations of Hope and Healing”
ISBN: 978-1402757174 -

Ajahn Chah on the web:


my mum getting off the phone with my gran, annoyed, and i ask her why, and my mum goes “your gran’s just voted lib dem by accident” and i go “eh” and mum goes “she couldn’t find the conservative candidate on her ballot - in PERTH mind you!”


The vellum cover of this 1640 Italian work appears to be one large manuscript page that has been folded in on itself, hiding the handwritten text from the casual observer.  But at some point in the volume’s history, someone appears to have made an incision on the rear pastedown along the edges of one of the folds, allowing us a surreptitious peek at what lies beneath.

I love these little glimpses into the secret lives of books.  By looking at the text in the second image, does anyone have any insight as to what the repurposed manuscript might say?


The Signs Playing Paranoia
  • Gemini:*whispers to Cancer* Who in this circle would you most want to be caught in an elevator with?
  • Cancer:*out loud to circle* Sagittarius.
  • Libra:*takes off her flip flop and flips it*
  • Flip flop:*lands faced down*
  • Cancer:*whispers to Libra* Who in this circle have you dreamt about most?
  • Libra:*out loud to the circle* Scorpio...
  • Scorpio:*perks up* What? What was the question?
  • Libra:*hands him the flip flop blushing slightly*
  • Scorpio:*flips it and it lands faced up*
  • Cancer:I asked who in this circle Libra has dreams about the most.
  • Libra:*blushing and whispers to Scorpio* Who in this circle have you had wet dreams about?
  • Scorpio:*blushing* ... Aries...
  • Aries:*takes the flip flop* *flips it*
  • Flip flop:*lands faced up*
  • Libra:I asked who Scorpio has had wet dreams about.
  • Aries:*jaw drops, face turning dark red*
  • Aries:*leaning into Taurus' ear and whispers* Who in this circle would you ravish passionately?
  • Libra:*blushing furiously* ... Aries...
  • Aries:o////o
  • Capricorn:*takes the flip flop and flips it*
  • Flip flop:*lands faced down*
  • Scorpio & Aries:*exchange a look*
  • Scorpio:*whispers to Taurus* Who in this circle do you wish would take you on a date, if anybody could?
  • Taurus:... *pauses* ... Scorpio.
  • Scorpio:*surprised raise of the eyebrows*
  • Leo:*flips the flip flop*
  • Flip flop:*lands faced up*
  • Scorpio:... I asked who Taurus wishes would take her on a date...
  • Taurus:*looking down with a blush*
  • Taurus:*leans in to Virgo's ear and whispers* Who in this circle is the most likely to be famous in your opinion?
  • Virgo:Capricorn.
  • Taurus:*nods approval*
  • Capricorn:*takes Libra's flip flop and tosses it up*
  • Flip flop:*lands faced down*
  • Virgo:*leans into Capricorn's ear* Who in this room would be the best at distracting you from your work?
  • Capricorn:... Sagittarius.
  • Aquarius:*takes the flip flop and tosses it*
  • Flip flop:*lands faced down*
  • Capricorn:*whispers to Pisces* Who in this circle have you fantasied about?
  • Pisces:... *looks down blushing darkly* Cancer.......
  • Cancer:O.o what about me??
  • Taurus:*flips the flip flop*
  • Flip flop:*lands faced up*
  • Capricorn:I asked who Pisces has fantasied about.
  • Pisces:*sweating a bit with nerves* *leans to whisper to Leo* Who in this circle would you punch if you could?
  • Leo:*pauses* this is a hard one... maybe... *glances through the crowd* I dunno. Aquarius, maybe?
  • Aquarius:*curious* give me that flip flop. *takes it and flips it*
  • Flip flop:*lands facing up*
  • Leo:*sighs* great...
  • Pisces:... I asked who Leo would punch from this circle.
  • Leo:But I wouldn't punch anyone so I just said someone that everybody already knows I've gotten into an... altercation with...
  • Aquarius:*giving him a look*
  • Leo:*looks away quickly and goes to change the subject by whispering to Sagittarius* Who in this circle would you want to be trapped repopulating the earth with?
  • Sagittarius:*eyes light up for a second* Aquarius.
  • Aquarius:*blinks* *flips the flip flop again*
  • Flip flop:*lands facing up*
  • Leo:Ahaha... damn dude, sorry. I asked who he would choose to repopulate the earth with from this circle.
  • Sagittarius:*eyes catch Aquarius'*
  • Aquarius:*blinks in surprise*
  • Sagittarius:*affectionate smirk* Uh... my turn right?
  • Leo:Yeah, man, it's your turn.
  • Sagittarius:*leans in to Aquarius' ear and whispers* Who in this room would you french kiss?
  • Aquarius:... Sagittarius... probably...
  • Sagittarius:*smirks*
  • Gemini:*flips the flip flop*
  • Flip flop:*lands facing down*
  • Aqurius & Sagittarius:*share a look*
  • Everyone else:*share knowing looks*