Hippo’s Creativity Challenge - Week 4 - FINAL

Daily goal - 525 words

  • day 22 - 665 
  • day 23 - 446
  • day 24 - 739
  • day 25 - 651
  • day 26 - 887
  • day 27 - 319 
  • day 28 - 931

This week’s total = 4,638     Monthly total = 18,413


I MADE IT!! Thanks again to thievinghippo for hosting this event. Even the e-mail confirmations kept me going on those tougher days! 

Once ‘Far From Ra’ was complete it was a little tougher to know what to focus on. I did a LOT of editing and file organization this week. The good news is that I have brought ‘Ferreting Out the Truth’ out of hiatus. It’s nice to bring back my OC’s and play with romance again. Even if only for my own amusement. ^_^*

As celebration I fired up ME1 for the first time in weeks and shot lots of Geth and big bugs. Nothing like celebrating with a killing spree. Just me and the girls. ^_^*

D(I am)ond
  • D(I am)ond
  • Stick To Your Guns
  • Diamond

I am a brave man, I am a coward
I am the tiger, I am the flower
I am honest, and I’m a liar
I am vital, and I am tired
I am a free man, I am caught
From where I am, I see the top
I am, most importantly never concerned with what I am not.

(I am) A brave man, a coward
The tiger, the flower
(I am) Honest, a liar
I am vital and so fucking tired
(I am) A free man, I am caught
From where I am, I see the top
(I am) Most importantly never concerned with what I am not.

(I am) Forever more than just surviving
This is my life and this life is my diamond.

Also Mike said "No. I'm done taking orders." to Aria. Taking orders, from whom? A perhaps? Maybe he was being black mailed into doing things for A and now he's fed up and done since Mona died. And maybe he knows Alison isn't A.
  • Beast
  • Nihil

Beast - KMFDM 
Nihil, 1995

I don’t make sense
I got my pride
Don’t need no meaning
I feel no shame
I will not believe
I got no choice
I’m out of control
And I love it 

I’m a non-believer
I refuse and resist
I don’t play no more
I’m a terrorist
I’m a radical pig
I exploit and abuse
I am total chaos
Strange and abstruse

I’m a cheatin’ liar
I am naked terror
I hurt, I wound
I’m a fatal error