“Can we keep them? Please?” Alan found them somewhere, where they don’t know but, they know one thing some one is going ro have have to say no. Alan gave them all names to; Jhon, Gordon, Scott, and Virgil. There I have draw something that looks kinda decent. Enjoy!

I'm Told Video #4: Air Signs
  • Campaign Leader:Hello, air signs.
  • The three:Hello.
  • Campaign Leader:Since you three are the whiz communicators, I decided to do something different with you.
  • The three:*sitting straighter*
  • Campaign Leader:We're going to go to the shooting range.
  • Gemini:Wait, come again?
  • Aquarius:We're doing what?
  • Libra:*blinking blankly*
  • Campaign Leader:Yes, you three already express yourselves well with words. We're giving you a... different form of expression.
  • -a little later at the shooting range-
  • Campaign Leader:I want you three to write down false adjectives people use to describe you. Write them with lots of space between because you're going to be aiming at them.
  • Libra:*blinking again* wait, what?
  • Gemini:We're shooting words?
  • Campaign Leader:Yes. We're using physical demonstrations to represent those which you would have used words to express your feelings.
  • Aquarius:... All right, let's do this. *goes to work*
  • Campaign Leader:Each person will get ten rounds. They each wrote four words. We'll see how many times they hit their targets. Gemini, you're first.
  • Gemini:*nods confidently, grabbing a gun and lining up to the words* *shoots ten rounds*
  • Campaign Leader:All right, Libra, it's your turn.
  • Libra:*lines up and shoots ten rounds*
  • Aquarius:*does the same*
  • Campaign Leader:It's time for the big reveal! Gemini, you're first again.
  • Gemini:*turns over the paper*
  • Page:*hit three of the four words and one was hit twice*
  • Campaign Leader:What were your words you used, Gemini?
  • Gemini:two-faced, bitchy, gossip, and fake.
  • Campaign Leader:Thank you, Gemini. Libra, it's your turn.
  • Libra:*turns the page over*
  • Page:*hit all four and two were hit twice*
  • Campaign Leader:And tell me Libra, what were your four words?
  • Libra:soft, shallow, flirty, and manipulative.
  • Campaign Leader:Thank you, Libra for your cooperation and collaboration. Aquarius, it's all you.
  • Aquarius:oh, I know it is *winks while flipping over the page*
  • Page:*all are shot, three are shot three times*
  • Campaign Leader:Wow, what a remarkable job, Aquarius!
  • Aquarius:Thank you. I uh... enjoy shooting.
  • Campaign Leader:Wow, apparently so. So, what words did you write down, since I can't even read most of them?
  • Aquarius:cold, detached, weird, and emotionless.
  • Campaign Leader:Thank you, Aquarius. All right, water signs... let's see what you've got!

Nick Clegg Love Game

#3. Nick Clegg aka the Dr.Dolittle of Westminster ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ
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The Lib Dem leader demonstrated his love of the animal kingdom when he revealed one of his favourite moments in power was getting to feed a seal in Cornwall.

“It was brilliant,” he told MailOnline last month.

He sent a picture of his moment with the seal to his children, his parents, his whole family.

His baffled sister asked: “Why is this the only picture you’ve emailed me of yourself in the last several months?”

But he insisted: "I was so excited about that.” [x]

What is the Nick Clegg Love Game?

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no offence but do y'all think its the liberals out on the front lines getting shit done ??????? Or???? lol no it was and is the radicals, whilst the libs sit in some over priced coffee shop using terms like “developing country” and talk earnestly about The Discourse and read about the front line a day later in somewhere respectable like the Guardian or in their Oxbridge seminar


Day 5: Anime You’re Ashamed You Enjoyed Most Out There Anime

I can’t say I was ever ashamed of any of the series I enjoyed, so I’m going to make today’s “The Most Out There/Off the Wall/Funniest/Etc.”

Ghost Stories (dub) is the best anime most people haven’t seen. Originally the series was about a group of kids thrown into a Supernatural/Horror filled adventure where they needed to essentially exorcise ghosts. It tanked so bad in Japan that when it came to America they basically said to do whatever they wanted with it. So while still sticking to the story line of the episodes and the plot points, the voice actors ad-libbed and did whatever the hell they felt like.

An all star cast makes up this group of cynical children

Hilary Haag - Satsuki
Chris Patten - Hajime
Christine Auten - Keiichiro
Greg Ayres - Leo
Monica Rial - Momoko (the best one)


Back in the 90’s …There was always an r and b dude killin ad-libs in the background

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name: barbora

nickname: not one atm

birthday: 4 august

star sign: leo, and quite the prime example

gender: female

height: 5′2

sexual orientation: i say bi but who even knows at this point

favorite color: red

favorite number: im not good with numbers

last thing i googled: lmao lyrics to an adele song

words that come to mind: fuck off

number of blankets i sleep with: one

favorite fictional characters: rn draco malfoy blame paula

famous people: rihanna

favorite book: mes illusions donnent sur le cour, l’écume des jours, eugene onegin, invisible monsters

favorite bands: pulp, suede, libs…

last movie i saw: the talented mr ripley

dream job: kate moss

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Already seeing Republican propaganda bullshit trying to claim Bernie Sanders is faking his care for the black community purely for their vote. Dude has been fighting for Civil Rights since the movement began. Not to mention today he met with Jesse Jackson to discuss the BlackLivesMatter movement.

