liars and fools


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A Latias in a blue and white mask appears to have overheard a question earlier. “Ah! I didn’t realize there actually was a boat. Mom and I just flew here with her friend!” She gives a sheepish grin. “Oh, but if you do miss the boat and need a ride, I’d be happy to give you one! I’ve heard Alola’s really nice, and a friend of mine likes the beans that grow there, so it’d be a good excuse to visit for a bit, too!” The Eon Pokémon pauses. “I’m Ruby, by the way! Nice to meet you!” (@dailylatias)

I…It’s not like I’m scared of heights…


Oh!! I’m Marshadow… Y…you can call me Marshie though! N…Nice to meet you t…too…?

Low-Approval Solas: “You Have Abandoned the Elves”

Lavellan: Ma banal las halamshir var vhen. (“You do nothing to further our people” or “Your empty ambition abandons our people”)

Solas: I have done no such thing. I simply see no way to help the elves, oppressed as they are now.

Lavellan: Ma halani! Lasa ghilan! (“You could help us! You could guide us!”)

Solas: How many Dalish would listen? Most care little about improving their lives. They already consider themselves perfect, the sole keepers of elven lore. I might reach a few, at most.

Solas: But… You are right. That is more than I reach doing nothing. I suppose I am just tired of fighting.

Lavellan: What do you mean, you’re tired of fighting? Fighting what?

Solas: Did you think I honed my magical skills to impress spirits? I have joined my share of causes. But when I offered lessons learned in the Fade, I was derided by my enemies - and sometimes my allies. Liar. Fool. Madman. There are endless ways to say someone isn’t worth listening to. Over time, it grinds away at you.

Lavellan: If you stop fighting, they win.

Solas: You do not win a war by fighting to the death in every battle. Pick the fights you can win, remember your goals, and do nothing that does not further them.

(This is not intended to be a Solas-critical post. This is just to show a side of him that many ride or die Solas fans won’t see in their playthroughs.)



Sample Menu Screen for “How to Fool a Liar King”.

Honestly, I have no idea how could it become so fancy XD
I was thinking to make it similar like HTTOYM at first, with mainly white and pale colors, but looking at Regina and Juli… just made me feel I need to give these two “MORE” XD

I hope you’ll like this(*´ω`*)

The game is progressed quite slow, as I’m still adjusting here and there, but i hope it won’t be postponed long (・_・;) Well… I hope it won’t be postponed but then the final programming and voice edit might take time.

Anyway, translation is done, all bgs are done, CG is like 5 done? all vocal songs done, too bad I still need to make 2 more movies? scripting shouldn’t take too long… hopefully… if i can resist my inner desire to add more things here and there XD

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hey! can you write a josh fic or imagine where the reader sees him flirt with an interviewer and she gets super insecure about herself and their relationship, but josh shows her how much she means to him? :) thank you so much tay, i love your blog and you so much


Normally you’d be fine with it, you were so used to them by now. But today was different and it was nagging in your brain. Nagging you and making you feel vulnerable and insecure. Two things you never were. But there it was, lingering in your head much like an itch you just couldn’t scratch. Your old insecurities and abandonment issues came to the forefront of your mind, rearing themselves bright and shiny so you could do nothing but look. And sulk.

Tyler and Josh were being interviewed cause that’s what they do more often than not, talking about upcoming music and the new tour and basically everything and anything band related. The same boring questions with a few surprising ones in there, sometimes they were lucky enough to get someone who wouldn’t fall back on questions long since answered and today they got just that.

The girl-you’d normally say woman, but she was younger than you-and adorably sweet, a bit too sweet.  She giggled in appropriate places and reached out to playfully slap Josh’s arm more than once so far.  You cringed at Josh’s terrible joke (even though you did love them) but the girl, he thinks her name was Alexa, laughed and it was just way too forced.

And that’s what made that incessant feeling of inadequacy come to light.  No one could resist his charms and you were well aware of it. You were also well aware of how this girl was leaning forward closer and closer into Josh.

“I heard that this is your first time in the city,” She leaned in and raised an eyebrow, a perfectly sharp eyebrow.  Josh nods.  “Do you know all the hot spots you have to visit?”

You knew that these types of questions always arose but what you didn’t expect was for Josh’s response, “Well how about we get your number and you can show us all these spots?”

Your mouth practically fell open at the overtly forward action your boyfriend just pulled, never before had Josh said something like that towards… well anyone. Not a stranger and certainly not a girl interviewing them. That’s what made your mind race.

She doesn’t draw it out though.  After a few minutes, her attention shifts to Tyler, making you exhale.

“So Tyler, tell us a little about the song writing process?”

