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Hi! I’m trying to make it a point to read and reblog more fic, so if write for Dragon Age or Mass Effect, please like or reblog this so I can check out your blog. Tagging writers you’d recommend would really help, too. ☺️


This is gonna sound weird but i cant pinpoint a moment in any mass effect game where i seen it or theres been mention of it and i dont know why just now it sprung on me…..

but do asari wear underwear?….. any romance scene they always jump straight to naked… Do you think they have a concept of lingerie for either fashion function or seduction?

Or do you think thats how the term “asari commando” came about?


Little Liara gets called the “P” word, Aethyta gives her advice. (Benezia does not approve). AU in which the matriarchs never separated shhh I can dream of happier times

Happy (belated) Father’s Day! This one’s also for asari week, since I didn’t get to celebrate