Liar, Liar: Part 2

(( OOC: Girl played by: @sirussly )) 

Remus: How are you supposed to know if I’m lying? 

Fenrir: *grins* Oh trust me Remus… I’ll know.

Remus: *stares* 

Fenrir: *smiles, staring across the table at Remus* … Truth or Truth?

Fenrir: *cuts in* Truth or Truth?

Remus: … You know the answer to that one.

Fenrir: So this one should be easy for you.

Remus: *glares*

Fenrir: Next… 

Fenrir: *grins* 

Remus: … For now.

Fenrir: 3 for 3. *pauses* Now, here’s a tougher one… 

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Liar Liar

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Hey guys! So, @needing-mendes-kisses has oh so sweetly requested a part two and I decided, why the fuck not? So, here’s a part two to this  and yeah! Feedback is always appreciated x

Shawn was still getting his ass handed to him for paying the bill, but it was worth it to him. Y/N’s mother had taken an instant liking to him as soon as they began dating and Shawn was beyond glad. That made him, almost 100% sure of the answer he’d get from her when he went to visit her today. The smirk on her face when she opened the door made him realize just how much of a splitting image Y/N was to her mother.

“Hi Shawn! What’s the occasion?” She asks as soon as he walks through the unlocked door and enters the kitchen.

“Uh, came to ask you something.” He stutters, sweaty palms rubbing against his jeans.
“Whatever it is, the answer’s yes.” Just like Y/N. Not caring, just answering so she stops being responsible for things. Then again, as long as it was Shawn, no one ever really second guessed him.
“It’s a pretty important thing though, for you to, you know, just say yes to.” His throat feels like someone’s dumped a bag of sand straight into his mouth and a cough swims out his mouth, turning her attention to him.

“Okay,” She hums, resting her arms on the counter, a sandwich in one hand and a bottle of water in the other. “fire away, kid”
“I wanna marry Y/N.” Bits of white bread and ham come flying out as she struggles to wash down the parts of her sandwich still left in her mouth. “Really?!”
“Yes, really.” Shawn sighs, folding his hands in front of his mouth, his lips tucked between his teeth, half out of untameable nerves, half out of habit. “I wanted to ask her father one day, but her mother is just as good . If not, better.”

“Jesus fuck, I thought you’d never ask! I’ve been WAITING for the day I—” A tear slips down her cheek and Shawn’s quick to hug her, a smile itching to spread onto his face. Her tears finally settle down a couple of minutes later, leaving hiccups in their wake as she releases Shawn from her grip.

“Yes, you have my blessing, permission, say so, whatever the hell you need! I just have one condition.” Her voice drops an octave or two and he begins to break into a bit of a nervous sweat.
“Don’t make me regret ever giving you permission, Shawn. Trust takes years to earn and seconds to break. Remember that.”
“You have my word. If I hurt her, you have every right to beat me with a household object, fuck up my car. Anything, all of it.” He assures her, causing her to welcome him into her embrace. “I’m glad you’re officially a part of the family. I thought I’d have to put her into speed dating if it wasn’t you.”

After rushing out of Y/N’s childhood home to beat the closing time of the jewelers’ for the ring he’s had on hold for the last 6 months, Shawn was finally home, jittery all over in every room of the little 2 bedroom townhouse. He couldn’t contain himself. He was about to propose to the love of his life in less than 45 minutes in the most nonchalant fashion ever. His excitement had to come out somewhere. He went to fiddle with a few chords on his guitar while he waited for her to come home.

When she finally finished her volunteer time at the pet adoption center, Y/N was about ready to die. She loved the furry and not-so-furry friends at the center, but right now? She smelled like dog shampoo and fish food and she was running on 4 hours of sleep. Shawn stayed late at the studio last night, leaving her to fight for sleep. She needed the rest and when she came home to find pizzas in the kitchen and a shirtless Shawn in gray sweats scavenging for plates, she knew it was going to be a relaxing night.

They laid staring at the TV, a box of pizza between them and the lamp on Shawn’s side of the bed dimmed. In this moment he knew it, half way through a rerun of Friends and a slice of pizza in his lap, he wanted to pop the question.

“Hey Y/N?” Shawn called, clearing his throat. His pizza was on the bedside table, now long forgotten.
“Yeah babe?” She replied, finally tearing her eyes off the screen. The stringy mozzarella cheese was hanging from her lip as her hands moved around the bed to find the remote. 
“Can you look in that drawer on your side and see if my guitar pick is in there? Couldn’t find it earlier” He says, her hands already reaching for the knob on the drawer.

Y/N finally sets her pizza down, glancing over in the empty space and her heart damn near stops. He’s gotta be fucking joking.”Shawn..” 
“Yeah?” He whispers, sitting up off the headboard.
“W-what’s this?” She implores, her voice already wavering.
“Open it and se—“
“Already one step ahead.” Her response is quick but soft, almost nonexistent.
“So, I couldn’t think of some clever, over the top way to wow you with a proposal. All I could think about was asking you to spend the rest of your life with me.” Shawn confesses, sliding up next to her.

She looks up at him for the first time in around the last hour and they looked identical. Half-dressed, greasy-lipped losers with tears of joy in their eyes.

 “I’ve been scared shitless for the last two hours trying to figure out how the hell I’m supposed to propose and what to say, how to sit, how to fucking breathe, but— Y/N Y/M/N Y/L/N, will you marry me before I shit a brick out of fear?” The words come out in a barely understandable fashion with all his nerves jumping off the walls.

“if I say yes, will you stop holding your damn breath? Jesus!” Y/N laughs, already slipping the ring on her finger.
“Yes, promise.”
“Then I’m all yours.” Of course they sealed it with a kiss. Oily, cheese flavored lips.
“i’m so happy you said yes, I thought I was gonna have to have an awkward run in with the jeweler at the store. He’s been ready to kick my ass for months.” Shawn joked, earning a slap on the chest from Y/N. 

Liar, Liar: Part 3

*Fenrir leaves the room, the door swinging closed behind him with a resounding click*

Remus: *holds still for a moment, his breath caught in his throat* He knows… 

*reality comes crashing back as the Girl makes a small sound from where she’s bound to the chair* 

Girl: *grimaces* … That tastes horrible. 

Remus: H-How did you-?

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