Women’s Lib Niamey Dusk and Dust Niger Photo Hugh Ardoin

Then cometh the machine that freed women from the men’s chores

The better is yet to come, there are so many different ways of domination

Supremacies lurk around the corner, under the guise of the next saviours

Dreams fraught with dreams, the future is only some new past in the making

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waaaaait what ring tell me about it please omg

pete and carl used to pass a silver ring between them which is maybe possibly what they where talking about in that japanese interview where pete says he got carl an engagement ring (and then starts crying or something)

livejournal photospams of them wearing it:


Love this!  Great article, too! 

See Charles Kelley, Sam Hunt, and Tyrone Carreker Sing Reba McEntire, Mariah Carey

“Hunt’s guitarist Tyrone Carreker led the acoustic section with a smoky rendition of Bonnie Raitt’s “I Can’t Make You Love Me,” then Hunt introduced Kelley. The pair shared vocals on a medley of songs performed by women, including Reba McEntire’s “Fancy,” Trisha Yearwood’s “She’s in Love With the Boy” and Mariah Carey’s “Always Be My Baby.” Vocal duties went back to Carreker for the Destiny’s Child hit “Say My Name,” with Kelley ad-libbing responses to each line and folding in a tiny bit of Erykah Badu’s “Call Tyrone” for laughs. The section closed with lively runs through Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” and Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody,” plus a reverent crowd sing-along on Deana Carter’s immortal “Strawberry Wine.”

blind support

I’ve noticed that a lot of people support transgender people without knowing much about who and what they are supporting. There’s just this kneejerk: “Yes! Trans women are women just like me!” thing that happens. Which makes it easier for trans people to come into the discussion and say things that blatantly contradict the thinking in their community and none of the lib fems are any much the wiser for it.

For example, any time transgender issues get questioned in any way, there always seem to be a couple of MtF transgender people who pop up and say, “No no! It’s not just wanting to wear pretty dresses! It’s so much deeper than that! I’ve known ever since I was 3 months old that I was trans!” But they’re saying that in a community that has coined the word “truscum” and is increasingly arguing that physical dysphoria is not a required part of being transgender…

source: libfems reach peak trans

Hamlet and the Wolverine Press

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External image
External image

An extraordinary project is currently taking shape at the Wolverine Press, the letterpress studio at the University of Michigan. Led by Rebecca Chung (UMSI) and Fritz Swanson (Wolverine Press), a team of U of M students is working on a handset edition based on the G gathering from the second quarto of Hamlet, published in 1604 and conventionally known as Q2. In this gathering you can read what is probably the most famous soliloquy Shakespeare ever wrote: “To be, or not to be". In brief,… Read more.

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To pick up on one of the previous anon's points- the political party you've chosen might actually be a barrier when it comes to having a career in politics? I know you're just joking about being chancellor, but I understand you do actually want to go into politics? I'm not saying being a Lib Dem will make it impossible, but it will be hard. Sorry if this comes out as being offensive or anything! I like the Lib Dems!

*long answer as I have many thoughts on this*
If you like us so much, dear Anon, why don’t you join us 👀😏
As blessed St. Timothy said at conference last year, you don’t join the Liberal Democrats as a career move.
If I valued my career more than I valued my beliefs, I would have stayed in the Labour Party.
We won’t be in any worse a condition as we are now (she says hopefully). I’m praying that it will be all up from here (fingers crossed).
Idk, my mum has told me this before. Most of the time I do jest when I say ‘ooh, I’m going to be prime minister’ or chancellor, or whatever, but I do actually want to go into politics!
Nothing interests me like politics does. Why shouldn’t I want to pursue that?
I think what you’re saying is that my being a Lib Dem will prevent me from achieving that, and that my choices are between Labour and the Conservatives.
I’m never going back to Labour. Even if they sort themselves out and elect someone like Hilary Benn or Dan Jarvis as leader, I wouldn’t be tempted.
That leaves the you-know-who party 👀 (not the Voldemort Party, thought someone should definitely register that). I’ve said before that I can never say, with complete honesty, that I will never ever be a Tory. My position on the political spectrum been drifting further and further away from the left as time has gone by. I mean, two years ago I would have laughed in your face if you’d told me to join the Lib Dems.
Even if future me wanted to be a Tory, it would take a great deal of guts. I’ve mentioned before that my family are generally a mix of dedicated Blairites and UKIP sympathisers. They are also very, very anti-Tory 😐 I would be crucified.

But in the end, dear anon, I’d much rather choose the managerial job at McDonalds over Downing Street if it meant I was staying true to my own beliefs and opinions 🙏🏻 The minute you put ambition before heart is the minute you lose it.
Soz for the long answer btw, I’m a rambly person.

Australia’s refugee policy:
1. Boats will be turned back. We don’t care if you *make* it back.
2. Any boat people that make it here will be put in torture camps.
3. Whistleblowers - doctors, media, guards - that alert us to our government doing anything dodgy at sea or in camps may be severely punished.

Did this stop the boats?
No. 15 boats carrying 429 people were turned back in the Libs’ first year (that we know of).

Is what we’re doing torture?
Yes. The UN has said so. Seems fair. These camps are where people are raped, beaten, killed, driven suicidal, served food with cockroaches in it, go mad, watch their kids that they love go mad.

Is there an alternative?
Yes. For example, check out this.