My Bioware Romances summed up

Kaidan: Professional Dork with trust issues

Liara: …I… I think I’m into women.

Thane: Sad Lizard poet.

Kelly: My lesbian gal pal

Samantha: Awkward nerd has game

Jaal: Perfect Space kitten

Reyes: Campy Han Solo

Alistair: Goofy prince obsessed with cheese 

Zevran: Trusting known killer ends surprisingly​ well.

Leliana: I am definitely into woman.

Anders: Cat man fucks up

Fenris: Angst and Puppy eyes.

Cullen: A tragic cinnamon roll. 

Solas: Que Taylor Swift song.

Biowareaspirant's 100 follower giveaway!

Hey everyone!

So I’m at the halfway mark to 100 followers, which is awesome when you consider this crappy little blog got started up just a handful of weeks ago. 

Originally posted by unoobang

I’m doing this giveaway because I love getting awesome followers, and meeting awesome fans of Bioware work. You guys have been super aweome sauce. And because my current followers have been so awesome, I wanna give back a little bit.

First Prize: digital deluxe edition copy of Mass Effect Andromeda

Runner Up Prize: A Funko pop figurine of your choice (Bioware-related ONLY)

Only one person will receive the First Prize.

I will award the Runner Up Prize to up to three people.  


1. You must be following me to participate in this, and yes I will check.

2. Giveaway blogs are NOT allowed. If I find your giveaway blog trying to participate, you will be blocked and automatically disqualified from participating.

3. If you are aiming for one prize over the other, reblogs will enter you for the first prize and likes enter you for the runner up prize. You can do both as often as you want to increase your chances for one prize over another if you like. Just be considerate to your own followers.

4. Only Bioware and gaming-related blogs please. I especially don’t want to have to sift thorugh new blogs to block the porn blogs.

5. For the giveaway to be successful, this blog must hit 100 followers on or before March 16th. SO REBLOG AWAY, MY LOVELIES!