You were grateful to the shift, so you could sulk with the feeling that you weren’t good enough. Shouldn’t someone so desperately in love with you, Josh’s words not yours, not do something like that in front of the person they love? Hell, even if you weren’t there you’d never expect Josh to say something like that. You crossed your arms tightly around your chest, a defense mechanism you always used when you started to feel insecure or inadequate.  

When you looked back up, brown eyes bored into yours. You avoided Josh’s piercing gaze to pretend to pay attention to what Tyler was going on about but you felt Josh’s eyes remain on you the last ten minutes of the interview.  As soon as it concluded, and you watched Josh talking to Alexa even after the interview was finished, you spun on your feet, leaving the studio as quickly as possible.

“Unbelievable,” you mumbled under your breath because yeah you were feeling less than loved at the moment but you were also a little angry too. You had every right. It all stemmed from your constant fear that one day, your one and only, Josh would leave you. He had more than enough opportunities and probably more than enough reasons to do so. You just didn’t like to be reminded that he could.

You quickly climbed into the crew’s bus, hoping you’d be left alone on the way back to your hotel. You didn’t really even want to be near Josh at this point, you were too gone in your own head, letting every last anxiety, hesitation and fear play in your mind on repeat, like a broken record you imagined the day you’d come home to find Josh in bed with someone else. Or the inevitable fight where he’d walk out the door and never turn back.

You bit your lip and stayed silent, something you’re not really known for when Tyler slid onto the couch next to you, “Y/N, what’s going on?”

“Huh?” You didn’t even know Tyler was on the bus.

“You look kind of out of it today. What’ s going on?” He asked sincerely adjusting his hoodie and lifting up a leg.

You shrugged, “Just tired. Long day.”

Tyler could see through your bullshit and even though you were a relatively competent liar, you weren’t fooling anyone, “Uh huh, so Josh’s little flirting spree earlier has nothing to do with why you look as if he just broke up with you.” He state it more than he questioned it because he knew he was right. Tyler was good at being intuitive about this kind of stuff.

You huffed and let your body deflate, head thudding on the back of the seat, “He’s such an ass.”

“Your ass though.” Tyler reminded you getting you to smirk slightly.

“Like, why does he have to do that? Like I get it he’s the charming one but that-“

“Excuse you,” Tyler interjected.

“You’re the handsome one, relax.”

“Okay, better.  Go on.”

“Just you know how I am— I’m terrified that one day he won’t be there when I come home. Like he could leave at a moment’s notice and not bat an eye.” You felt the sting in your eyes because saying it out loud made it feel as if it were one step closer to becoming true.

“Y/N, that boy is in love with you. Like it’s kinda disgusting actually. He’s not going anywhere.”

You nodded slowly. But it wasn’t enough. Letting Tyler’s voice into your ears only temporarily dulled the voice in your head saying you weren’t good enough, that Josh was only around cause it was convenient right now and the moment he could, he’d bolt.

You holed yourself up in the bathroom of your hotel suite that you had to, now unfortunately, share with your boyfriend.  Doubt had come to skip and plant seeds of disproval and abhorrence amongst the folds and creases of your brain.

Finally away from everyone else you did let yourself cry, not a full on bawling spree but splashes of terrified uncertainty did fall from your eyes, they became glassy and wet as your cheeks reddened and your bottom lip grew sore from biting it.

You were blowing your nose for a third time when you heard the door to the suite open then close, a muffled call of your name. You hoped that Josh didn’t hear you and would just leave so you could cry a bit more in peace but it seemed that fate wasn’t on your side. Soon enough there was a few knocks to the door, “Babe? You in there?”

Your voice cracked slightly, “Y-yeah.”

As soon as you felt you voice betray you, you knew Josh would grow concerned.

“You alright? Can I come in?” His voice was low and he moved the handle trying to open the door but found it locked.

“Y/N? Why’s the door locked love?” His voice rose slightly in confusion and slight terror. You never locked yourself away unless you were getting sick.

“Cause I-I….” But you couldn’t get it out. Couldn’t lie fast enough right now because Josh was on the other side of that door, being his usual devoted self and you could hear the panic in your own voice. You broke down into a muffled sobbing mess with your back against the wall, the heavy echoes of your crying bouncing around the room.

“Y/N! What’s wrong!? Are you hurt?! Open the door!” The handle shook violently but the door didn’t budge. Josh standing on the other side hearing you, a blubbering mess. You rarely cried so he was on high alert.

You took a deep breath and sniffed hard, your nose officially stuffed now as your voice wavered, “Why do you love me?”

The door handle stopped moving as Josh pressed his ear closer to the door, you were only making small noises but he definitely heard you say something, “What was that?”

“Why do-“ you let out a long breath trying to calm yourself down, it was working for the moment, “Josh, why do you love me?”

