liara ali

So I met Jennifer Hale today...

She was at AVcon and she did a Q&A.

Some interesting things that popped up:

1. Her favourite line from Mass Effect is ‘I’ve had enough of your disingenuous assertions’
2. Bioware approached her to voice Krem. She did weeks of research and watched a lot of documentaries and considers it a huge honour to voice Krem.
3. She’s good friends with Ali Hillis (Liara) and whenever she has a ‘red carpet’ event to go to, Ali helps her pick out what to wear
4. As such Jennifer really enjoyed her scenes with Liara (even though Ali wasn’t present in the room with her)
5. Her favourite Mass Effect character is Mordin
6. Her OTP is Shakarian
7. She got emotional doing the goodbye scene with Garrus at the end of ME3 and had to recompose herself
8. She often doesn’t know what the script says until she’s in the recording booth
9. She doesn’t play video games because she is terrible at them
10. If she played Mass Effect she’d be renegade
11. She cannot legally say anything about Mass Effect: Andromeda. However, she did stress that it did not mean she was necessarily in it
12. Her favourite line from Diablo is literally just a roar (I haven’t played the game so I can’t explain it better than that, sorry)
14. She loved working with Freddie Prinze Jr. and says he is very funny and great fun to be around
13. She has hit the ‘limit’ for the amount of concussions one person can have. She also told us a story about a plane and motion sickness, but it’s pretty gross so if you want to hear it then feel free to message me.

She answered more questions, but that’s currently all I remember. If I remember more then I will post it.