Hippo’s Creativity Challenge - Week 4 - FINAL

Daily goal - 525 words

  • day 22 - 665 
  • day 23 - 446
  • day 24 - 739
  • day 25 - 651
  • day 26 - 887
  • day 27 - 319 
  • day 28 - 931

This week’s total = 4,638     Monthly total = 18,413


I MADE IT!! Thanks again to thievinghippo for hosting this event. Even the e-mail confirmations kept me going on those tougher days! 

Once ‘Far From Ra’ was complete it was a little tougher to know what to focus on. I did a LOT of editing and file organization this week. The good news is that I have brought ‘Ferreting Out the Truth’ out of hiatus. It’s nice to bring back my OC’s and play with romance again. Even if only for my own amusement. ^_^*

As celebration I fired up ME1 for the first time in weeks and shot lots of Geth and big bugs. Nothing like celebrating with a killing spree. Just me and the girls. ^_^*

Unfriendly reminder that Rin and Archer’s last convo is full of liary lies said in the hopes of easing heartache, but reality is such that the original Throne of Heroes version Archer will never come to the same realization as his copy does in the 5th Grail War.  AT LEAST WHEN THE WORLD DIES, YOU CAN DIE WITH IT, ARCHER. 

Halifax, Cape Breton focus of illustrator's post-apocalyptic novel

A local writer and illustrator has taken inspiration from Nova Scotia’s much-discussed economic future — and its history — in his first novel, set in post-apocalyptic Halifax and Cape Breton. Ben O’Liari, 39, has been a freelance writer and illustrator in Halifax for 10 years. He said he’s spent a portion of those years conceptualizing a new science fiction story of which he’s half finished,…

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he didn’t want to spend time with him. And I said he was like to make the liary feelings about him. I’m not sure it was a break up.