Silence. Stunned silence. You waited for an answer that you figured wouldn’t come. Josh was shocked at where this was coming from, why was he being asked that of all things? “I, I-“

He couldn’t think of an answer. Well he could of course but his head was fuzzy with why you were crying in a locked bathroom asking him why he loved you. Didn’t make sense and it made a deep line form between his eyebrows. Then he heard you mumble, “I knew it, I knew this would happen.”

“What happened? Y/N, what’s going on?”

“You’re gonna leave me.” You hiccuped out because now your brain was telling you that yes, Josh would leave.

“Y/N, never. I’m never gonna leave you. Please baby, open the door?” Josh scrambled and scratched at the wood that was barring him from saving someone he couldn’t lose. Wherever you were going, Josh would bring you back.

“Why do you lo-love me Josh? Why do you stay with me?” Your voice went a bit higher as some more cries exited your mouth, covering it with your hand, you tried to breathe through your nose-as difficult as that was- as more tears fell over your knuckles. Saying it out loud hurt more than thinking it.

“Because I love you. That’s why I stay with you. I need you, you know that.” He sternly admitted.

“Josh…”  You sobbed, clasping your hand back over your mouth to try and contain the sadness gushing out.

“Is this-is this about earlier? The interview girl?” Josh’s voice rumbled through the wood and could be heard clearer as he sat down on the floor and his voice could travel under the door better. You made another choked sound at that and squeezed your eyes shut, more salty pain running over your blotchy cheeks.

“Babe, you know I was just messing with her. Please don’t think I meant a single word of that. It’s only you babe, only ever been you. I’m not going anywhere I promise. Please? Open the door?”

You shook your head even though Josh couldn’t see you, leaning your head back against the door and continuing to squeeze your eyes shut. You bit down on your fingernails, a habit you tended to revert back to whenever emotionally distressed.  

“Stop biting your nails, you know I can’t stand that.” Came a command through the door. You pulled your hand from your mouth, fucking Josh Dun.

You blew your nose one more time and gulped down the lump in your throat as Josh sighed and spoke to you, soft and intimate, “Y/N, I’m in love with you. I always have been, even since the beginning. I know I flirted tonight and all that, and I’m sorry, but it was harmless, I promise.”

You raised a shoulder and nodded because you did know.

“Please love, know that I’m not going anywhere—“

You wiped your eyes with your long sleeves much more like paws over your small hands and let out deep whoosh of air from his lungs.

“Now you gonna open the door or what? I’ve been dying to kiss you, like, all day you know.” Josh said as he stood, the small pops in his knees sounding through the door. There was a shuffling on the other side of the door and the metal of the lock clicked and it slowly creaked open. There you sat with eyes pink and glassy, cheeks blotchy and swollen, lips red and shiny.

You wiped under your eyes again with a sniff. “I’m just- I’m scared Josh.”

Josh moved towards you quickly, a look of sympathy on his face, he brushed his long fingers through your hair, “Scared of what babe?”

“That you’ll go. You could anytime.” You shrugged. It was emotional but it was truth.

“I could but…” Josh rubbed his thumb across your cheek.


“But I don’t want to. It’s you babe, it’ll always be you. There are billions of people out there but none of them compare to you when it comes to my heart and who owns it. You own it.” He smirked tiredly.

“I do?” you asked sheepishly.

“You always have. Now come here.” Josh didn’t wait for a movement as he pulled you into an all encompassing hug, his arms wrapping tightly around you as you laid your head against his chest.  Josh’s familiar smell and the feeling of his hands rubbing up and down your back brought immediate comfort into the depths of you, allowing your mind to finally stop racing.  Josh plants kisses on the top of your head, whispering, “No one compares to you.”

When you finally pull back, Josh takes your face in his hand hands, looking over your tired features, “Beautiful.” He sighed out with a gentle smile.

“Shut up, I look like shit,” you chuckle softly.  

“You look beautiful. Now kiss me, it’s too long since you have.”

He leaned down as you leaned up, your toes extending to reach up and bring their mouths together, slow kisses shared between you as your hands gripped Josh’s broad shoulders and felt the tongue that had mapped your entire body slip into your mouth. You sighed softly into the kiss as Josh’s body pressed against yours more firmly, the wide expanses of it dwarfing your own body, making you feel small and fragile.

