Suburban Thrall Files Part II - Thralls

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Liatores are captivated with the human race. When not working towards total takeover and enslavement of Earth, demons are watching humanity from afar, fascinated by our behaviors and ways of life. It is because of this fascination that demons began to pick out humans that particularly caught their interest and took them as a sort of pet, approaching them with promises of security in exchange for information about earth and its people. While in its early days this practice was seen as beneath the noble Liatorian Empire, it is now so common that there is a special place in demon culture for these bonded human “pets,” these Thralls.

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Suburban Thrall Files Part I - The Liatorian Empire

Part II / Part III

Liator is the roughly translated name for a vast group of organisms residing in a small dimension very close to our own. Exhibiting a wide spectrum of appearances, intelligence, and even levels of sentience, Liatores have established a massive militant society within their realm, a full-fledged empire. The creatures display a great interest in our world, and since the dawn of life on Earth have sent covert soldiers here through cracks in dimensional space in order to gather information and scope things out. These spies, along with various other Liatores who slip through the cracks and flee to our world, have not gone completely unnoticed by humanity, though. Over time, we have given a name to these unexplainable, monstrous beings: demons.

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Empress Roxelana, ever honorable, may she watch over us all and rule a million years, is the leader of the Liatorian Empire. Like, the entire dimension. She is chief commander of all the Empire’s armies and her hatchmate is a high-ranking general.

She is absolutely fascinated with human history, and takes particular interest in powerful queens and woman warriors. Shortly before taking the seat of the Empire she declared she was a woman and picked the name Roxelana for herself. While some of her demon compatriots have had trouble conceptualizing this idea, they’ll just have to deal with it now won’t they

some tidbits on the Shift and Human Cloaks of Liatores:

  • The Cloak is an adaptation developed to assist demonkind in their eventual takeover of our realm. By taking on a human form they can easily infiltrate governments and other societal circles and rely information back to the home dimension
  • It really is a long, painful process, because demons are literally shifting and transforming their vastly different body parts into ones that better suit a human body. They prefer to do it in privacy, and it’s very gross to watch.
  • The Shift time differences from Liator to Liator. Chuck’s Shift takes about 3 hours, but Treza’s takes almost 7 because she’s so big.
  • Shifting back to demon form is generally as easier task and takes a much shorter amount of time
  • Due to a great deal of Liatores not interacting much with humans, their Cloaks can sometimes look a bit… off. Arms a bit too long,  unnatural eye colors, and other little anatomy quirks  are common “Cloak errors”
  • Cloaks are 100% the demon’s original design. Demons who do have contact or have seen humans often will use whatever people they’ve interacted with most to base their cloaks off of.
  • Chuck’s piercings in his human form aren’t real piercings but hard extensions of his skin.

tangelojack asked:

yes i love how chuck and trezarex have contrasting designs, and i was wondering if means anything, like it it corresponds to their personalities or something like that?


First, lemme map out Chuck and Trezarex’s various design contrasts:

  • Chuck is smaller, Trezarex is larger
  • Chuck is red, Trezarex is blue
  • Chuck is a mix of mainly mammalian and insectian attributes, while Treza is mostly a mix of reptilian and piscine/aquatic attributes
  • Chuck is rather clunky and clumsy, Trezarex is sleek and graceful

Now, I actually didn’t even really recognize the parallels and contrasts between them until way after they’d both been designed! Thinking it over now though especially, the real significance of these designs comes mostly in their place in Liatorian society and their place in the Suburban Thrall plot.

Chuck is a textbook common Lesser Demon. They’re typically animal-like in appearance, and ruddy reds/browns are by far the most common color of Liator (think the classic red devil design). He served his mandatory time in the Liatorian army and was discharged afterwards. Chuck is a common run-of-the-mill demon who just happened to get summoned by humans. In Liatorian standards, he’s boring.

Trezarez, meanwhile, is a Greater Demon and an absolute oddball one at that. Blue is a rare color for demons, and generally Greaters are more humanoid in appearance. Treza is a massively intelligent sea monster that could do great things for her Empire, but she’s a rogue soldier. She ditched the military while stationed on Earth to take a Thrall and begin working to kickstart the Liatorian Invasion in her own terms.

So, generally, their conflicting designs serve to help highlight the clash of their places among their kind, and well as their clashing motivational levels (Chuck is passive; Treza is very, very active).


starlinggalaxy asked:

How does the liator economy work? Is it a communist society or are there like demon bankers with their horns in a comb over to the side

oh man i dont think i’ve ever thought about the liatorian econmy before this is a good question 8U

i think it’s probably. Very Capitalist. Greater demons hoard the vast majority of the wealth even though they’re vastly outnumbered by Lessers. It’s probably something that’s just been instilled in society since the dawn of the empire and Lesser Demons are never taught about it so they just sort of accept it as the way things are. Since a great deal of Lessers are feral animals and plantlife anyway they don’t care either so there’s that.

But there’s demons living in shitty demon flats and are probably like ‘this doesnt seem that fair’ but they have no real voice in questioning it. Liator Greater hold the Empire in such a massively tight chokehold jfc

ALSO YEAH DEMON BANKERS. they dont comb over their horns they just have regular comb-overs with their horns poking out and nice suits