So are you guys ready for a really long post on why i love the libertines so much??? Because here it comes:

So yeah, i have been fan of a lot of bands before, but when i became a fan of The Libs it just was really different. I can’t really explain why though but it was. I literally love them so much and i am certain i won’t ever find another band i will love as much as the Libs. Being a Libs fan is a part of your life, and not just for maybe a month or 2 but for your entire life. The Libs have done so many things for me without them even knowing about it and i am so thankful for that. Just like tonight, things like tonight make me feel all warm inside and it is the best feeling in the world. Live blogging and such with all the amazing people i met online because of the Libertines. Meeting people i wouldn’t have known without the libertines. It’s so amazing how much a band can mean to you. When i first became a Libs fan i never thought they would be the reason i am smiling everyday. And not just The Libs, but also all the things because of the Libs (tumblr mutuals and poetry and books and such) so yeah, when people ask me why i love the libertines so much i tell them they turned my life around, in an absolutely amazing and beautiful way. So thanks guys, thank you for all the things you don’t know about. Thank you for everything

“Can we keep them? Please?” Alan found them somewhere, where they don’t know but, they know one thing some one is going ro have have to say no. Alan gave them all names to; Jhon, Gordon, Scott, and Virgil. There I have draw something that looks kinda decent. Enjoy!

I'm Told Video #4: Air Signs
  • Campaign Leader:Hello, air signs.
  • The three:Hello.
  • Campaign Leader:Since you three are the whiz communicators, I decided to do something different with you.
  • The three:*sitting straighter*
  • Campaign Leader:We're going to go to the shooting range.
  • Gemini:Wait, come again?
  • Aquarius:We're doing what?
  • Libra:*blinking blankly*
  • Campaign Leader:Yes, you three already express yourselves well with words. We're giving you a... different form of expression.
  • -a little later at the shooting range-
  • Campaign Leader:I want you three to write down false adjectives people use to describe you. Write them with lots of space between because you're going to be aiming at them.
  • Libra:*blinking again* wait, what?
  • Gemini:We're shooting words?
  • Campaign Leader:Yes. We're using physical demonstrations to represent those which you would have used words to express your feelings.
  • Aquarius:... All right, let's do this. *goes to work*
  • Campaign Leader:Each person will get ten rounds. They each wrote four words. We'll see how many times they hit their targets. Gemini, you're first.
  • Gemini:*nods confidently, grabbing a gun and lining up to the words* *shoots ten rounds*
  • Campaign Leader:All right, Libra, it's your turn.
  • Libra:*lines up and shoots ten rounds*
  • Aquarius:*does the same*
  • Campaign Leader:It's time for the big reveal! Gemini, you're first again.
  • Gemini:*turns over the paper*
  • Page:*hit three of the four words and one was hit twice*
  • Campaign Leader:What were your words you used, Gemini?
  • Gemini:two-faced, bitchy, gossip, and fake.
  • Campaign Leader:Thank you, Gemini. Libra, it's your turn.
  • Libra:*turns the page over*
  • Page:*hit all four and two were hit twice*
  • Campaign Leader:And tell me Libra, what were your four words?
  • Libra:soft, shallow, flirty, and manipulative.
  • Campaign Leader:Thank you, Libra for your cooperation and collaboration. Aquarius, it's all you.
  • Aquarius:oh, I know it is *winks while flipping over the page*
  • Page:*all are shot, three are shot three times*
  • Campaign Leader:Wow, what a remarkable job, Aquarius!
  • Aquarius:Thank you. I uh... enjoy shooting.
  • Campaign Leader:Wow, apparently so. So, what words did you write down, since I can't even read most of them?
  • Aquarius:cold, detached, weird, and emotionless.
  • Campaign Leader:Thank you, Aquarius. All right, water signs... let's see what you've got!

OK Go - Life is Beautiful Festival 2014

People say that Tiffany is so annoying for speaking over the other members during songs in the 3rd Japan Tour, but she’s just hyping up the crowd! It’s probably her job. The concert wouldn’t be as fun without everyone’s ad libs.