And for the record, those 2 girls that bum-rushed Bernie while he was giving a speech protesting for BlackLivesMatter and claiming Bernie didn’t care about the black community are absolute idiots. He’s cared longer about the black community than they were alive and they need to seriously rethink their protest actions. That really, really hurt their movement rather than helped.

Watch this for further facts:

Salt, Drags, and everything lethal
These were the ingredients chosen
To create the perfect football fans
But Larries accidentally
Added an extra ingredients to the concoction–
Wrongful Stereotyping
Thus, The Christiano Ronald fandom was born
Using their ultra-super powers
Cules, Madridstas, and Bayern Fans
Have dedicated their lives to fighting Larries
And the forces of evil

The Signs Playing Paranoia
  • Gemini:*whispers to Cancer* Who in this circle would you most want to be caught in an elevator with?
  • Cancer:*out loud to circle* Sagittarius.
  • Libra:*takes off her flip flop and flips it*
  • Flip flop:*lands faced down*
  • Cancer:*whispers to Libra* Who in this circle have you dreamt about most?
  • Libra:*out loud to the circle* Scorpio...
  • Scorpio:*perks up* What? What was the question?
  • Libra:*hands him the flip flop blushing slightly*
  • Scorpio:*flips it and it lands faced up*
  • Cancer:I asked who in this circle Libra has dreams about the most.
  • Libra:*blushing and whispers to Scorpio* Who in this circle have you had wet dreams about?
  • Scorpio:*blushing* ... Aries...
  • Aries:*takes the flip flop* *flips it*
  • Flip flop:*lands faced up*
  • Libra:I asked who Scorpio has had wet dreams about.
  • Aries:*jaw drops, face turning dark red*
  • Aries:*leaning into Taurus' ear and whispers* Who in this circle would you ravish passionately?
  • Libra:*blushing furiously* ... Aries...
  • Aries:o////o
  • Capricorn:*takes the flip flop and flips it*
  • Flip flop:*lands faced down*
  • Scorpio & Aries:*exchange a look*
  • Scorpio:*whispers to Taurus* Who in this circle do you wish would take you on a date, if anybody could?
  • Taurus:... *pauses* ... Scorpio.
  • Scorpio:*surprised raise of the eyebrows*
  • Leo:*flips the flip flop*
  • Flip flop:*lands faced up*
  • Scorpio:... I asked who Taurus wishes would take her on a date...
  • Taurus:*looking down with a blush*
  • Taurus:*leans in to Virgo's ear and whispers* Who in this circle is the most likely to be famous in your opinion?
  • Virgo:Capricorn.
  • Taurus:*nods approval*
  • Capricorn:*takes Libra's flip flop and tosses it up*
  • Flip flop:*lands faced down*
  • Virgo:*leans into Capricorn's ear* Who in this room would be the best at distracting you from your work?
  • Capricorn:... Sagittarius.
  • Aquarius:*takes the flip flop and tosses it*
  • Flip flop:*lands faced down*
  • Capricorn:*whispers to Pisces* Who in this circle have you fantasied about?
  • Pisces:... *looks down blushing darkly* Cancer.......
  • Cancer:O.o what about me??
  • Taurus:*flips the flip flop*
  • Flip flop:*lands faced up*
  • Capricorn:I asked who Pisces has fantasied about.
  • Pisces:*sweating a bit with nerves* *leans to whisper to Leo* Who in this circle would you punch if you could?
  • Leo:*pauses* this is a hard one... maybe... *glances through the crowd* I dunno. Aquarius, maybe?
  • Aquarius:*curious* give me that flip flop. *takes it and flips it*
  • Flip flop:*lands facing up*
  • Leo:*sighs* great...
  • Pisces:... I asked who Leo would punch from this circle.
  • Leo:But I wouldn't punch anyone so I just said someone that everybody already knows I've gotten into an... altercation with...
  • Aquarius:*giving him a look*
  • Leo:*looks away quickly and goes to change the subject by whispering to Sagittarius* Who in this circle would you want to be trapped repopulating the earth with?
  • Sagittarius:*eyes light up for a second* Aquarius.
  • Aquarius:*blinks* *flips the flip flop again*
  • Flip flop:*lands facing up*
  • Leo:Ahaha... damn dude, sorry. I asked who he would choose to repopulate the earth with from this circle.
  • Sagittarius:*eyes catch Aquarius'*
  • Aquarius:*blinks in surprise*
  • Sagittarius:*affectionate smirk* Uh... my turn right?
  • Leo:Yeah, man, it's your turn.
  • Sagittarius:*leans in to Aquarius' ear and whispers* Who in this room would you french kiss?
  • Aquarius:... Sagittarius... probably...
  • Sagittarius:*smirks*
  • Gemini:*flips the flip flop*
  • Flip flop:*lands facing down*
  • Aqurius & Sagittarius:*share a look*
  • Everyone else:*share knowing looks*