Josh bent his knees slightly and proceeded to lift you off the ground, both legs automatically wrapping around his waist and arms to go around his neck, “Gonna show you baby. Gonna show you how much I love you.”

mornings are stuttering things.
there’s the sun, slow and creeping as it pulls up;
there’s the quiet, subtle and soft enough to be notable;
and then there’s you, with heavy bones and that sinking feeling.

the first moments are such unsure things—
where are you, exactly?  is the skin you’re in your own today?
your memory is perfect, your mind is not;
everything is hazy and spinning, and you have to orient yourself.
this is the routine.

you never know whether you’ll wake up and be yourself.
but the sun always rises.

he is so—
fuck, he is so infuriating, that’s what he is.
he doesn’t know when to shut his mouth,
doesn’t care for seeing how high the risk is.
he’s a liar and a fool.
he feels like war,
(and he tastes like eden.)

he’d walk through hell and back for you, you know?
he’d see it burning, maybe he even set the fire,
and he’d know it would hurt.  how many times has he been burned?
you’ve seen his scars, he’s lived through the memory of them,
and he’d still walk straight through the flame for you.
he is reliable.  a constant.  he won’t change;
he is always going to be a problem.

because you would do the same for him.

endings are something you are familiar with.
you’ve witnessed enough of them,
caused enough of them,
come close to having enough of them.
life is so fickle, so fragile.

a hammer hits a mirror, and the glass warps before it shatters.
those last moments are haunting, lilted.
like you— casually cruel.
it’s the shake and the shudder, the final plea.
the last of life is unforgivingly honest.
death is a stuttering thing.

—  sunrise, abram, death // es
Why IchiHime was obvious as hell for endgame (regardless of the fandom’s denial about it)

–IH has been obvious since the pilot chapter. Ichigo and Orihime had mutual romantic feelings for each other in the bleach prototype, Kubo’s original plan for bleach. Here’s a post on it.

–If you really, truly want to argue that Ichigo and Orihime “barely had any moments!” luckily, I was insane enough to create a masterpost with links to every single IH moment in the manga (which had to be split in half because it literally broke due to having too many links on it). Part One is here, Part Two is here. It has over 377 links. Say what you will, but IchiHime has the most moments and screentime of any other pairing by a landslide.

–The amount of focus that was put on Ichigo’s desire to protect Orihime specifically is MASSIVE. It was made more than apparent how much Ichigo cared about Orihime and how important she was to him, by the level of focus that was put on Ichigo’s protectiveness over her, specifically. It’s something that singled her out as special and set her apart from the others, time and time again. It was consistently emphasized in the manga, and, conversely, so too was Orihime’s desire to protect Ichigo specifically. Their mutual desires to protect each other was a recurring theme. Don’t believe me? That’s okay, I’ve made a masterpost on this too, which you can find here. Warning, it’s long.

–Ichigo is open and receptive to Orihime’s displays of her feelings for him in positive ways. The fact that she cares about him so much doesn’t bother him in the slightest. In fact, he likes it. Here’s another link.

With that out of the way, let’s get to it

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So today I ended up working on this Kylux Daughter AU draft and then watched the end of About Time (ugh) and then all of Hungry Hearts (D:) and since I won’t post this story for months and I’m an impatient bastard I feel like posting a little preview now, so here it is. The story alternates between their daughter’s POV in the present and Hux’s POV in the past. The whole pregnancy premise is dubcon but neither of them carries the baby, she’s a Force/science miracle who grows in an incubator.


Her earliest memories are of waking up between them, either because she’d crawled into their bed after a bad dream or because one of them had fallen asleep beside her and the other had joined them in the middle of an off-cycle. Her father’s chest had seemed like an impenetrable wall back then, the kind of fortress that could protect her from anything. And she felt no fear when the ship was rocked by enemy fire, because her dad was in command, in control, and therefore everything would of course be fine. In her imagination Hux had built their ship by hand just as he’d made her. She understood that Ren had something to do with her creation, too, and imagined that a final, magical touch from him had brought everything Hux had carefully laid in place together.

The Force, and responsible science. That was where Hux said she came from.

From us, Ren said. Blood and soul.


Snoke wasted no time; he abhorred waste of all kinds. Hux knew this, and it was the only reason he had to hope that he would not be promptly executed following the loss of Starkiller. He could surely still be of some use, in Snoke’s view.

“You shall both be replaced,” Snoke said when Hux stood beside Kylo Ren, before Snoke’s holo projection.

Ren was cowed, cut up and unmasked, his head bent as if he’d expected to hear this. Hux was left wondering if this replacement would involve their deaths. He didn’t dare ask, kept his posture perfect and his face expressionless, his arms clasped behind his back.

“As punishment for disappointing me,” Snoke continued, “You shall each play a role in creating your joint replacement.”

“Sir?” Hux said, unable to hold this in. Even Ren had looked up in apparent confusion.

“I desire a child,” Snoke said. “Strong in the Force but collected in continence. I will raise this child myself, after it is old enough to feed and clothe itself, so that no mistakes will be made in the crafting of my ideal apprentice.”

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like we’re stars in a movie, beautiful | sungjin [oneshot]

The situation is this: you need a fake boyfriend for a thing. But maybe only one of you is pretending?

1. Sungjin | 2. Jae | 3. Brian | 4. Wonpil | 5. Dowoon
day6 | au | 1152 words

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